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Invest in Unit Trust Using EPF (KWSP) Fund

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or KWSP is a national social security organization. Basically, it helps you to save money for retiring age or in other words, to help you retiring with enough money in the pocket. While you can’t withdraw/use your fund as often as you like, EPF lets you invest some portion of your fund in appointed investment vehicles such as Unit Trust.

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Standing Instruction


Whoa.. what a boring topic. However this might be the answer for ‘undisciplined’ people to invest. In my posts about ASB, there are a lot of people saying that they make a loan to discipline themselves to invest. Well you don’t have to take a loan for such thing. Make a Standing Instruction(SI) instead. SI is just like an automatic bill payment but instead of paying bill, it puts your money into your investment every month, automatically.

SI works best with unit trust. It allows you to take advantage of dollar-cost-averaging concept by investing both in bear and bull market. If you are not into investment, have it deposit into you saving account, or bonds.

The best part of SI is that you won’t realize that you are saving money. For new investors, I know it’s not a great feeling to put aside some of your income every month if you do it manually. You feel that your monthly paycheck is not even enough for you and your family, let alone for investing.

Sooner or later, you will get used to your currently reduced paycheck and you are saving money at the same time! And you will thanks yourself when you realize that you have tens of thousand Ringgit in your account when you need it the most.

What are you waiting for? Contact your banker/unit trust agent/broker to start an SI for you and start saving now!


Running on WordPress 2.2.1

After 3 hours of protesting plugins and amok-ing function calls, I finally managed to keep all pieces together to bring the ol’ Irwan.Biz back to business. Thanks to all of you who keep visiting this site. I hope the new engine running under this blog will keep things organized, neat and presentable to dear visitors.

I have something for you too. You think you can curb your temptation? no matter how hard it is? Try your ability here :

P/S: there is no virus, trojan, ghost pictures, or anything noobish.

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M2U Offers Online Cinema Ticket Purchasing

Maybank once again proved itself to be the best online banking solution by providing a very useful service for movie buff. In collaboration with Golden Screen Cinema(GSC), M2U users can now book their favorite seats and directly pay the tickets using their M2U accounts.

Before this, GSC only support credit card users for its online payment system which is called E-Payment. I tried to use my USA debit card with no success. Now with the inclusion of M2U service, it is convenient for me to book my seat and avoid long queue at Midvalley.

Online and mobile booking are not new to fellow Malaysians. However, these services don’t offer seat booking where you have to choose the seats only when you’ve arrived to pickup your tickets. Here is a snapshot of GSC E-Payment service. Pretty cool right? You can choose which seat that you want and pay it directly. The picture shows the seating for Gold Class at Midvalley.


Before you can use this service, you need to register online as GSC member and have M2U account. Tickets are only available for cinemas at Midvalley, 1 Utama and Berjaya Times Square. Books your Transformers tickets now!


Subtle Investment – Online Estate

Investments do not have to be in the form of equities, bonds, mutual funds or real estate. In the wake of internet, many opportunities have arise to generate money through the internet tsunami. We also heard about Swisscash and other ponzy schemes that have been luring millions of dollar from our people. Internet is not all bad. There are many ethical and legal ways to earn side income from internet. In this post we will discuss about something that I call Online Estate.

As with real estate, online estate is one way generate money by having some sort of assets. If real estate deals with houses and buildings, online estate deals with blogs, websites, domains and other internet related assets.

The easiest way to earn money from your blog is through advertising. If you have enough hits per day and good ads placement, it is not hard to earn some passive income. In my case, I have two blogs with various type of advertisements. With those two, I’m earning around 100USD per month. It’s not much, but that it’s enough considering I just update it around once in 2 weeks :p.

Besides, it’s not that hard to own a blog and you set your own pace. No need to rush, no deadline and you write when you like or when ideas come.

You have to be Nujum Pak Belalang in this type of online estate business. Domain Monger is one of the best way to earn money if you know what is happening around you. Let’s say you know that Iphone will be released before anyone knows it. You then purchase several domain that related to iphone like or If there is any interested party to purchase the domain, you could earn several hundreds dollars for it. Well it’s not easy to anticipate the next big domain but you could try.

Well that concludes small part of online estate topic. If you have suggestion and comment don’t forget to write it below.


Pameran Hartanah Bumiputera

There will be a program called “Pameran Hartanah Bumiputera KL 2007” in Midvalley. The program’s objective is to help developers to advertise unsold spot reserved for Bumiputera. This is a good opportunity for those who are in search for real estate investment or a house to live in.

I’ll be there too. Maybe after Friday Prayer which is around 3 o’clock. For those who are interested to go, maybe we can meet up to have a little chat about real estate. I’m still new to real estate investment so I have tons to ask.

Date: 15 -17 Jun 2007
Time: 10.00 Pagi – 10.00 Malam

Dewan 3,
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC),
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur