ASB – Take a loan to Invest?

This is my analysis of investing using loan. As some of you might know, investing on loan is quite popular among Malaysians. Even some banks make a fully describing brochures to attract people. One of the main confusions is the monthly pay. I noticed some banks use lower monthly payment but here, I’m going to use standard BLR + 0.4% as the interest rate which is 6.9%. Some calculations are done with the help of online calculator. There are a lot of methods to invest using loan. I will just analyse the ones that I think the best.

Update: Too tired of numbers? Use my simplify ASB calculator instead.

If you would like to share your ASB investment plan, here is the place

The data that I used in this calculation is as follow:
Interest Rate:6.9%
Dividend Rate:7%
Lending Terms: 10 years

Loan Method 1:
Dividend will be used to buy more ASB shares

Monthly Payment = $587 (using online calculator)
Conventional Method 1: Invest $587 monthly for 10 years in ASB

Loan Method :Total Investment at the end = $98357 ( 39.63%)
Conventional Method:Total Investment at the end = $103888 ( 47.48%)
Total Cost: $587 x 120 = $70440

Loan Method 2 :
Dividend will be used to pay monthly loan payment.

Monthly loan payment minus Monthtly Dividen = 587 – 291.66 =$295.33
VS. Conventional Method 2 : Invest $587 monthly for 12 months, and $295.33 for 108 months


Loan Method :Total Investment at the end = 50,000 ( 28.40%)
Conventional Method:Total Investment at the end = 58884 (51.22%)
Total Cost: ($587 x 12) + (295.33 x 108) =38939.64

Click For to see How I get the Numbers: Calculation Or click the Thumbnail Below

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Please comment if you see any discrepancy. Thanks


BLR (Base Lending Rate) – A minimum interest rate set by Bank Negara. It will change over time and not fixed.

Dividend – Distribution of earnings to shareholder. ASB’s dividend is around 7-8% each year.

  1. #1 by imran on July 4, 2006 - 2:38 am

    Besok2 dah kaya jangan lupa member

    • #2 by zhafry on August 6, 2008 - 9:42 pm

      askum nak tnye nie..sye bru jew wat asb loan nie..sye wat yg rm30000 so byr bln2 rm211…sye nk tnye…leh x klau sye x byr bln2 coz x mampu la..nk cancel org mybank 2 kte sye mls la byr..masalah nye..nti mybank sye kne blacklist x??tq

      • #3 by fazli on September 2, 2008 - 11:18 am

        boleh ja cancel..cakap nak jual balik.dia ada pegang asb tue sebagai security.kalau tak bayar nanti nama black list..pegi maybank cakap nak jual balik asb tue.tapi kena bayar interest la..tak byk sgat kot.
        kalau dia tak bagi dia tipu la tue..aku keja bank jugak aku tau.

        • #4 by siti on April 7, 2009 - 1:37 pm

          nak tanye la…. sy ade ambk asb 10rbu thn 2007 skrg nak cancel pas 2 bru nie sy ambk yang 20rbu n nk cancel gak so lau jual blk intres bpe yek?????yg 20rbu tu blum star lg and yg 10rbu mybank ckp tak cancel lg….

  2. #5 by Irwan on July 4, 2006 - 2:41 am

    haha.. mesti member2 aku lagi kaye dr aku…

  3. #6 by zam4ever on August 15, 2006 - 7:00 pm

    Salam to,

    Just visiting your website, and would like to give feedbacks.

    I don’t like the idea to make personal loan, then invest in ASB. One of the main reason is you’ll have difficulty to maintain monthly payment to the financial instutions/bankers, and believe me, no bank programs that offered by them will make them lose. πŸ™‚

    If we have a good discipline, sure we will achieve better results with our own hard-earned money.


    • #7 by hafiza on December 22, 2009 - 9:38 am

      well..if u are able to pay back why not? yes bank will not lose in any way, but we are also gaining from it, given ASB rate is higher than bank’s rate and this has been always the case..=)

      • #8 by muhammad on March 16, 2010 - 5:44 pm

        sy ada wat survey ttg personal loan nih.. dan semua interest rate(yg jumpa setakat ni) adalah berkadar dengan rate semasa yang ditetapkan bank, boleh jadi 3.5%,boleh jadi 35%. so, macamne lak kira2 nya?

  4. #9 by Irwan on August 15, 2006 - 10:09 pm

    salam zam4ever,
    nice to see you here,

    I agree with you. Discipline is the most valuable tool that we can nurture in ourselves.

  5. #10 by Mamat on September 13, 2006 - 12:23 am


    Consistent monthly payment deposited into ASB account will outdone any loan. Entering any ASB-Scheme loan only mean working for bank. Btw, if you are going to make monthly payment to pay for your ASB loan, why not put the money into your savings then?!

  6. #11 by nOg on September 15, 2006 - 2:23 pm


    I personally think that ASB is a good scheme. I don’t think Bank Negara would released such scheme if its bring no good to the public. However based on my calculation I found that the more you borrow (more than 50k) the higher the return you will get compare to personal saving.

    Committing to a monthly saving is not an easy task. I dont think I can make such committment if not because of the loan agreement. In a way its discipline me.

    I also think that an investor need to be clear the objective of his investment. There are many products out there in the market that can help you reach your end meets. Putting all eggs in one basket is certainly not a good thing. Always remember the concept of OPM and High Risk High Return!!


    There are various investment products out there in the market.

  7. #12 by Nuzz on September 25, 2006 - 10:27 am

    My 2cents…
    I Done both.. take up loan (Just to get capital) save up atleast 2k – 3k peryear…

    I cant save 500+ per month, so my best bet is capital first

  8. #13 by Irwan on September 25, 2006 - 4:49 pm

    goodluck in ur investmeny Nuzz! i would love to hear your experience from time to time.

  9. #14 by epep on October 14, 2006 - 12:14 am

    You have to remember that interest on the loan is based on BLR. If Bank Negara decides to raise the BLR to curb inflation, you might lose out. Its actually very simple really: as long as ASB dividends > interest on loan you’ll come out on top.

    But then there are also several catches. If you take a loan from Maybank, they’ll charge you extra for insurance. Basically if anything happens to you (i.e. you kick the bucket) then the insurance will cover the loan and your relatives wont have to worry about the debt. I don’t know if you can opt out of the insurance scheme, but it does add to the cost of the loan.

    Also, I could never figure out how Maybank calculated the interest on the loan. The loan I took is suppose to be fixed 4.5% interest for the first year, BLR-0.5% the second year and BLR+0.4% for the subsequent years. But the amount of interest Maybank charged me was never consistent and never tallied up to my calculations (e.g. one month it was lower, the next slightly higher, then lower again – shouldn’t the interest charged get lower after every passing month because of the payments I made?). I couldn’t get a decent answer from the people at the Maybank branch so I canceled the loan.

    Furthermore, as Irwan stated, the interest on ASB is around 7%-8% (higher if you have invested longer because of the bonus – read the prospectus if you don’t know what I’m talking about). But the interest on the loan is around 6-7%. IMHO I don’t think that paltry 1% is worth the trouble of taking the loan. And remember, the interest is based on BLR – it can go down, but it can go up too.

    Finally, there’s something called opportunity cost that most people just don’t consider. Think of it this way – the money that you have to use to pay the loan can’t be used for something else. What if your car breaks down, or you need to fix the leaking roof, or your child gets sick, or you want to buy some new clothes? The money you use to pay for the loan can’t be used for these other things, and you loose a lot of flexibility because you have to service the loan each month. And what if you want to take another loan to buy a house for your family or a new car? The banks won’t look upon you favorably if you have too many loans.

    Well, at the end of the day I suppose it’s what people want to do with their money. To each his own, but this is my opinion on the matter.

  10. #15 by nuzz on October 16, 2006 - 1:40 pm

    That correct, I’m on Maybank loan now.. its around 8% per annum (+/-) and the ASB bonus is around that figure also.
    The reason i’m taking loan is that I dont have much in my ASB, before the loan, I got only 1K+ .
    So, I take up 20K loan, pay 150 / month. (For the capital)
    plus, I bank in around 100 or 200/month in ASB + my year end bonus.
    First year, my account after the bonus from ASB I got 27K (good bonus).
    2nd year, (this year) before the company bonus I already got 30K & hopefully can add some after my company bonus.
    I want to reach 50K as early as 2008 and now seems that i’t still within reach..
    If i’m saving 200/month + 3000 or so from my bonuses for sure I cant get 50K by that time.
    So.. That is my 2 cents..

    • #16 by Kechik on October 28, 2009 - 11:07 am

      I love the way you invest just few year you got 5 angka..You give me an idea how to invest..thank you…

  11. #17 by Irwan on October 17, 2006 - 1:15 am

    Hi Nuzz,

    Congratulation on your investment. Not many people realized the importance of investing.

    erm.. quick question, how many years your loan will be? 150 permonth for 20K loan on 8% seems to take a lot of time.

  12. #18 by nuzz on October 17, 2006 - 8:35 am

    20 years :p
    I’m not gonna bother about the 20K.. Its just for capital

  13. #19 by qien on October 29, 2006 - 11:01 pm

    hye nuzz,
    did u take maybank ASB loan or Maybank personal loan?
    I dont find any information about personal loan on,
    perhaps i need to go to the maybank office?

  14. #20 by Penemu Lama.Version1.0 on November 3, 2006 - 3:54 pm

    Dear all..,

    I`m still blur about the decision that i should take? Now..i`m taking maybank conventional loan ASB. I paid for rm79/month for 20 years.. My age now is 24 years old & still studying.
    Did i make a good moved or wrong?
    Can you all give me an rough idea about the loan. Otherwise, i will cancelled the loan.

    Please help me..

    Penemu Lama

  15. #21 by Irwan on November 3, 2006 - 4:20 pm

    Hi Penemu Lama,

    it’s normal to be confused in this loan idea. To be honest, I’m confused too. One thing that confused me the most is the monthly payment that borrowers pay to bank. It way low than I think it should. I have no experience in making up a loan, so I can’t argue much about it.

    in your case Penemu, if you invest normally RM79 per month you will have RM40,643 after 20 years

    and in Nuzz case, RM150 per month will fruit RM77,170 after 20 years.

    If you think loan investing will give you more, then continue with it.

  16. #22 by Penemu Lama Version 1.0 on November 6, 2006 - 4:33 pm

    Dear Irwan,

    Glad to hear your comment…
    I like a lot about financial and economic matter but then i`m in other course speciality. Anyway..i`m really appreaciate the comment that you have give to me.
    When we talk about money…everybody seems to see us like “materialistic” but i don`t care about it. It is our goal.

    Back to our dicussion…that`s mean i should get RM40,643 if i save the money in ASB without using ASB loan?
    Or do you mean that..i`m having “rugi besar” if i`m taking the Maybank ASB Loan.

    Can you give a feed back about this matter…

    Penemu Lama
    “Growing healthy tree need all factor surrounding them”

  17. #23 by Nuzz on November 6, 2006 - 6:11 pm

    Penemu Lama,
    do you want to keep the ASB as it is or you would like to top-up with your extra money.
    like my case, the margin of Bank interest and ASB bonus is so small and sometime you would have to pay the bank more that you recieve.
    If you want to just pay (invest) only 79 / month the loan would just be wasting your money. you’ll get even more by saving your own money monthly, but if you are thinking of using the ASB loan as a capital and top-up more with your own extra money it would be worth it.

    Keep in mind, Bank loan is based on the capital and ASB bonuses is based on you account balance. the more you have in the account the better.

    Like Irwan stated, 150/month for 20 years can go up to 77,170 but if I manage to add my ASB account to be 30K by the third year & 50K by the fifth year, I would reach 70K easily even without adding more extra money.

    I hope that make you clearer on this matter.

  18. #24 by Irwan on November 6, 2006 - 10:13 pm

    penemu lama,

    after making recalculation, it turns out nuzz’s plan (20k loan capital plus self-invest of RM150 permonth + RM3000 peryear) is comparable with the conventional method. By the end of 20 years (by the time the loan finished), Nuzz actually will earn about RM 1000 more from conventional method ( RM302500 vs RM301700). i will upload the amortization table later.

    I will confirm all of this later, i got test today…haha

  19. #25 by Irwan on November 6, 2006 - 10:47 pm

    please comment on my new ASB calculator here


  20. #26 by Penemu Lama on November 10, 2006 - 4:48 pm

    Give a tumb up!!

    Thank you for your inovation asb-calculator.
    If we talk about money…the money never enough. The more money you have..the less you will said.

    Penemu Lama

  21. #27 by naz on November 13, 2006 - 12:01 am

    ada kelemahan in your “Loan Method 1” calculation.

    assuming you are paying 587p.m. to service the loan, it is relevant 4 u 2 deduct the same amount every month from the ASB balance.

    e.g. if the opening balance is 50k, then the lowest amount for the first month that you need to use as part of the ASB annual dividend calculation is 50k-587=49413, not 50k. subsequently every month will be less and less by 587 until the loan balance in zero.

    in other words, the profit ratio for “Loan Method 1” should be much2 less than 39.63%

    try wiki “opportunity cost” to understand more about relevant costs.

    do tell me what you guys think

  22. #28 by Irwan on November 13, 2006 - 5:50 am

    I’m assuming that for both “loan method 1” and “conventional method 1” investors will have to use their own money which is RM587 for each month. So for the Loan Method 1, the money that used to pay the loan comes from the inventor.

    That way, we can compare the performance of each method by using the same capital which is RM587 each month, for both Loan and Conventional Method.

  23. #29 by Khairul on November 21, 2006 - 12:09 pm

    Dear Irwan,

    I found that your explaination is good but unfortunately I’m not quite understand since its not related with my study field (i’m engineering student), so I need your guide. Let say I want to invest RM300 per month for 10 years. How much shall I get back? Plz answer to my email . Others also welcome to give feedback and sugestion

  24. #30 by Hafiz on December 28, 2006 - 10:05 am

    Hai Ijat,

    You said that can be free from debt…let share here lah…tell us what kind of method did you apply? very interested to see you reply back πŸ™‚

  25. #31 by Irwan on December 28, 2006 - 10:34 am

    agree with hafiz, it will be useful to everyone. sharing is caring :).

    @khairul, you got my email

  26. #32 by Hafiz on December 29, 2006 - 8:40 am

    Hai Ijat,

    Then, can you please email me the explanation…thankx πŸ™‚

  27. #33 by Irwan on December 29, 2006 - 9:03 am

    and maybe after that Hafiz would explain to everyone here. :p

  28. #34 by Irwan on December 30, 2006 - 12:43 am

    lol.. you got my email my friend

  29. #35 by engku afiz on January 4, 2007 - 11:22 am

    actually,it is more on u want yur money to work for u. make a hundred thousand loan.u will get the dividen that still cannot backup the monthly payment.but,if u just add25thousand to asb,you just have to wait for 20 years,then you will get back 130000.i alredy calculated.
    but if u have real properties investment, better invest in that bisnes la… buy land,separate lots and sell. hahaha

  30. #36 by Irwan on January 4, 2007 - 11:36 am

    real properties is a good investment. i mean it. i need to start to build my foundation in real prop.

    btw, 25,000 at 7% per year yields around RM 96.7k after 20 years

  31. #37 by Din on January 9, 2007 - 6:24 pm

    RHB had ASB loan at BLR – 0.49% I think.

    My question, if you have extra money, would you pay down loan to save interest and shorten the tenure of loan or pay ASB?

  32. #38 by Irwan on January 9, 2007 - 7:49 pm

    This is my opinion. (I called it opinion because I haven’t done any relevant calculation)

    By taking loan, you are actually buying the ‘time value of money’ by paying for the interest. And by using that money to invest (in ASB in this case), you sell back the ‘time value of money’ for better return. It’s a kind of buy-low-sell-high kind of business. So, paying back the bank to shorten the loan (or to save interest) is comparable to returning goods back to suppliers instead of selling to customers.

    It’s interesting to note that sometimes, investing is a very counter-intuitive field.

    So I suggest you to put your extra money into ASB instead of shorten your loan. As I said earlier, I came to this without any hard proof.

    And by the way, most loan have different BLR for each year, just make sure that low BLR is not just for the first year only.

    • #39 by Lyna on December 3, 2008 - 10:29 am

      Dear friend,

      The best thing you can do is to invest your extra money into ASB instead of you shorten your loan. Lets the loan and your monthly payment remain as it is. You can shorten your time to achieve the maximum amount of your ASB income (RM200,000.00) with your saving and your loan provided you don’t withdraw your dividen for at least 5 years. I am working on it now… Let us try.

  33. #40 by maria84 on January 11, 2007 - 11:11 am

    penin paler arr…. adeh! can sumbody explain ol this in malay. i pn invest gak…. huhuhuh

  34. #41 by maria84 on January 11, 2007 - 11:17 am

    penin pale ar bab nk kira2 ni…
    can sumbody xplain in malay? huhuhu… dak ni biol cket in english. tq!

  35. #42 by Irwan on January 11, 2007 - 11:18 am

    huhu.. bahagian mane yg penin cik maria?

  36. #43 by Irwan on January 11, 2007 - 11:32 am

    klo nak kire, xyah peninkan pale pun cik maria, gune spreadsheet excel ni

  37. #44 by anep on January 14, 2007 - 11:57 pm

    salam sejahtera..
    berkenaan dgn asb loan+saving sendiri tuh dah ok..
    cuma..dlm buku asb..nak tnya..kalau nak buat pengeluaran..boleh ke tak?duit yg mana kite boleh keluar?capital@simpanan sendiri@kedua2 nye?berkenaan syarat2 dari bank pula mcm mana?dibenarkan buat pengeluaran ke sebelum tamat tempoh loan?
    jawapan plz..
    emailkan kpd

  38. #45 by solehah on January 15, 2007 - 11:34 am

    Saya nak tanya macamana kalau saya nak buat ‘fullsettlement’ untuk conventional loan saya? Adakah saya kena isi apa2 borang di Maybank atau boleh terus bank-in kan saja ke bank? Macamana dgn Jumlah wang yang saya pinjam tu adakah akan terus dimasukkan ke dalam akaun saya atau diberi dalam bentuk sijil?

    Jawapan plz emailkan kepada


  39. #46 by Irwan on January 15, 2007 - 3:39 pm

    mengenai pinjaman, x byk yg blh saya tolong sebab takde pengalaman, maybe pengunjung lain blh menghulurkan sebarang pertolongan.

  40. #47 by nuzz on January 15, 2007 - 4:57 pm

    Sijil adalah milik nama kita, tapi bank ada surat kuasa untuk jual.. sijil nie lebih kurang bankers bond laa.. leh transferable.. nak buat antaran kawen pon boleeehhhh…

    So.. kalau nak buat full settlement, bank selalu tak galakan.. dia akan suruh jual sijil (amik masa dalam 2 minggu – sebulan) pastu dia akan potong jumlah belen loan dari situ…

    pasal duit plak.. sijil tu takleh kluar.. sebab memang takan ada dalam buku pon.. buku just tunjuk cash ja.. masa kira dividen tahunan tetiba ja ada jumlah simpanan termasuk sijil…

    boleh kluar cuma cash (Bonus / duit simpanan sendiri)..
    selamat menyimpan.. bagus untuk masa depan, yang penting jangan plak enjoy sakan bila dapat bonus tiap tahun.

    • #48 by Lyna on December 3, 2008 - 10:44 am

      Pada pendapat dan pengalaman saya, setiap individu yang membuat loan untuk invest pada ASB skim akan mendapat keuntungan yang amat menggalakkan provided dividen yang diterima setiap tahun tidak dikeluarkan untuk tempoh sekurang-kurangnya 5 tahun dari tahun loan dibuat. Dividen yang diterima perlu dikekalkan dalam simpanan sebagai ‘capital’ kepada simpanan anda dan ianya akan meransang perkembangan simpanan anda.

  41. #49 by zenbaya on January 16, 2007 - 9:41 am

    i think i know what is ijat try to post about..if i’m not mistaken, it’s about OD facility combine with asb my opinion , the method is really great..u just can get that method by seeing financial consultant..n it is costly also..

  42. #50 by zenbaya on January 16, 2007 - 9:44 am

    hi ijat, if u hev that method..i want it me

  43. #51 by indcisive on January 18, 2007 - 1:44 pm

    Hi Ijat,

    Care to email me the explaination of your method as well? Thanks!


  44. #52 by Ahmy on January 25, 2007 - 6:51 pm


    Topik melabur dalam ASB melalui pinjaman ni menarik jugak. Cuma nak clearkan lagi jawapan nuzz di atas. Apabila kita buat pinjaman ASB dengan mana2 bank, bank akan membeli sijil ASB atas nama kita berdasarkan jumlah yang dipinjam, contoh RM20k. Kemudian, bank akan inform kepada PNB yang sijil berkenaan dicagarkan kepada bank dan PNB akan blocked sijil berkenaan supaya ia tidak boleh dijual semula. Blocking itu akan dilepaskan apabila menerima arahan dari bank, biasanya dalam 2 keadaan. 1. Peminjam buat full settlement 2. Peminjam tak boleh bayar loannya, bank akan jual sijil berkenaan. Kemudian, alamat peminjam seperti yang ada di dalam buku ASB anda akan ditukar kepada alamat bank bagi memastikan sijil berkenaan dipos ke alamat bank. Sesudah sijil itu selamat diterima oleh pihak bank, ia akan dijadikan sekuriti atas pinjaman (seperti geran tanah & rumah anda). Selepas itu, alamat anda akan ditukarkan semula ke alamat sebenar anda.

    Menyentuh tentang baik buruk buat loan ini, terpulang kepada masing2. Bagaimanapun, kalau anda tanyakan kepada mana2 ejen saham amanah, pelaburan melalui pinjaman adalah tidak digalakkan sama sekali. Risikonya adalah, sekiranya anda tidak mampu membayar pinjaman anda terutamanya dalam masa tahun2 awal pinjaman anda, walaupun sesudah bank menjual semula sijil anda, anda akan masih lagi terhutang dengan bank. Perlu diingat, apapun jua pinjaman yang diambil, saya boleh katakan 2 tahun pertama, anda cuma membayar faedah pinjaman dan jumlah pokok hanya akan dibayar perlahan2 pada tahun ketiga. Itu sebabnya bagi anda yang mengambil pinjaman, anda dikehendaki menandatangani PENYATA PENDEDAHAN RISIKO sebagaimana disyaratkan oleh Suruhanjaya Sekuriti. Ia adalah tanggungjawab pegawai institusi pinjaman untuk menerangkan kepada anda risiko yang perlu anda tanggung. Sekiranya anda tidak diterangkan oleh pegawai bertanggungjawab, anda berhak mengadu kepada Suruhanjaya di atas dan tindakan boleh diambil kepada institusi dan pegawai bertanggungjawab kerana kesalahan ini adalah amat serius.


  45. #53 by yozx on January 29, 2007 - 5:22 pm

    Hi ijat, interested in your method of OD + ASB. Care to share with me ? Explanation in BM or English accepted :-)(yozx80 at gmail dot com). Quite confused already reading all post above.

  46. #54 by maria84 on February 2, 2007 - 2:46 pm

    penin nye pale… adeh! huhuhu…
    i bwt loan dgn maybank? so bln2 jez byr instalment tu je n every yr dpt bonus. tp kn, u ol ader tips tak mcm mn nk gandakan kte nyer bonus tu. pas2, peratus dividen asb tiap2 bln sm ker? asb ni mcm main saham ker? (mak pn nk tahu gak πŸ™‚ )

  47. #55 by Irwan on February 2, 2007 - 7:26 pm

    salah satu tips utk gandakan/maximumkan loan ASB ialah guna duit sendiri along with the loan. I actually don’t know why it’s so. But from my calculation and others opinions, it seems to work.

    ASB ni x lah macam saham sgt, sebab saham tu ade naik turun harge. Bile harge naik, kite jual dapat untung.

    Tapi ASB ni stay RM1 seunit. Stiap taun PNB akan bgtau dividend ngan bonus rate. so kite dapat untung dari dividend.

    camne keuntungan dikire:

    ASB Calculator:

  48. #56 by tswenahir on February 4, 2007 - 5:02 pm

    Dear all,

    Hi there, i wanna ask about this ASB thing, say that i pinjam 100k for 10yrs, can i take kluar the balance (bonus) after say maybe 3 years? (Since I know that i cannot take the 100k only after 10yrs rite? πŸ™‚ ) Which means that can I take 20k after 3 yrs? (since lepas 3 yrs bonus ade 20++) Is this possible? Help thanks

  49. #57 by Irwan on February 5, 2007 - 5:20 am

    i wish i could help you Mr Tswenahir but loan is beyond my knowledge.

  50. #58 by zamfitri on February 5, 2007 - 10:04 pm

    hi mr tswenahir,

    watever amounts u pay to ur ASB Loan , u cant withdraw it out…until u settle all the payments. The only thing u can withdraw is ur dividend n bonus with u can see it clear in ur ASB passbook.
    hope it will make u clear.

  51. #59 by tswenahir on February 5, 2007 - 10:43 pm

    Hi zamfitri,

    Thanks for the info, just got check with the maybank counter, and ya as what you are saying it is true. But it is still a long way to go for me to enjoy all the dividens and bonuses sigh… Probably will take out some money after 3 years for my first home (mf gf has been chasing me up for tunang tisk tisk tisk) OMG :O thinking about all the expenses that i need to deal with for my kenduri…. and a new car for the family (My god never thought having a family will be this troublesome :))

    Well, hopefully miracles happens


  52. #60 by janet on February 6, 2007 - 10:45 am

    hi guys and gals,

    i have had some experience (positive!) in investing and it is my opinion that one should not take a loan to invest. You are subject to fluctuations in interest and when the economy is down, your interest rate will go up. Nuzz, I am not sure how old you are but if you remember during 1997, a lot of people who took loans for the ASN funds lost lots of money because a loan is a long time commitment and interest rates do blow out of proportion. When it settles back to normal, you are already tied up with the additional amount incurred.

    I am sure many have heard of Azizi Ali – one of my heroes actually! He too advises against borrowing for investing.

    One must start being disciplined to start saving and investing. ASB is a good investment tool (unfortunately I dont qualify but I have made good money on my other unit trust funds).

    With ASB, you should do direct deposit every month – dont take a loan because you are losing out on the full profit that you can get.

  53. #61 by zam4ever on February 6, 2007 - 11:16 am

    Absolutely agree that the ASB loan is not recommended for investment. Some of my friends did this before, and most of them (not all) were suffer when the time is come to use money for other purposes especially emergency circumstances. In other word, you’re bind with loan contract, and freedom to use money is minimized.


  54. #62 by Irwan on February 6, 2007 - 10:03 pm

    I wish you good luck tswenahir on your life. No matter how hard it is, di mana ade kemahuan di situ ade jalan. may god bless you bro. Don’t forget to invite me to your kenduri kahwin later. haha

    About the investing using loan, it goes back to greater risk better profit rule. How you justify extra profit with extra risk is personal. To me, the joy of investing is the joy to know that I’m of using the extra money to generate more profit. But if I’m investing using loan, I feel bounded and forced to pay, not to invest. Thus the joy is not there. That’s why loan-invest is not my cup of tea.

  55. #63 by Piji on February 7, 2007 - 10:17 am

    I burned my midnight oil last night, as to prove how can ASB dividend pays instalments. Well, I found out that for a 50k ASB loan in a 20 years scheme, we have to pay a total amount of 7.5k per year, but on the other hand the dividend is just 5k assuming a 10% rate. It takes around 6-7 years to start making profit, assuming a stable interest rate of 6%-6.5%, as well as stable dividend rate of 10%. But along the way, 7.5k per year must be paid using non-dividend money for at least until the profit kicks in. The longer the dividend stays inside, the higher probability that more profit is made out of a yearly payment of 7.5k. If not, one is actually accumulating debts with the bank. I firstly thought that yeah, this is the way to go. But, according to Janet, the interest is not as stable as I am assuming it is. And as I see it, the risk can be overwhelming if I still miss something about this ASB loan system.

    How high can interests be? How high it was in 1997? Can someone tell me? Janet? Irwan? =D I am also happy to exchange views through emails. People, feel free to buzz me at

  56. #64 by janet on February 7, 2007 - 1:10 pm

    Hi Piji,

    If I am not mistaken, these are the figures:

    The base lending rates (BLR) are 9.5 per cent (June 1997) and 10.3 per cent (December 1997) and 12.1 (18 June 1998). Some loan financing went up to 17% because of this!

    I had an experience a couple of years ago which helped me see the light – i had a car loan for RM100,000-00 which money I had in a FD. Since my loan was 2.5% and my FD was at 3.7%, I was very satisfied thinking I was making money.

    That was when I spoke to a friend who is a financial planner and he told me how wrong I was! Because of this calculation i did – I was losing out 23,700-00 to the bank when i could have saved that money by paying off my car loan and depositing my loan instalments into small FDs every month. Well, i did the long term calculations and he was right.

    i cant seem to send to ur email – here’s mine if you would like more info.


  57. #65 by Piji on February 7, 2007 - 3:32 pm

    Really thanks about the info janet.

    Wow, I finally realized the risk of taking a loan. It is kinda unpredictable because the BLR itself is unpredictable. Paying a loan is like taking forever if I don’t properly plan and monitor it! Yeah, we definitely need to do thorough calculation. For eg, in ASB loan, the expected (again, assuming this and that) dividend looks higher than interests by 1-2%, and I was thinking like janet, paying the loan using dividend is no problem. But I was wrong, and the result is potentially disasterous.

    Geez, I think even my parents don’t realize about this….

  58. #66 by Md on February 7, 2007 - 4:01 pm

    Hi, this is something off-topic. Is it true, we could buy ASB units at all banks in Malaysia regardless if we want to take loan for the purpose or not? Can anyone suggest which bank is better to buy the ASB units? Should one have a savings account with the bank first?


  59. #67 by Piji on February 7, 2007 - 6:43 pm

    Hye Md,

    Can’t answer your first two questions. But I can give a hint about RHB Bank if you want to know about ASB loan. If its just about normal i.e. conventional method (quoting irwan’s nomenclature hehe), post offices, Maybank, CIMB, are some if not all ASB agents that we can go to. RHB’s “pembiayaan pelaburan” has an offer now, whereby it deducts 0.49% of BLR if you want to use RHB as your platform. Not sure when it ends, though. If you visit its website, it also offers an OD service, on top of many more services. . And yes, you will have to open an account in RHB first. I don’t know about other banks, though, and I strongly agree that one has to check which one suits him/her better.

    If you plan on using the conventional system, just visit any of the agents stated above, no charge, no fees, as ASB is not a bank, its an investment machine. Any agents will open an ASB account for you, which is not the account with any banks.

    Believe me, I am not working with RHB. lol~ it’s just that I went to the bank 2-3 days back. Hope this serves you the answer.

  60. #68 by Md on February 7, 2007 - 7:53 pm

    Hi Piji, thanks a lot for the info πŸ˜€
    P/s: by default, thanks to irwan for hosting this blog.

  61. #69 by Irwan on February 7, 2007 - 8:20 pm

    honestly,the pleasure is mine. πŸ™‚

  62. #70 by zamfitri on February 7, 2007 - 10:17 pm

    Piji, which RHB branch do u visit?… Frankally speak, i’m workin with RHB as a Personal Banker, so whoever got any enquiry or wanna further explanation of ASB Loan or OD/ASB, feel free to ask me… i will try to give the best explanation (hopefully, not being biased..haha)…

  63. #71 by zamfitri on February 8, 2007 - 10:32 pm

  64. #72 by mnj on February 9, 2007 - 4:15 pm

    have u ever heard of amcash investment? it is quite the same as asb loan, can someone walk me through this, im still blurr about it..tq

  65. #73 by Irwan on February 12, 2007 - 8:01 pm

    im not sure about it but as far as i know amcash is just another kind of mutual fund. correct me if im wrong.

  66. #74 by KakTi on February 13, 2007 - 12:55 pm

    This is an article written by Azizi Ali regarding investing using loan money.. It’s long but worth reading.

    One of the most common question I get is this: is it a good
    idea to borrow money to invest in investment x (the x can be
    unit trusts, ASB, properties, business, Bank Rakyat shares,
    etc., etc.)?

    Let me answer the question in real world terms.

    Firstly, that is how folks build serious money – by using
    other people’s money. This strategy is a regular occurrence
    in business. Entrepreneurs borrow money from the bank to
    finance their expansion. They conquer the world, repay the
    loan and make tons of money. And that is always a good thing.

    Now this concept of borrowing money to make more money works
    a treat for businesses as the margins are wide. The interest
    charged for the loan is often below 10 percent, but the
    business reaps 30, 50 or even 100 percent return on their

    Further, because of the wide margins, even when the returns
    drop, the businesses still make loads of money.

    Now you can see why this concept is made-to-order for

    However, the same does not apply when it comes to
    investments such as shares or unit trusts. Often time, the
    margin or spread between the interest and return is slim –
    less than 3% most of the time. For example, the interest
    charged is 9% but the return is only 12%.

    Now if the situation remains like that – with the interest at
    9% and return at 12% – things are still hunky dory. You would

    well taking the loan and making the investment. However, what
    usually happens is that the return starts to drop off. From
    12%, they drop to 10% and then to 9%. (By the way, this is
    what happened to the fabulous ASB.)

    The way things are going, the return could very well drop
    below the interest charged! And this is not an unusual
    thing. When that happens, instead of making money, the
    investor is now forking out money. And that, needless to
    say, is not a very nice thing to happen. Not exactly the stuff
    of fairy tales. (By the way again, this is what usually happens

    when folks borrow money to invest in stocks.)

    Now after painting the real world scenario, let me answer
    the question. Yes, you should borrow money to invest – if
    the spread is wide (more than 5%) and you are pretty sure
    that the situation will remain status quo for the loan
    period. For example, if the interest is 9%, the return
    should be at least 14%. Otherwise, let others be the
    test-pilot. You watch by the sidelines.

    Now, I know a lot of people will jump and shake their heads.
    They will reminisce of how their father, grandfather, uncle,
    auntie or neighbour made tons of money by borrowing money
    to invest even when the spread was ultra-thin. Of course it
    can happen. People also strike the lottery but has it
    happened to you?

    If the spread is thin, you are taking an unnecessary risk.
    While you can make a little bit of money, the chances
    of you losing a lot of money are significantly higher. Once
    the return starts to drop and/or the interest start to rise,
    you lose both money and sleep. And that is no way to make a

    In case anyone thinks that this is a theory from the ivory
    tower, I personally will not borrow to invest if the spread
    is less than 5%. In fact, I will not borrow to invest in
    unit trusts or shares – period. I only borrow money to
    expand my business and for property investment.

  67. #75 by Md on February 13, 2007 - 1:18 pm

    very nice πŸ™‚ thanks KakTi!

  68. #76 by SueZ on February 16, 2007 - 10:15 am

    this maybe out of the topic but I really want to know more and detailed explanation regarding car and home loan. which bank offer the best value for it’s customer?i’ve heard about the maybank graduate banking…is it really good for a graduate who just start a career like me to make loans under these scheme?
    All explanation are kindly appreciate.please email me at

  69. #77 by MΓ½r on February 19, 2007 - 9:21 am

    Hi, can someone advice me. I took loan from Maybank for 10k ASB investment & I’m paying the loan RM115 per month for 10 years. At the same time, I deposited not less than RM100 per month into the ASB account.

    So, my question is am I making profit / loss after 10 years?
    Pls provide calculation for it if possible.

    The main reason I took it is just for the capital & testing this scheme. I do understand bank do make profit out of this but without this loan, my yearly dividend will be little. Monthly payment is not a problem to me. Please help me clarify this matter against conventional saving method.

    p/s: I’m currently applying both saving method. For conventional method, I deposited not less than >RM 100 into my parents ASB & my girlfriend ASB. I hope my girlfriend don’t run away with my money πŸ˜›

  70. #78 by Irwan on February 19, 2007 - 12:41 pm

    Using the calculator this is what i get for your scenario:

    1) loan method –> Balance after 10 years: $39,411.00

    2) Conventional –> Balance after 10 years: $38,474.00

    Difference =$937.00

    Conclusion: You will be having more money at the end using loan method πŸ™‚

    To me, it’s like give and take, you gain more money by taking more risk. So if you think the risk is rightly justified with the profit, go for it. And as you are already in your plan, I strongly suggest that you continue with your plan as long as you don’t have any problem paying the loan payment.
    And I wish you best of luck with your investment and gf lol πŸ™‚

    Data used in the calculation:

    Loan Method:
    Initial Investment:$ 10000
    Average ASB Dividend rate:7%
    RM add per month:100
    RM add per year:0
    Average ASB Bonus rate: 2%

    Conventional Method:
    Initial Investment:$ 0
    Average ASB Dividend rate:7%
    RM add per month:$215
    RM add per year:0
    Average ASB Bonus rate: 2%

    • #79 by mez83 on June 3, 2008 - 9:59 pm

      maknanya…better wat loan ASB dari conventional

  71. #80 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 19, 2007 - 2:57 pm

    Great! Thanks a lot. The difference is very small. Is it possible for me to increase the gap?

  72. #81 by Irwan on February 19, 2007 - 3:32 pm

    Strangely Myr, I tried to increase saving rate for both loan and conventional but the gap is still the same – $937.00. so the conclusion is, increasing the amount of money that you put won’t give loan method extra edge over the you might want to try other method.

    However, Ijat (commentor above) might help you out. He advised to use overdraft facility with the ASB certificate. I haven’t venture into this method much so I’m not really sure about the outcome. But with my own simple reasoning, the method should widen the gap like you wanted but i don’t know how much.

  73. #82 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 19, 2007 - 4:43 pm

    OD facility… Never heard of this before. I hope someone care to provide details about this facility. I don’t like to contact those people from the bank coz they always show a positive side of an investment.

    It seems very difficult to make money from money if we don’t have large capital. KakTi is right anyway. Well, higher return means we have to go for the high risk investment such as starting up business. But what I am applying right now is good enough, at least I gain something.

    I’ve calculated, my investment will yield >60% profit ratio from initial investment after 10 years. To achieve >70% profit ratio, I need to save up RM115 per month. I’ll upload this Excel file tomorrow.

    Irwan, I found a calculator at Could you extract the formula of that tool? BLR, how it is calculated? It is yearly or monthly? Based on the JavaScript, I found that:

    BLR aka form.interest.value = (i/100)/12
    Monthly Payment = (form.principal.value * pow * i) / (pow – 1) where pow = pow * (1 + i)

    Pow does look like FV = PV(1+i)

    The source of the JavaScript is as follow:

    // JavaScript.
    function checkNumber(input, min, max, msg) {
    msg = msg + ” field has invalid data: ” + input.value;
    var str = input.value;
    for (var i = 0; i 1.0) {
    i = i / 100.0;
    form.interest.value = i; }
    i /= 12;
    var pow = 1;
    for (var j = 0; j

  74. #83 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 19, 2007 - 4:44 pm

    Continue from above (this comment section is limited ehh!)


  75. #84 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 19, 2007 - 4:46 pm

    ugh! Sorry. The code seem to be missing. I don’t know what went wrong. To obtain the code, just go to & view the code. It should begin at line 54.

    Sorry again.

  76. #85 by Irwan on February 19, 2007 - 4:55 pm

    BLR or base lending rate is set by bank negara. Usually bankers will state the loan rate as something like BLR+0.5%. BLR will change each year according to our economy.

    The calculator seems like a normal calculator for loan. it’s calculated the interest on monthly based.

  77. #86 by Ahmy on February 19, 2007 - 7:29 pm

    Actually, BLR is set by individuals bank and endorsed by BNM. There are few factors in fixing the BLR. Among those are the intervention rate (mandatory deposit scheme) imposed by BNM to all banks, KLIBOR (Kuala Lumpur Inter Bank Offer Rate) – a short term financing among banks and off course, the government economic policies. Remember when BLR reached its peak at 12.1% in 1998 because the government wanted to curb the outflow of RM abroad.

    The BLR is not necessarily changed every year. BLR is monitored by BNM and individual banks and they will review it from time to time based on the current economic scenarios. Wallahualam.

  78. #87 by Piji on February 20, 2007 - 10:06 am

    Hi to all,

    Following Irwan’s reply to the very first question by Myr, I’d like to confirm that the profit margin (stable BLR and dividend for 10 years) between conventional and loan methods is around the value stated, i.e. RM937 more or less. I personally think that it is quite low compared to the duration of 10 years, compared to the risks that one has to take for e.g. possibly changing BLR. One of the personal bankers told me that the amount we have to pay monthly won’t increase if we have to pay more to cover an increased interest rate, but the duration of payment will stretch. So 115 will have to stay, but for how long, I can’t tell. I wonder if Myr’s methodology of adding his own money can yield more on top of basic loan (RM10k), but according to Irwan, the profit is still around the same. I’ll take his words for now hehe. But yeah, the duration of loan payment is the major risk of getting a loan to invest in ASB. BLR is undefined, but 115 is definite. If only every person was born with a capital in hand, instead of a plain silver spoon hehe.

    I cannot confirm on this following claim, but OD is like credit card facility without fees (perhaps). You use OD account to pay your monthly maintenance, and top it up at the end of the month. Similar to credit limit, you can’t withdraw more than the amount stated in the sijil premium. The idea of using OD facility is great because it makes your loan money as if it can be used (because you can’t withdraw the money inside ASB until you settle your loan repayment). However, one will still have to abide to the first rule of thumb, don’t spend more than what is earned. I rest my case.

  79. #88 by Irwan on February 20, 2007 - 10:29 am

    If it’s like CC facility without fees, OD is a very interesting addition to loan method. Imagine, ones could use the OD for reinvest into ASB, or if it restricted, use it for daily consumption while the paycheck be invested into ASB. It’s like beli satu percuma satu. But this is on assumption that it’s free without fee, which I think it’s directly opposite of what banks do.

  80. #89 by Ahmy on February 20, 2007 - 12:52 pm

    Overdraft facility (OD) is granted by the bank usually to business people. The major purpose of OD is to act as a back-up capital when need arises. OD facility requires collateral in term of cash (to open up a FD and surrender the cert to bank as collateral), property (land, house etc) or guarantee, usually by Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC). Very seldom the bank will give away a clean OD (without collateral/security) especially for personal consumption.

    Three major issues u need to consider for this kind of revolving credit :

    1. The pricing is based on BLR++. If the BLR goes up, u need to pay the interest more. I could say the interest charged on OD is higher than term loan such as housing & ASB loan.

    2. The bank could recall the facility at any point of time if they dissatisfy with the conduct of the account. If it happens, the borrower needs to repay the utilised portion + interest in lump sum. This facility is also subject to yearly review.

    3. If u pledge a FD say RM20k as security, your investment comes with additional cost i.e. monthly servicing of interest. If u have that amount of money, why don’t u put it direct in ASB and enjoy the dividend without having to pay any single cents from your own pocket.

    As per Federation of Malaysian Unit Trust Managers’ (FMUTM) advise, u need to consult the banker before taking decision to invest through financing. I wonder if the banker can give such a balance advises as they also need to achieve their sales target……

  81. #90 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 20, 2007 - 2:17 pm

    Our country experienced recession on 1997 (if I’m not mistaken), is there any chances it going to occur again this year 2007?

    Thanks for the info Piji. What other risks associated with ASB loan?

    Since my method and conventional method yield almost same result, I’ll stick to this for the moment. Conventional method also being applied at the same time where monthly contributions are being made into other acc.

    I’ve heard Bank Rakyat dividen is 15% p.a. Is this true?

  82. #91 by Irwan on February 20, 2007 - 2:32 pm

    The 1997 recession was caused by currency manipulator George Soros. But now our currency is better protected and it is valued using basket system which stability depends on other regional currencies. In my opinion, it is unlikely that our economy to be doomed by speculative effort like it was in 1997. If there would be a recession, the cause would be different.

  83. #92 by KakTi on February 21, 2007 - 9:13 am

    MΓ½r Fantasy,

    Bank Rakyat did give dividend at 15% rate but only to its members. Right now application for new membership is on a waiting list. If some member sell their shares only then you can bought it. I think it is a very loooong waiting list.

  84. #93 by Md on February 21, 2007 - 5:09 pm

    Hi MΓ½r Fantasy,KakTi. Is the 15% dividen from bank rakyat savings account. and thanks Ahem for the OD explanation πŸ™‚

  85. #94 by KakTi on February 22, 2007 - 9:08 am


    The savings account at Bank Rakyat just give around 1 -2% a year. Bank Rakyat start as a cooperation, so they have members who invest in the bank. So these members are getting the benefit (15% dividend) from their investment right now. Others that are giving the same good returns to their members are FELDA and Army Cooperation.

  86. #95 by Md on February 22, 2007 - 10:17 am

    I see :). Thanks KakTi

  87. #96 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 22, 2007 - 10:18 am

    I see. KakTi, thanks for the info.

  88. #97 by ayie on February 22, 2007 - 1:13 pm

    Salam…saya adalah sorang made ASB loan..baru setahun lah….tapi in the same time saya akan pastikan rm100 akan dilaburkan dalam ASB /month…sebelum buat ASB loan saya dah ader aroun 3k…rasernyer tindakan buat loan bijak atau tidak…

  89. #98 by ayie on February 22, 2007 - 1:14 pm

    mr ijat saya pun berminat dengan idea sedar…leh send ke emel teman

  90. #99 by Irwan on February 22, 2007 - 2:18 pm

    mr ayie, sy perlukan lebih info utk buat penilaian:

    brape payment utk loan sbulan?
    loan tu utk brape tahun?

  91. #100 by NaRaT0R on February 23, 2007 - 3:36 am

    As for me the bank wins in all sort of ways. The BLR not gonna decrease in 5 years time and the ASB dividend is definitely not gonna increase as well. This is modern robbery by the commercial bank, can’t blame them, they just in business to make more money from your money. Try diversify your self in other investment as well. Don’t put all your eggs in one bucket.

  92. #101 by ayie on February 23, 2007 - 12:02 pm

    20 thn 20000. 157 / month.

  93. #102 by Irwan on February 23, 2007 - 3:17 pm


    1) loan method –> Balance after 20 years: $155,726.08
    2) Conventional –> Balance after 20 years: $149,149.98

    Difference = $6,576.10

    Initial Investment:20000
    Average ASB Dividend rate:7%
    RM add per month:100
    RM add per year:0
    Average ASB Bonus rate:2%

    Initial Investment:0
    Average ASB Dividend rate:7%
    RM add per month:257
    RM add per year:0
    Average ASB Bonus rate:2%

  94. #103 by ayie on February 26, 2007 - 3:51 pm

    thank you…it looks nice right..but to make it real…it is too loong……..uuuwa uuwa………………..

  95. #104 by MΓ½r Fantasy on February 26, 2007 - 4:37 pm

    $155,726.08 ooo . If I start saving $257 per month, I should be able to obtain that in 20 years (age 45).

    How to make the first million?

  96. #105 by KakTi on February 26, 2007 - 4:49 pm

    Myr Fantasy,

    You should not use the loan method. Save using your own money in unit trust as it could give higher return especially now. Then you should use the investment to buy landed properties for rental income and sell when the price is right.
    With the loan method you cannot take it out when the opportunities for great investment come.

  97. #106 by MΓ½r Fantasy on March 5, 2007 - 10:24 am

    Speaking of unit trust, what is this exactly? Few agents approached me but still I’m not satisfied with their answers. What are the risks associated with this?

    My invest on landed properties? What is the industry average ROI? Is it easy to liquidate?

    **For years, I’ve been buying gold (jewelery) from those desperately need money. Helping people at the same time making profit. πŸ™‚

  98. #107 by KakTi on March 5, 2007 - 10:48 am

    Unit Trust are exposed to these risk:

    1) Markets Risks -Since unit trusts invest in marketable securities, they are of course, exposed to market movements. Diversification will help reduce the risk but it will not eliminate risk entirely. The prices of units go up and down, dividends may or may not be paid, and you may realise a gain or loss when you sell your units.

    2) Particular stock risk – major fluctuations of a particular stock invested by the fund may affect the NAV and thus impact (adversely or favourably) on the prices of the units. Impact can be minimised by portfolio diversification by fund managers.

    3) Liquidity Risk – If a UT fund has large portfolio of securities that are less liquid or difficult to sell, the securities may be sold at a discount, hence affecting the value of UT fund. Risk is minimised thru the process of stock selection on portfolio diversification by fund managers.

    4) Interest rate risk for bond fund – price of bond fund move in the opposite direction of interest rate.

    5) Risk of manager of the fund defaulting or poor management.

    6) Country risk – overseas investment may be affected by changes in politic and economic conditions of invested country.

  99. #108 by lynn on March 7, 2007 - 2:45 pm

    I just signed an agreement with rhb bank for asb loans. I have took 20k for 10yrs and RM225 monthly.

    I dont know whether its worth or not. Just abit worry.

    Im interested in the first way when the banker mentioned about i just have to pay for 1 year only…then the rest of the year will cover from the bonus.

    If im not satisfy with this, who should i call to cancel it? can anyone advice me? from the rhb or asb…

  100. #109 by Irwan on March 7, 2007 - 8:07 pm

    hi lynn, how are you doing?

    I have made some calculation for you. the notion of pay-one-year-and-you-are-done is totally misleading. This is the dividend+bonus for RM20K at 7% peryear:

    year-1 $1,443.33
    year-2 $1,590.83
    year-3 $1,752.09
    year-4 $1,928.44
    year-5 $2,121.32
    year-6 $2,332.29
    year-7 $2,563.08
    year-8 $2,815.58

    so you need to pay at least eight years to have RM2700(RM225 x 12) per year to make the loan pay for itself.

    Here is the conclusion of my analysis:
    Total Money in ASB after 10 years= $36,778.11 ( 7.0% peryear)
    Total Money in ASB after 20 years= $75,384.23 (12.5% peryear)

    For equivalent conventional method:
    Total Money in ASB after 10 years= $37,458.48 73.4% 7.3%
    Total Money in ASB after 20 years= $84,240.09 290.0% 14.5%

    you can download the analysis file here.

    this analysis is subject to my unintended mistakes. and legally, this is not a financial advice.

    I’m not sure about the person who you should call but if I were you I would call RHB instead of ASB.

  101. #110 by MΓ½r Fantasy on March 8, 2007 - 7:43 am

    Lynn, what the banker told you was true but it is not applicable now days. In between 1990-1995 (can’t remember), my mom took 100k loan for her ASB. As for year 1, she paid the installment but on the 2nd year, the loan was paid by itself. At that time, dividend was high & this make it possible. Now, dividend is barely 7% + BLR is almost the same figure.

  102. #111 by Ahmy on March 9, 2007 - 10:40 am

    Lynn, what the banker told u was a serious misconduct. Firstly, the banker seemed to GUARANTEE u that ASB will pay out dividend. In reality, ASB has every right to pay out dividend on incidental basis (may or may not pay).

    Secondly, if the dividend paid by ASB is less than your 1 year instalment will result in your acoount turn NON-PERFORMING LOAN because u didn’t top up the difference portion. The bank will liquidate your certificate and used the amount to cover back the loan amount. In most cases, the amount recovered was insufficient to cover the amount owed to the bank due to interest charges. And that’s the beginning of your never ending bad experience such as blacklisted etc.

    If u dissatisfy with the banker, u could send your correspondence to either RHB’s top management, FMUTM or Securities Commission.

  103. #112 by tswenahir on March 9, 2007 - 6:15 pm

    Hello everybody!!! Wow the replies seems to be never ending… yes I am totally with agree with Ahmy, the first main reason of us investing in asb is because we wanna to have a better return compared with FD or SA. Though their job as a sales advisor is to close as many deal as possible, he/she should let you reap more interest! Need no fear, go to the bank look for him and ask him everything that you not satisfied! If he/she cannot do as what u might do like cancelling call up the head and explain to him/her. Do not end up sleepless and regret just because of this…

    My 2 kupang

  104. #113 by Fairul on March 10, 2007 - 7:26 pm

    I’ve got two unit trusts which are ASB and ASW2020. We know ASB will pay it dividen on January and ASW2020 on September. Has anybody out there has try to transfer all the money in your ASW2020 to ASB once you got ur ASW2020 dividen on september? And then wait for ASB paid it dividen on January..?

    email me the answer

  105. #114 by rakmal on March 10, 2007 - 8:29 pm

    ASB Loan IS a help for us to grab. Most of us dont have the dicipline and strong will to save for our future, instead we half-blindly and brave enough to borrow our future and consume it now. Back to ASB loan scheme; the only question is how much we could spare our income for saving. RM 100 or RM 50 p.m. is just fine although RM 1000 is better. Let me tell you pals, I contribute only RM 20 p.m. to my Koperasi, now after about 28 yrs I have accumulated more than RM 10K. Well two yrs ago I increased my monthly contribution to RM 100 because I wanted my final account in the Koperasi (sadly though, its yearly dividend is about 2% for the last five years or so) on my pension day (sometime in 2009) will be about RM 15K. Imagine that! It is the power of forced saving (I mean staright deduction from our payslip).

  106. #115 by rakmal on March 10, 2007 - 8:45 pm

    Let me share my knowledge (self-taught) about loan calculation
    I am not sure about the term bankers use, but they calculate the payback interest by either simple interest or yearly-rest, or monthly-rest, or even daily-rest. The calculation we were taught in Std Six (during my time – 1965) was on compound interset. Bunga = Pokok x Kadar x Tahun /100 (.. Sekolah Melayu da..). Example: Borrow RM 20K, interest rate 7% p.a., Tenure 10 yrs. So, the total interest = RM 20000 X 7 x 10 /100 = RM 14000. So, our monthly payment will be (RM 20000 + RM 14000)/(12 x 10) = RM 283.33. This is the way most banks use for so many short term loan now being offer and so is the car loan (Hire Purchase). NB: Hire Purchase Act allows for rebate in case we opt for early loan settlement. Go to Autoworld play their loan calculator.

  107. #116 by rakmal on March 10, 2007 - 9:10 pm

    What is montly-rest or yearly-rest loan calculation?
    By monthly-rest it means the interest is calculated based on the balance of the loan at the end of each month. So, if it is yearly-rest the calculation is based on the balance at the end of the year. To calculate the monthly payment we need to use the maths we learned in Form Four: goemetry series & arithmatic series. Let the capital we borrow is P; the interest rate is K p.a.; the number oy yrs for payback is T. Base on the monthly-rest calculation, the montly instalment = [PxKx(1+K/1200)^(12xT)]/[1200x{(1+K/1200)^(12xT)-1}]
    Note: The “^” sign means “power of”. Example: 2^4=2x2x2x2.
    Most housing loans are calculated on monthly-rest.

  108. #117 by rakmal on March 10, 2007 - 9:23 pm

    How to calculate your ASB cummulative dividend?
    Example: You borrow RM 20000 for 10 yrs. Let say the dividend is 7% p.a. and you dont do any withdrawl for the loan tenure. Assume you have that RM 20K on 1.1.2007.
    On 1.1.08 you have RM(20000)x(1.07)
    On 1.1.09 you have RM (20000)x(1.07)x(1.07)
    On 1.1.10 you have RM (20000)x(1.07)x(1.07)x(1.07)
    So simply after 10 yrs (that is on 1.1.2017) YOU HAVE RM (20000)x(1.07^10) = RM 39343.03. How much money you have paid to the lender? RM 34000.00. What THAT means? You make a fortune worth RM 5343.03 and the bank RM 14000. You also force yourself to save RM 20000. Cheers!

  109. #118 by kamal on March 12, 2007 - 5:19 pm

    produk pelaburan terbaru dari ambank group…amcash guarantee 21…pulangan atau dividen sebanyak 15% setahun (lebih tinggi daripada simpanan biasa di bank, ASB, unit trust dan fixed deposit)…tiada risiko…jaminan kewangan diberi percuma (sebanyak 10 kali jumlah simpanan diberi percuma jika berlaku kematian, lumpuh atau 36 jenis penyakit kritikal – dijamin!!!)…tempoh pelaburan 3, 10 dan 21 tahun…produk terhad!! fisrt come first serve!! jika berminat hubungi saya di talian 0166858296 untuk temujanji – kamal….sekian terima kasih…

  110. #119 by Irwan on March 15, 2007 - 6:21 am

    Mr Rakmal, thanks for the detailed explanation of loan investing. I have verified that final balance of RM39343.03 is correct.

    Return of RM5343 + RM20000 for 10 years is small compare to what you put in there monthly.

    Conventionally, with monthly investment of RM283.33, the balance in your account will be RM48,756 after 10 years.

  111. #120 by lynn on March 15, 2007 - 3:28 pm

    thank you so much irwan and ahmy for your respond.
    Well, by 25th march’ 07 will be my 1st payment of this asb loan.
    I dont really clear what is the advantages and disadvantages of this loan, but i hope something not bad in the future.I cant say no more since i have signed everything and feel bad if to cancel it…

  112. #121 by Pep on March 17, 2007 - 9:34 am

    I think you’ve beaten the horse dead with this one. I suppose for the academically inclined, all the calculations and mathematical proof is a good exercise, but for most people they just want a simple answer.

    And the answer IS very simple. Most ASB loans charge 6-7% interest. ASB right now gives out about 7-9% dividend (including bonus). That means you only make out 1-2% profit every year, assuming the dividend remains constant, which in reality doesn’t.

    Businesses take loans so that they can grow their company 30%, 50% or even 100% anually. Compared to the interest that they have to pay, the rewards are a lot greater. Why should you take a loan to only reap a measly 1-2%?

    No my friends! ASB loans are a SCAM by the banks. Why do I say this? Because the banks take no risk whatsoever (coz if you don’t pay up the loan, they just sell off your ASB certificate and get their money back) and banks get 6-7% profit on the interest you pay. Its free money to the bank. You take ALL the risk. What if the stock market crashes and ASB cannot afford to pay dividend? Most people think that ASB dividends are guaranteed. I say, YOU NEED TO GO READ THE PROSPECTUS CAREFULLY!!

    And don’t give me that crap about not being able to save. If you say you don’t have discipline, then I say you are a weak person and you don’t deserve to be financially successful in life.

  113. #122 by Irwan on March 18, 2007 - 1:11 am

    Nice writing Pep, you should be a my PR bro…lol

  114. #123 by KakTi on March 18, 2007 - 8:57 am

    Thumbs up to Pep. πŸ™‚

  115. #124 by tswenahir on March 18, 2007 - 9:41 am

    Of course, this is a RISK, no RISK, no GAIN, but of course make sure one able to pay back the loan and not from the ASB itself or else that will be far dangerous. Does that mean that I’ve been cheated? Absolutely not, everybody needs to make money so as the banks. If SHIT turns up, well we did took our risk didn’t we?

    Just My advice –>
    Go for RM100k loan and above and pay the loan directly not by the dividend and ASAP! Trust me you will never regret it! πŸ˜‰

    Guerilla Radio – Peace…

  116. #125 by deathrow on April 17, 2007 - 4:27 am

    Greetings all…

    I would like to get the opinions from u guys. I’m thinking of putting a some cash for me to use after the next 2 years. I’m thinking of getting a personal loan of RM12k with a fixed interest rates of 9.6% p.a. for a tenure of 3 years. That left me with monthly payments of RM430.

    I intend to dump all that RM12k in the ASB with additional monthly investment of RM100 into the account. Using the ASB calculator provided by Irwan, with the default rates, by the end of the 2nd year the total from that account would be RM16.4k!

    I figured out two things here:
    * A monthly saving of RM530 would left me with only RM12720
    * The total personal loan plus the interest is RM15456

    I think this is a good deal as I wish to use the money after 2 years, but can u guys give comments on this?

    Thanks in advance.

  117. #126 by Irwan on April 17, 2007 - 4:52 am

    Hi deathrow… I really like to receive question from my readers.

    If I got you straight, this is what you meant:
    1. You borrow 12k for 3 years under RM430 payment permonth for 3 years.

    2. Then you put 12k into asb plus RM100 permonth which fruits 16.4K at the end of 2nd year.

    3. You then compare the same amount of money, RM430+RM100 using normal saving method which ends up with RM12720.(miscalculation here, it should be RM13699, considering 7% return for asb)

    one thing u forget is, after you get RM16.4k at the end of year-2, you still have to pay RM430 for 12 months to finish the loan payment.

    But with normal method, you only pay RM530x24=12720 to get RM13699. The different here is that RM13699 is all yours, you don’t have to pay for any other payment for the 3rd year.

    As you said, you need to use money after 2 years, if you used loan method, you have to pay RM430x12 after you got RM16.4k.

    While using normal saving method, you get only RM13699 but you don’t need to pay anything after that.

    I hope i have answered your question. πŸ™‚

  118. #127 by KakTi on April 18, 2007 - 1:42 pm


    That is very bad deal. Don’t! don’t! do the loan. As Irwan say invest all your RM 530 savings and you will get the fruit of your preseverance all to your self.

    If you want higher return why don’t you invest in the Public Asia Dividend Fund managed by P.Mutual that are offering 1% free unit until 23 April 2007. It riskier than ASB but with P.Mutual you will not go wrong! πŸ™‚

  119. #128 by penemu ruai on April 23, 2007 - 6:46 pm

    aloo everybody,

    Glad to hear all the tips and ideas. I`m a student.
    Apart to graduate and i want also success in financial planning. Can anybody guide me in asb loan?
    Every semester we are receiving scholarship…please guide me into ASB loan method.
    For this moment, i`m taking ASB loan Maybank for rm10,000..every month payment is rm79.00..for 10 years.

    Did i make a good move?

    Penemu ruai

  120. #129 by Irwan on April 24, 2007 - 12:13 pm

    yeap.. you are on a good track as long as you are comfortable paying that monthly payment. at RM79 month, i think it’s not a burden to you, even as a student.

    at the end of year-10, you’ll have RM21 500 in your asb.

    If you invest RM79 permonth, you’ll only have RM14 100 at the end of year-10. Your loan seems as a better deal to me.

    You might want to make sure that you’ll only pay RM79 for the whole 10 years (except for BLR changes). Because some bank offer cheap first year payment and charge extra for next years.

  121. #130 by KakTi on April 24, 2007 - 1:39 pm

    penemu ruai,

    From calculation you are paying RM79x12month x10yrs, it come to only RM9,480. How come you are paying less the loan amount and it seem that Maybank is not taking any profit from you.

  122. #131 by Irwan on April 24, 2007 - 1:49 pm

    that’s what i thought… maybe maybank give him special rate for the first year and another rate for later year.

  123. #132 by HIMURA on April 24, 2007 - 2:13 pm


    i also take a loan from maybank.just like nuzz RM 20k for 20 yrs.i still study and i have made calculation before make a loan. from my calculation, even the total amount that a need to pay are almost double than my loan(RM39000++) but in return, if the amount lend and bonus did not taken out, within 20 years the total investment will be RM 76000++.however, i plan to shorten the period after i graduated.berbaloi la invest dalam ASB:-)

  124. #133 by HIMURA on April 24, 2007 - 2:23 pm


    one more thing to remind u all, if u want to take personal loan, then u will involve in riba. i have learn how to overcome this problem.actually not to overcome, but just to avoid riba.just like me, the total loan i taken RM 20000,however during the akad to take the loan(at least ur niat),u must assume that u laon for total amount that u need to me,every month need to pay, in 20 years i need to pay 157x12x20=RM37680. then u need to niat to take loan on RM 37680, not on RM 20000.that all i know.if wrong plizz correct ustaz told me..

  125. #134 by Irwan on April 24, 2007 - 2:30 pm

    Hi Himura,

    i suggest you not to shorten the period, because the essential thing when you take a loan is that you buy the time value of money by getting the money early. Then you pay for that time value of money to the bank in term of interest.

    If you shorten the period of the loan, u actually sell the time value of money back to the bank, without getting any profit in exchange. In short, when you make loan to invest, use the loan to the fullest, don’t shorten it. this is more crucial as asb rate is higher than the loan interest rate. Thus it’s better for you to put the extra money as additional investment in asb.

    I totally agree with you that investment is totally berbaloi, in anyway that you invest it. (as long as it’s legitimate way) haha

  126. #135 by HIMURA on April 24, 2007 - 2:34 pm

    to penemu ruai,

    actually u not pay for RM79 per month.that 79 permonth amount is only u use ur bonus from investment to repay ur loan.its means,every year u taken out ur bonus and just leave ur principal in ur account. if u use this method, and the end of 10 years, the total balance in ur account only 10k.that 79 is only the the topup top up to pay ur me, if i use this method, just need to pay RM 40.33 per month.its lower than u becoz my loan is for 20 years.

  127. #136 by HIMURA on April 24, 2007 - 2:47 pm


    ok, i also realize that i will not get any benefit if i shorten the period.however, i has make calculation on this. if i can pay up all my loan within shorter period,eg 5/10 years, maybe i can reduce to pay interest.what do u think?if compared to my condition under loan for 20 years, it will give much more benefit. the prob is,i dont know what amount if i shorten my loan period.if i know, i can calculate for cost and benefit that i will get.

  128. #137 by penemu ruai on April 24, 2007 - 5:18 pm

    To everybody,

    I`m really sorry..the amount i paid is rm79, period 20 years..
    sorry for the wrong info..

    I have a question, what do you think if i`m taking personal loan at age least rm10,000..i want to use it as my business..

    penemu ruai

  129. #138 by shaza on April 26, 2007 - 11:05 am

    saya nak wat xtau bank mana yg blh saya wat.basic gaji saya 850 tp ada elaun 250.blm masuk ot lagi…biasanya berapa lama proses wat loan?
    sbb saya perlukan duit tu bulan 10.saya nak wat dh penat mencari bank yg leh sy wat loan.blh tolong x?????????

  130. #139 by shaza on April 26, 2007 - 11:07 am

    sesape yg blh tolong saya atau ada cadangan blh email saya di

  131. #140 by Bedok on May 2, 2007 - 9:01 pm

    Consider the fact before you make any accusation:

    1 – This is a bank loan, you do not have to take it out if you dont want to. This is just another way of making forced investment, you have to be disciplined in making monthly instalment.

    2- The loan is backed by your ASB investment. The bank hold your ASB sijil and if you are late in payment, the bank will sell this sijil and you get some of your money back. In theory the bank will not lose anything, so they are more generous in approving this type of loan.

    3- The return is not that great but remember, after you finished paying the loan off, the sijil is yours so for me this is good for future investment, for example for your kids or hari tua.

    4- You will get full rate of the interest from the get go, ie as soon as you sign the aggrement, you can get interest from that 20000. Instead of taking this loan for example you save up the payment in ASB you will only get the interest on that payment, like 200 a month or something.

    Just an example, I take out 70000 loan from BCB (or is it CIMB now) and paying about 600+ a month for the loan. I already planned to save up 600 a month for my son’s future study and whatnot. So, for me that interest of just over 4000 a year is something like a bonus to me for doing a good job at saving :). After I finish paying the loan, I will have 70000 to give to my son.

  132. #141 by bamlis on May 6, 2007 - 11:49 pm

    I heard so much about additional bonus by ASB (apart of the normal 7%). How do you qualify to get those bonus? Shouldn’t that can be taken into consideration into your profit & loss calc?

