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Robotic gift for my mom

So it happens to be the time to get back to Malaysia again. I don’t have the time for Corelle hunt this time. So I thought of something that my mom would like, or might like (but I like it alot, lol). Guess what I bought for her? ROommmba.

Roomba Discovery Scheduler Irobot
What roomba suppose to do is to automatically clean floor without any human assistance. I get the one with scheduler. This version will on itself on schedule, clean the floor and get back to its home base to charge when it finishes. You have the freedom to schedule what day and when to clean. The scheduler can have unique schedule for each day for the whole week.

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Are You NuffNanged?

Nuffnang is a new way to monetize your blog. It’s a Malaysia-based company and it’s just like adsense but with distinct personality.

After you have registered with Nuffnang, you’ll be provided with code to implement in your website. It can be anywhere. As for me I put it in my sidebar. However, you won’t get any advertisers banner yet. Nuffnang need to gather information traffic about your site first for about a week. After that you’ll get your first advertising and money will keep rolling afterward.

Nuffnang categorized user based on their unique visitors that your blog generate. The merrier your traffic, the merrier your wallet. After you’ve reached the threshold of RM100, you can check out your money. It’s that simple, register, implement code and blog like you always do.

Cypherhacks already got his first ads and it yields him RM50 for 7 day period. Not bad huh?I asked him about his blog traffic. He said it generates around 5-6K Unique per week. Last week, my blog got 4k uniques. I wonder how much I’ll got from Nuffnang.

For more information visit their kinda funny Blogger FAQ.

Don’t waste your time. Register now and start monetize your websites today!

So are you nuffnanged? I am!


Previous ASB rate

Gary asked me about ASB rate for previous year. I got this from discussion forum. It’s just from 1990 onwards.

Tahun Dividen Bonus
1990 8.0 6.0
1991 8.5 4.0
1992 7.5 5.0
1993 9.0 4.5
1994 9.5 4.5
1995 10.0 3.0
1996 10.25 3.0
1997 10.25 1.25
1998 8.0 2.5
1999 10.50 1.5
2000 9.75 2.0
2001 7.0 3.0
2002 7.0 2.0
2003 7.25 2.0
2004 7.25 2.0
2005 7.25 2.0
2006 7.20 1.5
2007 7.30 1.25


I just Sold my First Text Link Ads

I thought nobody would buy mine but I just sold 1 link recently! The link is titled ‘Credit Card Processing’ at my sidebar under ‘Sponsored Link’. Quite irrelevant to my blog, but I don’t mind at all.

What is Text Link Ads?

It’s another way to make profit from your blog or websites, just like adsense. What makes it different from Adsense is that the payment is paid monthly and fixed. So you don’t have to hope that someone will click your ads everyday.

Unlike adsense, there is no minimum payment if you use paypal as your payment option. You will get what you earned when the incoming month starts. Cool rite.
If you are ready, sign up here:

Text Link Ads

You will find some cool calculator there to predict how much you will get paid monthly, based on your pagerank and alexa rank. You don’t have to register to use the calculator. If you want to know how much maximum profit I could make in 1 month, you can put my blog address,, in the calculator. My blog category is Finance.

You already have Text Link Ads account? Please tell me your experience with it.

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I just ruined my 2nd Blog

It’s dark day for me. Not as dark as the Massacre at Virginia Tech but still it brings gloom to me. I was playing with Mysql in my new blog. I was trying to move irwan’s blog database to hosting so I move to this bigger capacity hosting. What I did was try to import the Irwan’s database into dreamscenevideo.

What it did was overwrite my dreamscene database, deleting all my older post and replace with non-working database from Irwan’s blog. 🙁
To end it all, I never backup the dreamscene database. Now I lost all the posts along with information that take tens of hours to get. 🙁
Small percentage of adsense revenue also lost. 🙁

What to say, life has to go on.


