Loan : When money is not with the one who needs it

When we talk about loan, certain people have a very different view towards it. Some who has difficult time with loan might want to get as far as possible from it. A budding entrepreneur however, would see it as the only way to build his/her business.

While I talk a lot about taking loan for investment in this blog, I never had the opportunity that requires me to take a loan for any purpose. I might take it later if I need to buy a house or a car. There’s no way that you could live debt-free in today’s society.

While it’s imminent that you will need it sooner or later, why not we get prepared for it? In Malaysia it would be hard to shop for loan online. Our online communities aren’t in that stage yet. You have to go to each bank to find the best deal.

However, if you reside in UK, you might want to check this UK Personal Loans store that I just discovered. If you just had a job, and trying to move out from your parent’s house, you might want to check the mortgages section. Try to find the longest and biggest mortgage (if you want to know why, check my upcoming post later). Personal Loans is also offered for those who need an extra amount of money for personal use such as getting married or paying your son’s college tuition fee.

As I’m enjoying debt-free part of my life , it would be great if you guys could share some of your experience taking loan.

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