  133. #142 by Irwan on May 7, 2007 - 2:46 am

    the bonus is also taken into consideration. Here is more info about bonus and dividend calculation

  134. #143 by Sumi Jeli on May 15, 2007 - 7:15 pm

    I had gone shopping for ASB loan at Maybank and RHB this few days. There was a lot of confusion tho’, after i talked to both.

    Right know (until end of this month), a Maybk officer at OUG, Jln Klang Lama told me that monthly repayment for the loan is fixed, because of below:
    1) The promotion now is year1-2~(BLR-1.75) & subsequently (BLR-1.0). With current BLR of 6.75% , she said that they will fixed the BLR at 6.75% for this particular promotion. which means that y1~y2=5.0% and y3~=5.75%. which also means that the amount of monthly repayment stated in their brochure is fixed. I was puzzled, becos i understand differently fr other ppl. But 3 times i repeat the same question and came back wt the same answer, then hey.. who am i to challenge her?

    The next day i went to the opposite RHB branch. This time it was the Branch manager herself who attend to me. When i told her abt Mbk scheme, she doesnt believe me. For one a fixed interest loan should always have higher interest in principle (like Islamic banking concept). But since RHB is offering y1-y3=(BLR-1%) and subsq y4~=(BLR-1.25) which has very small difference to Mbk!

    can anybody verified as to what the Maybank officer had told me?

    2) The RHB also said BLR will never go higher than ASB divident, as goverment will always try to protect bumis (which to me is true). so how can it be that we have to pay extra because of fluctuating BLR? my only explanation is that BLR can change overnight, but divident payout is only once a year, and in the period of waiting for the payout, there is oredi extra difference in the interest charge. am i right? is there any evidence BLR vs ASB divident? i have the ASB past performance, but not the BLR data for the past years. Can somebody tell me what am i missing here?

    3) Fyi, for Mbk if we settle the loan earlier, we will be charge one month interest. For RHB, we will be charge 3% of total loan (not outstanding balance) if we decide to settle the loan within the first 5 yr, irregardless of how long is the period of repayment. This is only applicable for the current promotion.

    so right now, i am still contemplating which one to go. To me, taking this loan is not just making personal pledge for saving, but it is also about predicting the country’s economic situation and direction.

  135. #144 by Sumi Jeli on May 15, 2007 - 7:16 pm

    I had gone shopping for ASB loan at Maybank and RHB this few days. There was a lot of confusion tho’, after i talked to both.

    Right know (until end of this month), a Maybk officer at OUG, Jln Klang Lama told me that monthly repayment for the loan is fixed, because of below:
    1) The promotion now is year1-2~(BLR-1.75) & subsequently (BLR-1.0). With current BLR of 6.75% , she said that they will fixed the BLR at 6.75% for this particular promotion. which means that y1~y2=5.0% and y3~=5.75%. which also means that the amount of monthly repayment stated in their brochure is fixed. I was puzzled, becos i understand differently fr other ppl. But 3 times i repeat the same question and came back wt the same answer, then hey.. who am i to challenge her?

    The next day i went to the opposite RHB branch. This time it was the Branch manager herself who attend to me. When i told her abt Mbk scheme, she doesnt believe me. For one a fixed interest loan should always have higher interest in principle (like Islamic banking concept). But since RHB is offering y1-y3=(BLR-1%) and subsq y4~=(BLR-1.25) which has very small difference to Mbk!

    can anybody verified as to what the Maybank officer had told me?

    2) The RHB also said BLR will never go higher than ASB divident, as goverment will always try to protect bumis (which to me is true). so how can it be that we have to pay extra because of fluctuating BLR? my only explanation is that BLR can change overnight, but divident payout is only once a year, and in the period of waiting for the payout, there is oredi extra difference in the interest charge. am i right? is there any evidence BLR vs ASB divident? i have the ASB past performance, but not the BLR data for the past years. Can somebody tell me what am i missing here?

    3) Fyi, for Mbk if we settle the loan earlier, we will be charge one month interest. For RHB, we will be charge 3% of total loan (not outstanding balance) if we decide to settle the loan within the first 5 yr, irregardless of how long is the period of repayment. This is only applicable for the current promotion.

    so right now, i am still contemplating which one to go. To me, taking this loan is not just making personal pledge for saving, but it is also about predicting the country’s economic situation and direction.

    Best Regards,

  136. #145 by zulkarnain on May 16, 2007 - 6:46 pm

    sumi.. do you have email or ym id..
    need to discuss with you.. about your knowlede on asb..
    i also plan to make a loan for my asb investment..
    if you don’t mind … can you add me…
    perhaps we can share our opinion regarding the asb investment… thanks

  137. #146 by Ahmy on May 16, 2007 - 10:19 pm

    Sumi, this is to answer your questions.

    1) True that Maybank offered such package. CIMB Bank also offering about the same packages which means the bank is subsidizing the interest rate as it is well below the BLR. However, in such circumstances, if the loan account is in default, I believe the bank will charge the higher percentage of interest compared to the normal default interest rate.

    2) It’s very bad for bank officer to give such explanation to the customer. The BLR can go EXTREMELY HIGHER than ASB’s dividend rate as the factors affecting both rates are totally different. Please look back to 1998 when BLR hit the highest in history at 12.1% while ASB only paid out not more than 7% at that point of time. ASB dividend is determined by the earning from PNB’s investment in shares, properties etc. BLR is depending on KLIBOR and BNM’s policies such as the intervention rates etc.

    3) The bank introduced EXIT CLAUSE in housing loan and now it’s extended to ASB loan. This is related to my answer to the first question that the bank wants to recover back the losses in subsidizing your loan.

    I can comment on all those questions based on my limited knowledge and experience as a former Assistant Manager in one of the biggest local bank for 15 years. I’m now a Unit Trust Consultant…..

    Sumi, it’s not easy to predict the country’s economic cycle. Moreover, when it involved a long term period such as 10 years. The best way is, to discipline ourselves in making savings a habit.

  138. #147 by Sumi Jeli on May 17, 2007 - 11:17 pm

    Hi Ahmy, thks for ur reply. Anyway, both RHB and Mbk shown me the ASB performance data of div+bonus on 1998 was about~ 12% and gradually dropping until last year. of course if u talk about div alone, then it was lower than that year BLR. so in terms of paying off div and bonus portion, i hv to give up. still figuring that out. just wondering, where can i get the BLR data?

    okay, last night i went back to the brochure (both ASB&Mbk), and just out of curiosity, checking out the figure for the monthly repayment. and i found out that after calculating monthly repaymentx12xyear, the interest the bank is getting is avg 3.0%. i am puzzled as to why the figure is 3%, whereas assuming BLR is 6.75%, the interest should be around 5.~%. Why is this so? where is the 2% goes to? i dont want that at the end of the day the bank going to say i still have to pay extra (longer period) becos my repayment is not enough, irregardless of whether im making money or not fr the fluct. BLR. can someone pls explain the reason?

    also that eventough RHB br manager try to convince me that they have the best offer around, i found out that RHB actually catch up with Mbk only on the 10th year. so my advice is that if u plan to borrow less than 10 years, go for Mbk.

    of course ahmy, its all abt discipline. when i first started work, i earn only basic RM1700/month, my rental was RM400. i bought a lot of furniture and electrical appliance using cash. i bought my car after 4 months saving RM5000.

    after 3 years, i’m getting more than double of that, and i only started to make my saving again last Sept. imagine during the intermission period, i saved nothing except my bonus money. of course my rental is cheaper (im staying wt a niece) hv a car and started paying my study loan now. all the extra money should be able to cover all my living expenses and additional commitment right? but no. the biggest difference is that i started to use credit card immediately after getting my car (the initial reason was for company’s travelling use). now im not travelling anymore, but i found that every month my extra money is still being suck by credit card. i looked around my house and room, and i notice that every solid things that i can called asset, are the things i bought when i didnt have credit card.

    so when i’m going to start a new job end of this month, i make a pledge to myself that im going to cut my credit card after the 3rd months. i know im going to have a difficult time, its like getting off from an addiction, but once i get over it, my financial life would be better. to anybody who is contemplating to hv a credit card, pls avoid to do so if u can. i know, becos i have live without a credit card before, and life was much better. i’m sure i can do it again. to those who have, good luck!

  139. #148 by zahaly on May 18, 2007 - 5:00 pm

    Why don’t we try invest in the stock market directly. With calculated risk, we should get better return rather than getting less than 8% declared by PNB. Anyway, ASB put most of our money in the stock market.

    In Malaysia, the fund manager at managed to get 19% annual compound return. If you start with RM55,000, you will get six fold of that amount i.e more than RM300,000 in 11 years. Which means another 11 years, you become millionaire.

    I have an article of the MAGIC of COMPOUND INTEREST in my Malay blog at BlogSAHAM.

  140. #149 by Ahmy on May 18, 2007 - 8:33 pm

    Investment in share market is bearing the HIGHEST RISK compared yo other type of investments due to :

    1. The market volatility is very high. The price movements require the investors to monitor the market closely in order to avoid of bearing significant losses to their investments.

    2. For small investors, their options of counters that can be invested is limited due to limited fund available at their disposal.

    3. To buy a blue chip counter, a huge capital is needed. Example, Tenaga now traded at RM11.60. That means, for 1 lot, you need to spend RM11,600. For that sum of money, you can only buy 1 counter.

    4. To invest in smallcap counters or 2nd Board @ Mesdaq counters, the price movements is far far speedy compared to the 1st board pricing. It just exposed the investors to unnecessary risk as these kind of counters in majority are subject to speculative activities.

    In other words, our society especially Bumis are not exposed to these kind of investments. They are more comfortable with a principal guaranteed investments such as ASB. That’s also the reason why they are reluctant to invest in variable price investment such as ASN and other unit trust funds due to their low risk apetite.

    To those who wish to invest directly in share market but still wary of the market’s volatility, you can try to invest in unit trust funds first as the risk is lower compared to share market.

  141. #150 by KakTi on May 19, 2007 - 12:24 am

    Sumi Jeli,

    Instead of going into ASB you should try investing in the unit trust funds. As you are still young you can the take the risk to invest in a unit trust fund that can give you a higher return, more than 10% a year. Don’t go for the loan. Why share the profit with the bank? You can visit my blog to know more about unit trust or e-mail to πŸ™‚

  142. #151 by zahaly on May 21, 2007 - 10:50 am

    May i correct you Ahmy, with Tenaga price RM11.60, 1 lot is RM1,160. Anyway, I am not suggesting/preventing anyone to buy this stock. The highest price in Bursa right now is around RM40, which means 1 lot is RM4,000 plus. But lots of good stock trading between RM1 – RM10. For me, I put RM300 per month in ASB first, by the year end I would have RM3600, so I can invest at least 1 or 2 stock. Unit trust is okay, but right now the fee is too high. I am waiting for new fee structure that would be announced by Bursa very soon.

    In my opinion, high risk comes when you don’t educate yourself with the subject. Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in our time, make his fortune in the stock market, with very minimal risk. Anyway, if we don’t participate in this wonderful investment vehicle, we will lose anyway. Take this: lets say you have RM10,000 now. With ASB, 8% annually, after 30 years you will get RM100,626. In the stock market, 18% annually, after 30 years you end up with RM1,433,706. In other word, with ASB, after 30 years you lose more than 1 million. But you may say, is it possible to maintain 18% annually for 30 years. I must admit, not everyone have the time and skill to study the stock market. But I know one person in Malaysia who managed to get more than 19% annually since 1991, so you may just follow his portfolio. Whatever he buy we buy, if he sell we sell too. Easy, minimal cost, minimal risk, and proven. The manager of iCapital has proven track record, refer This record covers bull and bear market. Remember market crash 1994, 1997, and 2000. Note that i am not in anyway associated with icapital, but i subscribe to its newsletter. Hope I can share with you, the things i learn, and the wisdom of successful investor e.g. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, John Neff, to name a few.

  143. #152 by Ahmy on May 21, 2007 - 1:04 pm

    Dear Zahaly,

    If u invest in odd lot of 100 units, maybe the Tenaga share cost at RM1,160.00. But if u invest in full lot of 1,000 units, the cost is RM11,600.00.

    Thru’ enough, share market’s return was high, but is there any guarantee the market will rise at constant rate of 18% every year? The answer is totally no. Once again, it goes back to the fundamental principles – HIGH RISK, HIGH RETURN.

    It’s good to study the success story of those names. But, I believe, u cannot invest just to follow other people’s investments strategy. Firstly, how to identify the good counter? Secondly, does other person’s investment strategy suits your needs and risk appetite? Thirdly, how fast the informations will reach u. The famous investor’s investment strategies may changed any time but when that info will reach u? U know that the share prices move every minute. If u miss one minute, u may incurr losses.

    The fee of unit trust is about 5 – 7% charged once only. That fee covered the services rendered by the fund managers and the agents in investing the investor’s money. But then, the return from investment could reach more than what the share market can offer at 18% per year.

    Compared to share market, everytime u trade, either buy or sell, u’re charged brokerage fee. If u’re an active investor, how much will u pay to the broker/remisier per year?

    As I told earlier, Bumi society is not exposed to share investments. U need to educate them first and change their low risk apetite before they’re willing to invest in share market. The benchmark is ASN. Majority of the investors are more comfortable with ASB.

    I didn’t intend to stop people from investing in share market. It’s up to their risk appetite. Tepuk dada, tanya poket ….


  144. #153 by Sumi Jeli on May 21, 2007 - 1:47 pm

    Kakti, that is part of the plan. I am building up my capital now. I believe i should still also at least make an ASB loan (not neccesary big amount) to reduce my risk if i were to take different kind of invesments. Since I am a very sceptical person, i believe stock market is not just my thing.

  145. #154 by KakTi on May 21, 2007 - 1:49 pm

    Sumi Jeli,

    ASB is investing in the stock market!

  146. #155 by Sumi Jeli on May 21, 2007 - 3:08 pm

    Kakti, without me to face and absorb the big unexpected losses that might happened! its already a spreading of risk since i believe ASB doesnt invest in stock market solely!

  147. #156 by KakTi on May 21, 2007 - 4:04 pm

    Sumi Jeli,

    ASB is a unit trust also, the only difference it is managed by government company. When you read the ASB prospectus/yearly report you will know that 85.79% is invested in equity market of 171 company and the rest in capital market.

  148. #157 by Sumi Jeli on May 21, 2007 - 4:10 pm

    Sure. like i said, unit trust is part of the plan, just to get a head start on capital, plus taking and treat ASB loan as a saving, or investment or unit trust or whatever you call it. by paying some expert to do it on our behalf

  149. #158 by Irwan on May 22, 2007 - 8:20 am

    im going to close my asb account soon. too much was-was. and my public mutual funds have good performance so far. last time i checked it, the value increased about 48% since last year.

  150. #159 by KakTi on May 22, 2007 - 11:07 am

    Good for you, Irwan.

    And to you all out there… For your emergency money that should be save for 3-6 month of your living cost, I think you should put it in Tabung Haji. It gives better return than fixed deposit. No penalty for early withdrawal. As it doesn’t have ATM card, the will be less impulsive withdrawal πŸ™‚

  151. #160 by Piji on May 22, 2007 - 9:06 pm

    Not forgetting TH bayar zakat (^^,)

    Irwan: Public Mutual, ni better than ASB kah? ok ke according to SC’s Syariah?

    Stock market..hmm, interesting~

  152. #161 by Irwan on May 22, 2007 - 10:07 pm

    it depends on personal preference. but since you asked me, ill explain in my point of view.

    ASB is much like fixed deposit to me.. we will get around 6-8% return on investment. There is virtually no risk associated with it.

    There is a long list of product line by Public Mutual. half of them are syariah-compliance. if you can take higher risk, you can opt for high-earning-high-risk fund. or to aim for income, you can take more conservative fund. Ask the public mutual agent that suit your investing characteristic coz most of them they won’t tell you anything but why you should invest,not where.

    you can see my latest earning in my post here

    about the stock market. It’s much more risky if you don’t diversify enough. It require more time to maintain and more information to digest. not suitable for student like me.

  153. #162 by Samad on May 31, 2007 - 5:06 pm


    Blog yg banyak memberi info…Cuma kenapa x boleh nak ke link ttg isu halal haram ASB tu ek

  154. #163 by Irwan on June 2, 2007 - 12:40 am

    link tu sy dah repair.skrang dah blh access

  155. #164 by Samad on June 3, 2007 - 8:43 am

    Still confused wether to take a loan or not ;p

    Bank rakyat personal loan interest is about 5.6% (flat rate) if i’m not mistaken…just to think of it,i might getting some profit here because of the ASB dividen rate,don’t u think so..??

    p/s: Tgh survey2 ttg public mutual ;D

  156. #165 by Ahmy on June 3, 2007 - 11:15 am

    Assalamualaikum Samad.

    Yang sebenarnya, kalau u bercadang nak menyimpan wang untuk kegunaan masa depan, u tak payah buat ASB loan ataupun personal loan. Kami di Public Mutual pun boleh buatkan financial planning untuk u. Sebut aje untuk tujuan apa, baik untuk children education, retirement planning, nak buat majlis kenduri kahwin, pergi haji, melancong ke luar negara, semuanya kami boleh uruskan.

    Satu konsep baru bukan? Selama ini, orang ingatkan, cuma insurans saja yang boleh buat benda2 ni, tapi kita di Public Mutual pun boleh juga.

    Satu yang baik berkenaan kami adalah, u boleh membuat simpanan berdasarkan keperluan u. Ia boleh ditambah atau dikurangkan berdasarkan kemampuan. Yang lebih penting, u tak perlu membayar kos faedah yang dikenakan atas pinjaman yang lebih panjang tempoh pinjaman, lebih besar lagi kos yang perlu anda tanggung.

    Sekiranya anda berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, anda boleh hubungi saya di


  157. #166 by vergas on June 5, 2007 - 11:28 am


    Be careful, bank raknyat flat rate of 5.6% tak boleh compare dengan dividend ASB of 7% as simple as 5.6 > 7.0. Cara kira lain. Last I check the loan is actually around 12-18% kira cara betul (APR). Cuba bagi loan amount, duration dan monthly payment, and I’ll calculate for you.

    Flat rate tak sama dengan cara APR (APR macam housing loan, monthly rest).
    Flat rate macam hire purchase (car loan).

  158. #167 by Samad on June 5, 2007 - 5:32 pm

    ok…i’ll give u the figures ASAP…tapi klu x silap mmg flat rate

  159. #168 by Samad on June 11, 2007 - 10:35 am

    Ok…berikut ialah figures yg sy ambil dari Bank Rakyat untuk pinjaman peribadi

    Ada dua interest rate yg berbeza iaitu satu untuk Ahli dan satu lg untuk Bukan Ahli. Saya hanya ambil figures dari Bukan Ahli sahaja.


    Jumlah Pinjaman = RM20,000

    Tempoh Bayaran = 3 tahun
    Interest Rate = 5.65%
    Ansuran Bulanan = RM650

    Tempoh Bayaran = 10 tahun
    Interest Rate = 5.95%
    Ansuran Bulanan = RM266

    Pls give comment

  160. #169 by vergas on June 12, 2007 - 11:05 am

    Paling senang pakai calculator irwan,

    Case 1;
    Ambik loan bank raknyat,
    dan masukkan 20000 selama 3 tahun dalam ASB, using 7% dividend 2% bonus, dapat. $24,764.26 . (RM add per month 0, 20000 initial investment)
    selepas 3 tahun (sila lihat end of year 2, bukan end of year 3 since calculatar irwan start from year 0).

    Jika, masukkan 650 setiap bulan ke ASB, using the same div and bonus. End of year 2 dapat $26,147.29. (RM add per month 650, 0 initial investment)

    Jadi better without loan.

    Kenapa, cara kira lain. Untuk better comparison kita boleh convertkan ‘flat rate’ (like hire purchase) kepada APR (monthly rest reducing balance, like housing loan). Cara paling senang pakai excel.

    dapat answer 10.49%. This is the equivalent rate, if compared to other banks that says blr+ something.

    in the formula, using first example.
    =RATE(number of years*12, – monthly payment, principal, 0 (default) *12 (to convert to annual)

    Atau, boleh pakai financial calculator.
    PV = 20000,
    pmt = -650
    FV= 0
    n = 3 x 12 (3 years convert to month, since monthly rest)
    compute i, then multiply by 12, to convert to annual.

    Therefore 10.49% > 7%, so you will lose money.

    You can do the second example, for practice the answer will be close to the first one (i’ve checked)

    Note: ASB return do not really follow the APR, but it is a close approximate for comparison.

    FYI, the way bank raknyat and other calculate flat rate is
    Principle, 20000 times 5.65% therefore, interest per year is 1130
    times 3 years = 1130 x 3 = 3390
    add principal, 3390 + 20000 = 23390
    devide by number of months 23390 / (3*12)
    equals to 649.72. appx to the number that you gave me.

    Now you can do the second example for practice. πŸ˜‰

  161. #170 by Samad on June 13, 2007 - 11:56 am

    Oooo….so better without loan…only need a strong will and istiqamah’ ;D

  162. #171 by vergas on June 13, 2007 - 4:37 pm

    Better without the loan as per what you mention (ie the personal loan at flat rate of5.65%). But it the rate is much lower, and you are confident that dividend ASB will always be more than the interest (the APR rate, not the flat rate calculations) than, terpulanglah. πŸ˜‰

  163. #172 by KAKI MENYIMPAN on June 28, 2007 - 7:03 am


    SIJIL 2=RM30K// SELAMA 20 YRS 6.45%

  164. #173 by Chil on July 2, 2007 - 12:19 am

    Saya ingat nak buat SI Maybank to ASB saya. Ckit jer RM150-RM200 per month instead of buat ASB LOAN. Amacam? Jadi setiap bulan gaji saya kena potong RM150-RM200 buat saving/invest dlm ASB.

  165. #174 by Chil on July 2, 2007 - 12:22 am

    Mana satu bank yg paling best bayar balik dia?

  166. #175 by Joe on July 3, 2007 - 2:20 pm

    Saya dah guna loan ASB, lepas congak2, lebih baik kita simpan bulan bulan directly ke ASB book, drp guna loan Maybank. Memanglah brosur Maybank selalu tunjuk 10% keuntungan dan nampak banyak, tapi realitinya, lihat di bawah.

    Saya buat pinjaman 110k, dan diwajibkan ambil insuran MaybanLife, total jadi lebih kurang 114170. Bulan bulan selama 20 tahun, kena bayar RM818. Sekarang dividen ASB rendah dlm lingkungan 7.25% dan bonus tak seberapa mana. Jika saya masukkan peratusan keuntungan tersebut (atau mungkin 10%) dan guna excel worksheet, duit yang ada dalam tangan (CASH) pada penghujung tahun adalah jauh lebih banyak (818 x 12 = RM9816). Manakala dividen ASB ialah 110 000 x 7.25% => cuma RM 7975 (bonus lebih kurang RM 450). CASH dalam tangan adalah jauh lebih banyak berbanding DIVIDEN yang anda dapat dari “pinjaman pokok” tersebut.

    CASH dlm tangan dengan simpanan 818 sebulan:

    amaun dividen bulanan
    1 818 5.01025
    2 1636 10.0205
    3 2454 15.03075
    4 3272 20.041
    5 4090 25.05125
    6 4908 30.0615
    7 5726 35.07175
    8 6544 40.082
    9 7362 45.09225
    10 8180 50.1025
    11 8998 55.11275
    12 9816 60.123
    Jumlah besar 9816 + dividen bulanan = 10206.79

    Dengan dividen 7.25% (atas nilai pokok 110 000) dan bonus lebih kurang RM450 — CASH dalam tangan di hujung tahun ialah cuma RM7975

    Beza kasar = 10206 – 7975 = 2231.

    Dan kalau anda TIDAK mengeluarkan cash 2231 tersebut dan terus menyimpan, simpanan ASB anda adalah jauh lebih tinggi dalam tahun kedua dan pulangan akan meningkat juga lebih tinggi.

    Jadi, saya rasa ASB loan ni adalah gimik sahaja. Ia hanya membekalkan CASH flow kepada Maybank at our expense.

  167. #176 by kkchow23 on July 3, 2007 - 4:19 pm

    Actually most important for each investor is to know the risk involve when taking up loan. At each forms we fill up for investment into unit trust, there’s a statement for “Unit Trust Loan Financing Risk Disclosure Statement”. Sometimes, your agent/consultant might not inform you when sign up for investment.

    In my opinion, basically we should start saving from early. If we don’t have the capital in the early stage, start small. Eventually when we start to have any increment in our salary/income, do more investment. We should try neglect other things which is not a necessities to us at the moment(entertainment/sport car/luxury house,etc…). After we have reap the fruit of our investment, we can start to enjoy the benefits. The time lost when we don’t start early can’t be recover.

    Me don’t think loan is my cup of tea.

  168. #177 by syarina on July 7, 2007 - 12:15 am

    Assalamualaikum. Very interesting website. Keep it up!

  169. #178 by Irwan on July 8, 2007 - 1:18 pm

    thanks syarina!

  170. #179 by Selvi on July 9, 2007 - 11:04 am

    I wold like to borrow money for my house. I have outstanding 6 month.Is this available for Indian people.


  171. #180 by kkchow23 on July 10, 2007 - 1:27 am

    Amanah Saham Bumiputra (ASB) is a unit trust fund by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) specially for Bumiputra only. But there’s still a lot of other unit trust funds out there which you can look forward to if your planning for investment to generate better returns.

    If your looking to borrow money, you’ll have to refer to bank for loan.

  172. #181 by IJAM on July 11, 2007 - 10:43 pm


    Nice forum πŸ™‚

    I take an example from penemu issue

    Loan for RM10,000 u need to pay 79/month-948/year (20 years contract)

    For 20 years u need to pay for RM18,960

    Simple calculation= RM18,960-RM10,000= RM8,960

    Bank gain money from the interest u pay ‘RM8,960’ and its can be consider as expense in your investment.


    Method of investment:

    1) ASB Loan
    2) Conventional approach

    *This example based on Irwan ASB calculator

    1) ASB Loan

    Starting with RM10,000 in your ASB account u will gain RM48,014.20
    Your profit for end of year 20 is….
    RM48,014.20 – RM8,960
    u only earn RM 39,0542.

    2) Conventional approach

    Monthly saving 79/Yearly saving is 948
    At the end of year 20 u can earn RM43,477.46 ^_^


    ‘To whom that already take the ASB loan plan careful with the Blr ‘
    ‘Juz wana share with you guys in 1998 Blr is 12. % i hope this
    nightmare wont happen again, because we don’t know what could happen
    in another 10 years :p’ TAKE CARE ^_^

    Insurance consultant (AmAssurance)
    Unit Trust Consultant (Public Mutual)

  173. #182 by buckbugs on July 16, 2007 - 6:17 pm

    Thanks for the analysis… its really useful… πŸ™‚

  174. #183 by Joe on July 17, 2007 - 8:55 am

    For ASB loan, you can always sell back the Certificate (held as a collateral by the Financer) to dispose your debt when the BLR is on the rise.

    Anyway, only recently that I dispose such loan, after I felt its a bit cheating – since the brochure put it in such a way that 10% is the default return, although it was shown just as an example

    But I believe such example WITHOUT a DISCLAIMER within the same page would mislead customer and such thing is against standard professional conduct/code of ethics for Unit Trust marketing.

  175. #184 by aj on July 18, 2007 - 1:40 pm

    my 2-cents

    no withdrawal made
    tenure = 10 years
    dividend = 7.5%
    loan = rm150k

    as a result:
    conventional accumulate rm279,942.24
    loan accumulate rm295,072.70

    you can see you had more money at the end of the day.
    the trick is, NEVER use the dividend but only reinvest it.
    due to the nature of profit & loss that always fluctuate, there are too many uncertainties for any computation.

    typically, by doing this method, one can repay ALL outstanding balance for a 20 year loan in mere HALF the tenure – again subject to divident pay outs. Making you debt free and no need to wait until the rest of tenure to use the money.

    yes, it’s a given the best way is to invest max rm200k cash but don’t think everybody can afford that. so we go 2nd or 3rd best option.

    for the question which one is better, taking loan is BETTER.

    ps: there are few other plus points but i will not cover it here e.g. you only invest

  176. #185 by saxman on August 5, 2007 - 3:24 am

    Hi all,
    My first post here. IMHO, the scenario of banks giving out loans to fund your ASB investment is like as though like the banks themselves wants to invest in ASB, but unable to (Maybe because of the 200,000 limit). So what do they do? They use your entitlement ie your account to gain access to the ASB dividend, by providing you the capital upfront. They collect their dividend monthly from you. I remember calculating using “Time Value of money”, “Compounding Interest” and such formulae and concluded that there’s no significant advantage to getting a loan to finance your investment, other than handing over your dividend entitlement to the bank. Good Luck ya’oll ..

  177. #186 by Irwan on August 6, 2007 - 8:05 pm

    I agree that banks are really interested in giving out loan for ASB. To banks, it’s just look like a fixed deposit with high return because they will get the interest plus the principal whether you pay back the loan or not.

  178. #187 by kkchow23 on August 6, 2007 - 10:32 pm

    If it’s a good trade, I’m sure banks sure won’t reject. πŸ™‚

  179. #188 by fara on August 8, 2007 - 4:21 pm

    after reading all the comments, i felt that i’d already took a wrong step by taking the loan for asb.. but i just started.. is it better to stop now (sell the shares)? am i still bounded to pay back the loan?

  180. #189 by Irwan on August 8, 2007 - 4:47 pm

    Fara, I might have a way to maximize your asb loan method using a radical method of Overdraft Facility. I have absolutely no idea whether it will work or not but theoretically, it will give you more money compared to what you have planned. I will publish it tomorrow

    Before that I suggest you to read previous post of OD method

  181. #190 by jelly on September 5, 2007 - 10:54 am

    terpulang kpd individu nak buat loan ASB atau nak saving sendiri. masing2 ada pros dan cons. mengikut kata suami saya, loan ASB sesuai utk mereka-mereka (jgn marah ye) yg tak boleh nak disiplin kan diri utk buat simpanan tetap setiap bulan. tp kalau tak de masalah, rasanya baik tak pyh buat loan. interest ni riba. sesapa yg melibatkan diri dgn riba dia sudah mengisytiharkan perang dgn Allah dan Rasul. tu maksud hadis yang dibacakan oleh seorg ustaz sewaktu dtg berceramah di opis saya. sebenornya maybank tu sungguh mencekik darah…tu pengakuan dari kawan saya.

    pengalaman saya dgn housing loan saya (bkn dgn Maybank), saya buat short term loan 5 thn. every month kene byr almost RM1k. After 3yrs, kami (me & hubby) nak buat full settlement bank nak caj kami dlm RM1k – penalti sbb full settlement awal. bunyi nye giler, kita nak byr hutang cepat kita plak kene penalti…tp tu realiti. jadi dpt loan agreement baca betul2. olh krn kami ni ‘kedekut’ nak bg free rm1k kat bank, kami tunggu lps loan kami berusia 3thn lebih. kami buat full settlement.

    in short, nak buat loan ASB ke or personal loan utk ASB – masing2 punye selera…yg penting TAK RUGI!!!!!

  182. #191 by jelly on September 5, 2007 - 10:59 am

    after read saxmon’s post, i think i agree too. don’t you think that’s what most banks want to do by using our entitlement? wah..saxman, u r genius. after all, bank pun peniaga maaa…

  183. #192 by Md on September 5, 2007 - 6:52 pm

    Early settlement kena penalty tu sebab bank(conventional) rugi bila peminjam bayar awal, bank tak dapat mengenakan interest secukup rasa bila peminjam bayar awal. To all muslims, please, if you have conventio nal loan, refinance it under islamic window/banking and convert everything you have to do with the bank to the islamic alternatives.

  184. #193 by Blade on September 6, 2007 - 2:46 pm

    nak tanya pendapat sket, kalau pinjam cimb asb loan 100k interest 5.45%p.a 20 tahun 685 bayaran bulanan kalau ikut jadual yg cimb bagi. setahun should be rm8220.
    100k asb dividen 7% setahun kalau 1st year dah bayar monthly 8124. 2nd year dividen duit sendiri (rm7000 rm1220)dah lepas bayaran untuk setahun. bayar rm1220 setahun selama 20 tahun bole dapat rm100k.betul ke kira2 ni?

    struggle 1st year bayar 685 sebulan. pastu tahun kedua cuma bayar rm1220 setiap tahun selama 19 tahun. dapat lah 100k. total expenses = 8220 24400 = rm32620. 20 tahun dapat 100k. cuma bayar rm1220 setahun. bole pakai ka ?

  185. #194 by normala on September 6, 2007 - 3:20 pm

    i baru je tandatangan dokumen2 untuk loan dengan maybank selama 20tahun sebanyak 100,000. untuk ASB. selepas 2 hari, i telefon dengan diorang untuk batalkan. tapi diaorang ‘hold’ agreement i dan kata i tak leh batalkan begitu saja. tapi i belum potong dari gaji lagi. cuma i buat agreement tu pada hujung bulan, 28/08/2007. nak tanya, bolehkah diaorang tahan i begitu sedangkan i dah inform diorang untuk batalkan sebelum pemotongan dibuat?

