Dreamscene High Quality Videos – Where art Thou?

Windows has launched Dreamscene preview through automatic updates several days ago. As cool as its name, Dreamscene allows video to be played as desktop background. What’s more, it supposes to run without much cpu usage but it’s far far away to be true.

This is how my background look right now:

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Haha, you won’t see it moving of course, I intended this picture just as an attention getter. However if you have the vista screensaver like the one in the picture, you can imagine how it is…moving.
The cpu usage for this dreamscene is around 50% with my 2.13ghz centrino laptop(x700 gc) and 15% with my 2.13ghz core duo desktop(7600gt gc). The video is paused when a window is maximized. Thus, the cpu usage will go down when I maximized a window.Neat.

I read it somewhere incompetent nvidia vista driver make the program use more cpu than it should. But I don’t care much about cpu usage as I use my desktop just for movie viewing and storage.

As this is a new released, there aren’t many videos available created specifically for Dreamscene. Not a single one from Microsoft. I wish for high quality,not too bright, seamlessly looping, calming scenery with rippling water just like this background:

Vista Background


Vista Background

Btw, you can get some videos from Wincustomize. You have to installed its free Dreamscape application first. This program extend the functions of Dreamscene.

I will update later if I found some more places to download great videos.

  1. #1 by Chris on March 8, 2007 - 6:21 am

    Hey. I found this was the case too. Consequently, I made my own HD DreamScene videos. They loop smoothly as well. Check them out at http://vistadreamscene.googlepages.com

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