Gbuy from Google – Upcoming Paypal Killer

Paypal Killer

With a recent quarter revenue of $1.3 billion, Paypal leads the industry of Online Payment under it’s parent company Ebay Inc. Google armed-up with Gbuy, a paypal-like payment system, is trying to grab some share in online payment market. Google however, had no comment on any pending products, the Wall Street Journal said.

I have read many comments about the news that point out the excitement Paypal’s and Ebay‘s users. There is a long list of complaints from paypal user (expecially sellers) about how paypal treats their customers. Google, blessed with good relationship with its users, is in the best place to compete with paypal. Quoted from Dailytech:

Some reports and analysts suggest that judging by Google’s history; it may not charge any fees to post a sale on its service. This would quickly gain Google a client base that is accustomed to Google’s “free and everywhere” model.

what a good news for everybody 🙂

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