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Xbox 360 + Vista RC2 + Transcode 360 =?

A couple days ago I sent my laptop to Computer Center below the library to have it reghosted. I prefer to reformat it myself but somehow my dvdrom can’t read dual layer dvd. After uninstalling a bunch of preinstalled software that I never heard of, I decided to install Microsoft Vista RC2 on my laptop.

The installation was quite simple but with a couple of bugs which didn’t take much of my time to kill ’em. The appearance of the new windows is awesome. I was struck by its clean and sleek appearance which they called it Aero. Large portion of the graphic work is done by graphic card, so it won’t clogged your cpu with trivial job.

The first thing that I wanna do with the Vista is to get it work with my Xbox 360. Erm… actually that desire came after Vista notified me that it detected an extender device. Without downloading/installing anything, Vista brought out the extender setup and ask me for 8-digit code. The installing was a breeze and within minutes, the xbox can stream WMV videos, music and pictures from my laptop but not DivX. Here is where Transcode 360 might help. Before that, I just want to let you know that the Media Center has a new interface which a little bit more complex with more control.

After downloading .Net 1.1, set it as windows XP compatible and restart, my excitement was met with disappointment. 🙁 . First, the Windows Defender blocked as a startup program, then the program failed to start but somehow succeed for the 2nd try. When I tried to transcode it, t he media center reported that the plugin fail to work and shut it down.

Right now, I don’t have any idea to get it work. Any suggestion?


Ending Ramadhan

We are getting into the 2nd half of Ramadhan. Fasting in US is not as tiring as in Malaysia. Imsak is around 5.45 and getting later each day. Fast breaking is 6.30 but it’s getting earlier and earlier (it’s around 6 o’clock on days before Eid). Colder weather gives me some excuse to stay in room all day long.haha

This weekend I have 3 days holiday. Monday got no class for the reason that I couldn’t remember. It’s mean the usual hwork nite for Sunday will be changed to Monday (yeap, it’s the procrastinator in me).

I just got my first nephew last Friday, which entitled myself to be called Pakcik (yucks.. im too young for that). Worse, my youngest sister hates it so much to be called Mak Su.

Ok, that’s all for now, i’m going to have last nite’s prawns curry for sahur… see ya


Summary of the first month in the US

Well, to be more precise, it’s the first month of the 2nd year in the US. People of my batch have moved from Davis Hall to somewhere else. My new roommate and I are staying at Jonas Hall, or previously called Tech Hall.

I love the environment here. The floor is full carpeted, we have our own toilet inside our room and it’s relatively not too far from our class.

To go to class, I always take the road behind the De Baun field. It’s shorter and I really like the environment there. The road is narrow, shaded with tree and covered from the field by plastic tree, so people from the field can’t see me walking along the road. There is also Environmental Lab entrance at the end of the road. The lab is behind the field and covered with trees which make it look like a lab for secret military research. Haha

I’m taking Engineering Management for minor. I’m not expecting minor to help me much to find job in the future, I take it just for fun and to know more about business’ modus operandi.

Now is Ramadan, and Alhamdulillah, I haven’t miss any of my fasting yet. I hope I won’t catch cold in this transitional season (fall to winter).

We cook everyday now, my room has become the official iftar room for 2 other Malaysian friends in Jonas.

My attempt to mod my xbox 360 so that it can play backup disc haven’t succeed yet so far. My mobo just can’t detect my xbox drive. I could only spend some time for this modding in the weekend, weekdays always be busy days for me (especially Cruel Thursday, hate it ).

Last Friday,we, Malaysian Tech Hall Association (haha poyo) hosted a Movie Nite in my room. There were chips and sodas and Resident Evil HD movie. It’s an old movie but this is in Hi-Def one. It’s quite a satisfying nite for us. I think we might host it every friday. We were really having a good time that nite. Thanks friends for coming.

I write this post because Tim said why I didn’t update my blog. I realized that my blog is not just read by random internet people. I think I better spend some little time writing in this blog rather than browsing discounts sites for great deals.haha

Yeap, this post has been too long now. Will keep you guys update. Right now, I’m not doing any new business-linked activity. So I might only write about some stuff happening around me.

Thanks for reading.