  186. #195 by Joe on September 6, 2007 - 5:12 pm

    Tulis surat secepat mungkin, photocopy, yg asal hantar 1 salinan pada cawangan Maybank yg proses dokumen tersebut (U/P service officer yg proses). Salinan pendua, minta cop “diterima” dari receptionist desk. Nyatakan hasrat pembatalan. Kalau tak ada apa apa penalti yg termaktub, rasanya Maybank tak boleh paksa (not wise for them). Mesti certificate ASB pun mrk belum beli. Tapi rasanya service officer lagi suka pinjaman itu diproses, sebab mungkin sekali ada comission. kalau batal dlm tempoh bulan pertama (after cert. issued), Maybank ambil masa 1-2 bulan utk jual balik kpd PNB….dan Maybank akan kira bunga atas pinjaman pokok semasa “processing time”. saya rasa kalau hal-hal dgn potong gaji ini, mesti pemprosesan ambil masa lagi lama sikit. mungkin boleh hubungi bahagian gaji majikan dan buat makluman bertulis kepada majikan, spy nanti bhg gaji pulangkan sahaja dokumen Maybank. hope that helps

  187. #196 by Saxman on September 6, 2007 - 10:21 pm

    I agree with Joe. Saya rasa, ada undang undang yang protect customer dendan cooling-off period. Makna nya dalam tempuh 7 hari (ke 10 hari.. tak pasti) kita boleh batalkan tanpa penalti (or maybe minimal) Tapi nyatakan hasrat dalam hitam putih dan official. Harap jangan kita di permainkan kerana sikap tamak sesetengah pihak… Good luck

  188. #197 by kkchow23 on September 6, 2007 - 11:10 pm


    I’m not sure whether there’s a cooling-off period as stated by Saxman and Joe, but if there exist then as a customer, we have the right to use the privilage. Try find out more about that. If the bank doesn’t want to help, probably you can try seek help from relevant authority like Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Be a smart consumer πŸ™‚

  189. #198 by Joe on September 7, 2007 - 12:56 am

    I dont think ASB loan w/Maybank or CIMB has got a cooling off period or somekind. Also, after signing a document, its pretty hard for other relevant authorities (eg BNM) to actually interfere, its like the customer was the one at fault. Other relevant authorities can only interfere when the Financial Institutions is breaking the law or doing things which are conspiciously against ethical practice.

    Best way, I believe, is that Normala should send a letter to Maybank with the intent to cancel the agreement, get their of receipt/acknowldegement of such letter, and inform the employer’s Bahagian Gaji with another letter that Normala has changed her mind. Attach a copy of the letter sent to Maybank for such cancellation. If the employer do not sanction the payment, most probably the agreement wont go through.

  190. #199 by Mohd Basir Ahmad on September 8, 2007 - 8:11 pm

    Dari contoh simpanan ASB RM 100,000 yang terdiri dari Deposit RM 5,000 manakala RM 95,000 pinjaman bank mengikut kadar BLR 0.5% (iaitu 6.9% setahun)
    ==> Bayaran bulanan RM 731 untuk tempoh 20 tahun.

    Seperti yang diiklan, dividen akan diberi terus kpd anda.
    Dividen 7% setahun, anda akan dapat RM 7,000 setiap tahun. Boleh dibelanjakan apa saja anda suka dan at the end of 20 years, anda akan terima RM100,000 yang boleh digunakan untuk beli rumah, pendidikan anak dan sebagainya.

    Cara A – Gunakan dividen untuk bayar semula pinjaman

    Hasil pengiraan saya menggunakan software Optimoney, jika dividen 7% setahun atau RM7,000 itu dibayar semula kpd bank untuk mengurangkan baki pinjaman anda, loan ASB anda dijangka selesai dalam masa 7 tahun 6 bulan dengan jumlah pembayaran penuh hampir RM 120,827 (termasuk deposit RM5,000 dan dividen RM7,000 yg dibayar semula setiap tahun) Ini bermakna, anda terpaksa membayar RM 120,000 untuk mendapatkan RM100,000 selepas 7 hingga 8 tahun.

    Untung atau rugi?

    Jika anda labur RM 731 ke dalam ASB setiap bulan selama 8 tahun pun, simpanan anda akan menjadi RM 94,260. Campur deposit RM 5,000 yang disimpan utk 8 tahun juga, future value adalah RM 8,590. Total nilai pelaburan anda = RM102,850. Dah lebih RM100,000 dah.

    Cara B – Belanjakan Dividen setiap tahun & maintain membayar bulanan kpd loan

    Bagi loan RM 95,000 untuk 20 tahun pada kadar 6.9% setahun, jumlah pembayaran penuh selepas 20 tahun adalah RM 175,359 (kos) Dengan dividen RM 7,000 untuk 20 tahun = RM 140,000 dan duit ASB selepas 20 tahun = RM 100,000 ( ) Duit Yang Diterima => RM 240,000

    Secara kasar, nampak macam anda untung sebab anda perolehi RM 240,000 Dalam masa 20 tahun sedangkan kos pinjaman anda berjumlah RM 175,359 shj.

    Untung pada mata kasar ==> RM 64,641

    Tetapi, bila mengambil kira kesediaan dan keupayaan anda maintain Bayaran bulanan RM 731 selama 20 tahun, anda sebenarnya rugi besar. Ini kerana dengan simpanan RM 731 ke dalam ASB untuk tempoh 20 tahun, Nilai pelaburan anda akan menjadi RM 383,018 ! Ini bermakna,
    oleh kerana anda ambil ASB loan dari bank, anda kehilangan ‘potential gain’.

    Total Value jika anda simpan sendiri = RM 383,018
    Total gain kalau anda ambil loan = – RM 240,000

    Kehilangan Keuntungan RM 143,018

    Siapa yang untung sebenarnya? ==> Bank !

    Dengan modal pinjaman RM 95,000, bank terima RM 175,359 dari anda sepanjang 20 tahun itu. Ini bermakna mereka untung lebih RM 80,000 dari keuntungan ASB yang anda boleh dapat jika anda simpan guna duit sendiri. Masalahnya, bank tidak boleh melabur dalam ASB kerana
    ASB adalah untuk individu bumiputra. Dengan ASB loan, mereka dapat buat untung hasil dividen ASB yang mereka ambil dari pelaburan anda.

    Siapa Yang Rugi ==> Anda sebenarnya!!!.

    Oleh itu, lebih baik anda simpan/invest menggunakan duit sendiri.

    Moralnya, jangan melabur dengan duit hutang. Diharap tulisan ini dapat menjawab dilemma anda selama ini.

    Terima kasih.

  191. #200 by Amy on September 18, 2007 - 2:01 am

    I hope it works for you. I’d be afraid to do it.

  192. #201 by shell on October 9, 2007 - 11:20 am

    Just read your site and i’m very impressed! love all the comments and Irwan, you just helped me made the final decision of not taking any loan for ASB investment. I guess you just have to discipline yourself and commiting to monthly contribution without ‘forcing’ the discipline from a bank loan!


  193. #202 by taufufa on October 22, 2007 - 9:02 am

    Irwan leh upload balik dak fail asb.xls tue broken link la… tq

  194. #203 by admin7x on October 24, 2007 - 8:16 pm

    salam… baru terjumpa site nie..betapa lewat daa..( sebab saya dh ter’ambil’ asb loan..for 20 years…rm 30k

    so, ader tak sesaper maybe saudara irwan leh tlg bantu bg opinion camner nak cancel balik atau camner? nak proceed ker dll… terasa mcm rugi giler biler baca post2 dlm site nie..but setelah diteliti semuanya benar2 belaka… anyone..plz..tq..

  195. #204 by bizzport on October 24, 2007 - 11:23 pm

    Terpanggil saya untuk kongsi pengalaman seorang teman yang dulunya jiran di penang. Lepas lebih sepuluh tahun hidupnya semakin mewah walhal dulunya hanya kerja di kaunter bank…. kerja pun naik bus.

    Pengalaman beliau menjadikan saya sedar betapa pentingnya merancang pelaburan…. sembang punya sembang sehingga kini saya masih belum mampu mempunyai kewangan yang kukuh tetapi teman saya ini punya lebih RM300K dalam ASB. Berapa banyak lah kenaikan gaji dia walaupun telah kerja lebih 10 tahun tambahan pula setelah berumahtangga dan beranak pinak….

    Rahsia beliau…… semasa loas ASB di perkenalkan dia trus membuat pinjaman 10k bayar la RM75 sebulan. Masuk tahun kedua dapat bonus dia reserve utuk bayar loan tahun pertama.

    Tahun kedua dia pinjam lagi 10K lagi …. dan ini diulang2 setiap tahun dan yang menakjubkan dia mengekalkan pinjaman balik RM75 sahaja setiap bulan daripada gaji beliau.

    Lebih mengejutkan baru2 ini beliau membeli sebuah kancil tanpa perlu pinjaman bank…. hanya dengan bonus ASB….

    Renungkan pengalaman teman kita ini….

    Disebabkan ini aku kini sedang menanam benih….. lebih baik lambat daripada tak tanam langsung. Kalau tak jadi pokok balak jadi pokok buah pun ok…..

    Selamat melabur…. pro dan kontra pinjaman adalah atas pilihan kita…

  196. #205 by bizzport on October 24, 2007 - 11:51 pm

    Melabur dengan ansuran pinjaman hanya RM75 sebulan selama 10 tahun

    Tahun pinjaman dividen(8%) ansuran setahun
    1 10,000 RM 75 x 12 bulan = RM765.00
    2 20,000 800.00 RM1530.00 – RM800.00 = RM730.00
    3 30,000 1600.00
    10 100,000 8000.00
    Pinjaman ditambah setiap tahun.
    Wang pelu sahaja dikeluarkan setiap bulan selepas setahun untuk membiayai pinjaman tahun pertama dan seterusnya.
    Jumlah wang tunai terkumpul selepas 10 tahun cukup menakjubkan berbanding jumlah pelaburan yang sama dibawah ini

    Melabur RM75 sebulan selama 10 tahun
    Tahun pelaburan akhir tahun dividen(8%)
    1 900 72.00
    2 1,800 144.00
    10 9,000 900.00

    Yang penting pelaburan perlu jangka panjang termasuk pinjaman
    kiraan di atas mungkin tidak tepat tetapi boleh dijadikan panduan.

  197. #206 by malikun on October 25, 2007 - 7:58 am

    saya dah pon mengambil loan ASB ni guna BCB( sekarang CIMB ) hampir 3 tahun sekarang…nak maintain guna bayar bulan-bulan mmg susah!!ingatkan nak maintain jer dividen yang dapat dalam ASB dan jangan usik dan bayar bulan-bulan…..hampeh jadinyer!!!susah nak menyimpan!!!ader jer barang nak beli!!! so sekarang aper saya buat just pejam jer mata…dividen tahunan dapat bayar terus kat bank…
    mungkin kena bayar sikit lah kat bank untuk setahun punyer….tunggu sampai 20 thaun…dapat 50k!!!
    so kepada mereka yang susah nak menyimpan nie…loan ASB bagi saya mmg bagus!!!

  198. #207 by Wak Karto on October 26, 2007 - 10:33 pm

    Kalau boleh bayar bulan-bulan bayar pinjaman ASB, kira boleh disiplin la tu!
    Jangan ambil pinjaman untuk simpan ASB. lagi pening bunyinya kalau ambil pinjaman dan juga top-up sendiri ASB bulan-bulan.
    Personal loan biasanya monthly rest. Saya pun ada buat pinjaman juga dan skg menyesal. Pinjaman vs sendiri akan memihak kepada pinjaman hanya pada tahun pertama. Januari dpn saya akan tutup pinjaman tu walaupun akan kena penalti 3 bulan interest.
    Saya ada buat perkiraan melalui excel bagaimana Pinjaman vs sendiri bergerak bulan demi bulan sehingga 20 tahun. Mudah2an saya boleh kongsikannya setelah saya tambah nota2 padanya.

  199. #208 by wak karto on October 27, 2007 - 10:22 am

    Lagi satu…
    Mana -mana kawan bukan bumi yg nak melabur dlm ASB, yakinkan dia melabur melalui kita. Charge la dia 1%. OK gak tu.
    Bila dapat dividen, 1% kita ambil, lebihnya dia punya.

    Masalahnya, belum ada kawan yang percaya aku da..
    Takut aku songlap duit tu.

  200. #209 by kkchow23 on October 27, 2007 - 12:08 pm

    It’s obviously difficult to put trust in something which is not secure. Unless there’s a certified governing body handling it like unit trust. This is just purely “word of mouth” since there’s no agreement. Moreover, non-bumis are not allowed to invest in ASB… This issue difficult to debate :p let us just put tis aside

  201. #210 by curious researcher on October 27, 2007 - 10:31 pm

    im doin a research on ASB loans…
    i really need the facts or prove why teenagers do not invest in ASB?
    please… reply asap.
    thnk u

  202. #211 by Wak Karto on October 30, 2007 - 4:15 pm

    To kkchow.
    The allocation is too big to be left unused. I know that there’s no governing body to handle such thing as this is purely based on trust and when it comes to money….emmmm hard to trust others. But if you really can trust someone with all your heart, why not.
    (I didn’t meant to break any law by mentioning this)

    To curious researcher.
    There’s no financial education being taught in school. Teens are taught ‘if your pa and ma can afford it, ask for it’. Ask any teacher, just because the kid was not qualified for ‘buku pinjaman’ he/she been categorized as ‘rich kid’ and will be the first ones the teacher approach for any extra-books or ‘extra-curricular spending’.

    No school is doing financial education (up till secondary).
    I’m a father of several school-going kids.

  203. #212 by curious researcher on October 30, 2007 - 7:12 pm

    sigh…it make sense..
    bt i need facts to it too..
    my penyataan masalah must include FACTS from newspapers..

  204. #213 by nakatsu on November 1, 2007 - 7:55 pm


    i have an asb loan with maybank for more than 2 yrs’s $70k for 20 yrs, $529 monthly. so far i have no trouble paying the instalments and thinking this is actually a good savings method so i took it up. i did not even take out the dividend money for last year.

    but having read all your posts above, i’m thinking whether this was a smart move at all.

    how much exactly am i profiting compared to if i were to save it straight into asb?

  205. #214 by Irdina01 on November 13, 2007 - 2:58 pm

    Hi Irwan,

    Please help to calculate how much is my saving if i follow the method below :-
    ASB loan : RM20k
    Loan Tenure : 20 yrs
    Start : 1.8.07

    Conventional : Saving plan for RM100 monthly.

    Please also advise for divend on 2007 if i have 10k in the normal saving how much dividend would i get the loan 20k

    Thanks a lot yeah!! truly appreciate

  206. #215 by Irwan on November 13, 2007 - 3:17 pm

    hi there,

    your question is not complete. so i use my best guess of you meant to ask.

    so u have 20k loan, and plus 100 monthly from urself, you’ll have

    $158,860.33 at the end of 2027.

    I can’t compare between loan and conventional because i don’t have your monthly payment for the loan.

  207. #216 by sufi on November 14, 2007 - 9:56 am

    hello irwan
    i’m new with this asb
    so i really dont understand a thing
    i plan to take a loan for rm500 monthly for 20years
    from the pamphlet i got from maybank,it stated that i’ll get only rm70,000 after 20 years
    it’s weird, rm500 x 12 months x 20 years = rm120,000
    why it’s only rm 70k?
    is there any website or any source that i can read from A-Z about how this asb actually works?
    i’m not that good in computer or technology, and worse in this investment thing, i really need some help here.thank you so much

  208. #217 by wanji on November 16, 2007 - 6:51 pm

    if it is without loan, i bet u wont bank in ur money dat is just that when ur attached 2 d loan, banking in d money is a MUST..

  209. #218 by wanji on November 16, 2007 - 6:56 pm

    hi’s like dat..but..u’ll not only get 70000..every year u’ll be getting d dividend rite?for exmple,for d 1st year,u’ll be getting abt 6, ..n d amount will increase from year to apart of dat,u’ll get more than wat u’s just a matter of time..not only 70000..get it?:)

  210. #219 by lyana on November 19, 2007 - 1:17 pm

    akum imran..

    lyana juz nk tanye yer, lyana rasa konpius sangat skrg ni.. tak tahu nk wat aper..

    lyana tak simpan aper2 pun wat setakat ni.. mmg sakit.. jadi, aper langkah yg patut lyana wat sekrg.. umur dah 25 .. bukan xnk menyimpan, tapi ader komitmen lain yg tak dpt nk wat simpanan..

    jd skrg ader poblem.. sder yg offer wat asb loan mayabnk.. elok ker utk lyana.. ader kat loan asb ni bebaloi atau tak.. atau pun wat simpanan sendiri kat asb jer.. jd, please help me..

    i dah blur ni..


    email me at :

  211. #220 by lyana on November 19, 2007 - 1:18 pm

    alamak salah eja.. soro abg irwan..

  212. #221 by Abgfesyen on November 19, 2007 - 4:05 pm

    Irwan your site is a charm!

    This is my experience.
    I have taken a 100k loan from Maybank last year for the ASB investment for 20 year and the interesr rate is 6.75%. I am paying MYR 770 monthly (A whopping MYR 550 goes to Maybank as the interest payment! and the remaining MYR 220 will top up my principal acount). It seems a lot isn’t it? But I have my own method of paying these loans. When I have extra money I don’t need, I will use it to top up the principal account. My goal is to finish the loan in 3 years time Insyallah.

    I’m switching to bahasa now. Bagi saya, bila kita nak ambik loan ASB ni kita kena ada target, disiplin dan ikut kemampuan. Ambik loan 10k and bayar 75 ringgit sebulan adalah lebih baik dari simpan 75 ringgit sebulan selama setahun kan? Memang kalau dikira dari segi 10 tahun kita akan bayar interest ke bank lagi banyak tetapi kenapa kita tak bayar extra 50 ringgit (MYR 75 MYR 50) setiap bulan untuk top up principal account tu. Bagi saya, walaupun saya mengambil loan selama 20 tahun tapi saya tak akan tunggu selama itu untuk melangsaikan loan. Lagipun 50 ringgit sekarang hanyalah top up prepaid anda kan. Kalau rasa was-was atau kurang yakin, mulakan dengan jumlah pinjaman yang kecil dahulu dan lepas tu baru decide nak buat macam mana. Paling penting jangan ikut kata-kata negatif orang (tapi kalau ada asasnya ok) and kalau tak faham, make sure orang bank tu explain betul2 sampai kita faham. Lagipun duit yang kita invest tu kan duit kita. Happy Investing.

  213. #222 by Umney on November 21, 2007 - 9:59 am

    Hi Irwan and all,

    I’m very interested on investing to ASB. FYI, I’m new about ASB and just started to learn about it.

    Recently, I went to Maybank and listened to their explanation about their ASB loan scheme. Since I’m new, I do not really sure whether their scheme is good or not or may be other banks offer better (can anyone suggest).
    Let me simplify the scheme and my planning to invest:
    I plan to join a 5-year loan for RM20K which monthly installment is RM384.
    It is stated that the KPA-105%(ist 2 years) and remaining years KPA-1.25%. The BLR =6.75%

    Pls help since I’m very confuse and uncertain….

    1) According to your research/survey (maybe), is their scheme is good?
    2) Base on my plan as above, should I take up the loan for RM384p.m. or should I do my own saving/invest with the same amount RM384p.m.? Which one will give better return?

    Kindly email to me at Thanks.


  214. #223 by saif ur rehman on November 22, 2007 - 10:31 am

    i hope i want to loan for our small shop , im pakistani manging dirctore of fancy gap shn bhd cop\
    can i get loan or nt
    pls\ email me

  215. #224 by bmwmie on November 22, 2007 - 8:43 pm

    hi all bumis…
    dicipline yourself and save the money directly into ASB, period!


  216. #225 by bmwmie on November 22, 2007 - 8:52 pm

    well, i think my opinion is unfair without explaination..

    1. whatever amount you take, bank always win….yeah2, i know that some say use dividen pay for a year, top-up with other pure saving etc..but on and all, you get less than what u paid. bank 1 – you 0

    Warren Buffet famous quote “Rule#1: Don’t lose your money, Rule#2: Don’t forget Rule#1”

    2. liquidity, do u have that? think about that….out of sudden, u need the money u have paid, surely cancel the loan but less that total paid out…again bank 1- you 0

    to be continue, my daughter is crying…

  217. #226 by Wak Karto on November 27, 2007 - 7:08 pm

    Forget it. Maybank is one of the highest. The insurance is a MUST on top of the loan. Actually they’re selling personal loan as well as insurance lump sum together.
    You will win in ASB loan if the interest rate is less than 1% p.a.

    Thank you. You sum up everything regarding ASB loan.

    To All.
    If you really badly need to try an ASB loan, take a loan of not more than a year with no insurance. Get the feel.


  218. #227 by Fazrina M. on December 3, 2007 - 4:22 pm

    Thanks to Irwan and his site that I’ve decided not to take up ASB loan. I don’t use that much from my salary. So I believe I can save up to RM1,000 per month.. [Just starting with my first job (fresh graduate)]. with the monthly saving, I’ll put it all directly into my asb account lah.. =) Aside from saving in asb,do you know of any other types of investment that I could invest in long term and also short term?

  219. #228 by bmwmie on December 3, 2007 - 5:37 pm

    Assalamualaikum w.b.t Fazrina,
    First of all, congratulations on your graduation and getting yor firt job. Be grateful as you’re lucky to get one (not sure if it’s match your qualification/temp). Nowadays, I can’t remember the statistics but there are plenty out there are not fortunate….or should I say some are “CHOOSY & LAZY”…your choice.

    Not knowing your income base, but personally i think RM1K saving per month is huge young lady, lucky you. So, start making your ASB fat & fatter. Don’t worry about the other types of investment, be a laser sharp on this investment vehicle and the moment it reach 100K, the world out there is your playground. The sooner, the better.

    “You’ve worked hard for your money, It’s time to let your money work hard for you”

    Just my 2Mil ringgit…..


  220. #229 by Fazrina M. on December 3, 2007 - 7:28 pm

    Assalamualaikum Mie,

    Thanks!! I must say, it’s true that many graduates are unemployed but alhamdullillah, this year’s statistics has shown an encouraging improvement. More young and fresh graduates are actually employed as compared to the previous years.

    Yeay, we can b choosy (hehe)if the salary or job is unreasonable. But if the salary if not up to your expectation, you’ll have to grab that opportunity and perform well in it,then you’ll get promoted and appreciated by the company. It’s all about the working attitude and effort you put into your work. =) Afterall, whats the hard of gaining more knowledge, experience and exposure? =) the more you know, the more you are in control of things. =O

    I hope to have a bright future ahead. That’s why I want to make all the right and smart moves from the now on. =) I’m glad I’ve found this site.

  221. #230 by RU5H on December 13, 2007 - 12:41 am


    Went to RHB the other day & this is the rate they were offering.

    BLR = 6.75%
    1st Year = 5.0%
    2nd Year onwards = BLR – 1.5%

    Would like to know whether is the rates good or bad? Please let me know why its good/bad as well.

  222. #231 by jaygee on December 13, 2007 - 4:20 pm

    Hi Irwan,

    Nice site…:).and you people are discussing a very interesting topic.

    Just a quick and simple question to anyone;

    can we cancel the loan after let say 2 or 3 yrs?.
    How much money can we get? C
    an we get back all the money that we have paid for that 2 or 3 yrs? What about the dividend?

    Thanks vm

  223. #232 by ryien on December 14, 2007 - 10:37 am

    hi mr irwan…

    i want to know more bout i give u exmple…if i got asset..let say tanah or make OD…it is seem like ASB OD??pls explain..i already read all yr.suggestion so impress..
    pls advice..i need to settle all my cc debt using OD yg i buat guna my asset??tq

  224. #233 by Irwan on December 14, 2007 - 11:15 am

    actually, ASB doesn’t play such importance in CC OD method. as long as you can get an OD account using your assets, it’s enough to evade CC charge.

    I think these rules are enough to make this method work:

    1. Whenever CC card due date is coming, withdraw money from your OD account no matter how much to pay the CC balance.

    2. Calculate how much your monthly bill/groceries/anything that can be paid using CC. Deposit that amount into OD account as early as possible whenever your receive your paycheck

    3. Use CC whenever possible.

  225. #234 by Irwan on December 14, 2007 - 11:19 am


    usually to cancel a loan, you just have to pay remaining principle left plus possibly some penalty fee.

  226. #235 by SimPle Rye on December 14, 2007 - 11:38 am

    hye…i just drop by here…the topic is very interesting,i shud salute u irwan for this effort!!! and my problem same like lyana..i know nothing about asb and yet i dont have any financial plan. after read post2 nih smua i realized tht its important for us to plan for our 22 yo, student and i dun knw how to start.maybe u cud give some advise about this if u dun mind:D my


  227. #236 by roslik on December 18, 2007 - 2:13 pm

    Aku dok pk nak angkat both, ASB loan of RM 200k for 20 years and beli CRV baru.


    1. ASB RM 200K for 20 yrs = RM 1500/month
    New CRV RM 1500/month for 9 yrs.

    2. Aku bayar 10% untuk CRV RM 15k
    Aku bayar 12 (advanced payment) month installment untuk crv RM1.5 x 12
    = RM 18k
    Total RM 33k

    3. Monthly, aku service ASB loan jer of RM1500/month.

    4. Dapat dividen nanti, let say 7% = RM 14K

    5. Guna dividen of RM 14k bayar CRV untuk 2nd yr, tp kena top up sikit lg.

    6. Continue service ASB loan cam biasa.

    7. By the end of 9 yrs, CRV abis bayar and aku ade lebih kurang RM94k in ASB, kalau aku discontinue the loan.

    Logik ker?

  228. #237 by Random Stranger on December 22, 2007 - 10:39 am

    I wonder if people understand the difference between reducing balance interest and fixed interest…. The difference between a car loan interest calculation and a house loan interest calculation… Anyone want to explain that?

    People can say whatever they want about “will power” and who deserves what, but for the poor folk who has a weak will, the ASB loan provides a way of forced savings. Would you call people taking investment link insurance/takaful to be weak willed?

    While it might be nice to thumb your noses at people for being ‘weak willed’ and underserving of ‘wealth’, remember you are human to and humans changes constantly. Wait until you have your first morgage, first car payment, first wedding expense, first child etc.

    Other then that, good luck to everyone.

  229. #238 by wan on December 24, 2007 - 10:46 pm

    taking asb loan not the only way of ‘forced savings’. u always can opt for SI (standing instructions).

  230. #239 by Wak Karto on December 27, 2007 - 12:16 pm

    The banks that handle ASB loans at the moment are Maybank, RHB and CIMB. These banks are also PNB agents. Let me know if more banks are doing it.

    I have no experience with CIMB. I need help on their product.
    However their processing fee is quite high (RM152 against RM30 by RHB – Quotes based on website).

    RHB and Maybank will issue a penalty of 3 months interest payment if you opt for early settlement.
    (Lagi cepat settle, lagi tinggi penaltinya)

    Maybank enforce a much-like MRTA insurance and included in the loan. RHB is not compulsory and if you want it, cannot be included in the loan. RM100k loan for 20yrs will roughly need to pay RM750 a month. For Maybank RM800, RM50 is for the insurance.
    How much will you get after early settlement? You can do a simple excel calc, too lengthy to describe.

    To Jaygee, I hope I answer yr Q.

    Most banks give promotion for 1st year. Try ask the banks to do loan for 1 year only, say RM10K. Get the feel.

    To Random Stranger about the “will power” (discipline?).
    There’s salary deduction scheme available where your saving into ASB will be done automatically. Check with employer.
    There will be no interest, no penalty for ‘stop half-way’ or late payment. This is the best discipline as mentioned also by Wan.

    Utk Roslik, logik gak.

    Utk, RU5H. OK juga tu. Nanti saya tanya RHB boleh tak buat utk setahun jer.

    wak karto

  231. #240 by Liza Hashim on December 28, 2007 - 2:21 pm

    Dear Irwan..


    Could u pls help me to solve my doubt whether I have made a good plan and decision by making a Maybank loan for 10k with 5 year payback duration. Every month I need to pay about RM195 but I round up to Rm200 as I prefer to pay by cash deposit service.

    I also decided to pay the outstanding balance after 4 years of loan period (currently just pay for one and half years)but dunno whether this step can also give me profit by making lessen interest for this loan, I guess πŸ™‚

    At the same time, I also saving to my ASB account about RM500 every month. Does this help me to increase my money for short term? let say for 1 years.

  232. #241 by Imaginasi on January 3, 2008 - 8:42 am


    I don’t really understand your calculation for conventional method.
    Your monthly investment is $587, but your 1st month showed $1184 (why?). The 2nd month, the total investment is $1781 (that additional of $597, but your monthly investment is $587. Where is the additional $10 come from?

    Besides the number analysis, it is better to list down the advantages and disadvantages of making a loan to invest for those who don’t really know about financial management.

    Personnaly, I don’t like or recommend my family & friends to make loan to invest due to the following reasons:

    1. Invest only if you have extra money. If you don’t have extra money for the particular month, I don’t invest.

    2. Loan will add into your credit facility. That means if you loan RM50K for ASB, then you have a credit facility of RM50K already. If you plan to make another loan for your car, housing loan, etc, bankers will take into account that you already have commitment for RM50K credit. That make your loan approval in the future a bit difficult.

    3. If something BAD happen to you (if only, god willing you all have a good healthy wealthy life), this so called investment could turn as your debt.

    4. If you cannot dicipline yourself to save some amount of your income, then don’t invest. You are not ready to be an investor. Dicipline yourself. To dicipline yourself by asking the bank to force you to pay for monthly investment is a hard way to develop your self-dicipline.

    Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.

  233. #242 by wan on January 4, 2008 - 10:06 pm

    imaginasi bro,
    you might be confused as that was the earlier version of ASB calculator by Irwan. You may try use ASB Calculator V3.3 which, i think is easier to digest πŸ˜€

  234. #243 by nazira on January 6, 2008 - 6:00 pm

    saya nak tanya mana lbih baik kita pilih.1)kita wat loan asnb rm10ribu slama 10thun dan kita hbiskan pembyarannya hanya setahun atau 2.kita simpan duit stiap bulan almost rm850.

  235. #244 by Nazreen on February 1, 2008 - 4:16 pm

    hai irwan..web ni jadi sumber saya utk buat keputusan samada teruskan ASB loan.ASB calculator pun bagus sebab mmg tak pernah tau mcm mana nak kira dividen.Thanks ye.

  236. #245 by Antabax on February 4, 2008 - 1:48 pm

    Ade org leh tolong kira tak. Katakan ambek loan 50k, around rm350 per month for 20 years la kot ? And kalau invest duit sendiri, rm350 setiap bulan. Mana lagi untung for let say, 5 years ? Thanx.

  237. #246 by Akmar on February 10, 2008 - 10:06 pm

    Hi All,

    Interesting subjects. ASb loan.

    I took ASb loan with maybank as well.

    I started with 20K loan last 2 years, for 10 years, at 233 per month.

    Took another 50K loan last year, for 15 years, at 423 per month.

    it keeps me discipline in my future savings…

    The dividend from ASB, I bought some unit trusts funds with CIMB Wealth Advisors – Dana Al Ihsan (invest in Sime Darby, petronas, IOI, Telekom etc) and Islamic Global Equity Fund (invest in Exxonmobil, Microsoft, Vodafone, Cisco, etc) for my medium to long term investment.

    It’s good to diversify our own investment. Don’t u all think?

  238. #247 by Akmar on February 10, 2008 - 10:33 pm

  239. #248 by darkranger on February 11, 2008 - 4:15 pm

    From a Bank Point of View…
    If the bank give out car loan… interest 4% per year.
    The risk is quite high. People might not pay in time, Some peope might just “cabut lari” with the car. The car might got stolen or had a very bad accident causing a total lost of value.

    But if the bank give out ASB Loan… interest can charge high (6%-7%) a year.
    Absolutely zero risk involved. If people dont pay, the bank will just sell-off your ASB cert.

    Conclusion: Bank untung besar, tak payah tanggung risiko. The people suffer because PNB susah payah buat investment, give out good dividen to the people… but the banks “makan most of the untung”!.
    (PNB give you KFC chicken, the bank will eat the meat, tinggalkan tulang jer for the people).


  240. #249 by Fazrina on February 12, 2008 - 10:04 am

    It’s true. Better save directly to your ASB than take a loan. Say you take a loan of RM100k for 20 years of RM716 per month. Sounds and feel nice to see that you’re gonna get RM100k in future right? Macam security lah. But then if you do conventional savings for just RM700 ufor 20 years. You actually get to save more. Thats like RM168k! Kire you rugi RM68k lah if you take up loan. Itu tak campur lagi dgn dividend tu.. So think about it guys. Discipline makes perfect. A mere RM300 per month for 20 years you save 72k without the dividend already. It’s true what they say that, the banks are the ones actually making the profit and encouraging ppl to take up the loan coz should ppl stop repayment and give up the certificate, they’ll profit from the dividend. Only bumiputra individuals eligible to invest in ASB.

  241. #250 by skeper on February 12, 2008 - 11:00 am

    cant help myslef to share info:
    what i just discovered – personal loan is more expensive than credit card. ASB loan tu personal loan kan? rate dlm 8-10% but EFFECTIVE RATE could be more than that, maybe 20 %.

    one CFP cakap it’s ok to ambik loan and invest but make sure margin return on investment tu lagi tinggi dari loan.

    so kalu nak ambik loan, instead of invest in ASB, u invest in UT

  242. #251 by Fazrina on February 12, 2008 - 1:09 pm

    I was told by the Maybank Officer that ASB Loan is more to like a investment scheme (only recognize as this by Maybank, RHB, CIMB – banks that do provide ASB Loan Scheme). Whereas other banks, they won’t see it as a investment scheme, they see it as a loan/debt owed by borrower. So klu nak ambik loan aper2 (car, house etc) later on with other banks besides CIMB, MAYBANK, and RHB, agak payah lah nanti. Moreover the fact if you ambik ASB loan yg sgt tinggi. Correct me if I’m wrong. I was just informed of this yesterday.

