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Siti Nurhaliza to marry Datuk K on Aug 21

Siti Nurhaliza

KUALA LUMPUR: Pop star Siti Nurhaliza will wed businessman Datuk Khalid Mohamed Jiwa on Aug 21.

The engagement and akad nikah ceremony will be held at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, while wedding receptions are scheduled for Aug 28 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and Sep 3 in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Siti’s parents’ 38th wedding anniversary also falls on Aug 21, Siti revealed at the press conference to announce the wedding.

The couple have commissioned Datuk Raja Shah Reza from Nusantara Gems as wedding planner, with the reception at the KLCC to feature a “garden wedding” concept.

Fashion designers Radzwan Radzwill, Michael Ong, Embun and Ana Avanti have been engaged to design the wedding costumes, which will feature traditional songket and tekat.

Makeup artistes Nurul Shukur and Mia have also been engaged for the events.


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Corelle – A perfect gift for mom?

I’m not a kind of person who regularly gives his mother a present. So I had a hard time to find at least an acceptable gift for her before I get back home for summer holiday.I happened to hear that other students were busy hunting for Corelle set of dinnerware.

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Chitika Eminimalls

Chitika Eminimalls, a newcomer in advertising industry came with a new fresh concept of advertising. Instead of static text ads, Chitika Eminimalls brings contextual visual ads presented in a new mall-like window, as the name Chitika Eminimalls implied. Advertising is not just about adsense afterall. I have signed up on it’s website and Chitika will review my site before approving my application. I hope everything is going to be well. This is a snapshot of Chitika Eminimalls:

Chitika Eminimalls


Blog : Why I’m Doing This

Starting a blog is a new experience to me. When I started to blog, google Adsense was my core motivation. Yes, to earn money by giving a little bit space for google advertising. I’ve read a lot of successful stories about how blogging can earn you six figure salary. Even that was not my real ambition, I was still thrilled that how writing a simple post like this 4-5 times a week can actually earn someones a steady income. That is not possible but it’s still a far-fetched dream at least to a nooblogger like me. When I was writing a post, using expensive keywords is one of my top priority.
That was it until I realized how much satisfied I was when some of my miniscule circle of readers said that my blog is somehow informative and beneficial to them. Even looking at the climbing visitors graph is worth it for me to spend my time in my blogging hobby. Now, to know that I am contributing my small part in the world of blog is incomparable to getting a dollar or two from adsense.
These are the links that somehow inspire me to blogosphere: : A six-figure blogger : First malaysian full timer blogger


You won’t find funnier errors…

This is hilarious. Hardly any error message from our programs would make us laughing. But these, you will be asking for more. I copy some of the funniest and you can find the complete list on the source site. Just enjoy:

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Newsgroup – Alternative to P2P file-sharing, Rapidshare who never use torrents up your hand. I bet almost of you have used it. I’m going to introduce an alternative file-sharing technology that doesn’t employ peer-to-peer method. This technology allows you to utilize all the bandwidth that you have. Before you get too excited, I regret to tell you that this service comes with a little price to pay, but not too much though. If you have a superfast ISP, are a heavy downloader, and appreciate superfast download, Newsgroup is for you. There many lengthy guides on how to start using newsgroup if u ask Uncle Google but here, I’m going to write a summarized one for you. But don’t worry, I’ll provide the links if you need to read more about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Insult my mom and have a headbutt – Zidane

Zidane's Headbutt

There are a lot of rumors lingering about Zidane headbutting Materazzi in his final match of his career. This 34-year old player has enough maturity to justify what he have done in that match. Most of the news across the net-sphere reported that Materazzi has insulted Zidane’s ill mother, Malika, which was admitted to hospital because of illness prior to that incident. Read the rest of this entry »


Hey, I’m Using IE 7

It has been a long time since I used Internet Explorer as my everyday browser. I changed my boat to firefox mainly because of its tabbed browsing and awesome collections of extensions. Now, with 7th edition of Internet Explorer, Windows is calling me back with a lot of cool features in this newly-released browser. Read the rest of this entry »


ASB – Take a loan to Invest?

This is my analysis of investing using loan. As some of you might know, investing on loan is quite popular among Malaysians. Even some banks make a fully describing brochures to attract people. One of the main confusions is the monthly pay. I noticed some banks use lower monthly payment but here, I’m going to use standard BLR + 0.4% as the interest rate which is 6.9%. Some calculations are done with the help of online calculator. There are a lot of methods to invest using loan. I will just analyse the ones that I think the best.

Update: Too tired of numbers? Use my simplify ASB calculator instead.

If you would like to share your ASB investment plan, here is the place

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How to calculate ASB dividend and bonus

Many of us get confused when they received ASB yearly statement. So with some help from forumers, I have compiled the way to calculate ASB dividend and bonus. Read the rest of this entry »