Some Insights of Using US Debit Card in Malaysia

Ok some of us have come back to Malaysia and find there is no RM with them. Don’t panic. Your debit card is there for you (provided that you have them with you). I have citibank, Bank of America and PNC Bank Debit card with me. All of them charge different rate and fee. All of this data taken by withdrawing Rm1500.

Citibank– around 3.614 – 3.588 per usd including all fees

Bank of America – 3.659 – 5usd access fee and 1% service charge

Pnc Bank – 3.659 – plus 3.50 usd fee


From the data, the best rate is from Citibank and PNC bank. PNC bank only limits the withdrawal to 500usd each day, Citibank- 1000usd and BOA – 1000USD

Hope this will be a help to some of you.

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