    I tak arif sgt pasal the interest rate of personal loan and cc. but, based on my limited knowledge on this matte, Personal loan can and may not be more expensive than credit card. (tengok bank yg offer the loan jugak lah, ader yg offer interest rate rendah, lagi2 if you government servant). Klu your outstanding balance in your credit card terlampau byk and uncontrolled.. Baik ambik loan.. hehehe..

    I pon baru nak start investing ni.. ASB and UT.. jom invest2

  243. #252 by Fazrina M. on February 13, 2008 - 12:33 am

    With the continiuos saving os RM600 or whichever amount you like monthly. The accumulated dividend later on will be able to cover up the subsequently monthly repayment of RM132.50/ yearly RM1590.00. So then.. Macam tak payah bayar dah for the loan. Anggap that the dividend dah cover everything. Macam free dah duit tu..

    But still do disiplice ourselves to save every month lah. And use our cash or extras to do other investments. Diversify lah. =)

    You opinions are much a[[recoated.

  244. #253 by Fazrina M. on February 13, 2008 - 12:43 am

    appreciated** ehehhe..sorry typos error.. nak edit pon tak boleh..

  245. #254 by Fazrina on February 13, 2008 - 12:01 pm

    Why was my non offensive/non discriminating post was deleted?

  246. #255 by Fazrina on February 13, 2008 - 12:05 pm

    The following came before I posted my comment on 13th Feb 2008 at 12.33 am:

    Looking at ASB loan in a different way.

    Here’s a thing that I just came up with. Tell me what you think?

    ASB Loan of RM100,000.00 for 20 years under Maybank’s promotion is RM716 per month. That is inclusive of the insurance.

    RM716 x 240 months (20 years) is equivalent to RM 171,840.00

    True that the bank profits from us a total of RM71,840.00.

    Setting aside the profits that the bank’s actually make out of this ASB Loan Scheme, lets focus on the real issue here, that is our gains and advantage of taking up the loan.

    With a conventional saving of RM700 per month for 20 years, we are able to save RM168,000 (without dividend).

    But here, a mere sacrifice of ONE YEAR for paying RM716 for repaying the loan. We will get a dividend of 7% which is RM7,000 dividend payment. Use this dividend to repay the loan in subsequent years till 20 years. But you’ll have to add on a bit more becoz the RM7,000 is not enough. See below:

    RM716 x 12 months = RM8592

    How much extra cash do we have to pay out every year or month to cover the yearly/monthly month repayment?

    RM8592 – RM7000 = RM1590

    Yearly = RM1590


    Monthly = RM132.50 (after dividing RM1590 into 12 months)

    What are we actually paying for the RM100,000 in 20 years to come?

    A sacrifice of 1 year RM 716 monthly payment = RM8592


    Monthly add up of RM132.50 for the remaining 19 years / Yearly add up of RM1590 for the remaining 19 years = RM30,210.

    Therefore with the total amount of first year RM716 repayment and RM132.50 permonth/ RM1590 yearly in the subsequent years (19 years)is equivalent to RM38,802.00

    For RM 38,802.00 you will get RM100,000.00 in 20 years to come. That is RM61,198.00 profit that we’ll be getting.

    Not that bad right? We still gain from it regardless what the bank is making. After the sacrifice of 1st year repayment (RM716) we could still continue saving in ASB as usual. Say RM600 per month for the next 20 years, we will still be getting our RM144,000.00 (without dividend) at the end of the day. If we continue saving after the 1st year repayment, directly to ASB account, it will be able to cover for the RM132.50/RM1590.00 pula.

    All in all it’s all about dicipline.

  247. #256 by Akmar on February 15, 2008 - 9:38 pm

    your interest rate when u take up ASB loan is based on reducing balance method. the more u pay the lesser amount of interst u will be charged.

    use irwan asb calculator to calculate and compare if you take up lump sum at the beginning of the loan term if u take up the ASB loan VS monthly asb savings with the same amount u pay to the bank every month. it would actually turn up to be about the same. it’s just to discipline urself with your future retirement plan.

    I have the tendency of withdrawing my savings if i save monthly myself. But if i take asb loan, i will not be able to take out the money because it will be given to me at the end of the loan term period in the form of certificate πŸ™‚ temptation… hehehe.

  248. #257 by Fazrina on February 19, 2008 - 5:16 pm

    I think the ASB loan plan is ok.. what worries me is the BLR for years to come say if the loan tenure is for 20 years. The current BLR is 6.75

  249. #258 by Meo on February 21, 2008 - 1:03 pm

    Hey guys,

    I just got an offer letter from Maybank for my ASB loan application of RM205,422 including insurance premium of Rm5,422.00. The monthly repayment amount is RM3,948/month for 5yrs. Meaning; after I complete the repayment in 5 years time, I would have paid a total of RM236,880.00 (total bank interest = RM36,880 – insurance prem Rm5,422 = 31,458 nett).

    My point is, if I calculate ASB average dividen rate per annum is going to be minimum 7%, I would gain a gross dividen income of RM70,000 after 5yrs. Minus what interest amount I have paid to Maybank at RM31,458.00nett. My total nett gain will be = RM38,542.00 including insurance premium. And that’s not including ASB Bonus!? Or if ASB declare dividen rate more than the average 7%??

    Please comment if my understanding and method of calculation of making profit and applying force saving is correct? I know the repayment amount is a killer, but I would love to attempt my goal in saving RM200,000 interest in the next 5 years!!!

    Thank you.

  250. #259 by Fazrina on February 21, 2008 - 1:08 pm

    you applied for RM200k ASB Loan? Wow!! If you could afrod it why not… Everyone has their pro and cons view regarding this loan scheme.. We could actually profit from it if we play it right. My offer letter from CIMB bank will be coming tomorrow for RM100k.

  251. #260 by Meo on February 21, 2008 - 1:39 pm

    Yes I applied and got it. But frankly speaking, I am still considering and pondering on whether it is worth accepting it because I am concern about the next 5 years if ASB could actually maintain the dividen rate of minimum 7% + bonus or not. So I come to you all wise investors here who may be able to shade some light to me of how I could get hold of ASB’s Dividen+Bonus Track Record on their dividens and bonuses for the last 5 years (2001 – 2006). Maybe Irwan or anyone else can help me please?

    Fazrina….congrats on your 100K loan offer tomorrow. How many percent CIMB’s interest rate per year? Maybank asking for 1.5% first 2 years and the remaining 3 years at 1% for kadar pinjaman asas. But they also said, pada masa kini Kadar Pinjaman Asas Bank ialah 6.75%….ummm what does this means? Does it mean, I have to pay 6.75% total interest rate or do I also have to add the 1.5% (for 2 years) + 6.75% which is = 8.25%?? What is ‘kadar pinjaman asas?’ Is that BLR? Sorry I am not well verse in bank’s terms and translation.

    Thank you.

  252. #261 by Fazrina on February 21, 2008 - 1:47 pm

    Am not yet a REALLy wise investors…I’ve just started… I have a… was just about to post about the track records of ASB performance since 1991. I will post it tonight, so come check it out tonight then..

    CIMB offered me 5.30% for the first three years and -1.3 BLR for the remaining 17 years (I applied for 20 years tenure). Yes this yeear BLR is 6.75..

    Take for example the remaining 17 years is -1.30 BLR. say if the BLR on my 4th year is still the same.. means the interest rates that they’ll be charging me is 5.45%. but if the BLR shots up to 8% then -1.3%, i’ll be charged at 6.70% of that year. come to my blog chat column to chat directly.

  253. #262 by Meo on February 21, 2008 - 2:57 pm

    Just to inform that I have found the Dividen Bonus Tract Record of ASB for the last 15 years from Millionair Mommy website. Thank you Fara…. Great investment sources you got there.

  254. #263 by dodol on February 23, 2008 - 8:37 pm

    mane bank yg offer asb loan bagus?cimb ke rhb ke maybank?tolong2….

  255. #264 by Fazrina M. on February 23, 2008 - 11:44 pm

    As for the offer now.. I think CIMB offers the best promo… Go check it out…

  256. #265 by zigg on February 25, 2008 - 2:25 am

    Hi all,
    Very interesting blog. Anyhow I just want to correct some miss-conception. If I’m not mistaken, ASB is based on pro-rated calculation per year means it is calculated monthly.

    Now if somebody puts in RM100,000 into his/her ASB account on January 2008, let’s say this year PNB declared 8% dividend they will get RM 8000.00 in their opening earned-balanced next year (actual figure would be RM7k after fees deduction). This is definite as income generated is based on, at the time the amount is stocked into your account.

    Conventionally, even if one save his/her money monthly into ASB account say, 8333.3333333333333333333333333333 (you won’t get your first RM 100,000 in January 2008, heck not even till December).

    To reach RM 100,000 he/she would not receive the same amount of ROI (Return of Investment) the same as having the money in bulk which is why ASB loan is still lucrative to me as you are earning positive income. Be it 1% / 1.5% per year after deducting it from Bank’s loan interest (mind you, I’m using ASB loan as a based for re-investment to buy properties on downpayments etc.). Having said, bumiputra lacks the power of cash in-hands in a short period time, I use this method.

    Sincerely, I have tried both method, the loan method proves to me more sense than savings monthly as ASB return are made pro-rated (monthly) not yearly. Tak caya try buat 1(satu) taun simpan bulan-bulan untuk get, say 10,000 by year end and the other bukak ASB loan amount at RM 10,000 lump sum. By January next year see which one match the calculation say 8% dividend payout. Imagine if this year for some reason you missed out 1 or 2 months to deposit into your ASB account.

    Orang kata jgn tamak, yes with loan you pay the bank more with interest but do you have a large amount of money as above to start with if it’s not without loan.

    The only glitch that I can see if the BLR goes up and eat up my positive income from ASB dividend. But hey, isn’t investing is about risks and returns.

    My next project will be on Unit Trusts and the other is getting a short term ASB loan for short term investment (Obviously, this could save you a lot on interest paid BUT then again, if you are willing to pay high monthly). For now I am comfortable with my ASB long term investment. For me I don’t care much about the interest I have to pay to the bank as long as it generates positive income for me. At the end of the day, after serving your loan tenure for how many years there maybe, you still receive the capital amount i.e. RM 100,000. For me, this method works (means of getting cash in hand fast) and of course I won’t discipline myself to save money into ASB account monthly.

    P/S, I do not include bonus payout declared each year as it is based on if you have an ASB account for more than 10 years or so. So to those who has opened for more than 10 years in ASB, check out the bonus, is it worth or not? I say it is still worth even if it generates small income.

  257. #266 by zigg on February 25, 2008 - 2:47 am

    Just check out Irwan’s link on ASB OD (Over draft facility) under RHB ASB loan – . Pls download the document “Pengurusan_Kewangan.doc”. Thanks bro.

    This could be used to nail down my CIMB Flexi OD faciltiy which is currently at 12.6% per year. That just gave me an idea of having flexibility in my cash management and yeah, ever since I have this OD I don’t have to fork out more or pay more for my Credit Card – 18% per annum (offically in July 2008 will be 15% per annum as instructed by Bank Negara). No more credit card for me since I have this OD facility.

  258. #267 by roslik on February 25, 2008 - 1:36 pm

    I’m thinking…

    1. I have Rm 20K and I’ll invest in ASB for OD of 95% from RHB.

    RM 20 K x .95 = RM 19 K

    2. I’ll apply for ASB loan of RM 180 K. Monthly installent of RM 1.5K for 15, I’ll use my OD to pay for the installment

    RM 1.5 K x 12 = RM 18 K

    3. After a yr, I’ll get dividend of 8% from ASB

    RM 200 K (RM 20K + RM 180 K) x .08 = RM 16K

    4. I’ll use the dividentd to settle my OD.

    5. After 15 yrs, I will have RM 200 k (-RM 18k of my own money) and few K balance in my OD which i could easily settle using the RM 200 K.

    6. Mana nak carik RM 20 K?….go to step no 1..he he..


  259. #268 by idzuan on March 4, 2008 - 5:05 pm

    that’s quite an idea mr. roslik has..
    is it practical?
    what do you think, irwan?

  260. #269 by DaMia on March 6, 2008 - 3:57 pm

    Gile lame forum nie! almost 1 year

    ramai yg explain n bg opinion in English..

    Nak kate xpaham..paham la jg..

    nak kate paham ader gak yg xpaham..

    ape kate someone explain in Malay.

    mane yg lebih baik/bagus?

    buat asb loan atau simpn duit sendiri dlm asb every month?

    mane yg lebih menguntung kan?

  261. #270 by dell on March 7, 2008 - 9:02 pm

    benda ni sbenarnya sama ada korang boleh disiplin ngan x jerk..kalu rase2 x bleh disiplin, buatla loan. mACAM POTONGAN gaji yang dibuat tiap2 bulan, pon kadanng2 x bleh jalan gak..macam aku, cukup bulan ade jer mamat yang samer tanyer aku duit potongan gaji asb dah masuk ker blom..bler aku check rope2nyer 10 hengget jer buat potongan tiap bulan, 2pon xleh nak disiplin!! bagi aku kalu saper2 yg xleh disiplin, bler duit dalam buku dah lebih seribu buatla sijil, so at least korg x nampak duit dalam buku tu. ni cadangan jerk.. lagi satu kalu korang pikir2.. agak2 dalam 10 @ 20 tahun akan dtg duit korg bleh x sampai 100k kalu simpan tiap2 bulan dengan perangai gitu..tepuk dada tanya kocekla beb

  262. #271 by NZN on March 10, 2008 - 12:11 am

    I have been reading this blog for quite sometime. Informative and good for discussion. Well, this is just my point of view in term of ASB loan for investment purposes.

    1. Although on paper actually it is very tempting, you can get 10k to 200k loan by paying monthly installment to the bank while enjoying the high ASB dividend and bonus (if any).

    Well, my works involved looking at a lot of numbers, question whether ASB loan for investment purpose beneficial to us? Answer is depends on the following factors:-

    1. INTEREST RATE RISK. Interest rate charged, I.E BLR 6.75%. For examble, CIMB offering 5.3%pa for the first 3 years and the balance 7/12/17 years depend on BLR -1.30%. For risk management purpose, the first 3 years interest charged, there won’t be any suprises, but the balance of the loan is subject to interest fluctuation.

    2. LIQUIDITY RISK. The x factor that rarely considered. Remember, by taking loan you’re commtting yourself to long term commitment. Using example above, first 3 years if you do cancel the loan it will be suject to 3.5% penalty. For example, if you’re using investment method of saving, i.e 500 per month = 1 year 6,000 dividend maybe around 192 (dividend of 7%)? Loan method roughly around RM70,000 for 20 years with ~RM500 installment payment will net you 4,900 (dividend of 7%). Look like you making gain, right? Not really. You free cash flow for investment is 6,000 192=6,192. Loan 4,900 (principal of 50000 is lock until end of term loan). In an emergency you be better off with investment method rather than loan method. UNLESS you really do not need the money, loan method will eventually gave you positive free cash flow compared to investment method at the end of the loan term. Although, the free cash flow for loan would exceed investment method only if dividend rate is at least 9% and above and BLR is constant (i doubt that). Why free cash flow important? In the event cash is needed, all your hardwork is there to save you.

    3. JOB SECURITY. Simple, if you do not have permanent position job, don’t risk it. Save you money and do not indulge yourself to take loan. Those who have job security, although ASB loan can be afforded, do take consideration that whatever loan taken would add up in bank assessment for future loan. Example, if you have not bought a house and committed to housing loan, do be careful when opting for ASB loan as loan installment for house car ASB loan would be considered in the calculation of the 1/3 or 40% rule for installment capacity repayment by the bank.

    But wait a minute, i never said ASB loan is not good. It all depends. If you able to commit yourself to pay ASB loan for the full tenure (i find that long term loan, 20 years would be beneficial to stretch your money) you actually will end up with more money than conventional investment monthly method. But you will exposed yourself to interest rate risk, liquidity risk and also job security. No job, no money, no loan capacity repayment unless swipe from your earlier dividend from the ASB loan.

    Would i take ASB Loan? Well, it depends on how much money i want to subject to higher risk in order to gain more in the future. You will gain if no withdrawal of the dividend is done (compounding effect) and if dividend rate > ASB loan rate. Margin spread must be at least 4-5% in order to enjoy positive cash flow during the loan tenure. If dividend remain at 7-7.5% over the next 20 years and BLR remain constant at 6.75% over the 20 years, you will make positive cash flow gain at the end of the loan tenure. During the loan tenure, your cash flow is adverse compare to the investment method.

  263. #272 by moscowlove on March 20, 2008 - 3:20 pm

    im malaysian student studying in moscow.would like to ask u if i want the money example 100,000 in 5years,how much do i need to pay monthly for asb loan?since i will b getting monthly alowance,i need to know how much do i need to pay every month.please help me with the details

  264. #273 by adymfi on April 3, 2008 - 10:16 am

    Salam sejahtera!
    Pada pandangan peribadi saya lah, pinjaman(loan) memang amat berbaloi dan menguntungkan. Sebab apa saya katakan demikian? Ok, katakan kita mengambil pinjaman sebanyak 200K. Untuk tahun pertama sahaja, saya ulang sekali lagi, untuk tahun pertama sahaja kita mengeluarkan modal untuk membayar pinjaman tersebut.

    Ramai yang cakap oh.. bank jadi lintah darat ambil untung mudah daripada kita yang buat loan ni. Dah tu, kita ada duit 200k tunai ke dalam tangan sekarang untuk letak dalam ASB? Orang nak berniaga pun kena ada modal. Bank pun nak berniaga jugak. Dia bagi kita modal, mestilah dia nak kembali modal + untung. Kita pon kalau berniaga kita nak untung. Logik ke kita beli milo setin kat pemborong harga contoh 7 ringgit, kita jual kat pengguna lain dengan harga 7 ringgit jugak? Di mana rasionalnya? Jadi kita sebagai golongan yang tak berduit ni kenalah pinjam duit kat bank untuk melabur.

    Ok, berbalik semula pada perbincangan tadi. Kakanlah saya ambil loan sebanyak 200K dengan bank dan pihak bank mengenakan bayaran bulanan pinjaman ASB saya 1500K sebulan, termasuk insuran. Dan saya hanya membayar sejumlah 18K setahun sahaja. Sekiranya PNB mengumumkan dividen tahun tersebut sebanyak 10%, dalam akaun saya akan dikreditkan 20K. Saya hanya mengambil 18K daripada amount tersebut untuk membayar bayaran pinjaman tersebut. Begitulah seterusnya sehingga pinjaman habis. (Disyorkan ambil pinjaman 20 tahun untuk kurangkan bayaran. Jadi.. siapa yang tolong bayarkan pinjaman saya? PNB lah bukan saya yang bayar. Saya cuma modalkan 18K sahaja. Bila ada yang kata kalau saya simpan bulan-bulan sebanyak 1500 dah kaya dah k. Saya kata pulak, siapa kata saya tak boleh simpan 1500 bulan-bulan. Saya masih boleh simpan 1500 sebulan tapi saya juga bayar 18k setahun(untuk modal 200K).Buktinya.. saya simpan 1500 kat asb, + saya bayarkan lagi 18K sebulan untuk loan(Modal 200k saya tak usik sebab dak cover dengan duit dividen yang dibayar pada bank).Cuba kira sendiri berapa banyak saya boleh simpan. (1,077,124.88 selepas 20 tahun, tapi kalau kitasimpan 1500 sebulanlah… banyak tu beb)

    Sekiranya dividen tahun tersebut 9%, saya akan dapat 18K atau jika kurang daripada itu saya hanya perlu tambah sedikit sahaja.(So far dividen ASB tak pernah kurang daripada 7 persen). Jadi, saya tak nampak di mana ruginya saya ambil loan ASB tersebut. Saya bukan bayar guna simpanan duit saya. Saya bayar guna duit dividen daripada PNB. Duit tu pun bukan saya nak guna sekarang, saya nak guna bila dah bersara nanti. Katalah selepas 20 tahun nanti saya dah ada 200k dari simpanan ASB dan 200k daripada simpanan KWSP. Saya akan keluarkan 200k daripada KWSP dan saya akan simpan dalam ASB. Wow.. bayangkan saya ada 400K dalam asb untuk sara saya sepanjang hayat bila dah bersara kelak. Saya tak perlukan duit anak-anak saya.(kalau saya meninggal pon ada insuran yang akan bayarkan 200k tu, jadi anak dan isteri dapat lah jugak daripada tak dapat apa-apa langsung)

    Terus terang saya katakan yang saya memang tak ada disiplin untuk pergi ke bank tiap-tiap bulan untuk simpan duit. Saya juga tak ada disiplin untuk tak ambil duit tunai dalam akaun bila dah banyak.(Kucing kalau nampak ikan depan mata, kalau tak makan pon dia akan cium). Oleh itu saya rela ambil loan sebab saya tau saya tak boleh ambil duit tu.
    Dan adalah terlebih elok saya ambil loan daripada saya tak buat apa-apa. Kalau tak mampu nak bayar terminate je. Esok lusa kalau dah ada duit buatlah loan semula. Kalau takat cakap bergegar-degar macam tin kosong pon tak guna jugak.

    p/s: Perjalanan beribu-ribu kilometer bermula dengan langkah pertama.

  265. #274 by adymfi on April 3, 2008 - 12:30 pm

    Salam sejahtera!
    Ada orang yang kata pelaburan dalam ASB tak Islamik. Betul ke? Ada yang suruh saya labur dalam Public Mutual yang Islamic macam Public Ittical. Betul ke Public Mutual tu betul-betul Islamic. Kalau betul baguslah. Tapi anda tak kan tak tahu, Public Mutual tu anak syarikat Public Bank Berhad. Manakala public bank tu siape yang punye? Walaupun dia katalah berlandaskan syariah tapi, kalau bukan orang Islam yang punya, modal tu dia dapat daripada mana. Bank yang terang-terang bukan owner orang Islam ni mana ada kira halal haram. Dia pukul rata je. Sama lah kalau kompeni Magnum ataupun Sports TOTO lancarkan dana Islamic.

    Kalau kita simpan dalam ASB at least kita tau PNB tu siapa yang punye. Public Bank tu modal dia daripada mana? Kalau kita dah tahu bank tu pun bukan orang Islam yang punya, terang-terang kita dah tahu pelaburan dia ke arah mana. Takkan kita nak sokong bank yang bukan orang Islam punya kot? Tapi itu cuma pandangan saya secara peribadilah. Jadi, fikir-fikirkan lah.

    p/s: Akhir zaman ni nak cari pelaburan yang 100% halal pon susah.

  266. #275 by Ahmy on April 3, 2008 - 4:30 pm

    Sebelum kita bercakap mengenai Public Bank itu dipunyai oleh bukan Islam dan sebagainya, kita kena memahami konsep perbsnkan Islam di Malaysia itu sendiri. Sebelum 2006, bank komersial di Malaysia melaksanakan sistem “window banking” di mana setiap cawangan menawarkan pilihan perbankan konvensional mahupun Islamik mengikut pelan induk perbankan Islam yang dikeluarkan oleh Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Selepas 2006, barulah setiap bank komersial menubuhkan anak syarikat perbankan Islam dengan keujudan Hong Leong Islamik, RHB Islamik, Maybank Islamik dsbnya di bawah konsep 1 payung seperti yang disebutkan di atas.

    Permodalan bagi “window” perbankan Islam datang dari peruntukan yang dikeluarkan daripada peruntukan bukan faedah setiap bank komersial. Setiap bank yang ingin menawarkan perbankan Islam diMESTIkan mempunyai MAJLIS PENASIHAT SYARIAH sendiri yang bertanggungjawab mengawasi perjalanan operasi bank tersebut supaya tidak terkeluar dari landasan syarak. Sistem perakaunannya pula diASINGkan dari perakaunan sistem konvensional untuk memastikan tiada percampuran hasil antara kedua2 sistem.

    Bercakap mengenai Public Bank dimiliki oleh bukan Islam adalah pada pandangan saya satu langkah yang terkebelakang. Walaupun dipunyai oleh bukan Islam, mereka mesti mematuhi syarat2 ketat yang dikenakan oleh BNM sebelum dibolehkan untuk menawarkan perbankan Islam. Jadi, saya tak nampak di mana logiknya kita tak boleh melabur di dalam anak syarikat Public Bank iaitu Public Mutual.

    Seseorang yang ingin melabur di dalam saham amanah semestinya mengetahui bahawa wang yang dilaburkan oleh syarikat saham amanah bukannya datang dari peruntukan syarikat sebaliknya melalui kumpulan wang dari para pelabur sesuatu dana.

    Kalau bercakap untuk melabur di dalam saham amanah PNB seperti ASB dsbnya yang kononnya diuruskan oleh orang Islam, cuba renungkan fakta berikut :

    1. Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kebangsaan tahun lepas mengumumkan pelaburan dalam saham amanah PNB adalah harus. Bagaimanapun, fatwa yang dikeluarkan oleh Majlis Fatwa Selangor pada 16 Februari 1993 menyatakan :

    “Ahli Jawatankuasa Perundingan Hukum Syara'(Fatwa) yang hadir bersetuju memberi pandangan bahawa. oleh kerana pelaburan ASB pada masa ini terdapat pelaburan di tempat-tempat yang bercanggah dengan hukum syara’. maka ia tidak diharuskan sehingga pihak ASB membersihkan dari tempat-tempat tersebut.”

    Setakat ini, setahu saya, fatwa ini belum ditarik semula.

    2. Public Mutual mempunyai MAJLIS PENASIHAT SYARIAH untuk memastikan pelaburannya selari dengan hukum Syarak. Adakah PNB mempunyainya? Jawapannya tidak.

    3. Majlis Penasihat Syariah Public Mutual menetapkan dana Islamik syarikat tidak boleh melabur di dalam :

    a) Bank konvensional
    b) Insurans konvensional
    c) Syarikat perjudian
    d) Pengeluar barangan tidak halal
    e) Penganjur kegiatan hiburan dan lain-lain yang bertentangan dengan syarak
    f) Pengeluar rokok

    Cuba lihat di mana ASB melabur berdasarkan laporan tahunan 2007 nya? Pelaburan kedua terbesar adalah di Maybank sebanyak 24% & beberapa bank lain. Selain itu, ia juga melabur di dalam British American Tobacco.

    Jadi, saudara boleh fikirkan sendiri, yang mana lebih SYARIAH COMPLIANCE, Public Mutual yang diuruskan oleh bukan Islam ataupun PNB yang diuruskan oleh Melayu/Islam?

    Pilihan di tangan masing2. Wallahualam.

  267. #276 by adymfi on April 4, 2008 - 10:35 am

    Saya secara peribadi berpandangan, saya sebagai seorang Islam wajib menyokong semua dana-dana yang dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan terutama dana-dana yang dimiliki oleh PNB. Secara umumnya adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kerajaan (Islam)mempastikan dana-dana yang dikeluarkan oleh PNB terutamanya ASB itu halal. Terbukti baru-baru ini Majlis fatwa kebangsaan sebulat suara memfatwakan halal bagi dividen yang dikeluarkan oleh ASB.

    Jadi, secara rasionalnya, saya tak nampak kenapa orang Islam perlu ambil dana-dana yang dikeluarkan oleh orang bukan Islam. Saya yakin, sekiranya 100% kaum bumiputera terutama yang beragama Islam menyokong penuh dana ASB (contohnya atas alasan dividen yang diberi sedikit), sudah tentu PNB akan luaskan skop perniagaannya dengan lebih jauh untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang lebih tinggi, waima secara tidak langsung ia akan memberi pulangan dividen yang lebih tinggi kepada pelanggan.

    Salah satu sebab agihan ekonomi Islam menjadi lemah adalah disebabkan oleh campurtangan Institusi bukan Islam dalam mempengaruhi ekonomi orang Islam. Saya amat optimis dengan alasan penawaran terhadap pelaburan berlandaskan hukum syariah, panel syariah yang diluluskan dan macam-macam lagi yang semuanya Islam lah, tidak ada yang tidak Islam melainkan Islam belaka. Orang kita ni memang sensitif bab-bab Islam ni. Jadi, secara tidak langsung, mereka ni (public Bank, Hong Leong bank, dan bank-bank seangkatannya) menangguk di air yang keroh. Secara sinikalnya, dulu orang kata ASB ni tak Islamik sebab laburkan dalam Maybank atas alasan Maybank tu mengamalkan riba. Itu baru Maybank (jangan lupa Maybank tu bank milik bumiputera). Tapi mereka lupa pulak Public Bank di mana bank yang bukan kepunyaan Bumiputera yang beragama Islam, of course lebih banyak riba nya.. beribu kali ganda besar putar alam bisnesnya. Sama lah Contoh Bank Carlsberg yang keluarkan dana berkonsepkan Islamik (Islamic Fund), Saham magnum yang keluarkan Islamic Fund (contoh lagi). Oleh itu mitos bank-bank bukan bumi ini telah berjaya mencipta mitosnya sendiri untuk mempengaruhi pelanggan Islam.

    Contohnya, kenapa semua pengguna Islam tak nak simpan duit kat Bank Islam? Bukan ke sah-sah kit dapat bantu menjana ekonomi orang Islam? Kenapa semua pelabur Islam tak nak labur duit kat tabung haji? Bukan ke kita dapat menjana ekonomi Ummah jugak disamping boleh membantu mereka yang memerlukan? Disampung berdikit-dikit boleh pergi ke tabung haji. Saya bukan seorang yang tipikal. Tetapi saya terfikir, kenapa bangsa saya tak nak simpan duit dalam dana yang dikeluarkan oleh bangsa saya sendiri? Kalau bangsa lain berebut-rebut menyokong dana yang dikeluarkan oleh bangsa mereka, tapi kita…? Ke mana hala tuju ekonomi bangsa kita? Saya berpendapat, tak salah kalau saya tanamkan sedikit semangat kebangsaan dalam diri saya. Saya nak bantu ekonomi bangsa saya, saya nak bantu anak bangsa saya? Bagaimana saya nak bantu? Saya simpan la sedikit duit dalam ASB, Bank Islam dan Tabung Haji.

    Saya berpendapat, saya tak rugi kalau tak SIMPAN dalam dana PUBLIC MUTUAL ala-ala Islam. Saya boleh simpan dalam ASB, saya boleh simpan dalam Bank Islam, saya boleh simpan dalam TABUNG HAJI. Kepuasan sebenar bagi saya adalah saya dapat membantu menyumbang kepada ekonomi bangsa saya sendiri. Itu cuma pandangan peribadi saya saja.

    p/s: Matlamat tak menghalalkan cara.

  268. #277 by KakTi on April 4, 2008 - 11:50 am

    Sebenarnya fatwa yg dikeluarkan mengatakan keuntungan dari ASB tu harus bukan halal ya. Ada perbezaannya.

  269. #278 by adik on April 24, 2008 - 12:57 pm

    Salam buat sume…

    Tahniah irwan…ruangan yang sangat berguna…
    Saya tak pandai BI tapi saya faham apa yang saudara/saudari tulis.

    Ni pengalaman saya…
    Ayah saya seorang remeiser di Alliance Investment bank.Dan saya telah mendengar nasihat dia.Saya telah membuat loan ASB sebanyak RM200k selama 20tahun.Setiap bulan kena bayar RM1400.
    Setiap bulan saya terpaksa bayar instalment hasil dari duit gaji.Hidup saya selama 20 tahun hanya akan bayar loan asb.Kehidupan saya x mewah.mampu pakai waja saje gara2 nk bayar loan yg banyak.
    Tapi satu sen pun saya tak ambil dari bonus dan dividen.jika dikira sehingga habis saya bayar loan saya akan mendapat lebih kurang RM1010000 tanpa mengeluarkan dividen dan bonus.

    Saya bayar loan=RM1400*12*20=RM336000

    Saya untung RM674000….
    Walaupun kita nampak Maybank mengenakan keuntungan tinggi tapi pulangan kita sangat besar..Pinjam RM200k tapi kena bayar RM336k…kita rugi RM136k…Padahal kita akan dapat RM1010000(untung RM336000)…
    Kalo saya just simpan dan tak buat loan…
    Bila saya akan dapat sejuta?
    Kalo saya x buat loan dan hanya simpan dalam asb setiap bulan dgn bayaran RM1400 sebulan,selama berapa lama nk dapat sejuta?
    Cuba kira dan fikirkan…

    Buat loan ni adalah sangat baik…win win situation.dah pinjam duit orang takkan tak bagi balik untung kat dia…cuba fikir logik.jgn risau pada BLR…Sbb Bank Negara ada record sumer peminjam.Dia x kan bunuh org yg buat loan ASB.Saya bukan x nak melabur dalam unit trust,saya x nk main dgn risko biarlah simpanan saya terjamin.Da abis bayar loan nanti baru masuk mende lain.Lagi satu sesiapa yang buat loan d Maybank kene amik insurans (bank lain x pasti).Insurans ni kalo kita x bley bayar,lumpuh,atau mati dia akan sambung dgn bank.Jika ditakdirkan anda mati loan anda akan disetelkan oleh ins dan waris akan dapat.Oleh itu,sape2 rase nk mati awal,cepat2 la buat loan RM200k.At least waris anda akan ingat anda walaupun anda tiada.haha.Saya harap anda sume nampak dan faham apa yg diceritakan…

    Tapi terpulang pada individu…

    Bulan 1 :Div ASB(Amanah Saham Bumiputra 9%)
    Bulan 4 :Div ASM(Amanah Saham Malaysia5-6%)
    Bulan 7 :Div ASD(Amanah Saham Didik7%)
    Bulan 10:Div ASW(Amanah Saham wawasan 7-8%)

    Lepas da bleh bayar installment asb loan every month and ada duit lebey,masukkan pulak dalam amanah saham di atas.

