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Astro Max – Malaysian’s Tivo

Malaysians can now record up to 60 hours of their favourite programmes without the need of any external devices. They can also pause and rewind “liveâ€? television so that they will never miss a moment of their favourite programmes or sports broadcasts. With the new Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), the Astro MAX allows for easy recordings of Astro programmes.

“With the Astro MAX, subscribers can now watch whatever they want, whenever they want. We are giving the chance to all Malaysians to finally be able to take control of their TV viewing,â€? said Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro TV. The Astro MAX offers the benefits of DVD recording and viewing – minus the needs for tapes and DVD-Rs.

“Astro MAX is a one-stop solution centre. Everything you need is found on the Astro MAX without the need of any other external devices. It is the latest evolution of Astro services,â€? she added.

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Google Checkout Launched- Is this the paypal killer?

Google has started it’s payment processor service today. After the login page, you will be asked to fill in your credit card detail. I haven’t test the system but there is a long list of online retailers accepting Checkout. Click to see particapating online shops

What about the fee? is it Free?:

Yes for the buyers(of course) but for sellers, you have to pay 2% + $0.20 per transaction. The good news is, if you are a adwords customers, you can process 10 times the value that you have used to purchase adwords. The diagram below explain this
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Useful link:

Main Page

Checkout Features


Leaked Screenshots

Participating Online Stores

How to buy


Public Mutual – My first Unit trust

Finally, I just bought my first unit trust this evening. I’ve spent 2 hours listening to an agent explaining about what I have already knew. It’s quite boring until she explained about which stock is suitable for me. She is very helpful (she even sent me home with her Merc 😀 ). I finally made my decision. I divided my portfolio to Ittikal Fund and Regional Sector.

What? You bought Mutual Funds? They are easy to get down but damn long to back up?
You are right, that is what I am expecting. Dollar cost averaging works best in Low-then-up market and in long-term investment. And for Ittikal, it has a gradual increase and outperform KLSI growth. It will likely to hike 50-80% in 5 years (according to past performance but past performance is nothing more than just an indicator 😛 ). Read the rest of this entry »


Hilarious Flash animations (Really)

It has been awhile since I stumbled upon something funny like this. I remembered when first seeing this animation, I have a good laugh with my friends online. I hope you find it hilarious as well. I wonder what will happen if the victim can get over the cursor, and spread itself into the internet. Then we will have a war with them just like in the Matrix… Oh, this youtube movie doesn’t include the ending (which you should watch). Don’t hesitate to download the high quality version to see till the end. Read the rest of this entry »


Rapget – A downloader program for Rapidshare and others

A handy tool to download from and 100 other file sharing websites. And for those still don’t know. Rapidshare is one place to upload big-sized file and share it with your friends or family.

Download Rapget directly from HERE

Don’t know where to find rapidshare files? Don’t worry, I have asked Uncle Google about this and he said we can search files hosted at rapidshare at What a good uncle he is.


Download Your Favourite Clip From YouTube

Do you keep browsing Youtube to watch your favourite clips or full length anime? Do it no more with youtube video downloader. Follow the steps and you will get your favourite videos on your computer

  1. Get to and find your favourite clips
  2. Copy the link from your browser and go to
  3. Paste the link and select youtube as the site.
  4. A download button will appear below, right click and ‘save link as’.
  5. When the download finish, rename the file to .flv and watch it with FLV player.

For firefox-es, download the expansion that will do this automatically at Mozilla

No video that interests you? Browse this list of full length cartoon at DiggUser Blog.


Gbuy from Google – Upcoming Paypal Killer

Paypal Killer

With a recent quarter revenue of $1.3 billion, Paypal leads the industry of Online Payment under it’s parent company Ebay Inc. Google armed-up with Gbuy, a paypal-like payment system, is trying to grab some share in online payment market. Google however, had no comment on any pending products, the Wall Street Journal said.

I have read many comments about the news that point out the excitement Paypal’s and Ebay‘s users. There is a long list of complaints from paypal user (expecially sellers) about how paypal treats their customers. Google, blessed with good relationship with its users, is in the best place to compete with paypal. Quoted from Dailytech:

Some reports and analysts suggest that judging by Google’s history; it may not charge any fees to post a sale on its service. This would quickly gain Google a client base that is accustomed to Google’s “free and everywhere” model.

what a good news for everybody 🙂


Some Insights of Using US Debit Card in Malaysia

Ok some of us have come back to Malaysia and find there is no RM with them. Don’t panic. Your debit card is there for you (provided that you have them with you). I have citibank, Bank of America and PNC Bank Debit card with me. All of them charge different rate and fee. All of this data taken by withdrawing Rm1500. Read the rest of this entry »


Free 3 Months Amazon Prime – Online Shoppers’ Bliss

So, Amazon is your best buddy so far. Add some chemistry into your relationship with 3 months trial for Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime you can have your items (just the ones sold by amazon) shipped free with Two-day Shipping. That means, order your item on Monday, and get it in your mail box on Thursday. Even .80 cent razor blade will be shipped free. Cool huh? Visit to read the comments. Amazon Prime costs 79USD per year. But get 3 months free (without any obligation) by trying one of the methods below. Try every method until you find the one works for you. Good Luck!
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Deal Finder Websites list

This is for all deal finders out thurr. I have compiled some of the best websites that list all great deals across our net-nation. Now you don’t have to spend hours a day just to find some cheap prices. Don’t forget to bookmark them (and my blog’s address too 😉 and check them everyday. The sites are updated daily.

For those in Malaysia, just find some friends staying in the US to buy it for you ;p

I just want to comment about website. This is a great concept of internet marketing. Each day, only one item will be sold. What’s making it special is the price; You won’t be able to find a better price elsewhere. New item will be released 1 am (eastern time) everyday. So stay awake or you will miss one of the best deal in your life. 😀