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Fixed Deposit – Safe Investment

I heard many of friends asking where to invest to have high return but with no risk. ‘No risk’ and ‘high return’ are something opposite to each other. However, if you spend some time to search for it, you may find it.

One of the safest investment is Fixed Deposit or FD in short. With relatively low return, FD offers security of your money. FD is best for those who want less risky investment with acceptable return. Emily has compiled a helpful list of FD rates in Malaysia. If you are interested in such investments, the list is the holy grail for you. Read the rest of this entry »


Siti’s Picture Again – Last one

Not enough with stepsons pictures and the last pictures, Lin asked for more, and I just remembered that my friend hosted some pics in his forum. So I’m gonna post it here.

It has been awhile since I post investment-related post. It’s kind of hectic here right now with drizzle and class pouring in together. When everything is settled down, I will make a comeback.. haha

(Photos after jump) >> Read the rest of this entry »


I Hope this is the Last Hosting Move

At 1 pm yesterday, unique visitors perhour in my blog increase to 200 which floating around 90 usually. Around 2 pm. I received the stupid message saying that my domain has been banned, again. I don’t know what my hosting company were thinking about. My wordpress plugins script overloading their server? Bullspit.

Fed-up with all the excuses, I’m now under the hosting of IpServerOne. The same company that are hosting Lowyat.Net. For just RM100 a year, I received 3Gb storage and 30Gb bandwidth. So, bring it on.haha

For all visitors coming through search engine and loyal returning visitors, thank you. I really enjoying writing this blog knowing that somebody are reading it.


Streaming TV1 – Now : Live Mawi’s

For those who are in abroad, tune in for TV1 streaming video. The address is

The special is, TV1 is streaming about Mawi and Ina’s lives.

TV2 is also available, just change /rtm2 to /rtm1.


See ya All!

Ok… this is my last post in Malaysia. So, this blog won’t have another post until I found an internet connection in the US, maybe around Tuesday or Wednesday. Till then, Bon Voyage!


Ok…My Spanking New Hosting Isn’t so Spanking

We just had an outage again this afternoon. Guess who cause it. It’s me. My account just been suspended because they said my wordpress database was overloading their server. But it’s my wordpress only, and a couple of others. I think it’s my Ajax Shoutbox plugin. So I ask them to restore my domain and I’ll get the plugin off.

However, I’m not sure whether this is the real cause. I might be suspended again. Oh.. I missed my Ajax shoutbox…


Busy Weekend’s Coming….help

This is the last week that I will spend in Malaysia. My flight to abroad is on 24th, this Saturday. I’m busy right now packing my bags, buying food for bekalan, and solving my residential problems.

Mom will come tonite, spend her Friday in my brother’s house, before sending me to airport on Saturday.

The first time we fly, all wore suits/blazers, but this time, jeans and tees will suffice.haha

We will arrive around 10 pm on Saturday (local time) which take around 22-24 hours. Our transit is in Sweden. Pray for my safe journey.

5 Comments is Now in Spanking New Hosting

Yay, the site is up again. The down time is from 7 am this morning till 9 am. I woke around 7am and received an email from hosting company that my new hosting is ready. After all the hassle of uploading all the backup file, the site is up again after 2 hours. I hope everything is ok and we are ready to receive a tsunami of visitors right now. 🙂

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Public Mutual’s New Ittikal

Public Mutual which won a fleet of awards of Lipper and S&P is introducing a new regional unit trust, Public Asia Ittikal Fund. This will be a Syariah-based fund which ensures that all investments adhere with Islamic principles. So no gambling company, casinos and other non-halal business types.

Too sad that I’m going to fly anytime soon and have no time to make an investment in this fund. Emily said that Public Mutual didn’t have any good record in investing in regional sector (abroad). However, my current investment on Public Regional Sector soared 6.9% in 2 months. But this is only a short time performance.

Visit Emily’s blog for more in-depth review about it.


Moving moving moving

We are in the progress to switch this domain to the new hosting. After the switch has been made. We will begin backing up database for the transfer. Hope you can bear with us. I’ll try not to lose any comments posted by you in this process. 😉