    Cuba bayangkan,setiap 3 bulan ja kita dapat dividen.Ni belum lagi anda punya EPF or KWSP or lain2 bonus…Alhamdulillah,setakat hari ni hidup saya sederhana dan enjoy walaupun tak kaya sbb bayar loan.Saya seorang eksekutif TNB.Hasil ni sumer akan saya tuai dalam 17 tahun…

    Bagi saya,ni cara yang terbaik untuk penuhkan ASB anda…Selamat mencube…

  270. #279 by Awi on April 24, 2008 - 4:44 pm

    ASM semua,

    Jgn ambil jgn mudah dengan buat loan sbb…kalau tak buat loan lagi banyak yg kita dpt. Tahukan adik bhw kalau kita melabur sebanyak RM1400 sebulan selama 20 tahun kita akan ada hampir RM740,000 dlm simpanan berdasarkan keuntungan 7% setahun? Nak lagi selamat simpan dlm tabung haji sebab dengan faedah cuma 5.5% setahun kita mampu mempunyai simpanan sebyk RM618,000 dlm tempoh 20 tahun? Dah la tu…zakat dibayar lagi. Sedangkan BLR bank boleh naik anytime. Pengiraan yg saya dpt berdasarkan kaedah compounding interest. So, telah terbukti bhw simpan sikit2 mampu menjadi bukit drp gunakan loan yg mungkin blh menyesakkan hidup. Thanks

    • #280 by Sheik on May 2, 2008 - 6:38 am


      Could you please show us the calculation for compounding interest? I have a big capital for ASB @480k with RM3200/month installment. Looks like saving constantly every month can generate more than taking ASB loan.

      Really appreciate your reply.

  271. #281 by Kema on April 27, 2008 - 6:48 pm

    Halo, bole tolong reply ke email saye mengenai asb dan personal loan from RHB? Saya memmerlukan guidelines.Thank you..

  272. #282 by Kema on April 27, 2008 - 8:00 pm

    hermm….saye dah check forum2 lain pasal asb loan,personal loan la..tapi tak tau bank mana baguss..arghhh!! dan saye still tak paham lagi dengan OverDraft..hermm..saye hanya keje dengan insurance company..hanya insurance insurance insurance saja saya tau…huh!irwan..boleh bantu to me at u so much…!!

  273. #283 by FarinaM on April 27, 2008 - 8:10 pm

    Jom chat di site saye… saye boleh tolong explainkan. Saye pon ambik loan asb 2 bulan lalu.

  274. #284 by aidilfitri on May 1, 2008 - 4:08 pm

    is it good to take asb loan from rhb? are there any differences of taking asb loan between rhb, maybank & cimb? instead of insurance?

    pls help..

    • #285 by FarinaM on May 1, 2008 - 4:29 pm

      Hi aidilfitri, it depends on the loan package promotion they are offering at them moment. Last two months ago CIMB ASB loan looked more attractive than the others.

  275. #286 by sepu on May 1, 2008 - 6:32 pm

    sorry, ketinggalan jauhhh..
    saya cuma nak menyampuk kenyataan ‘adymfi’ kat no. 267…
    saya harap cik/puan adymfi masuk sekolah balik aa.. semua org islam mmg nak kepada islam. Tapi tengok pd keyataan tu, mcm guna akal logik je.. Mana boleh.#$@%&^
    u tak boleh tuduh sebarangan gitu & sokong sebarangan gitu.
    elee..macamlah u boikot supermarket @ hypermarket. y ustaz tak halang org muslim pergi ke supermarket. padahal ia milik bukan islam.
    nak saya jwb ke? ..
    walaupun supermarket tu milik non-islamic, tapi dlm tu ada jual produk halal. kalau u betul2 tak nak barangan jualan non muslim biarpun brg tu halal, u pergi lah travel cari kedai muslim.
    2nd.. bab product makanan. u beli base pd tanda halal or siapa yg buat? kalau u tak yakin kepada JAKIM yg beri tanda halal,… tu menyusahkan diri namanya.
    so. sama gak dlm finance. kat malaysia ni, BNM & SS yg control (melalui majlis syariah). kalau bab makanan, jakim yg sahkan. bab $, BNM yg sahkan syarikat tu syariah or tidak. asalkan ikut kehendak syariah dan BNM puas hati, ok la.. apa? ingat senang ke bapak company tu nak sesaja istihar dia islamic? kena saman dek BNM, imej jatuh, bisness hancur, saham jatuh dan lagi dan lagi. kalau bisness kedai kopi boleh aa tipu islamic or tak.. kos kerugian kena saman tak teruk sgt banding sykt besar..
    buat apa kita nak pening kepala. kalau pihak berwajib kata islamic, terima je lah.
    oooo..maybank kepunyaan org islam, so islam lah sistem tu. mudahnye u buat kesimpulan. bih tu, genting tu..kepala dia, Tun hanif omar. Y u tak kata genting tu islamic?
    kita ni negara islamic, Y tak jadikan al-quran & sunnah sebagai rujukan utama?…hehehehe..
    ah.malas aa nak ckp……. kang jadi buku lak. lu fikir aa sendiri…

  276. #287 by Sheik on May 2, 2008 - 6:19 am


    Related to ASB. I took a loan (as a capital) for ASB about RM480K start on Jan 2006 with monthly installment @ RM3200/month for 20 years (BLR + 0.4%). Is it ok if I cancel all the loan and deposit all the monthly installment(RM3200) constantly in ASB every month? Which one is better in return for long term?

  277. #288 by Fazrina M. on May 2, 2008 - 9:07 am

    Use Irwan’s calculator! =) very useful to calculate

  278. #289 by Awi on May 2, 2008 - 9:54 am


    If you save RM3200/mth constantly for 20 yrs, your money will grow up to RM1,684,422.79 even with just 7% annual interest. So, think carefully which one is better…taking the loan or save regularly. Just search in the Google for coumpounding interest calculator and you will get the idea. Thanks

  279. #290 by salem on May 4, 2008 - 10:35 pm

    My formula :-
    take RM20,000 loan for 10 yrs at RM220/month and pay double (RM440/month). This will cut down the loan term to half and also the interest paid.
    meaning in 5 yrs, i will get my capital of RM20,000 plus yearly bonus of RM1,600×5= 8,000(8%/year). Total capital gain after 5 years is RM28,000.
    In taking loan, discipline is important and we are willing to pay more than what the bank request per month.

    • #291 by FarinaM on May 6, 2008 - 7:14 pm

      True! I’m applying the same method. Trying to get my loan of 20 years finished in 10 years time.. that’ll be by 2018. Insyallah~~~

  280. #292 by hawa on May 6, 2008 - 5:58 pm

    hi all.. this kinda discussion does open up my eyes on the ASB loan risks..especially in the current economy trend. I m currently trying to decide on an emergency financial plan- Life Insurance vs. ASB loan becoz if anything uncalled for happen to me, my family may get the lump sum value of the loan minus the worry of the monthly debt. Anyone can help to advise?? Insurance or ASB loan?

  281. #294 by Amerz on May 8, 2008 - 2:07 am

    Aku baru ja survey loan untuk ASB nieh,
    Maybank/Cimb/RHB and RHB is the best loan. BLR -1.25% .

    Aku cadang nak buat Loan 80K for 20years.

    Yang aku confuse kat sini, Max investment ASB is 200K. Apesal korang sembang sampai juta2 nieh.

    Dividend dia akan multiply ngan 200K jugak even though korang punya ASB ada 2juta.
    kalau tak, no point la ASB buat Max 200K.

    Dan aku tgk Calculator Irwan pun still calculate dividend multiply ngan investment more than 200k.

    Correct me if i’m wrong,
    Usha sini

    • #295 by Sheik on May 9, 2008 - 1:34 am

      somebody has a fact need to reply this infos…maybe he’s right!!If that’s the case…no point keep dividen in ASB if you loaned 200k, coz the next year calculation is just based on 200k not 200k + dividen…hehe..better put the dividen into UT…

    • #296 by amdin on May 12, 2008 - 6:06 am

      A’kum semua,

      Ok nak join gak. Dalam banyakΒ² komen dalam forum nih, komen nielah yang banyak meninggalkan persoalan dalam kepale, komen yg lein rasanya dah terbiasa. ASB nih dah terangΒ² kata Max Unit leh beli 200 ribu je @ RM200 ribu. abih tuh masa dapat div+bonus tuh, confirm nilai unit dah melimpah..

      Soalan 1. Dah invest max 200K, pastuh leh tambah lagik ker?? (tidak merujuk kepada div+bonus)

      Soalan 2. Sebagaimana yang dikatakan oleh adik kat 269. Apakah benar PNB/ASB benarkan kaedah nilai unit terkumpul sampai 1 juta unit per individu. Mungkin lepas nih kena tel PNB dapatkan jawapan lagik baik.

  282. #297 by izac23 on May 8, 2008 - 3:06 am

    hi, irwan.. gud info n gud discussion.. nway, i want to ask anyone that before invest in ASB with the loan.. which one is better.. make a loan or just deposit directly to our ASB account? or do both of it… anyone got idea of it???

    • #298 by Amerz on May 8, 2008 - 3:12 am

      Y don’t u download irwan calculator and calculate yourself. It’s your hard earn money not others.

      For me, as long as the interest is below the dividend rate, the loan method is my 1st option. And at least it’ll force me saving.
      The only risk is that the interest is not fixed, and it base on BLR.
      If the BLR rate is up, then your monthly payment will go up too.

      If u want to go for loan method, choose RHB the interest rate is 5.5% (BLR-1.25%).

      • #299 by izac23 on May 8, 2008 - 8:19 am

        which one is better? OD or personal loan?? can anyone explain to me??? Is it OD ok to make a money or just deposit directly to ASB acc more better to reduce the risk and more benefit?

  283. #300 by Syida on May 16, 2008 - 7:58 am

    My opinion:

    It all depends on ur goal, to me if ur expecting higher return in short term then it is advisable for u to take up the loan (personal/ asb loan). Yes, u will hafto bear the loan interest but the dividend for that particular year will be a lot more compared to monthly savings.

    But if u prefer higher return in long term, better opt for monthly ASB savings.

    Lucky for me, as a bank employee i’m eligible for staff rate πŸ™‚ so i dont lose out much on interest. Therefore I chose to take up my staff loan and religiously top up with my own savings every month.

    sorry i don’t have any formula to calculate the return.

  284. #301 by amdin on May 18, 2008 - 12:53 pm

    I suggest better take asb loan max 200k unit for 20 years coz u only pay for 1st year.In term of ROI ur initial investment actually just 1st year installment, 2nd year, dividen + bonus will pay your loan. And ur can get back ur capital within 3 years ‘if u intend selling ur loan’ and the rest.. money makes money. Of course u will said “oh u will lose ur div+bonus to bank..” yeah bank also need portion of the cake.

    After made investigation, u only can top up ur asb strictly amount accumulated div+bonus. So irwan calculator slightly wrong but i still used it to predict and estimate my investment.

  285. #302 by Shameer on May 19, 2008 - 4:02 pm

    Hello sumdari forum nih, dapat saya simpulkan yang semua org nak kaya, tapi taknak bersusah payah.

    Mmg jika kita menggunakan loan, kita akan berhadapan dengan risiko turun naik BLR.

    Benar jika kita menyimpan dgn wang sendiri, simpanan kita lebih selamat.

    Sebagai pemerhati ekonomi negara, saya perhatikan dividen ASB sentiasa lebih tinggi dari BLR. Sebagai contoh, pada tahun 1997, BLR was set at +-11%. Did you also notice for that particular year, the ASB return was 12.75% (around that figure lah). This is one of the extreme cases. My point is, ASB dividend will still outperformed the BLR.

    So far, sepanjang saya memerhati our country’s economic climate, tak penah lagi BLR lebih dari ASB dividend. If that should ever happen (mintak jauh laa weih), i doubt it will last for years.

    While i’m not saying that making loan is better that savings, i’m merely trying to point out that to gain a lot/maximize ASB or any other funds, it is crucial that we have huge capital and do not withdraw the dividends and bonuses at year end. Let it grow.

    Should you make loan to initiate your investment in ASB for instance, pay out the loan from your salary. Ukur baju badan sendiri. Kalo gaji 2000, loan pon berpada2 laa. Jgn sampai tak makan, anak bini merana.

    As for saving yourself, yes, it is true you will have the money. Despite having all the discipline in the world, you are still making less than those who started with loans. Tak percaya, kiralah sendiri. tak kira lah kalo less by RM1000, it is less. betul tak?

    I’m not cajoling any of you to do loans, cume saya hendak memberikan gambaran (big picture of the situation) kepada anda semua.

    Happy investing πŸ™‚

  286. #303 by Lacrym0sa on May 26, 2008 - 2:28 pm

    Hi Irwan,

    I just started to survey ASB loan and i can say, from CIMB and Maybank, i’ll rather choose CIMB cause the interest rate is lower (5.15% for first 3 year and 5.45% for the remaining year). Both of it cover insurans, but i think CIMB is better cause they can actually deduct the monthly payment from my account. But somehow, I have some doubt here. I don’t really understand the concept BLR and also why can it be risky to the investor?
    hope you can explain the detail to me. Somehow at the paper, they said that the rate will be fixed, so let say now i’m financing ASB loan with 5.45%, so i’ll be paying with 5.45% interest for the rest of my remaining years. Is it right? Or is it possible for the rate to be changing?

    Hope you can clarify this.. you can email to my email,

    • #304 by Amerz on May 26, 2008 - 3:56 pm

      BLR tuh base lending rate dari bank negara,
      currently 6.75%. Rate nih akan berubah ubah mengikut keadaan ekonomi/inflation dan bla2. 1997-BLR cecah 12%.

      Bank nya interest rate tuh tak fix, it’s all base on BLR so kalau blr berubah maka interest dr bank pun akan berubah.

      dah try check rhb nya loan? if loan sampai 20tahun baek ambek rhb. BLR -1.25% sampai mampus…huhu.

  287. #305 by Kema on May 26, 2008 - 9:17 pm

    hello hello!yaaa…akhirnya saya dah apply asb loan petang tadi,tunggu approval jek..huhu!Herm..tapi ade keraguan la..saye ingat nak apply RM10k untuk 5 tahun..tapi orang RHB tu cakap rugi..dia advise amik 30k untuk 20tahun..pehtu kan dia cakap, kalau nak cancel balik,pun bole,tapi kene tunggu 5 tahun ke atas..ape2 balance nanti,bank akan tolak situ ke?ade rugi ke tak kalau la tiba2 nak cancel..kene bayar balik ke kalau macam tak cukup..??err..soalan yang ntah hape2..tapi..boleh beri bantuan untuk jawab soalan2 saya? hermm…selain asb loan ni kan,saye pun buat personal loan gak kat rhb tuh..for marriage purpose..huwaa!!

    • #306 by amdin on June 6, 2008 - 8:09 am

      Kema.. i pulak nasihatkan baik amik 50k utk 20 tahun. cincai kira pon lepas 10 tahun dah ada 25k. modal cuma installment 12 bulan pertama jer.. Dan cara terbaik buat bayaran gunakan arahan tetap potong dari akaun sav yg tak campur ngan akaun gaji. Minta jer kat officer RHB tuh buka acc sav baru just tuk bayar loan asb ko tuh. Sebaiknya kalu nak cancel tunggu lepas dapat 1st full dividen tengok dapat cover atau tak installment tuk 12 bulan.. pastu sendiri pikir ler..

  288. #307 by izac23 on May 28, 2008 - 10:56 pm

    can someone help me ??the best amount of loan that can we invest??? (assume that u can pay from 10k – 200k loan base on monthly rate)

  289. #308 by mez83 on June 3, 2008 - 9:27 pm

    saya xpaham mengenai faedah 5,75%?jika tahun tu diveden total 9%.adakah bonus total…9-5.75=3.25%.maknanya kita hanya dapat 3.25% dari total pinjaman…harap ada memandu….

  290. #309 by norisa on June 4, 2008 - 11:12 am

    ASB sudah, public mutual pun sudah, ada cara lebih mudah dapat cash dengan hanya surfing internet.Dalam masa 2 jam surfing
    saya dah dapat US$1.08.Boleh buat passive-income/part-time income

    Nak tau macamana? Buka web bawah ni..

    Proses mudah dan sekejap
    1.Sign up (percuma)
    2.Log in
    3.Klik pada bahagian “EARN MONEY”
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    5.Klik pada bahagian “STATISTIK” untuk
    mengetahui jumlah wang korang.

    Kita juga akan dibayar setiap kali surfing dan klik pada banner post dan bila kita ‘promot’ orang
    lain surf web dia.. Itu aje.


    kita dibayar USD$0.45 ATAU rm1.63- ikut
    currency sekarang bagi setiap jam
    program ini berjalan).
    Bermakna anda boleh dapat sehingga
    RM41.04 sehari(RM1.63×24=RM39. 12). Ini
    bermakna sebulan kita boleh dapat
    sehingga RM39.12x 30 = RM1173.60.

    Boleh tahan gak kan..fikirlah.
    Duit FREE, ambik je laa…Lagipun harga petrol nak naik elok kita cari source lain untuk tambah income

    Cek akan dihantar kepada nama dan
    yang kita isikan sewaktu sign up.


  291. #310 by nikiza on June 4, 2008 - 2:14 pm

    surfjunky nih dah lama dah wei..since 2005 dah ada…

    scam jer sumer nih…

  292. #311 by zam4ever on June 5, 2008 - 8:29 am

    Dear Cik Norisa, for your information, surfjunky is a scam site. Never believe how much money they said will pay to you. πŸ™‚

  293. #312 by pijul on June 10, 2008 - 3:23 am

    perlu diingatkan yg asb limit hanya 200k saja. Sapa2 yg dok kira 1300 simpan selama 17 tahun tu, hang kira pakai otak ke atau pakai lutut..? Hang kira sampai 200k saja, pas tu mana boleh masuk lagi. Nak cakap bodoh kang, marah pulak. kesimpulannya, buat loan asb lagi baik, even hang continue labur dlm asw2020 bila asb sudah 200k. aku dah buat pengiraan dah… hang untuk dalam 100k-300k, bergantung dgn dividend yg dibagi.

  294. #313 by micky on June 10, 2008 - 10:02 am


    Nak share views with few comments:

    1. loan to invest in asb vs conventional simpan bulan2 – mana lagi bagus?
    Actually very straight forward – simpan biasa2 lagi bagus. Sapa2 yg kata loan lagi bagus, mereka2 ini tak melihat the end game dgn jelas. Betul lah kalau loan rm200k the dividen is higher that what you received with a paltry monthly saving of rm1500. But know this, after 8th year typically your so called paltry saving will overtake the amount of dividend you’ll received from having a loan. It’s never in the best of interest (pun intended) we’ll get the best result when the profit is shared.

    We’re talking about comparison loan vs monthly saving, so please park the argument about the discipline aside. Because this is totally different topic.

    2. Can our saving be like berjuta2?
    Yes πŸ™‚ The limit is rm200k but the actual limit will be the rm200k plus bonus pay out. To cut the chase, once you hit the rm200k, nothing much you can add if you don’t cash in your dividend. But the money still grow if you don’t withdraw, and yes the dividend and bonus is on top of you last available amount and NOT on your so called max rm200k. If the amount in your asb is rm300k, the dividend & bonus will be calculated based on this figure.

    I like reading the comments posted here but some i find very disturbing. Like the one mentioned buat loan is better since dah buat calculation this and that. Never occur to this person the calculation is wrongly executed. Like our maths exam, everybody do the calculation for same question, i doubt everybody got the right answer. ha ha.

    Jangan marah haaaa…

    • #314 by Irwan on June 10, 2008 - 10:18 am

      salam micky, i’m interested to see your calculation that backs your statement about conventional loan. because some calculation might be wrong, i would love to see your proposed calculation instead.

      thanks for commenting in this blog,


    • #315 by amdin on June 13, 2008 - 8:33 pm

      “We’re talking about comparison loan vs monthly saving, so please park the argument about the discipline aside. Because this is totally different topic”

      Both related lerrr.. apa lah lu.

      “I like reading the comments posted here but some i find very disturbing. Like the one mentioned buat loan is better since dah buat calculation this and that. Never occur to this person the calculation is wrongly executed.” -micky.

      Actually what your stand? Both have advantage but it depend on yourself. One more thing, what actually disturbing ur mind.

      • #316 by micky on June 16, 2008 - 10:10 am

        saudara amdin (sejahtera ke atas kamu),

        my stand on loan vs conventional saving is crystal clear – i even wrote in in my first few sentences. how you could miss that is beyond me πŸ™‚

        we cannot have an intelligent argument if we fail to isolate root causes of a matter. ask yourself which mode is faster to go to the office? commuter or drive? the answer should be tagged to time taken to get from point a to point b. if you insist drive cost more with hike of petrol prices, then this is different issue. unless the question suggest which is the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation, the latter could be a good answer. we only get marks for answering the questions not by the lenghth of our sentences in our exams πŸ™‚

        what disturbing me?? a lot actually. I can recall from expert comment made from i-know-how-to-use-stethoscope-so-i-am-a-qualified-doctor to anything less subtle like “both related lerr, apa lah lu” πŸ˜‰ if you can’t be a gentleman, learnt to be one, will ya?!

        please don’t be mad at me, i’m merely giving my 2-cents comment. my sincere apology if my writing offence anybody in any kind of way.saya belajar tak pandai – kita tak boleh marah orang tak pandai tau, berdosa! hehehe.

        as general word of advice, always begins with the end in mind. Peace!

  295. #317 by norisa on June 10, 2008 - 10:39 am

    I think asb calculator posted by Mr. Irwan long time ago is reliable. I have a request, if Irwan could create another calculator for EPF+dividend. So we can forecast our savings during retirement…then we could see whether it would be adequate or not…better prepare ourselves before its too late…

  296. #318 by micky on June 10, 2008 - 10:42 am

    i’m not questioning the calculator used by irwan is not reliable, i’m saying conventional is better than using loan.

  297. #319 by micky on June 10, 2008 - 2:15 pm


    Compare and figure out which one is better.

    Year Initial End year Profit Initial End Year Profit
    1 200,000.00 216,000.00 16,000.00 22,500.00 24,300.00 1,800.00
    2 216,000.00 233,280.00 17,280.00 46,800.00 50,544.00 3,744.00
    3 233,280.00 251,942.40 18,662.40 73,044.00 78,887.52 5,843.52
    4 251,942.40 272,097.79 20,155.39 101,387.52 109,498.52 8,111.00
    5 272,097.79 293,865.62 21,767.82 131,998.52 142,558.40 10,559.88
    6 293,865.62 317,374.86 23,509.25 165,058.40 178,263.08 13,204.67
    7 317,374.86 342,764.85 25,389.99 200,763.08 216,824.12 16,061.05
    8 342,764.85 370,186.04 27,421.19 234,170.05 17,345.93
    9 370,186.04 399,800.93 29,614.88 252,903.66 18,733.60
    10 399,800.93 431,785.00 31,984.07 273,135.95 20,232.29
    11 431,785.00 466,327.80 34,542.80 294,986.82 21,850.88
    12 466,327.80 503,634.02 37,306.22 318,585.77 23,598.95
    13 503,634.02 543,924.75 40,290.72 344,072.63 25,486.86
    14 543,924.75 587,438.72 43,513.98 371,598.44 27,525.81
    15 587,438.72 634,433.82 46,995.10 401,326.32 29,727.88
    16 634,433.82 685,188.53 50,754.71 433,432.42 32,106.11
    17 685,188.53 740,003.61 54,815.08 468,107.02 34,674.59
    18 740,003.61 799,203.90 59,200.29 505,555.58 37,448.56
    19 799,203.90 863,140.21 63,936.31 546,000.02 40,444.45
    20 863,140.21 932,191.43 69,051.22 589,680.03 43,680.00

    Total Profit Loan 716,191.43 Total Profit Manual 430,380.03

  298. #320 by micky on June 10, 2008 - 2:16 pm

    sorry the figure seems jumble up πŸ™‚
    personal email for further update.

  299. #321 by Shima on June 10, 2008 - 9:56 pm

    Salam. I accidently terjumpa forum ni. I bukan la expert dalam bidang ni. Sengaja nak share sikit my experience pasal ASB loan. Dulu I ambik ASB loan from Maybank about RM 25k for 5 years. I tak suka hutang lama-lama. After 5 years I tak la dapat banyak sangat but it just a matter of saving money plus deduction monthly salary to ASB account. Sakit juga bayar,tapi at the end ada juga saving. Entah macamana simpan punye simpan, last-last I manage to save till RM 80+K.I tukar my ASB ke sijil ASB for RM 80k, then I cagarkan untuk ambil personal loan BSN dengan interest 4% for 5 years, then I laburkan balik ke dalam ASB. Unfortunately, BSN hanya bagi 95% from cagaran je. Jadi adalah dalam RM 76K. Add a few thousands, currently I ada pelaburan sebanyak RM 160K. I thought of ambil lagi personal loan BSN dengan method yang sama untuk mencukupkan pelaburan ASB RM 200K.Ada ke kaedah I ni menguntungkan?

    • #322 by amdin on June 13, 2008 - 9:23 pm

      Cara nie pon sy penah terfikir lepas sembang ngan officer BSN semasa dier buat expo kat care4,(masa tuh tak tau sijil asb leh cagar) Kebetulan dah max jd tak leh buat apa.

    • #323 by micky on June 16, 2008 - 10:16 am

      ya saya. kaedah anda ini lebih menguntungkan berbanding sekiranya anda mengambil loan semuanya dari bank2 untuk melabur di asb πŸ™‚
      sebabnya faedah dari bsn hanya 4% berbanding blr – apa2ntah.

    • #324 by anies on June 17, 2008 - 9:38 pm

      Wow..banyak duit..i nak buat personal loan untuk tambah modal kat akaun forex i boleh..? πŸ˜€

  300. #325 by norisa on June 12, 2008 - 8:05 am

    Shima, congrats. I pun sedang mencari jalan nak tambah savings I dalam ASB. Tapi I nak buat simpanan biasa bukan loan. I nak cuba save seberapa banyak yang mungkin. Dulu I pun pernah buat loan ASB sebnayk RM20k dengan Maybank tapi interest dia lebih tinggi. I stop dah lama sebab tak larat nak bayar every month the same amount. Loan BSN sampai sekarang masih 4% lagi ke? Kalau ada siapa2 yang tau which bank bagi the lowest interest, can share your view with us…

  301. #326 by kema on June 12, 2008 - 9:36 pm

    yes amdin..ari isnin tuh sume dah setel..rhb staff dah tolong orang open new account khas untuk bayar asb nie je..huh! start bulan nie kene taruh duit dalam rhb..tak bole enjoy sakan2..barang2 dah la naik harga..make sure bayo bulan2! yaa!

  302. #327 by amdin on June 13, 2008 - 8:58 pm

    Kema, pada saya ciriΒ² acc khas nie mesti tak boleh ada kad ATM sebabnya nanti amount dalam tuh boleh tergangu tanpa sedar, pastu bayaran kena guna arahan tetap potong terus dari akaun nie. U akan tahu keadaan sebenar loan asb u pada 2 Januari 2010. Pada 2 Januari 2009 Dividen + Bonus yg u akan terima masih belum menggambarkan keadaan sebenar sebab u buat loan pd pertengahan tahun. Sekiranya blog nie masih ada pada 2010, u leh citer apa findings loan asb yg u dah buat.

  303. #328 by ARIFF on July 1, 2008 - 1:07 am

    Guys, would like to have some review n opinions.

    My objective is:

    1) Take personal loan = RM60,000
    2) 3 yrs for RM1992.xx
    3) Invest RM60,000 in ASB

    What would you experts can critics about it?

    * at the moment, my ASB has RM150,000


  304. #329 by apam on July 1, 2008 - 2:12 pm

    hai Irwan,

    nk tanya sket la..kalu kt buat loan asb kat maybank or cimb 2 ada profit kt rugi sbb byr interest bank..huh..xphm aku..tolong le..pening ni

  305. #330 by Awi on July 2, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    I’m a little bit confused dgn interest rate BSN…kata 4% but if you get 76K, you need to pay them RM887 sebln for 10 yrs, maknanya you byr RM10644 sethn…sedangkan you cuma dpt RM6840 sethn melalui div. ASB (katakan 9% sethn)…ini menunjukkan yg you perlu top-up lagi RM3804 sethn. Betul tak? So, total return dlm tempoh 10 yrs adalah lebih krg 20K (compounding interest…kalau duit tak dikeluarkan). Ttpi, bagi mereka yg ada duit 76K cash….dlm tempoh 10 yrs, dah ada 180K…total return lebih 100K. Itulah kisahnya….

    • #331 by Shima on July 4, 2008 - 6:53 pm

      I sandarkan sijil ASB RM 80K. jadi pinjaman peribadi yang diberi sebanyak 95% dari jumlah sijil iaitu sebanyak RM 76K. Interest 4% berdasarkan RM 76K dan bukan RM 80K. I banyar BSN RM 1552 sebulan selama 5 tahun. I tak nak ambil 10 tahun loan sebab tak nak terikat dengan hutang lama sangat. Untung la bank dapat kutip interest banyak2 kalau pinjaman lama2. keuntungan yang I dapat dengan cara begini, kira la sendiri. I pun belum kira lagi, yg i tahu i nak ambil interest terendah yang i boleh dapat.Dulu, I ambil ASB Maybank loan. Bila recession, I tak dapat untung apa-apa. Sekadar dapat menyimpan duit je.

      Hutang itu satu penyiksaan……

      p/s: Interest ASB loan BSN ialah 4.5% utk pinjaman 5 tahun. Kalau lebih dari period ni, nilai interest naik. I hanya nak save 0.5% dengan mengambil personal loan bersandarkan sijil ASB. hehehe… Untungkan diri sendiri & jangan untungkan bank. kadang2 ada charges yang tersirat. Fikir2kan.

  306. #332 by masavg333 on July 4, 2008 - 4:28 pm

    erm dah baca hampir keseluruhan weib ni.bagi saya lebih baik simpan tiap2 bulan daripada duit sendiri. kalao buat pinjaman,anda sebenarnya memberi wang freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… kepada BANK.dan BANK akan BERTAMBAH KAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA dari anda setiap SAAT. jadi mai kite pakat renung2 kan.bagi saya la,xmau la 10-20tahun terikat.fikiran kita takboleh diset untuk tidak berfikir hutang yg ada.jadi ia melibatkan emosi.Nahhh idup menjadi tak gembira.

  307. #333 by Shima on July 4, 2008 - 7:23 pm

    En./Cik masavg333,

    Saya pernah merasa terikat mengambil ASB Maybank loan dan merasa pelbagai emosi, terutama apabila kita sangat2 memerlukan duit sebab duit tu tak ada dalam tangan kita semasa kita terdesak krn bank yg pegang. Ini lebih lagi terasa semasa recession 1997/8. Masa tu saya langsung tak pandai menguruskan kewangan saya sendiri disamping membantu org2 yg memerlukan bantuan, tapi diri sendiri tak terbantu. Tapi, at the end of the term loan,sekurang-kurangnya saya ada juga duit hasil dari loan dan dividen yg diberi walaupun tak dinafikan bank banyak untung. Kalau nak harapkan saya simpan bulan2, memang tak ada. Dulu saya mengaku yang saya tak ada displin kewangan. Selagi ada duit saya akan beli apa saja yang saya rasa nak beli, dan saya akan makan angin sekeluarga bila rasa nak pergi. Hubby sy pun dua kali lima dengan saya.

    Bila umur sudah melimpasi 40 tahun, sy mula terfikir yg sy tak de kewangan yg kukuh utk menampung retirement period dan utk menampung pendidikan anak2 (wlpun sy ada insuran & menabung sikit2 utk mereka – boleh potong incometax). Kalau saya nak simpan bulan2, memang sy tak dapat sebyk amaun yang sy loan dan dividen yg diterima sedikit saja. Oleh itu, menurut fikiran sy yg buta akaun sikit (bukan bidang sy pun), kalau kita ambil loan dengan nilai yg besar (mengikut kemampuan kita bayar bulan-bulan la), kita akan terima dividen yg lebih byk setiap tahun berbanding jika kita simpan bulan2 dengan nilai yg sama macam kita byr installment loan kita. Oleh itu, kita kena cari interest yg paling rendah yg kita boleh perolehi. Contohnya, interest loan sy ialah 4% dan nilai dividen yang sy dpt dari pelaburan ASB sy ialah 8%. Maka sy akan terima keuntungan sebanyak 4%. Tapi semua ini mestilah ada syarat. Pertama, kita ambil loan dengan installmentnya mengikut kemampuan kita setelah ditolak keperluan kita yg lain dan mesti ada displin membayar bulan2.Dengan ini kita tak de le gundah gulana dan rasa lebih senang hati.

    Sy sekadar memberi pendapat sy saje. Details calculation bleh tanya irwan.

    Sekadar renungan……

    p/s: Sy masih buta pelaburan jenis lain. Masih dlm peringkat blajar lagi.

