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Photos & News : New Proton Gen 2 Sedan

Proton Gen 2 sedan pictures

In the making of more rojak-ish blog, I have gathered around the net lots lots of pictures of the new Proton Sedan (aka Proton Gen 2 Sedan). Scheduled to be launched on 15 August 2007, Proton Sedan has gathered enough attention (with its teaser and secrecy) from local bloggers and websites. Here you go:
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Savings Creator #1 : Pay Yourself First

Have you ever woke up early one day and all of a sudden, you wanted to do everything that you have been holding off before? Well today is one of those days to me. If it ever happen to you, why not we talk about how to generate savings to fill the special day in.

Savings Creator #1 : Pay Yourself First

Notice that at the end of every month, there will be no money left to be saved? You tried as much as possible but the spending is still on par, if not exceeding, with your income. Don’t worry, this happens almost to everyone. What you should do instead, the time you clear your paycheck, deduct RM10, or RM50 or whatever amount that you want to your savings account. The secret is to pay yourself first. At the end of the month, you won’t probably notice that you have a reduced monthly spending and additional amount in your account.

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Dramatization : Dollar Cost Averaging

(Tables were accidentally deleted, I’ll try to remake them soon)

update: Mr KKChow has a better graphic for this

Azwa has posted a question to ask about how Dollar Cost Averaging works. Here two simulation of the averaging effect of regular investment. Basically, the concept of dollar cost averaging is the system buy more units when the price is low and less unit when the price is high.

In High-low-high Market, you started investing at $1.25 and ended at $1.25 too. But with dollar averaging cost effect, you actually have gained 8 cents.

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Beta-testing: Agent Directory

I’m in the process of launching a directory for mutual fund agents. Here users can find the nearest agent that could help them to understand more about mutual fund and how to invest.

It’s still in beta stage and a lot of testing and modifying will be done. I’m also collecting a database of interested agents that want to be listed in this directory.

I would like to hear comments about this directory. Agents who are interested can provide your information by using contact us form.

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Hey It’s Your Face: MyBlogLog

I just implemented Myavatar plugin. If you are a Mybloglog user, your avatar will be displayed alongside your name in comment section. Otherwise, a scary looking shadowy face will be displayed. Help me get rid of those faces and register at Mybloglog now.


By the way, I’m shamelessly exploiting my first nephew cuteticity for my avatar (nope, you can’t that word in Merriam Webster).

If you have already registered, don’t forget to join my community. And please do comment, I’m kinda bored of my own sentences.


Be a Smart Consumers: Hari Pengguna 2007

Not many realized but after a few hours this article is written, we will be celebrating Hari Pengguna 2007. Celebrated on 26 July every year, Hari Pengguna reminds us to be smart consumers and also ethical sellers. Here is the list to refresh our memory of what being a consumer is about:
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A New Income Stream

In chaotic world of online business, changes are the most important things to keep us afloat. If you ever feel complacent and get stale, your business won’t stay long before your competitors take you down. Even with the best winning solution, it won’t be long before it becomes irrelevant.

Here I am again, taking the next step to take this blog to the next level. I’ve signed up for PayPerPost program. This is my first entry for it. PayPerPost carries a very interesting concept of advertisement, targeting bloggers community. Payperpost offers bloggers to write posts about things related to their blog theme. Advertisers can offers what kind of posts that bloggers should write, specifying the minimum page rank, minimum alexa rank, and the most important thing, how much they are willing to pay.
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It’s a Wootoff!!!

Wootoff is coming back to woot!!! for those living in the US, grab this oppoturnity to buy the best deals on the web.

At the time of writing, Roomba Scheduler is sold for $140. Grab it people

What is Woot? is one of the first website which sell 1 item per day. And the item is really on great price. an item in each will be sold until it’s sold out or it’s past 1 am eastern time. I bought several things from woot; a casio watch, a roomba(!!!), a 250gb hard disk and some other things.
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The Journey To The West

As promised in my Bucks4Banner post, I’m going to write a mini review for the first person who could find 3 banners in this blog.

And the winner is Kaklong! Kaklong and I are both oversea student. Being a student in a foreign country is a different lot of stories. I remember the first time I put my step in the United States (in Los Angeles transit airport), I have a kind of rush panic. Suddenly I felt as if I’m not ready for this. I don’t know even if I can talk English with such fluency that understandable by people around me. And I’m not sure whether I would be able to be accepted by my new friends of difference culture. And I don’t know if I could learn with professors of unfamiliar accent. Experience like these are rarely told to others (even by me) but Kaklong’s Journey to the West unfolds her problems, her joy and her thought as a student of the States.
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ASB Loan Plus OD Method – The Beginning

Maybe a lot of investors especially Malays are interested in the method of using ASB loan and Overdraft Facility. Recently I have been able to have a long chat with Bro Lat who get to know this method through his Sifu Awang. With his permission, I’m going to explain mainly about the concept of this much hyped method in the next posts. Right now, I would recommend those who are interested in this method to give a read-through for the document below. The document describes about this method and step-by-step guide in Bahasa Malaysia.

Pengurusan Kewangan Yg Betul.doc

Any questions are welcome.

clarification : The term loan here is not pointed to specific loan for ASB because loan for ASB can’t be used for OD application. Use of personal loan or own money is some of the options.