Be a Smart Consumers: Hari Pengguna 2007

Not many realized but after a few hours this article is written, we will be celebrating Hari Pengguna 2007. Celebrated on 26 July every year, Hari Pengguna reminds us to be smart consumers and also ethical sellers. Here is the list to refresh our memory of what being a consumer is about:

  1. Hak untuk mendapatkan keperluan asas
  2. Hak untuk mendapatkan keselamatan
  3. Hak untuk mendapatkan maklumat
  4. Hak untuk membuat pilihan
  5. Hak untuk bersuara
  6. Hak untuk mendapatkan ganti rugi
  7. Hak untuk mendapatkan pendidikan pengguna
  8. Hak untuk mendapatkan alam sekitar yang sihat dan selamat
    (elaboration can be found here)

Tomorrow will also marks the increased of government servants’ paycheck. It’s likely that sellers will take advantage of wages increase. Please be aware of such increase and be a responsible consumer; don’t support those sellers even it’s more convenience to buy from them. Do your part, this will show them that Malaysians consumers are price-elastic and smart.

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