Savings Creator #2 : Save Means Save

We are in the middle of shopping frenzy time. If you go to Mid Valley <cough>my second home</cough> or other malls, you’ll be greeted with big sign of SALE in every shop.

Savings Creator #2 : Save Means Save

If you’re like most people, 50% discount means you got two items with the price of one. Let’s not view it that way. You must tell yourself that 50% means pay full amount but 50% goes to your savings. The next time you save your money from your purchases, save that saving into your savings account. Got it?

Make it one of your principal and honor it each time you make a purchase. It’s a simple step but the benefits are gigantic. In no time your savings will get fat thanks to your shopping habits. So, what you are waiting for, find those big signs and start saving the right way.

[via ricedelman]

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