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Mutual Fund (Unit Trust) – Wealth Accumulation Tool

MoneyGetting rich is not about getting a well paid job, winning lotteries or putting bets on World Cup. What it takes is just a proper way to do it. Most of my knowledge in this post is obtained by reading ‘Ordinary People Extraordinary Wealth’ by the one of the most successful financial advisor, Ric Edelman. Basically , the most important thing to have a wealthy life is by saving. Yes, it is the most important thing for us, the ordinary people who wants extraordinary wealth.

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Free Call with VOIP

phoneAre you having hard time settling your phone bill? Or are you being stingy to spend your minutes on your loved one? Now there is a new way to reduce your calling cost using Voice Over Internet Protocol. I have list down some of the best VOIP provider that offer some of the best deal.

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Satria Replacement Model – Proton Satria Neo


The Satria Replacement model Neo, is set to be launched today. There is a countdown at the official site which has 3 hours or so remaining.

The on the road pricing of the car is rumoured to be between RM43,500 and RM54,800. Full pricing is as follows

1.3 Manual – RM43,500, Auto – RM45,500
1.6 Manual – RM48,500, 1.6 Auto – RM51,500
1.6 Manual HighLine – RM51,800, 1.6 Auto HighLine – RM54,800

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AMD’s Major Price Drop – Don’t Buy Now

“According to memos recently obtained by DailyTech, AMD will drastically cut prices on its desktop processors after the July 23rd release of Intel’s Core 2 Duo Conroe processors. The memos that DailyTech has secured are between AMD and Japanese system manufacturers“. The memos indicate the following price cuts will become effective July 24th, 2006:

  • AMD Athlon 64 price cuts will receive price cut up to 30%
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 will receive price cuts up to 50%
  • AMD Sempron processors will receive price cuts up to 15%
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Component List of My Rig-to-be

Well, below is my wish list for my first rig in my life. 😛
However, I will likely to buy out this rig around september, after Intel new flagship Conroe is out in the market and AMD and INTEL is at the peak of their war price.
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Joga Companion – Your World Cup Companion


Another reason to switch to Firefox browser for those who are still using IE to browse. Joga allows us to stay up to date with the latest scores, see videos of the best goals, and talk about the 2006 World Cup with fellow fans. With it’s stream of official FIFA data, you won’t be missing a goal with Joga.

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