Check Who are You

Risk Tolerance

Investing world is very personal. Some could take bigger risk, while some prefer secure investment like ASB. To know which side you are belong to, you can fill this short quiz and check the result yourself. Just make sure to be as honest as possible.

Risk Tolerance Quiz

Here What I got:

Your score for risk capacity is 34:
With a score between 30 and 38 you have the wherewithal to take selective investment risks that includes both stocks – which carry higher risk – and bonds, that have much less risk. You might consider a portfolio that is anchored by large company U.S. stocks — perhaps 40 percent — maybe in an index fund. Include small company U.S. stocks, too, at about 20 percent. International stocks should play a role — perhaps another 20 to 25 percent of your portfolio. The final 20 percent could split between short to medium term bonds and some type of hedge, such as a natural resources fund. This type of portfolio could lose about 20 percent in a year.

Your score for risk tolerance is 34:
With a tolerance of 33 to 41, you have a healthy tolerance for risk with the capacity to match. You have the wherewithal to take selective investment risks that could lose as much as 20 percent of its value in any given year

Now, go there and let me know how are you doing.


IKIM Radio Forum : Online Investment Halal or Haram?

This question has created heated discussion either online or offline. If you try to search on ‘Pelaburan Internet’ at Utusan Archive Search, you’ll find a long list of news regarding investment.

This post is about a recently(13 April 2007) held Radio Forum hosted by IKIM with well-known panels such as Ustaz Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman (Asian Finance Bank), Ustaz Khairuddin Aman Razali (UKM), and En. Mohd Noor Omar (IKIM). It’s in Bahasa Malaysia. I tried to remove noise in the audio because the quality is not that good.
Here is the enhanced version of the recorded radio:

Pelaburan Internet: Halal atau Haram (bahagian 1)

Pelaburan Internet: Halal atau Haram (bahagian 2)

I haven’t have the luxury to listen to both recording yet. But let’s have discussion about points given in these recordings.


Introducing my new Blog

I’ve been running my 2nd blog for a while. And now I think is the time to introduce it.

Dreamscene Video dot net

Yeap, that’s the name. The purpose of this blog to commemorate each milestone by dreamscenes development. It lists a lot of great dreams from all over the net and try to emphasize new stage of dreams creation. I hope this blog is going to be a popular information center for people seeking information about dreamscene.


This blog is PR4!

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I just realized that after so many times checking in the past, my pagerank is 4 already. When I was starting this blog, I always check my PageRank and it was 0 all the times. I received an email offering free links at PR4 site. Out of my curiosity, I visited to check my current PR and to my surprise, google has knighted my blog as PR4! Check my newly-added PR checker at bottom-right of this page.

Let’s compare some other sites PR: : 7/10 : 6/10 : 5/10 : 5/10 : 4/10 : 3/10 : 3/10

and to make it more fun, please put your PR in comment section. It would be great to see more Malaysian sites got higher PR. You can check your PR (or others’) here Erm.. I’m thinking of making a PR4 club. lol

I wondered whether higher PR gives greater advantage over lower PR. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making a balance blend of everything such as keywords, seo-friendly url, images/links description and other small but importance details. So I think PR is just a small portion of it. If you happen to have something to share about SEO tips and tricks, please tell me in the comment section. And it would be great if you could comment about my overall blog design. TIA!


Differentiating Myself

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I just finished my Microeconomic second test. I finished early and stayed there to mengelamun and to recheck my answers. I thought about being an excellent student. Excellency to me, is much like happyness-it’s relative to each person. But Excellency is relative to the community that we live in.

If I live in a community that is better in term of intelligence’s, my current excellency will not be perceived as much as it is in current community. I could also concluded here that better community tends to give more impetus to my self-improvement as I’ll try harder to achieve better ranking in that society.

Disregarding my current society compared to others, I found it’s universally important to differentiate myself by improving my knowledge and skill.

I think that’s enough for my no-idea-what-else-to-write-about post.