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I’m flying soon.

Here is the last post of me from Malaysia. Wish me luck and safe journey. See you guys soon. 😉


My First Japanese Advertiser

After a series of email conversation, I finally secured a deal with to provide one text-link advertisement spot in my blog. This is my first experience of having a custom advertiser. You would see the ads at the top of ’Featured Sites’ list. The purpose is more for SEO purpose than traffic-generating.

The site however, is in Japanese and I think it’s just like our Text Ads Link website where people buy and sell advertisement spots.

One more good news is, I just noticed that we can now accept credit/debit card payments with paypal personal accounts. However it’s limited to 500USD per month and 5 withdrawal annually. This is great for personal account holders who wish to accept some occasional payment through credit or debit card.

The fee is quite high which is 4.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

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Today I’ve Changed

I make this post, today, to commemorate that I’ve changed my perspective about life, about my family, my friends, money and love. I try to do things differently now. I hope this will turn a new leaf of my life. I was happy with my life back then, but I’m sure today and the days after, it will be even better.

2 more days to go back to the US. I haven’t packed everything yet. But it will be easier than last year because I don’t have many things to bring back. Just some clothes, food, curry powder and some gadgets that I have brought from US. Yeah, I’m bringing them back. ^^

I would like to thanks all the readers and commentators for actively participating in my blog. I couldn’t thank you enough. Here are current top commentators:

  1. kkchow23
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  5. Daniel David

My 3 months in Malaysia is not packed with interesting stuff. But it’s worth the comeback. Having to see my family and friends back again is totally invaluable experience.

I slept around 8 pm last night and now I’m staying up until Subuh and will be going to jog around 8am (hopefully) . That’s all for a morning post.


Taste World’s Best Popcorn


Well, this is not another sponsored post. It’s a post of one of my favorite things. I never heard about Dale & Thomas’ Popcorn before coming to the US. However, one of its promotional campaign hooked me up last year. Ever since, I crave for another promotion from D&T popcorn.

This is what they call premium popcorn in the US. Different flavor offers different uniqueness that Chef Dale brings out of his imaginative mind. Six-pack sampler is just USD$28 (or USD$36 with shipping). You may ask who pays over USD$6 dolar for a pack of flavor popcorn. Once you’ve tasted it, you’d change your mind.

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Is it all about money?

Preparing to retire is seemed as all about money. I don’t agree with ’Money cannot buy happiness’. Of course you can’t if all you do is trying to voodoo your money to become someone you love. However, with a little thought, money will assist you to get what you want. Here is a nice article about how to invest in your health but it’s not that money-related.

People are always talking about investments for retirement. Financial investments, that is. If you start treating your health as an investment, though, you could find that exercise is a terrific retirement strategy worth its weight in gold.

Physical fitness can be a cash-free retirement investment that pays off handsomely.

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Free Office for All!

It is not an old news about OpenOffice software that is free since they put its name that way, but it’s 70$ dollar software StarOffice that people were paying before it became free.

Much like of its sibling,StarOffice bundled five essential software for office environment.


If you have done your work in MS office, you don’t have to worry about re-editing in StarOffice as it has support for most of MS Office format (minus the new office 2007’s format).

There is an 8-page article from Eweek if you want to read more about how competent is StarOffice with MS Office. Download link after jump

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Proton Persona : Like it or Love it?


I’ve heard many people congratulating Proton for finally listen to its customers. And here is my congratulation post for Proton for finally being able to produce a car that I’m proud of.

I just had my experience with the car in flesh at Perkampungan Hadhari in Kota Bharu yesterday. I really like the new refreshing color of Ribenaberries (Blueberry Tea). I’m glad that they chose that color for the exhibition. The fact that the color is being offered just to the top of the line models adds to its exclusiveness.

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What is Your Move?

If you has been following our market trend lately, you would notice that our stock market was plummeting down. With just several days, our Composite Index has come down to 1191.55 point from almost touching 1400 point. And with it, almost all of mutual fund were losing value too.

Here we come again to the point of making decision. Are you going to cut loss and retreat from stock market/sell your mutual funds? Or you just take it as one of the dismissible volatility and stick to you buy and hold strategy? Whatever you choice , just don’t panic.


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Do We Need Medical Insurance?

Like road accidence, we unconsciously believe that bad things would never happen to us. That’s why we feel reluctant to opt for medical insurance or takaful. We are lucky that transportation insurance is mandatory. If not, I wonder how many of us will buy such insurance. Here I found a nice reading about medical insurance. It may sound biased as the blog is about insurance but just take it as an insight of what we have not carefully thought about.

First of all, do you know that a medical and health insurance policy is generally designed to help you cover the cost of private medical treatment such as cost of hospitalisation and healthcare services, if you are diagnosed with covered illnesses or have had an accident.

Just imagine the cost of not having any health insurance. If you are involved in an accident, or contract a serious illness, you have to pay the hospital bills from your own pocket. Prior to admitting to certain private hospitals, you would also have to pay a deposit. If your family members, i.e. your spouse or children, get seriously ill or hurt, the medical costs can lead to a total depletion of your savings. In some cases, it may even cause bankruptcy!

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Submitted Content for #3 day

Here is a short visitor submitted content for today.

1. A Brief History of Retirement

ChampDog explains how human civilization comes to the term of retirement and what happen before people do retire. It’s an interesting story and I’m sure you will like this brief history of retirement.

2. Health and Wealth

Learn why health is more important than wealth in preparing yourself for retirement.