Summary of the first month in the US

Well, to be more precise, it’s the first month of the 2nd year in the US. People of my batch have moved from Davis Hall to somewhere else. My new roommate and I are staying at Jonas Hall, or previously called Tech Hall.

I love the environment here. The floor is full carpeted, we have our own toilet inside our room and it’s relatively not too far from our class.

To go to class, I always take the road behind the De Baun field. It’s shorter and I really like the environment there. The road is narrow, shaded with tree and covered from the field by plastic tree, so people from the field can’t see me walking along the road. There is also Environmental Lab entrance at the end of the road. The lab is behind the field and covered with trees which make it look like a lab for secret military research. Haha

I’m taking Engineering Management for minor. I’m not expecting minor to help me much to find job in the future, I take it just for fun and to know more about business’ modus operandi.

Now is Ramadan, and Alhamdulillah, I haven’t miss any of my fasting yet. I hope I won’t catch cold in this transitional season (fall to winter).

We cook everyday now, my room has become the official iftar room for 2 other Malaysian friends in Jonas.

My attempt to mod my xbox 360 so that it can play backup disc haven’t succeed yet so far. My mobo just can’t detect my xbox drive. I could only spend some time for this modding in the weekend, weekdays always be busy days for me (especially Cruel Thursday, hate it ).

Last Friday,we, Malaysian Tech Hall Association (haha poyo) hosted a Movie Nite in my room. There were chips and sodas and Resident Evil HD movie. It’s an old movie but this is in Hi-Def one. It’s quite a satisfying nite for us. I think we might host it every friday. We were really having a good time that nite. Thanks friends for coming.

I write this post because Tim said why I didn’t update my blog. I realized that my blog is not just read by random internet people. I think I better spend some little time writing in this blog rather than browsing discounts sites for great deals.haha

Yeap, this post has been too long now. Will keep you guys update. Right now, I’m not doing any new business-linked activity. So I might only write about some stuff happening around me.

Thanks for reading.

  1. #1 by timmy on October 3, 2006 - 6:47 pm

    Movie nite.. Movie nite.. Movie nite.. Keep continuing this new tradition..

    ” I realized that my blog is not just read by random internet people.”
    Well, thanks for treating me as a not random person. But there are so many friends support this blog lor. Just they are modest, won’t tell you. *wink*

    Ohh, you forget to mention that there is a Women Resource Center behind your room, where 12 nice-cute-adorable girls live there.

  2. #2 by Ummi on October 4, 2006 - 11:45 am


    saya pun masuk sebab nak tanya nape irwan dah abandon blog nya 🙂 rupa2nya still ‘hidup’ 😀

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