Do You Ever Have A Budget?

Well not me, but I would love to. Be it a daily budget or monthly or even annually, it helps us to know where our money comes and goes. Sometimes we didn’t even notice that we are spending unexpectedly excessive for the things that we shouldn’t. Thus, we might want to reduce such unproductive spending to something that might give us more value.


Here I found a Personal Monthly Budget in Excel template. Try it for yourself and tell me your result.

P/S : I’m using MS Office 2007, I’m not sure the template will work for previous version of Office or not)

  1. #1 by tim on August 9, 2007 - 9:56 pm

    help help help.. I am addicted to ur blog. damng.. at first, I hated investment and so forth, B O R I N G. tapi bile dah faham, it’s so damn interesting..

    Anyway, good job irwan. Sgt informative

  2. #2 by kaklong on August 9, 2007 - 11:35 pm

    i have a budget but it’s always difficult to stick to it. huhu~

  3. #3 by Irwan on August 10, 2007 - 12:52 am

    haha me too (answering both Kaklong and Tim).

    I’m addicted to write in my blog too. Coz there a lot of dear visitors who read it. I can’t thanks enough for those who come to my humble blog, especially those who care to take a little bit more of their time and comment.

    And like you kaklong, I never stick to my planner so far. I even noted every spending in my phone note, but that just lasted for a few days. haha

  4. #4 by kkchow23 on August 10, 2007 - 4:44 pm

    I’ve always keep track of my expenditure, but it’s kind of difficult to budget them within your desire range. Most of the time, there’ll be /-. But at least you’ll know where your money go, and from there you can try minimize it the next month. :p

  5. #5 by lukxiufung on August 12, 2007 - 2:06 am

    I always have a budget. I even make an account book using excel. Personally, I have the habits of saving since young. Life is hard. So, I always budget my monthly expenses even daily. I am now saving money to purchase my personal computer which worth RM 3.5k (also budget so long dy :P). Cheers!

  6. #6 by jelly on September 25, 2007 - 2:35 pm

    could you please save the template of personal budget sheet in MS Office 2003 and put it your blog. Mine still use the Office 2003 version. Pleaseeeeeeee

  7. #7 by aiza nor akmarlina on May 5, 2008 - 11:01 am


    i cant open the budget file. my suggestion is –>could u make function download for the budget since it interesting for your readers. make it in 2 format (2007 and 2003). .i think many of us still use in 2003….tq.informative blog!

  8. #8 by iwan_viiskara on May 6, 2008 - 6:19 pm

    dont have to planning la.. I’m just cut my budget and the rest will act it as saving

  9. #9 by Jordan on April 4, 2011 - 4:31 am

    I definitely agree with keeping track of what we use and spend because we are so lousy a checker as an emotional being. Excel works great and thanks for the above link… but the issue is always… will you stick to tracking it on excel?

    That’s a discipline issue lol

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  10. #10 by Smithelizabeh274 on April 6, 2011 - 2:13 am

    I sometimes don’t know where my money would go. I would try this one.

  11. #11 by Karen on April 26, 2011 - 2:12 pm

    I have a budget plan but I manually encode it in an online spreadsheet (google docs) finding this one will surely make my budgeting easier.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!


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