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Easy Money : Bucks for nothing

img10There is an easy way to get money from your domains. BucksforBanners offers 10 Euro for just signing up and another 5 Euro per month if you put up 3 banners per domain. No minimum traffic, no minimum PR, just pure, passive money maker.

So why bucks for nothing?

I know the word banner is not very favorable form of ads for webmasters/bloggers. The trick here is that you could place your ads as deep as possible in your archive of posts. Just find 3 posts that are least read by visitors, and paste the html code from BucksforBanners. Usually it takes a week for the payment to come. I got mine in 4 days. Plus you can add as many domains as you like. Generating hundreds of Euro per month is easy if you have lots of domains.

(mini-contest after jump)
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Blogging Revenue – June 2007

I never disclose my revenue before as I thought it would break Google Adsense TOS. As I later found out, it’s not exactly the case. There are some well known bloggers posting their revenues every month in their blogs (, As an aspiration to all new bloggers, especially Malaysians, I’m joining the wagon. Maybe it’s a little bit late for last month’s revenue but still here is it:

Google AdSense: $74.48
Text Link Ads: $41.67
Banners4bucks: $20.00
TOTAL: $136.15

I only have 3 revenue resources and I think I’m losing something here. I managed to outperform in both resources but have unbeatable $215 income from PayPerPost. I was surprised to see how much he could earn with PayPerpost.
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Are Investors Doing The Right Things?

img9Believe it or not, among the people who invest, mutual fund buyers are the ones who mostly do the opposite of what they should do, buy low and sell high.

By studying cash flows (tracking the movement of money into and out of mutual funds), 2 financial research institutions, Dalbar and Morningstar, found that the vast majority of people buy investments when prices are high, and they sell when prices are low. Read the rest of this entry »


Yahoo Mail is now Unlimited

I logged in to my yahoo email just now and I got a surprise from Yahoo:


After some googling (hey googling is not marked as spelling error, interesting), Somehow I feel happy even though I never use more than 5% of 2GB storage before. Tell me how much mail storage do you really use? Do we really need that much? or unlimited is still not enough?


ASB Calculator v3.3 Usage Tips

We have received a couple of inquiries from our valued readers on how to use the most recent ASB Calculator V3.3. Here are some tips of using it.

First Step:


Here you can edit the start date of your investment and the amount of your initial investment. Nothing complicated here.
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New Theme Is Coming

It’s harder than I thought to change a theme. Today it took me like 4-5 hours doing the coding. I’m not really understand the php and html stuff. So what I did is just try and error.

The next theme is K2 3 Column. I chose 3 columns because it gives me more space to add sidebar stuff like chatbox, links, and some advertisement. More space mean less clutter, so visitors could easily find what they need in this blog. Read the rest of this entry »


Welcome Blogdesk

If you can see this post it means that I have successfully posting in my blog using Blogdesk.


Affin Bank Offers Lowest Credit Card Rate

I loath of the idea of spending more that you could afford but Credit Card is still a convenience to a lot of us. We don’t have to carry cash around and it’s accepted everywhere. Just swipe and carry. With current maximum rate of 18% per annum for outstanding balance, Credit Card managed to cause 11% of total bankruptcies case in Malaysia. If you think that you are way too young to be bankrupted, do note that 8% of bankcrupts were aged between 20 and 30. Read the rest of this entry »

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ASB Calculator V3

Thanks to M. Ridzuan’s time and neater Excel skill, he came out with some modifications to my current ASB calculator V2 and improved it here and there. Here are the new features of ASB Calculator V3:

  1. Monthly and yearly contributions are editable for every year.
  2. Users can now scroll the table without losing the headers’ sight.
  3. Mini Loan calculator to show how much you lose to the bank.
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