It’s a Wootoff!!!

Wootoff is coming back to woot!!! for those living in the US, grab this oppoturnity to buy the best deals on the web.

At the time of writing, Roomba Scheduler is sold for $140. Grab it people

What is Woot? is one of the first website which sell 1 item per day. And the item is really on great price. an item in each will be sold until it’s sold out or it’s past 1 am eastern time. I bought several things from woot; a casio watch, a roomba(!!!), a 250gb hard disk and some other things.

And what is wootoff?

Once in a while Woot will do a wootoff. It will last several days, usually on weekend. In the wootoff, the item will be replaced with a new one if and only if the current item is sold out.

I never buy from a wootoff though.. the waiting is too long for a good deal but when it’s coming, you won’t have enough time even to read the description.

Useful link:

See the past items offered

  1. #1 by jelly on September 4, 2007 - 3:00 pm

    I saw it once on TV ads but can’t remember which channel. may be it was on Astro at kedai mamak. At that time, didn’t have any idea what it was. However, having it would be awesome as it can vacuum dust on floor. The best part is after it finished its job, it went back to its station. I think that’s pretty cool.

  2. #2 by Irwan on September 4, 2007 - 9:40 pm

    it’s indeed a cool robot. but it’s not as maintenance-less as it’s advertised. it stuck occasionally at carpet side. the bin need to be emptied every 3-4 runs, and the brush also needs cleaning like once a week.

    there is a new version of it now. the new one features multi room roaming and disentangle function.

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