  308. #334 by myobsd on July 5, 2008 - 10:04 am

    memang semua cakap kat sini betul …dan menguntungkan..esp. amik loan asb 20 tahun ..tak kiraa baper amount.. setahun jer bayar atau lungsum sekali jer untuk tahun pertama lepastu biar duit begerak sebdiri for the remaining 19 years. tapi masalh sekarang..asb(tanpa loan) tu memang harus…sesetengah cakap haram…tapi kalau buat asb loan tu majlis fatwa memang dah putuskan haram ..camana tu…

    petikan dari


    Walaupun isu di atas masih diperdebatkan oleh mereka yang berkenaan, namun jika anda meminjam dari Bank Konvensional untuk tujuan menyertai pelaburan ASB, ia telah disepakati haram oleh Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dan semua mufti-mufti Malaysia. Ini kerana pinjaman wang dari bank konvensional tersebut adalah riba. Tatkala itu, isu ASB tidak perlu diambil kira lagi kerana asal cara dapat duit untuk melabur itu pun sudah haram.

    • #335 by Meo on July 8, 2008 - 1:12 pm


      jika pinjaman dari bank konvensional adalah ‘haram’ jadi semua bank-bank konvensional di malaysia ertinya tidak boleh bagi pinjaman kepada semua orang islam yang ada business kah???? Kalau gitu bankrupt lah diaorang tu semua…..just unbelievable!!!!

      • #336 by myobsd on July 10, 2008 - 12:36 am

        bankrup ker? tak ikut perkembangan ker..sekarang ni banyak bank konvensional mengamalkan islamic banking… even orang kapir pun suka dan banyak menyertainya….

        shima, berkenaan dengan amik islamic bank untuk loan tu..awal2 hang dah silap paham ttg diskusi disini..saya kata nak play save ..menderita setahun lepas tu bahagia untuk 19 tahun..tak kira la 50k even 200k pun….saya rasa setakat ni..takder loan untuk asb yang leh lawan rhb…kuang kuang…

        apapun saya just kongsi jer..sebab cadang nak amik….dan mungkin amik jugak…

        dah mufti sepakat do..haram tetap haram..halal tetap halal..

        ustaz zaharudin tu pakar dalam bidang islamic finance…

        kekadang jangan guna akal sahaja…sebab kita ada quran hadis..ustaz2 mufti2…nak kira macamtu nak dapat projek semua pakai rasuah…habis terpaksa buat benda haram ker dalam keadaan ekonomi sekarang..

        tengok PUNB sendiri leh bagi sampai 1 juta punya loan pun…ikut islamic lagi…part mana yang kata tak leh maju….

  309. #337 by Shima on July 5, 2008 - 4:11 pm

    Oleh itu ambil la Islamic loan.

  310. #338 by masavg333 on July 6, 2008 - 8:09 pm

    islamik loan…? ok laaa kan..kalo bukan orang islam yg ambik..sapa lagi nak sokong. sy skarang maintain simpan rm800 sebulan kat ASB.tapi memang disiplin payah.salah satunya beratur kat bank la.makcik2 dari kampung pon sibuk nak berurusan ngan ASB. sabar je lah..kalo pegi pejabat pos..ah aku surender dulu.aku pi CIMB ok skit.

  311. #339 by Awi on July 9, 2008 - 4:31 pm

    Sya nak ucapkan TQ pada Shima ttg info interest rate BSN tu. Nak kongsi sikit dgn semua…sebetulnya saya nak bli rumah secara cash harga rumah apartment RM46K, tapi sayanglah pulak nak beri duit simpanan bulat2 utk bli rumah. Sya pun simpanlah sikit2 dlm ASB…lepas bbrp j/masa sya convertkan ke sijil dan apply loan BSN utk dptkan duit cash. Duit cash tu sya gunakan utk bli apartmen tsbt secara cash dan ada extra pulak….so, sya masukkan yg extra tu dlm ASB supaya bertambah lagi simpanan. Sya pun ambil loan utk 5 thn sje. Selepas 5 thn nanti sya akan ada saving dlm ASB + apartment yg mgkn harganya meningkat. Kalau sanggup ambil risiko….cagarkan pulak apartmnt tu dan dptkan cash utk rolling buat bli ASB dan rumah lagi. Kesimpulannya w/pun mgkn kita cuma ada 50K, tapi dlm j/masa 5 thn tak mustahil boleh bli rumah 2-3 bijik + ada simpanan dlm ASB lagi.

    Bab konvensional atau Islamic loan ni sya nak share my experience. Last time, I applied for an islamic loan but their interest rate was just too high compared dgn konvensional loan. Lepas tu plak, siling limit sama je antara konvensional dgn islamic iaitu 9%…kita sbgai pengguna pastinya tak sukakan penindasan habis tu kalau what so called islamic loan tinggi sgt interestnya, susahlah macam ni…Zaman la ni tak ada kehidupan kita yg lari dari riba..tapi kalau boleh dielakkan mana2 yg perlu tu usahakanlah.

  312. #340 by myobsd on July 10, 2008 - 12:39 am

    amik islamic bsn..kompirm gang tak leh nak play save nyer..paling kuat pun 10 tahun jer tempoh bayaran balik…lagipun diaorang mana ader skim untuk simpan asb..pikir pikirkan…

  313. #341 by Awi on July 10, 2008 - 8:34 am

    Nak buat pinjaman tak leh lama2…nanti interest makin tinggi. Melalui sandaran ASB…BSN punya rate 4.5% for 3 -5 thn and 5% for 6-10 thn…tak ada BLR issue kat sini. Lepas tu boleh ambil insuran kut2 utk cover if something happen pd kita. Sya rasa lebih rndah dari mana2 bank lain.

  314. #342 by Shima on July 10, 2008 - 8:53 am

    BSN loan sy kena interest fix 4% je utk 5 tahun dan ada insurance cover.Kenapa En. Awi punye ada beza sikit? Dah tukar skim ke? Sy sebenarnya menyokong En. Awi dan byk sudah sy sarankan kpd org lain supaya dpt membuat simpanan ASB lebih baik dr monthly deduction saving. Ttg BSN tak ada kemudahan perkhidmatan ASB tu, senang je. Keluar duit melalui cek, masukkan cek ke ASB. Skrg cek dah diterima oleh PNB dan bank2 yg bertindak sbg agen. Ada kemahuan ada jalan.

    Sy pernah terbaca satu rencana dr pensyarah dr slah satu universiti di Malaysia ni, yg mengatakan islamic loan tu tak islamik sebab byk benda yg tersirat yg tidak telus, disamping service charge (yg menggantikan interest) yg terlampau tinggi. Wallahuallam.

    • #343 by mydoc on July 10, 2008 - 9:19 am

      please lah… stop sarankan orang lain amik loan for asb. kurang untung. monthly deduction lagi untung untuk asb. simple logik jek. kalau buat loan, untung kita share dengan bank pemiutang. kalau kita simpan biasa, bank tak dapat apa. bank tak suka org simpan compare to orang buat loan. in their book, our monthly saving is their reliability.

      • #344 by norisa on July 10, 2008 - 1:12 pm

        I agree.especially dalam zaman ekonomi sekarang, simpan le sikit2 lebih berkat. Soal disiplin, takkanlah dah dewasa dan tua2 pun masih tak boleh displinkan diri untuk menyimpan. SETIAP SEN BERNILAI…Berhutang untuk menyimpan memang tak perlu. Anyway, this is my own personal view…

  315. #345 by Awi on July 10, 2008 - 3:24 pm

    Pn Shima,
    Setahu sya 4% utk sandaran SSP, tapi utk ASB dikenakan 4.5%. Berdasarkan info yg Pn Shima beri tempohari rasanya RM1552 yg dikenakan pd Pn tu adalah interest rate bagi 4.5%.
    Cuma matlamat sya dgn Pn Shima mgkn berbeza sbb beliau cagarkan sijil utk dptkan cash dan masukkan balik duit ke dlm ASB. Ttpi, sya cagarkan sijil utk dptkan cash bagi membeli rumah secara cash. Lepas bli secara cash, sya blh refinance rumah dgn market price utk dptkan extra money dan laburkan balik ke dlm ASB. Cukup 5 thn, duit dlm ASB bertambah dan rumah pun dpt sebijik. Alkisahnya…..

  316. #346 by milshah on July 14, 2008 - 10:42 pm

    Hi All,

    I’ve been reading this website for quite some time now (more than a year!) and this is my first comment.

    Congrats to Irwan on a very interesting topic.

    I too am considering on loan vs conventional method for ASB.

    The way I see it, making a ASB loan is just a way of making the banks more richer.

    Financial freedom means making yourself wealthier not the bank. Always remember your financial goal.

    I know we are mesmerized with the dividend we get if make ASB loan but remember also the interest costs. Basically you are sharing your dividend profit with the bank by making a loan and the bank get a big chunk out of that dividend. Sometime you even have to pay extra to the bank as the dividend doesn’t cover the yearly installments!

    I would suggest especially for the fresh grads to take start savings now! The trick is to start saving at an early age. If you start saving say at age 20, 20 years down the road you’ll be only 40yrs. Any amount of savings in 20 yrs (even as low as RM100 p.m) due to the compounding effect will get you a very large amount in the end.

    For me (already 29 old yrs), my strategy would be to take any savings I can make and dump it in ASB plus my yearly bonus.

    I’m comfortable of saving RM1k a month and increase it by RM100 each year in line with salary increment. The same goes for salary bonus, from starting RM5k and increase by RM1k each year.

    In 5 yrs, total cash balance is RM122k. I know it not RM1 million but :

    1) Had I not start the savings now, I wouldn’t have that RM122k five years into the future

    2) The dividends earned is 100% mine and not shared (or taken away!) by the bank.

    3) You can buy a lot of things with RM122k in hand, plus you still have your salary and bonus which is continuing to increase as well.

    Base on comments, I know there are alot of computations and I’m not saying its wrong, but it would be interesting for all of us here if someone actually made it big in ASB investment and share the experience with us.

    Well, thats my opinion

  317. #347 by zigg on July 17, 2008 - 12:14 pm

    I am in the opinion that Islamic loan in Malaysia is rather unjustifiable and sometimes burdening than conservational loan. Matlamat tak menghalalkan cara (sila kira sendiri) total conservative loan and islamic loan comparison with a loan tenure say i.e. (20 -30 years) with most banks and I’m sure in general you will agree with that. The only good thing about Islamic loan it does not fluctuate with the BLR, well…duh…that’s part of the principle. Note: I’m refering to housing loan.

    Although i strongly believe, that the interest = (kononnya lam Islamic loan bukan panggei interest pasal cara kiranya lain but hey, kami ni bukannya bukan bodo cam lu la faklah!) charge in Islamic loan SHOULD be lower than conservative loan, pasal matlamatnya untuk menolong bukan membebankan atau mempergunakan ia atas nama agama kononnya ia Islamic and bank hanya charge based on fee sahaja (x amik untung) or whatever bullshit.

    Even my jiran ex-bank bank negara staff pon agree than Islamic loan tuh bullshit pasai yg buat pon org kapir, apa dia tau masalah org islam and sebab musabab hukum hakam dia.

    BUT politically I guess the current government have to push for it bcoz thay want the FDI money from Arab league (to promote Islamic banking here) and well, bank conventional mana yg taknak kalo dah untung berlipat ganda dr conventional interest currently. Pikir2 kan lah.

    If it was me, I would choose those that give lowest interest rate and fix (not fluctuate)… some conventional loans now do have it.

    So to me islamic loan ka conventional loan ka, can kiss my a** goodbye until i received a better interest rate that would benefited me the most.

    Don’t be blind by the word Islamic or conventional. Kalo ikut hukum asal, not even 1 cent should be changed ke atas pemiutang!

  318. #348 by Irwan on July 17, 2008 - 3:03 pm

    as far as i know, the interest rate in islamic loan is fixed compared to conventional loan. Thus, to hedge towards volatile market rate (BLR?), the fixed rate has to be set higher. So it’s expected that conventional loan to be lower as they have leeway of adjustment in case they want to raise it in the future. Whereas, islamic loan is fixed towards the completion of the loan.

    utk menggunakan name islamic dlm loan, loan tu perlu mendapatkan kelulusan dr pihak syariah agama islam utk menjamin ia bebas dr riba. tp klo riba tu x mendatangkan maksud ape pun, blh lah amik the lowest interest rate.

  319. #349 by Thinkerich on July 17, 2008 - 7:22 pm



    Apa khabar..!

    Pertama kali saya nak ucapkan tahniah kpd saudara kerana telah mewujudkan satu perbincangan yang baik berkaitan ASB.

    Saya ingin bertanya tentang ‘minimum balance’ dan ‘minimum monthly balance’ yang digunakan bagi kiraan dividend dan bonus ASB…apakah yang dimaksudkannya?

    Apakah ianya bermaksud baki terendah yang ada dalam simpanan ASB pelabur setiap bulan..

    e.g : Minimum Monthly Balance (for bonus calculation)

    11/1/07 balance RM10,000
    23/1/07 sell RM3,000 balance RM8,000
    29/1/07 buy RM1,000 balance RM9,000

    Adakah minimum monthly balance yang dikira RM8,000 atau bagaimana?

    e.g : Minimum Balance (for Dividend calculation)

    31/1/07 balance RM9,000
    15/8/07 sell RM5,000 balance RM4,000
    8/11/07 buy RM3,000 balance RM7,000
    31/12/07 sell RM2,000.00 balance RM9,000

    Adakah minimum balance yang dikira RM4,000 atau bagaimana?


    Salam kekayaan,


    • #350 by Irwan on July 17, 2008 - 10:52 pm

      utk soalan first, 8k ialah minimum balance utk bulan 1,

      utk 2nd soalan, bulan 1-7, min bal = 9k
      bulan 8-11 4k,
      bulan 12 9k,

      utk kire dividend stiap bulan, bahagi yearly dividen dgn 12, pastu darab dgn minimum balance stiap bulan.

  320. #351 by cempaka on July 22, 2008 - 9:51 pm

    salam..saya nak tanye kalo saya nak tukar asb loan dari Rm211 selama 20 thn ke nilai terendah bleh tak..sebab saya dah dapat surat tapi keaadaan saya tidak mengizinkan dan orang2 maybank yg saye tanye tak mesra pelanggan lansung..dorang ckp takboleh..boleh tak saye anta surat

  321. #352 by on July 25, 2008 - 5:12 pm

    all in all is about discipline. you dont need banks keep reminding you to save RM in ASB. get over it and start making MORE but pushing your own self.

  322. #353 by Lynn on August 6, 2008 - 4:30 pm

    Hi! Just join this discussion. Really hope that you could clear my blurry vision on this loan thingy πŸ™‚

    – I did made saving to my ASB account via my salary (potong gaji) for RM300 per month. Some friends advised me to take up the ASB loan for say RM10k, therefore at the end of a year I’ll get the bonus from that RM10k, in which if it depends on my RM300/month = RM3600 per year, only. So should I take up the loan (and pays for the bank interest?), or just made the potongan gaji as what I currently subscribed to.

    I just few months working, and just slowly learn about this investing, thus wish you could help me wih this ‘thing!’

    TQ much2!!!

  323. #354 by masavg_kenji on August 6, 2008 - 5:32 pm

    is there some of you have study load such as PTPTN? ok which is better if every month i have spare my money RM 1000, and will put some of in ASB and some will be PTPTN, so which one? 800 to ASB, 200 to ptptn? or 1:1? 1:3?

    p/s : am i at a wrong place to ask?

  324. #355 by Naywaeh on August 7, 2008 - 4:55 pm

    Assalamualaikum + salam sejahtera,
    Aku jadi pening bila terbaca komen2 korang tentang pelaburan ASB ni terutamanya yang membandingkan antara pelaburan ASB melalui pinjaman dengan pelaburan ASB tanpa pinjaman.Aku jadi risau pelan pelaburan yang aku buat ni akan merugikan aku,lebih risau lagi bila terbaca komen2 korang tentang pro kontra pelaburan ASB ni, padahal aku dah konfiden betul dengan pelan pelaburan yang aku buat ni, yang bagi aku nampak menguntungkan aku untuk jangkamasa sehingga 2012 (pelaburan ASB selama 5 tahun melalui pinjaman RHB Bank).So, jika ada sesiapa yang nak beri komen untuk membantu menjelaskan lagi kedudukan pelaburan aku ni, silalah bantu untuk hilangkan kerisauan aku. Tolong lah ya!
    Begini, aku buat pinjaman ASB (ASB Loan di RHB Bank) berjumlah RM90,000 dengan bayaran bulanan sebanyak RM1720 untuk tempoh selama 5 tahun mulai 2008-2012. Mengikut perkiraan aku, setelah tamat tempoh 5 tahun, jumlah terkumpul duit pelaburan aku, termasuk dividen atau bonus setiap tahun yang tak ku usik dan duit sedia ada dalam buku ASB aku yang berjumlah RM16,000 sekarang ni ialah tidak kurang dari RM160,000. Ringkasnya, setelah berakhir tahun 2012, semua jumlah duit terkumpul yang ada dalam buku ASB aku ialah tidak kurang dari RM160,000.Betul tak?
    Sebelum tu, aku pernah merancang membuat pelaburan ASB tanpa buat pinjaman iaitu menabung setiap bulan dengan jumlah yang lebih kurang iaitu RM1800, tetapi setelah aku buat perkiraan, jumlah terkumpul jauh kurang dari apa yang aku peroleh dengan membuat pelaburan secara pinjaman.
    Apa yang aku faham ialah, pelaburan ASB melalui pinjaman bank lebih menguntungkan kerana dividen dan bonus dibayar kepada pelabur berasaskan jumlah pinjaman (capital) iaitu berdasarkan kes aku tadi berjumlah RM90,000 bagi tahun pertama, untuk tahun kedua dan seterusnya, dividen dan bonus dibayar berasaskan jumlah terkini yang terdapat dalam buku ASB aku (jumlah capital dan bonus/dividen yang terkumpul).Betul tak aku cakap ni?
    Sementara itu, sekiranya aku melabur dalam ASB melalui simpanan setiap bulan, e.g. RM1800 setiap bulan, maka dividen dan bonus yang aku peroleh adalah berdasarkan jumlah terkini yang terdapat d alam buku ASB aku. Betul tak?

    a. ASB Loan
    RM90,000 X 7% = RM6300 setahun
    b. ASB simpanan sendiri setiap bulan
    RM1800 X 0.7% = RM12.60 (Bulan 1)
    RM3600 + RM12.60 X 0.7% = RM25.80 (Bulan 2)
    Begitu perkiraan seterusnya sehingga bulan
    ke-12, so, jumlah terkumpul jauh kurang dari
    cara a di atas.

    Sekiranya, terdapat mana2 kesilapan pada statement aku di ruangan ini, tolonglah bantu aku agar aku tak menyesal di kemudian hari kerana dianiaya oleh pihak2 yang mencari keuntungan tanpa memikirkan untung rugi pihak lain. Sekian. Wassallam.

  325. #356 by AGG on August 8, 2008 - 6:11 pm

    Hi, how are you all. Please allow me to share some of my opinion regarding the issue.

    I think maybe for long term yeah it sound profitable for this kind of sheme. I’ve been offered once but what make me against the idea is if we look at the ending, we are actually paying more money to bank for the interest. Just let say total interest paid for 5 years maybe RM xx amount. For me I rather put that amount to other investment fund or top up my ASB later rather than give it to the bank without no reasons. I kinda play safe person actually.
    At least I still can smile without thinking of so much bank loans in this life. And if you are Muslim, ASB is a shariah compliance nowadays and by taking a loan for this investment, if it’s coming from a convensional bank than the status of the investment itself will turn to non-shariah, which mean the returns is Haram. Well that’s my view for this time. At the end, it’s actually up to individual choice then.

  326. #357 by Aeza on August 12, 2008 - 3:51 pm

    Naywaeh, kita serupa, aku pun wat loan cam hang gak but lesser. Namum pemikiran kita serupa jadi aku sokong sangat kesimpulan yang hang bagi tu. Bagi aku tak rugi langsung ambil loan untuk melabur ASB nih. Nak tunggu kita kumpul sedebuk cam tu bertahun-tahun kan. Ni cara singkat. Interest tu masih berbaloi berbanding keuntungan akan datang.

  327. #358 by munet on August 20, 2008 - 6:43 pm

    so,rugi ker x wat loan ni?
    saya dh stat konfius.
    masa mula2 ambilloan asb-maybank ni igtkan boleh kluar,tp dia lebih kpd simpanan dan pelaburan…
    then terbaca palk blog ni,rsa sangsi la plak..

  328. #359 by siti on August 25, 2008 - 1:46 pm

    Assalamualaku dan selamat sejahtera,

    Saya nak tanye,boleh ke cancel asb loan lepas setahun.Cmner caranye ye.Sebab rase cam rugi plak la.Bape banyak bank ambil duit if cancel asb loan ye.Wassalam..

  329. #360 by Yus on September 19, 2008 - 10:38 pm


    tak rugi long as dividend asb lebih dr interest loan yg kau buat..yg merisaukan nyer sbb kite x tau dividend utk taun2 akan datang brape..mane tau next year dividen sket ke..cara terbaik ialah jgn buat loan lame2..sbb kite x tau ape akan jadi in future..

  330. #361 by siti on September 30, 2008 - 2:28 pm

    salam,saye baru start bayar loan asb bulan2 sebanyak RM211 sebulan.Tapi kalau nak cancel bulan 1 thn depan bape banyak amaun yang bank tolak ye.Coz saye nak cancel bln ni tapi staff maybank kate nt kene bayar balik duit kat bank lg banyak.Betol ke…

  331. #362 by MR WARREN BUFFET on September 30, 2008 - 8:43 pm

    Good morning my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am Mr Warren Buffet, The MD/CEO of the new Warren Buffet Financial Company.I have been certified and accredited to help people that need financing by lending them loans at a low interest rate. I am a very rich man and i have decided to set up a loan company so that i can loan money to people in need of financial assistance at 3% interest rate. Do you have a bad credit and need any kind of loan? Please write with the below information. After the reply, you will be sent a loan application form to fill. (There are no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I hope you will allow me to be of service to you. Sincerely. Contact us via email: ( with the Applicant Information below:
    Full Name;
    Amount Needed;
    Monthly Income:

  332. #363 by dominic on October 3, 2008 - 7:58 am

    saya mau tanya mana satu bagus beli rumah dan sewa untuk invest atau simpan wang dalam asb…

  333. #364 by corazon on October 4, 2008 - 1:35 pm

    Nak tambah sikit,jika kita menyimpan menggunakan khidmat bank,kita akan dikenakan caj MRTA.Dan caj ini penting sekiranya apa2 perkara yang berlaku keatas diri kita,insurans akan membayar pampasan berbanding jika kita memilih menyimpan secara biasa.Walaupun kita baru membayar pada bulan,terpulang pada cara dan idea masing2 dalam cara simpanan anda..kdg2 kita target duit terlampau jauh,tp kita tidak tahu umur kita sampai least family kita merasa harta peninggalan kita..

  334. #365 by junkredish on October 6, 2008 - 4:21 am

    nk tny,

    sya ada buat loan ASB 15k selama 20 taun, byar 110sebulan. mula sept2007. ingat nk cancel loan ni

    klu sya cancel nnt kna byr ke hutang yg belum abis dibayar tu? ataupun mcm mana ?


  335. #366 by akai on October 8, 2008 - 10:12 am

    hi irwan,

    You have a very informative blog. I’m also not good in this ASB loan calculation. Im still thinkin whether to go and ask the MBB officer. Dunno whether it’s a good decision for me to invest and for my financial security.

    Considering i already have RM25K in my ASB, planning to resign and be a housewife one day,my current salary is RM2500, my debts are RM840 monthly (jpa loan+insurance+home loan).

    My objective is that upon my resignation I can earn monthly income that is enough for me to pay the debts + other survival expenses from the dividend that I might get in investing the ASB loan.

    To reach this objective, how much capital and how many years can/should I invest in the ASB loan?

    Thanks, would appreaciate if others can give feedbacks as well.

  336. #367 by akai on October 8, 2008 - 10:44 am


    buying a house is definitely better than investing in ASB provided that you bought it at a strategic location. Value of the house increases faster than investing in ASB. You can even sell the house after you have bought for a few months at higher prices. As for rental, you can earn income or only pay less to the bank loan and at the end, you already have an asset with high value. For me, buying a house is for our family benefits and ASB is for emergency plan πŸ˜‰

  337. #368 by Sid on October 8, 2008 - 4:44 pm

    Your blog is very informative Irwan, congratulations for that.

    Just to share my experience on the ASB loan, here is what I did. I took a 20k ASB loan from maybank. I do not know how much the interest is but im paying monthly rm144.
    that means annually im paying rm 1728.
    after 3 years, i will have in my asb rm25194(if dividend and bonus = 8%)
    what i do is, by the end of my 3rd year, i take out 1728 to pay for my asb loan.
    so, i only use rm5184(rm1728 x 3 years) to get rm 20k in 20 years.
    if all my calculations are correct, then i think personally its a good deal if you are looking for something long term.

    this is only my opinoin.

  338. #369 by pemuda on October 8, 2008 - 10:40 pm

    saya dapat banyak maklumat berguna drp laman web ni… boleh tak sesiapa tlg bagitau berapa nilai maks. utk simpanan di ASB. Ada yang ckap 200k. Contonhnya kalau saya simpan 200k, apa jadi lepas tu… bagaimana ngan dividen saya coz kalau tambah dah lebih 200k. Bolehtak saya biarkan 200k tu dalam akaun n ambil divedennya saja setiap tahun….Harap rakan dapat jelaskan kemuskilan saya ni nooo… time kasih

  339. #370 by adymfi on October 23, 2008 - 1:20 pm


    ASB dikira berdasarkan compund. Simpanan maksima adalah Rm200K. Dividen akan dikira berdasarkan simpanan dari bulan 1 – 12. Contoh jika tahun 2007 anda dah ada 200k bermula dari bulan januari, dan dividen akan diberi oleh PNB tahun 2008 ialah 10% anda akan dapat 220K.

    Manakala pada tahun 2009 jika awak tidak usik simpanan 210k tersebut, dan dividen pada tahun 2009 adalah 10%, maka anda akan dapat 242000. Dan begitulah juga kiraan pada tahun seterusnya sampai PNB bengkrap (harap2 tak lah ye).

    betulkan saye kalau tersilap..

  340. #371 by Hafizul on October 27, 2008 - 3:22 pm

    saya cuma nak komen sikit kepada Sid.
    Berdasarkan pengiraan saya, sekiranya anda melaburkan duit sebanyak RM 5,184 ke dalam ASB. Sekiranya faedah dan dividen adalah 8% setahun, maka selepas 20 tahun anda akan dapat sebanyak RM 22,372.59.

    Sekiranya anda melabur sebanyak RM 10,000. Anda biarkan sahaja wang tersebut di dalam ASB. Selepas 20 tahun wang anda akan menjadi sebanyak RM 43,157.00 .

  341. #372 by rezuan on November 1, 2008 - 7:59 pm

    kawan2,mari invest kat public mutual bawah public bank,nak risau apa..dah lama dah benda ni cuma orang2 kita tak tau..tanya la otai2 bab ni,terutama orang2 cina..aku ni nak sangat tolong orang2 kita ni.. PM lagi besar dividen..nak2 yang leh maintain invest bulanan..secara purata leh dapat 15% setahun..

    • #373 by nad on August 9, 2009 - 3:37 pm

      cmner nk invest kat public mutual 2

  342. #375 by lyana on November 6, 2008 - 4:06 pm

    just nak tanya..saya buat loan ASB dengan BCB tahun 2005 (skrang CIMB) rm20k.saya cuma bayar 3 bulan je n hujung 1st dividen dapat RM300++(xigt dah).pastu saya dah x bayar coz berhenti keje. CIMB dah blacklist saya.tapi lepas 3 tahun,bulan JAN tahun 2008,bila saya check buku ASB balik still ada dividen RM890++..dan saya dah keluarkan pun..knape dividen still jalan?

  343. #376 by pemuda on November 6, 2008 - 10:18 pm

    memang public mutual bagus tapi dalam ekonomi tak menentu ni…. saya syorkan penuhkan dalam asb dulu baru bermula dengan public mutual….. setelah penuh asb saya masukkan dalam 15 di public mutual….saja cuba2… buat masa sekarang saya rugi teruk tapi saya tak akan keluarkan kerana itu untuk jangka panjang n harapnya dia naik la balik…. tapi at least simpanan dalam asb terjamin untung…. berapa banyak tu nasibla…..

  344. #377 by noor on November 8, 2008 - 9:32 am

    hi irwan,saya ada ambil asb loan ni about 100k loan..monthly i have to pay 990 to the bank for 10 seems difficult for me to apply another loan because of this loan..i have another loan such as car loan and credit card as well..this is my first year and i think i want to sell it back..any suggestion?i am 26 this year..planning to buy a house which cost me about 360k..please advice me..thanks..

  345. #378 by pemuda on December 2, 2008 - 10:13 pm

    saya ada terbaca ada maklumat seperti ini…. kalau sesiapa ada idea tolong sahkan betul ke tidakmaklumat seperti di bawah(tq):

    Well It is simple. Now, let me start from the beginning. The maximun you can deposit is 200K (call this saturation point). This is not including the divident or bonus that you get. Usually you will take few years to reach the amount of RM 200K. Therefore each fiscal year you will get some extra from the divident and bonus to extend your limit (limit is deposit+ divident+bonus). Let say the divident is consistently 10%/year all the way.
    For first year if you deposited 100K on 7th Jan (and you don’t disturbed it) you will see your account at the beginning of the next year (year-2) will be RM110K right(RM 100K + 10K divident?. let say year-2 you put in another RM50K (in Jan. and don’t disturbed it). Therefore your total at end of year 2 will be RM 160K but on 2nd Jan year-3 it will be RM 176K (160+ 16K divident). Now you can still put in another RM 50K and not only RM24K to reach your saturation point. Therefore by end of year-3 you have reach your max deposit (saturation point) which is RM 200K but your actual limit now is RM 226K (RM200 [dep] + 10K [div yr 1] + 16 K [div yr-2]).
    Now from here you can’t add any more deposit coz you have reach your saturation point which is RM 200K. But your limit can still extand further each year depending on your divident and bonus. let say another 10% bonus year-4, making your limit extended to RM 248.6K. You can withdraw and/or top up your balance for that year as long you do not exceed the RM 248.6K limit. Becoz when you withdraw they will deduct it from your RM 200K deposit and not from the accumulative divident and bonus. Look at it this way. There are 2 accounts join into one. that is your deposit and your divident/bonus. the in-out will be from ur deposit account, with your divident account remain stable. Is it clear now?

  346. #379 by ameyfan on December 12, 2008 - 6:45 pm


    bdasarkan review2 di ats…
    saya ade soalan:
    pliz anyone tlg clear kn…

    1.asb loan adalah haram la kiranya???..
    2.ape2 pinjaman kt bank n ade interest pun haram ke???
    3.ade cara len x yg bgus tok dpt untung yg tgi n mlipat gandakan duet dr money saving kite tuh,…n halal dan suci kaedah tu



  347. #380 by Laila on December 17, 2008 - 4:59 pm

    kite pun mcm awk gak. dan sekadar apa yg sy tau la, kalau ada bunga tu tak boleh la dari segi hukum.
    mcm pinjaman dan akaq pembelian untuk rumah, konvensional dan islamic tu kan, nampak sama tapi tak sama.

    saya pun nak tau gak pasal utg tinggi halal dan suci.


  348. #381 by kabul on December 31, 2008 - 12:27 am


    I think take bank loan and invest in invesment product or ASB is profitable than your conventional method.

    Rational: If we take bank loan and invest in ASB. The ASB dividen is 7%. Loan interest is 6.9%. So, we totally having additional profit of 0.1%.

    Conclusion, we should find less interest of bank loan, i think, try to make personal loan which is around 5.7%. Then try to find investment product which give high return, i.e ASB (7%), CIMB islamic investment or others. then we can calculated our profit which is 1.3%.

    Business: Buy cheap, Sell expensive

  349. #382 by pijul on January 1, 2009 - 5:53 pm

    What kabul said is absolutely right. In business, the concept is always Buy cheap, Sell expensive! Don’t you people get it…? Use your brain!! Don’t use Pak Lah brain!!!

  350. #383 by kokai on January 20, 2009 - 10:24 am


    i think everyone can make assumption, simulation, projection, based on our knowledge. Let’s hear from those who had the experience in investing ASB Loan for 5 years or 20 years perhaps? They would probably could share the goods and bads of ASB Loan.. and in what way we can benefit the ASB Loan.. In my opinion, if someone who’d planned to retire early can benefit this provided you put in much capital and let the money works for you. You dont need to save every month until age of 55 years old in order to get the returns of ASB. There’s a win-win situation between us and the bank. Irwan, pls correct me if im wrong. :>

  351. #384 by kokai on January 20, 2009 - 10:34 am

    do u know any bank that offers fixed interest rate/mnthly payment for this ASB Loan?

  352. #385 by pijul on January 25, 2009 - 1:21 am

    i have took loan for 5 yrs now, and from what i can see, after 1 year of investing, the dividen can pay back your loan. But i have no intention to take the dividen out. Just let the money grow and you may surprise of what they will become in future. Believe it or not, 200000 will become 1 million in 20 yrs! enough spending after your retirement for 7k-8k per month. That is in fact, you did not touch your 1 million. That is my goal.

    ps…. BLR now become low (5.75% in this february. U can take a look at any bank. My suggestion – CIMB)

    • #386 by ju on May 13, 2009 - 12:01 pm

      I totally agree with you. I joined the scheme 4 years ago and I believe I can be a millionaire by the age of 50 πŸ™‚ BTW I’m 34 now.

