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Happy or Depress?

Good and Bad things always happen to everyone. Sometimes the good is more than the bad, and sometimes it’s vice versa. How each person reacts to both situations determine that person’s characteristic. And I have my own way too. I just wanna talk about small portion of it in this post.

Last week I got the grades for my first semester of my sophomore year. I got B for my calculus. At least in academic field (and maybe in financial too), I have this extraordinary intrapersonal intelligent than I can choose whether to feel depress or not about the grade. It’s not hard for me to take this as a small matter and continue my life as if I got A for it or as if I have already owned the world, if i want to. Or I can be depressed and shut the world around me. The choice is really mine.
If I can easily choose, why not be as happy as bird? Problem solved.

That’s the core problem in this post. I can take the easy way and be happy of what had happened. But then I realized, if it’s the road I take, being complacent of who I am and what I can do, it won’t bring me anywhere except where I’m standing right now. Failure is the best teacher, some people say. To me, emotional pain is the best teacher. That’s how brain work, to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. It’s my best motivator through my post-UPSR life until the SPM. But I’m not gonna talk about it in this post.

So should I feel depress and try to make another emotional pain that could motivate me through these years? I like an effective motivator like this but I just don’t like to be depress and ruin my 4-weeks holiday. What do you guys think? Let me know


Getting Out of My Own System

Taken from Robert Kiyosaki’s book, a lot of people can come out with a better hamburger(product) than McDonald’s but can he sell millions like McD. I doubt it.

Having a product without a system can be fairly compared with having to-do list but not doing it. Like having a dream but not striving towards it.

Cash Flow Quadrant

Right now, my small business can be described as a system because instead of selling product, I’m offering service, which is a system itself. However, almost all of the work is done by myself. According to Kiyosaki’s book, I’m still in left quadrant which comprises of employee or self-employed (I should have made a post to explain this in greater detail). To be in right quadrant, I must get out of the system by delegating the work to others. This might results of lower income for myself, but I will have more time focusing on other stuff, like how to expand my system.

I’m now on my mission to ‘hire’ some of my friends who might be interested in this. Actually working with people that are close with you is not really a good thing. I remember a proverb at my own site that read something like this: dinner with family, business with strangers. This is a very true advice as when you have family/friends as your workers, you will be having other conflicts beside business matters. It’s not actually bad thing to have them around but just be prepare for problems that it might create. This journal might describe the problem a bit more.

Summary of my journey today:

  • Own your system, don’t be inside it so you can focus to expand it
  • Family/friends might have more issues than business-related


Ringgit Touched 8-year high against USD


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The Malaysian ringgit rose Tuesday to its highest level against the U.S. dollar since the height of the Asian financial crisis in 1998.

The ringgit climbed to 3.5500 to the dollar before closing at 3.5600 Tuesday. It was the strongest exchange rate since the ringgit traded at 3.5407 to the dollar in April 1998 before Malaysia imposed capital controls and pegged the ringgit at 3.80 to the dollar. –

So is the news. Is it a good thing or bad? It depends on which side you are. If you are an importer, you could buy more US product/service for a lower price. If your business depends heavily on how cheap RM is, it’s a problem to you.

For Unit Trust holders, this might be a good news as composite index is likely to compliment high Ringgit value. Soaring composite almost means soaring price for Unit Trust. So it’s better to take advantage in this occurrence no matter on which side you are. Well, to me, it’s a kind of bad news 🙁 . However, I take this opportunity to congratulate Malaysia for achieving 1000+ Composite Index.