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Public Mutual Offers One Pct Free Unit Under New Campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 (Bernama) — Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual Bhd will be launching its “Awards Appreciation Campaign 2007” on March 1, in conjunction with its recent achievement of 21 fund awards at both The Edge-Lipper Malaysia Fund Awards 2007 and The Star/Standards & Poor’s Investment Fund Awards Malaysia 2007.Under the marketing campaign, one percent free units would be given away for all new investments into equity and/or balanced funds within the campaign period from March 1 until March 21, this year, the company said in a statement here Monday.

The offer, however, does not include investment in low-load units of bond fund and/or money market fund.

Public Mutual’s chairman, Tan Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow said the award campaign was also intended to show appreciation to its valued unitholders for their continuing support.

“This campaign is open to all equity and balanced funds under the Public Series of Funds and PB Series of Funds with the exception of Public Ittikal Fund which remains closed,” he said.


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I’m going to Snowboarding Tomorrow

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I’m pretty psyched up tonight. Tomorrow will be my first snowboarding experience in the States. I wonder how it’s like. I’ll post pictures and videos if I have time later. 2 tests due this Monday won’t bog me down.

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Let’s Compare our ASB Plan

The last post about ASB is getting too long. So here I dedicated a post for visitors’ ASB/other investment plan. The main purpose is to share and discuss about ones’ method. If we got enough examples, we might know which one is better. Here I list some example from some readers.

Duration= 20 years
Monthly Payment= $157 + 100 extra investment
1) loan method –> Balance after 20 years: $155,726.08
2) Conventional –> Balance after 20 years: $149,149.98

Difference = $6,576.10 (4.409% increase in 20 years)

Duration= 10 years
Monthly Payment= $115 + 100 extra investment

1) loan method –> Balance after 10 years: $39,411.00
2) Conventional –> Balance after 10 years: $38,474.00

Difference =$937.00 (2.435% increase in 10 years)
Now it’s your turn. Grab this calculator and post what you got. Or you could just give the detail and I will calculate for you.


Dreamscene High Quality Videos – Where art Thou?

Windows has launched Dreamscene preview through automatic updates several days ago. As cool as its name, Dreamscene allows video to be played as desktop background. What’s more, it supposes to run without much cpu usage but it’s far far away to be true.

This is how my background look right now:

Free Image Hosting at

Haha, you won’t see it moving of course, I intended this picture just as an attention getter. However if you have the vista screensaver like the one in the picture, you can imagine how it is…moving.
The cpu usage for this dreamscene is around 50% with my 2.13ghz centrino laptop(x700 gc) and 15% with my 2.13ghz core duo desktop(7600gt gc). The video is paused when a window is maximized. Thus, the cpu usage will go down when I maximized a window.Neat.

I read it somewhere incompetent nvidia vista driver make the program use more cpu than it should. But I don’t care much about cpu usage as I use my desktop just for movie viewing and storage.

As this is a new released, there aren’t many videos available created specifically for Dreamscene. Not a single one from Microsoft. I wish for high quality,not too bright, seamlessly looping, calming scenery with rippling water just like this background:

Vista Background


Vista Background

Btw, you can get some videos from Wincustomize. You have to installed its free Dreamscape application first. This program extend the functions of Dreamscene.

I will update later if I found some more places to download great videos.

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Jumping into Forex Wagon

Being in the US with most of my investment in Malaysia is pain in the a**. I can’t really respond to market changes in adequate swiftness.

In respond to this, I want to try another type of investment and this time, I’m going to broaden my knowledge in Forex. Why? In simple reasonings:

1) Forex has online platform which you can place your buy/sell in a second.

2) It’s running 24 hours and you can choose when/where to trade.

3) Online platform uses egold, which is to me, easy to get and to sell.

4) Extensive use of Technical Analysis, which will force me to learn TA. Proven to be beneficial with anything using graph ie. stock, currency rate etc.

5) Unlimited gain (and loss too).

6) Get to learn risk management.

7) Fun to have discussion with forex’ gurus

Yeap. that’s all what I can think at the moment. As a starting point, I’m going to forex school.

Forex has school too? haha yes. is one of it. It has cute interface and tons of knowledge. Will update my progress soon.

If you are a newbie like me in this field, let’s start learn together. It’s fun to learn when there are friends around.


Who wants to be Idol?

Lol… what the title suppose to mean, I do not know…haha
I’m really busy to keep up with my study and I need your help to put more contents in this blog. If you happen to love writing, anything about investment or ASB and want to share your point of view/research/knowledge feel free to send your article to irwan6179 at I will gladly publish your article if it’s suitable with this blog theme. There are hundreds of people out there want to hear you opinion. Just grab your keyboard and start pushing those buttons!

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