  353. #387 by Deeno on January 28, 2009 - 11:58 pm

    Benda ni kene melalui paksaan. Latih diri pergi bank simpan sikit2 dlm asb setiap bulan.

    X perlu ambik loan.

  354. #388 by pijul on February 1, 2009 - 1:32 am

    1 perkara utk renungan semua….. pinjaman ASB adalah penting utk seseorang yg memikirkan masa depannya (bila dah pencen). Jumlah selepas loan (say 20 thn) dari pinjaman adalah melebihi dari simpan tiap2 bulan….. Bila seseorang itu plan mengeluarkan ASBnya setiap bulan (lepas pencen), jumlah yg dpt dikeluarkan selepas buat loan adalah lebih besar dari simpan bulan2 masa dia kerja dulu. Itu adalah matlamat yg patut ada bagi sapa2 yg ambik loan. Jgn dok ambik loan tak pakai otak, jgn ikut org jer….

  355. #389 by lompong on February 1, 2009 - 6:48 am

    memang betul apa yg dicakapkan oleh pijul. Fikirkan apa matlamat anda untuk masa depan kewangan anda sebelum meneruskan langkah seterusnya……

  356. #390 by joel on February 4, 2009 - 3:16 pm

    Guys, my 2 cents.

    I believe taking a loan for ASB is definately more profitable compared to the ‘conventional’ saving method although through calculations, you will most likely have to fork out your own cash for the first 1/2 years before you receive your dividend+bonus and make some profit.

    As an example, for a 200k loan (20 years), one would expect to pay around 1.4 – 1.5k a month to service the loan which sums up to be 18,000 a year. Say the dividend+bonus for the year is at 8% average.

    In a Nutshell – Year, 1 200,000 x 0.08 = 16,000
    2 216,000 x 0.08 = 17,280
    3 233280 x 0.08 = 18,662

    and so on for the next 20 years. if the big picture is looked on, you would get 863,140.21 if you dont touch your yearly income of ASB dividend. Now, compared to investing 1500 everymonth for 20 years, that would only come up to half of what you would get from ASB loan (1500x12x20 = 360,000)

    Many might think i cant afford RM1500/month. Fine, start off with a smaller loan amount to kick start your investment. Besides, when the bank tells you its X amount of years, its usually does not take that long to fully finance the loan. *depending on BLR.

    This is the otherside of the beachball which some people may miss. Hope this post proves useful for you guys.


  357. #391 by hannah on February 7, 2009 - 3:57 am

    hye people,
    i hope somebody could clear up my mind.
    i am actually just getting involved with this loan and asb thingy and seriously after reading half way of all this comment, i feel a bit scared.
    i took loan from maybank of 50k for 25 years and will be paying rm298 monthly.
    and what made me worries now, when i heard people said that ‘maybank byk problem’ and ‘ramai org kene tipu’
    oh no! is that true?
    is there any advice for me?
    im in confusion state now whether to cancel or just to proceed. or can i change to another bank? and which bank is better? or itu cume sekadar cakap2 org? hmmm…
    i really hope for a reply soon, so that i can still have time to make decision since i’ll be flying back to australia nextweek.
    thank you people.

  358. #392 by lydia on February 17, 2009 - 12:08 pm

    kpd sesiapa yg blh membantu..
    sy bekerja bru 6bln,,basic salary selepas tolak epf n socso loan n komitmen yg len2 mbolehkn sy menyimpan lebey kurang rm400 sbln..skang sy nk wat asb masih was2..krn tkut akn komitmen..sbg anak sulung membantu family merupakn komitmen sy yg dlm pd masa yg sama sy igin mnyimpan tuk masa dpn sy sndr..
    ada sesiapa yg ign berkongsi pnjg lebar ttg pengalaman atau nasehat blh email di

  359. #393 by mat on March 5, 2009 - 12:12 am

    one thhing i dont understand..adakah sijil dikira sama dengan profit kita dpt untuk next year?
    lets say..asb loan 20k.. then 1st year get a profit..then 2nd second year profit based on total 20k+1st profit or just 20k based certifct??help me??

    • #394 by Irwan on March 5, 2009 - 2:35 am

      The purpose of sijil is to be a kind of collateral. It doesn’t mean that the money/investment is fixed for the amount of the certificate. It’s just to show to whom it might concern that you have the money inside it.

      So i think, you will get the dividend of 20k+1st profit for the second year.

  360. #395 by syuhada on March 11, 2009 - 9:09 pm

    saya baru apply loan ASB from saya rm20k for 20 years. Monthly RM132.

    harga belian saya RM20000 + RM293 (insurans).
    harga jualan pula rm47,059.60. Ape maksud harga jualan?

    Lagi 1, ape maksud Kadar Pembiayaan Asas (KPA).

  361. #396 by syida on April 8, 2009 - 12:25 am

    rasanya harga jualan tu = total investment + interest + insurans

    Kadar pembiayaan asas (KPA) / Base Lending Rate (BLR) = Rate minimum yg ditetapkan bank negara, tak fixed tp jarang berubah.. latest baru ubah dari 6.75% utk beberapa tahun lepas kepada 5.55% sejak Mac 2009. Loan rate yg sedia ada akan based on rate ni, tak kira lah KPA – X% atau KPA + X%.

  362. #397 by arnas on April 24, 2009 - 3:48 pm

    hi,saya dari sabah ,suami saya ada buat loan ASB rm30k masa dia kerja di semenanjung, memang buat loan untuk masa hadapanlah…tapi saya jadi takut kalau rugi….than sejak pindah sabah 1 tahun yg lalu ,statement tidak pernah sampai kpd kami,jadi kami tidak tahu perkembangan pelaburan yg kami buat.kami sudah buat laporan dgn maybank sabah tapi dia tidak pasti bila boleh dapat.

  363. #398 by shafree on May 3, 2009 - 10:35 pm



  364. #399 by adeq on May 17, 2009 - 1:26 pm

    Saya cuba jelaskan sedikit berkenaan dengan accumulated dividend yang agak memeningkan kepala kepada investor2 baru.

    Maximum capital as at today is 200,000 RM.

    Maksudnya, kepada pelabur baru maximum unit anda yang boleh dibeli adalah 200,000 unit @ 200, 000 RM.

    Jika anda mula melabur pada hari ini, dan kononnya dividend ASB 7% pada tahun 2009, maka simple calculation;

    Kiraan dividend 2009 = 200,000RM * 0.07 * 6/12 (pro-rata jun-dec)
    = 7,000RM

    Jadi untuk tahun 2010, maximum unit untuk pelabur tadi adalah = 200,000RM + 7,000RM = 207,000RM

    Untuk kiraan dividen 2010 = 207,000RM * 0.07
    = 14,490RM
    Jadi maximum unit dalam ASB pelabur adalah;
    = 207,000RM + 14,490RM
    = 221,490RM

    Maximum unit bertambah disebabkan accumulated dividend.

    Walaupun bila-bila masa, pelabur mungkin akan ada membuat pengeluaran, the maximum unit masih 221,490RM.

    Dan kiraan maximum unit akan bertambah setiap tahun sekiranya pelabur tidak membuat pengeluaran.

    Disebabkan ini, ada pelabur ASB mempunyai nilai ASB hampir mencecah jutaan RM, kerana pelabur itu telah memenuhkan akaun pelaburan sejak tahun permulaan ASB (1981).

    Maaf jika saya salah. Hanya berkongsi apa yang saya tahu.

  365. #400 by bangLONG bukan ahLONG on May 26, 2009 - 1:23 am

    the power of compound interest!

  366. #401 by sulaiman on May 30, 2009 - 9:41 pm

    pengalaman saya..awal thn 2009 ambil 200k asb loan kat maybank utk wife,dapat rate -1.65% blr 1st 3 year,selepasnya -1.5%…ambil 20thn mungkin exit lepas masa tu 3thn dah ada sekurang2nya 70k,,or 5thn ada 120k..bebaskan diri dari bank ambil nilai diatas tadi masuk asb balik,bayar bulan2 macam biasa lebih berbaloi&menguntungkan….
    skang dgn khabar cimb bagi rate lagi best 1.75% utk 5thn kalau tak silap….

    ok itu utk wife..tetapi untuk aku memandangkan ada modal 70k..aku try labur klse dgn pengetahuan minima,bulan pertama aku dapat 5% untung..masuk bulan kedua ada sekitar 20% pasal dah pandai sikit,kini baru dua bulan dapat 25%…

    so cadangan aku kalau ada modal masuk klse lebih berbaloi!..jika forex org kata dlm 100 org..95 org gagal..klse dlm 100 org mungkin hanya 10 org gagal/rugi,dgn syarat jgn tamak,jgn main kontra yg guna duit margin/bank..ketahui beberapa larangan,perangkap dan selalu hubungi ejen bank sebelum beli mana2 kaunter…ramaikan contact yg main klse…sayapun tenggah slow2 ikut cara ini.

  367. #402 by Agnes on June 3, 2009 - 4:37 pm

    oh God…the more i read about this topic the more i get headache…actually i plan to take maybank loan for ASB but i found out more cons than pros hence i decide better for us to just save our own money to ASB without loan…

  368. #403 by sulaiman1 on June 5, 2009 - 8:32 pm

    ASB loan mmg menguntungkan kpd mereka yg baru nak start menyimpan dari zero…dgn loan 200k..lepas setahun anda dpt 15-16k dividen&bonus campur lagi yg tak nampak prinsipal yg berjumlah sekitar 6k…adakah bulanan yg sama(rm1300.00) anda dapat itu semua?…
    lepas 3-5thn exitlah masa tu dah nampak 70-110k..masa ni baru sesuai rutin labur tanpa loan…

  369. #404 by yg pening on June 15, 2009 - 3:49 pm

    aduihhhhhh peninggggggggg
    skrg ni ok ke tak kalau nk labur asb loan? tu je nk tau
    lain2 yg memening kan tak mau tau

  370. #405 by sal on June 21, 2009 - 6:17 pm

    Kalau nak tau cuba la experiment sendiri 10k 4 tahun….then you may feel it…

  371. #406 by sal on June 21, 2009 - 7:38 pm

    Sebenarnya ramai orang tidak tahu hakikat sebenar Pinjaman Peribadi (Personal Loan) ni. Kalau personal loan itu dikira secara straight-calculation (seperti pinjaman kereta yang mempunyai fixed-interest), interest sebenar yang dicaj tidak sama dengan interest yang dipamerkan.

    Pinjaman untuk 5 tahun pada 7.05%
    Interest sebenar pada kadar APR = 12.6%

    Pinjaman untuk 7 tahun pada 7.55%
    Interest sebenar pada kadar APR = 13%

    Walaupun nama pinjaman Islamik, pengiraan semua cara konvensional. Masalahnya, walaupun di dalam surat perjanjian ada tercatat interest sebenar dikira mengikut APR (Annual Percentage Rate), sesetengah bank tidak telus dengan TIDAK menyatakan kadar interest sebenar ini semasa berurusan dengan pelanggan. Sebaliknya mereka mengguna published rate 7.05% & 7.55% sehingga membuatkan pelanggan seperti anda menyangka mendapat faedah pinjaman peribadi yang rendah seperti pinjaman ASB Loan yang berasaskan kadar BLR 7%.

    Kalau melabur ke ASB guna personal loan pada kadar interest 12-13% setahun, dan duit itu tadi dilabur dalam ASB yang cuma beri 7-8% setahun, nampak seperti tidak rasional. Sebaik-baik pelaburan adalah guna duit sendiri, dan bukannya dengan duit yang dipinjam (duit hutang).

    Katakanlah anda pinjam RM 10,000 pada kadar 7.05% untuk 5 tahun. Interest sebenar 12.6% dan bayaran bulanan adalah RM 226 . Jumlah pembayaran selepas 60 bulan = RM 13,560.

    Simpan duit RM10,000 itu dalam ASB yang beri faedah 7% setahun. Selepas 5 tahun, ia menjadi RM 14,025, dengan syarat dividen ASB dilabur semula.

    Keuntungan yang anda dapat selepas 5 tahun bersusah payah bayar pinjaman
    = RM 14,025 – RM 13,560 = RM 465 sahaja.

    Alternatively, kalau anda simpan RM226 sebulan dalam ASB yang beri 7% setahun untuk 5 tahun,
    Total Contribution = RM 13,560
    Total Investment Value selepas 5 tahun menabung = RM 16,274.

    As you can see, menabung dengan duit sendiri sebenarnya lebih untung, kerana pulangan lebih tinggi dan pulangan tersebut anda dapat bersih, tanpa disapu oleh pihak bank melalui interest yang dikenakan ke atas pinjaman peribadi ada. Masalah disiplin atau tidak, sebenarnya adalah isu peribadi. Mengapa bila berhutang boleh disiplin bayar RM226 sebulan tanpa gagal, sedangkan jika menyimpan RM226 sebulan anda akan dapat lebih dari itu?

  372. #407 by sulaiman on June 22, 2009 - 3:37 pm

    adalah kurang bijak melabur dlm loan asb dgn cara meminjam personal loan..yg sah menguntungkan adalah asb loan bayar pakai duit gaji etc anggap sebagai menyimpan,ini lebih menguntungkan drpd simpan bulan2 tanpa loan,dgn syarat baru nak start menyimpan dlm bank masih sgt minima atau kosong…
    ambil pinjaman 20thn exit 3thn….baca tulisan saya yg lepas…
    jadi kalau ada yg bertanya untungkah loan asb jawapannya mmg untung terutama kpd mereka yg tiada simpanan lansung!
    sebab itu saya berani ambilkan utk isteri asb loan 200k.

  373. #408 by ashriq on June 26, 2009 - 9:33 am

    Kepada yg berminat untuk buat pijaman,sila lah buat.tapi jangan lah harap selepas 20 tahun dividen akan terus naik tapi akan semakin menurun berlawanan dengan peningkatan bumiputra.

    Asb bermula pada tahun 1981,10 tahun pertama pendapatan dividen adalah 20 % tetapi 10 tahun kedua berkurrangkepada 10 peratus,

    dan 10 tahun kemudian nya berkurang kepada 8 peratus.
    iaitu tahun 2000 hingga 2009.

    jadi kepada pelabur bumiputra jangan lah berharap pelaburan ASB akan bawa untung tetapi anggap lah sebagai insuran kematian yg dapat membantu keluarga anda jika berlaku sesuatu kepada anda…

    saya menjangkakan pelaburan ASB akan menurun sekitar 6 peratus 10 tahun mendatang berdasarkan statistik 30tahun yg diambil…

    harap pelabur semua bersedia bayar lebih hutang…anggap sebagai insuran

  374. #409 by rompin on June 26, 2009 - 5:29 pm

    oklah tu…insuran nyawa dpt..duit yg labur 100% dpt selain untung walaupun sikit…bank untung kitapun untung….

  375. #410 by zainah on June 28, 2009 - 5:44 pm

    anda semua beruntung labur di asb saya labur dlm unit trust semasa tahun lepas masih rugi kalau jual sekarang..berbabnding asb anytime boleh keluarkan malah dpt dividen.

  376. #411 by su on July 11, 2009 - 9:01 pm

    contohnya sa guna duit sendiri labur dalam ASB


    lepas 20 thn, berapa saya dpt?

    please tlng kira kn
    guna rates 2009

  377. #412 by su on July 11, 2009 - 9:04 pm

    contohnya sa guna duit sendiri labur dalam ASB


    lepas 20 thn, berapa saya dpt?

    please tlng kira kn
    guna rates 2009
    dn dalam ms 20 thn saya tidak mengambil keluar satu sen pn.

    • #413 by zak on July 12, 2009 - 8:26 pm

      kalau dah ada dlm tangan 200k…asb atau asb loan adalah pilihan terakhir..kalau saya paling senang masuk bank persatuan beri 12% setahun …atau beli saham ‘bawah nilai’ klse,mmg berbaloi if lucky kurang setahun leh double 400k…

  378. #414 by su on July 11, 2009 - 9:22 pm

    begini ka pengiraannya??


    Loan= rm200,000
    Interest= 5%
    Time= 20 years
    Total= rm200,000×105%
    = rm210,000

    ASB= rm200,000
    Dividend= 8%
    Time= 20 years
    Total= rm200,000×108%
    = rm216,000

    rm216,000-rm210,000= rm6,000

    untung selepas 20 thn rm6,000

    begini ka??

    ni cuma sbgai cnth


    • #415 by rossa on July 22, 2009 - 2:07 am

      Dear Su,

      cash rm200k in asb,
      after 20 years @ 8% div = rm622,427.20
      i amik factor for 5 yrs utk 8% rtd is 1.45
      yr 5 = 200k x 1.45 = 290,000
      yr 10 = 290k x 1.45 = 420,500
      yr 15 = 420,500 x 1.45 = 609,725
      yr 20 = 609,725 x 1.45 = 804,101.25

      i saje highlight every 5 yrs to compare dgn loan rm200k with assumptions dividen x amik langsung.

      if by loan, sijil of rm 200k is kept by the bank so u cek senario below

      yr 5 = rm 90k
      yr 10 = rm 120,500
      yr 15 = rm 409,725
      yr 20 = rm 604,101.25

      the money abv is the dividen dlm u pnyer buku asb dan yr 20 you dh abis byr asb so u blh dpt blik 200k tu so u dpt sebyk rm804,101.25. klu u nak kira utg tak, u tgk installment u dgn bank berapa amaun then darab dengan 240 bln. u minus total amoun u will get at yr 20 dgn total u dah byar kat bank.


      mthly is rm1218 x 240 =rm 292,320
      amout u get is rm 804,101.25

      yr profit is rm 511,781.25

      % profit is 511,781.25 / 292,320 = 175%

      TAPI jrg ada orang wat loan smpai 20 thn due to interest factor. bank pun skrg ni bg penalti period kalu settle awal. biasanya kena ikat 5 thn. jd kita bleh cancel loan every 5 thn untuk enjoy investment cost yg rendah,kalu ada.

      loan atau simpan sendiri trpulang pd kemampuan diri sendiri.

      • #416 by rossa on July 22, 2009 - 2:15 am

        just to kongsi ilmu yg sedikit. kalu salah tolong btolkan.thks.

  379. #417 by fiffy on August 2, 2009 - 11:51 pm

    saya nak tanya pendapat.. skrg umur saya 23thn..saya br stat keja n kiranya gaji br 1ribu lbh..saya cadang nak ambil loan asb.. sbb skrg kiranya nak beli rumah tp kelayakan xcukup lagi memandangkan harga rumah ni boleh kalau ambil loan asb dalam tempoh 15 thn, skurang2 nya nnt bila selesai byr loan ni, bleh buat loan rumah..n mgkn hasil loan asb boleh buat deposit skit utk kurangkn tempoh pmbayaran n jumlahnya skali.. sbb tu nak tanya pndapat korang.. betulkah fikiran mcm ni.. saya sedang menimbang2 nie..

  380. #418 by fiffy on August 3, 2009 - 12:07 am

    loan tsbt = 50,000 dgn pmbyrn blk 15thn x 12 x rm394) lau ikut pngiraan sdiri..mcm byk keuntungan..daripada bayaran balik.. bagi yg bpndapatan rendah cm saya ni la.. apa yang terbaik boleh saya lakukan..? help me please..thanx..

  381. #419 by Miz on September 2, 2009 - 9:00 am

    can anybody advice to calculate the profit if let say we already have some amount in the account..

    say i would like to try 50k loan, 10 yrs my current acc, i have 20K and don’t plan to add(monthly) top up except to pay the monthly loan..any calculator for this case..?


  382. #420 by firdaus on September 30, 2009 - 12:39 am

    sape nk wat loan asb x kua duit 1 sen pun, ym ak kt yg duk s.alam je. sesape yg duk luar s.alam, kalau rajin dtg s.alam nnti ak tlg explain. tq (^_^)

    p/s: sy kerja dgn bank. 1 lg, bumi je plz

  383. #421 by ayun on November 1, 2009 - 8:08 pm

    sy wat asb loan 50k for 20years… monthly 316…
    agk2 rugi ke ek…umo skang bru 20..
    ai ntah la…
    tlong la bg pndapat skit…
    sometime pning gk pale nk calculate..

  384. #422 by arrazi on November 15, 2009 - 3:24 am


    possible x klu sy wat loan 200k slme 25 thn,tp byr blk utk thn pertama je..utk thn2 berikutnye sy just pusing balik hasil dividen asb utk byr loan tu,,sbb sy tgh studi,n dana biasiswa sy pn ade lebih ckit, ble kuar keje nnt bru sye byr pkai monthly income sye..mybe dlm 4/5 thn lg kot..lps jadi MO,,hehe

    anybody klu ad opinion,post r..thnx,,

  385. #423 by capt_sparrow on December 14, 2009 - 10:02 pm

    Nak tanya skett..
    Leh x kita wat monthly payment utk conventional investment tu
    thru auto debit/potong gaji bulan2..?
    Kalau boleh, camna caranya ye..?

  386. #424 by pakzul on December 24, 2009 - 3:20 am

    memang boleh. nak senang, pinjam kat bank mana gaji kita masuk (tp tengok rate dulu la). maybank,cimb,rhb akan minta kita open akaun (kalu dh ada bagus), untuk buat payment auto debit.

  387. #425 by erma on January 6, 2010 - 12:34 pm

    slm irwan..

    ku nk tnya la skit..ku dh lama tahu psl loan asb ni..yg ku paham la..amik loan 30,000 for certain years..n byr certain amount each month kan..cukup tempoh kita akan dpt blk duit + the interest + the dividend kan? cuma ku nk tnya x bnda nie? kalu la ku nk simpan untuk at least lg 18 thn..utk anak2 belajar duit nih..rasa ok x? secure x investment nih?

  388. #426 by Julian Joe on February 9, 2010 - 1:51 pm

    i am new about this ASB loan savings thingy,and i am very interested for it. I am a normal worker and by end of the month i only have less than RM200 from my salary. Recently i got a payment schedule of maybank payments for up to 25 years and it made me thinking…

    what if i take a RM10k loan for 25 years with RM56 p/m!and put it in my ASB account.
    – i will fully pay for 1st year RM56x12=RM672
    – i’ll wait for ASB interest rate assuming 7%XRM10k=RM700

    If i reloan when i can to close the first loan and take RM15k for 25 years at that time with RM83 p/m!and add it into my ASB account.And then i will have RM10700+RM15000=RM25700.
    – i will fully pay for the 1st year RM83x12=RM996
    – i’ll wait for ASB interest rate assuming 7%xRM25700=RM1799

    and continue with increased loan till my ASB account have RM50k to finally stop….is it possible and is it worth it?just writing what my mind is thinking of…any advise is highly appreciated

    • #427 by me on June 8, 2010 - 6:39 am

      hi julian

      i’m curious, did u go ahead with your plan? if you did, does the loan interest rate cause any problems to your calculation here? (because the interest is also calculated according to the period you’re using the loan and not merely based on your initial loan amount)

      • #428 by Julian on June 11, 2010 - 6:14 pm

        It went great since ASB loan’s is a bit special than other banks. the 7% rate was the minimum rate and to get more than 7%, never touch the money in at least 1 year. That idea was my cousin’s idea at first and he managed to fill his account in 3 years from 2 banks ” MAYBANK & RHB bank “

  389. #429 by Ms Angel on February 12, 2010 - 4:56 pm


    Nak advise. Macam mana nak buat fullsettlement personal loan
    Last year bulan 7 baru amik loan at bank rakyat dlm MYR18K. So bayaran melalui potongan gaji majikan. So skrg ada emergency nak gunakan wang lebih kurang dlm MYR10-20k jadi mcm mana nak buat? Any idea bank mana senang berurusan.

  390. #430 by nurin on February 21, 2010 - 10:48 am

    i just received an offer to get this new scheme of ASB loan investment with RHB bank…….

    im still searching the comparison benefit between Maybank and RHB offering……

    for those expert on this , plz advice me…tanx

    • #431 by skar on March 15, 2010 - 9:56 pm

      if you have doubt about the asb loan,u can save ur money by using asb tanpa loan.u also can get the life protection(akhirat kematian)u can ask mee on that..

  391. #432 by azman on February 25, 2010 - 2:00 am


    first of all.. ASB only for bumiputra.. and maximum you can take now is 200 k.. if u want to keep more… you need to leave the dividend in the account..

    maybank offer 25 years.. monthly payment lesser.. so u save more than 4k per year.. rhb only offer 20 years.. you save 1 k plus per year…

    you take maximum.. yearly you will get up to 16k.. if you pay for 8 years and don’t withdraw the dividend.. after 8th years.. take all your divident and pay the loan amount.. you are free from the loan and you get 200k in your pockets… same goes to any figure you take… u need to pay and leave the money for 8th years.. and after that you will get the whole amount in your hand..

    make it simple.. don’t listen to people who don’t know and being stupid teaching other not to take.. remember… asb only for bumi… take it now as long as you are eligible.. and make the money now.. the interes very low… and don’t surrender for 3 years.. after that no penalty.. you will have much more than you think

    • #433 by me on June 8, 2010 - 6:50 am

      salam azman

      i’m trying to understand your calculation. for example, if i take a 200k loan, how much do you estimate the monthly loan payment would be for the first 8 years?

      and, if i take a loan of 200k and put it into ASB, after 8 years, the total dividend (without touching any money from the ASB) would only be 170k (assuming it’s 8% per annum and compounded every year). so why did you say i can pay back the full 200k using 170k? as i said, i’m trying to understand your calculation. thank you.

      • #434 by me on June 8, 2010 - 8:09 am

        wait.. i think the answer for my second question depends on the answer for my first question. maybe you meant the balance of 30k would have already been paid during the first 8 years, that’s why i would only need 170k after the 8th year.

        ok then, i hope you can answer my first question. thank you.

  392. #435 by Eduardo Torrado on April 26, 2010 - 4:04 pm

    Good business helping people to invest unaware that issuer gets most investing nothing and still get a quantum financing using both paper contract to raise a capital. very deceiving and still shares nothing but dividend? not ownership of the stock.

    clear the pictures to your investors and share the blessings square and fair.

  393. #436 by mansuna laguna on May 3, 2010 - 1:17 am

    jgn lupa kaedah OD rempit …huhu yeah

  394. #437 by moro on May 8, 2010 - 4:21 pm

    Dear all (irwan & readers)
    i also use loan to maximize my ASB.
    for my case,
    i already have 45k in ASB, 1st OD will be 90% = 40.5k ,
    after that i take 2 personal loan (PL) worth 40k plus 25k from OD & put into ASB
    and apply 2nd OD (ASB cert 65k, OD= 58.5k)
    All PL monthly payment paid with OD
    3rd OD – ASB cert 70k (60k from 2nd OD + 10k from bonus)=63k
    4th OD – ASB cert 35k (all from 3rd OD)=31.5k
    total ASB cert = 215k + cash 800 = 215.8k max i can put in ASB (i check at PNB counter)
    All this done less than 1 year
    i also have unit trust worth 40k taken from OD & sallary.
    i plan to withdraw excess money from OD (around 50k) & put in ASW and the OD cycle start again.
    ASW have no limit of saving and most important can do OD.
    Am i doing the right thing?

  395. #438 by hajar on May 18, 2010 - 7:04 pm

    am an optometry student in a pvt uni at year 2 now
    works as a part timer during night..7e nearby home..
    monthly income ive get:..rm800+rm700(study loan from mara) planning for managing my own optometry store in 10yrs to come,will b 31yrs old at tht tyme..
    so, for a start..should i get ur advise personally..?
    of how much should i take the asb loan w/ maybank ?..
    and i prefer to repay for 5years only…
    plz help…

    • #439 by me on June 8, 2010 - 7:06 am


      i’m just passing by this blog and saw your comment. i think it’s better that u don’t rely on the asb loan arrangement for your goals. untuk personal savings, yes of course u simpanlah seberapa byk u boleh ke dalam asb setiap bulan. untuk business u nanti, there are other loans for serious entrepreneurs. i’m saying this as someone who has also worked hard when i was in uni dulu2, and i saved up money without using loans. i also set up a business using other sources instead of using my personal money.

      my friends who used loans were unable to get out of the cycle – until today.

  396. #440 by mei on June 6, 2010 - 4:11 pm

    sy nak tny nak melabur kat ASB kne amik loan ke? kalo xnak loan tu xbole ke?

  397. #441 by bukan mei on June 8, 2010 - 6:21 am

    mei, mujurlah ini bukan blog saya. kalau blog saya, sememangnya soalan-soalan yang ditanya tanpa usul periksa ni akan kena kutuk. umpama, kalau nak buka akaun simpanan dgn bank, kena ambik loan ke?

  398. #442 by Fitri on June 16, 2010 - 3:02 pm

    One Example from Me. My own Case.

    Loan: RM 35,000.000
    Monthly: RM 265.000
    Start: 2004

    Base on 7% dividend, I’ve got RM 2,450.00 Per Year in my ASB. Which I withdraw each year for car insurance and land premium. The money was gone every year.

    Total I pay RM 3,180.00 Per Year which after offset from dividend, I only actually paid RM 730.00 Per Year.

    Base on my assumption (Need opinion on this), for the 20 years, after I paid RM 14,600.00, I will have RM 35,000.00 in my ASB.

    Total extra RM 20,400.00 is counted up as 6.9% dividend thru the 20 years.

    Is my assumption correct?

  399. #443 by cd_melaka on June 22, 2010 - 7:21 pm

    salam sumer…
    Bg sy plak, senang jer… tahun pertama kena dok byr loan maybank full for 12 mth. tahun kedua, dpt dividen ASB terus byr Maybank. so, yg kluar dr duit kita tuk thn kedua cuma utk 2 atau 3 bln je… nih tuk 10thn loan. nk best lg… rm10k loan 2 thn je… abis 2 thn buat lg.. loan 10k mula2 dh kurangkn beban kita doh… pastu seterus nye laa… every 2yrs buat loan. abis byr, ada cash ASB, dividen tolong je… u all kira la sampai thn ke berapa leh menjana pendapatan…
    tu idea sy. skrg tgh di praktik kn. klu ada x betul, komen je laa… take positif. wassalam..

  400. #444 by Khairilaswan on August 25, 2010 - 6:42 am

    Salam semua,

    Saya wakil dari Easy RHB

    Nikmati perolehan dividen secara MAKSIMUM dengan membuat Pinjaman Pelaburan ASB dengan EASY RHB..


    Sila ke blog saya atau hubungi 010-9684021 (Joe) untuk penerangan lanjut mengenai EASY RHB LOAN

  401. #445 by Azam on August 26, 2010 - 7:02 pm

    Hi Irwan
    What happened to all the comments for your original blog post on taking a loan to invest in ASB? I kept the comments page as a bookmark in my browser because I wanted to update myself with all the people who did take a loan (or take loans) for the purpose of investing in ASB. I wanted to know how successful or unsuccessful they were in getting extra returns, because I’m cautious about the changes in BLRs so I have not done it myself, but I do want to fill up my ASB account. At the moment I have savings in British Pounds but the exchange rate against the RM is terrible (the Sterling might even fall further this year) so I’m just keeping that money in the UK for one or two more years before I take them back to Malaysia.

  402. #446 by Me on October 4, 2010 - 4:53 am

    Irwan, adakah lebih baik saya buat pinjaman sebanyak 10k atau 20k setiap thn sebanyak 10 kali smpaila pd thn yg ke-10, (bayaran bulanan RM67 @ RM133 utk pinjaman yg pertama sehinggalah 20 thn) dan dividen yg dpt digunakan utk byr pinjaman seterusnya.. atau buat pinjaman 100k atau 200k sekaligus, yg bayaran bulanannya dlm RM647 atau RM1283 ? Kedua-dua kes pun, pd akhirnya saya akan dpt 100-200k ++.

  403. #447 by Mr_masyukkk on October 7, 2010 - 8:28 am

    You need to remember that self investment is not equal to the loan investment.
    Self investment,dividen paid using pro rate(monthly-minimum balance) while self investment,the money is always there and just multiply by e.g 8% dividen at year end.

    I’ve done it and make my own calculator(take into account the pro rate)
    The result is loan investment will make profit by 1.84-1.88 times greater than self investment

    E.g ; your loan investment is RM50k for 25 years
    Monthly is RM284

    After 25 years ; your net profit(after deduct your total payback to bank) is RM 257,223.76

    While for self investment you will only have RM 136,738.69

    If you are not sure,you can ask ASB staff to explain to you about their pro rate dividen(they had the system to calculate it)

    One more thing, maximize your loan investment. So that you just need to pay loan bank using your own money only at first year,afterwards the dividen is enough to for the annual loan payback but this will definitely lower your profit.

  404. #448 by Amsran on October 31, 2010 - 3:33 am

    Tak yah pikir panjang…dah jelas asb loan lebih baik drp simpan sendiri…malah ada artikel yg kata dgn asb loan boleh dapat return 30%…tapi kena pilih pakej yg betul…

    artikel ni kata easy-asb yg paling best…boleh dapat dividen return 30%…
    baca post tu memang senang paham…terus tak sabar nak apply easy asb…

    lumayan tu…idea dia tu memang best la…

  405. #449 by Linapatrick on November 1, 2010 - 7:11 am

    Encik Irwan, Saya puan melda, saya ingin tahu bagaimana saya ingin tahun keuntungan saya pada ujung tahun. saya memiliki loan investment melalui MSAM 2010. Contoh yang saya loan dlm RM50k selama 15 tahun. Berapakah keuntungannya di situ?

  406. #450 by tebonin on November 20, 2010 - 11:01 am

    TY a ton for posting, it was very informative and told me tons

  407. #451 by musykil on April 21, 2011 - 10:03 am

    Most of us r talking about profit, profit ,profit. How abt the syariah compliant status?

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