Get Ready for Retirement Week

In the recent news of how ill-prepared our people are for retirement, I’m going to hold a week long postings about retiring. This will covers the topic of what we should do before retiring, how to refine our retirement plan and the tips to avoid common mistakes that most people make about retiring.

To facilitate people to find all posts in the week, I’ll put all the posts in 7 Days to Better Retirement category. You won’t miss it.

You can show your commitment in this knowledge gathering in several ways:

  1. Leave your thoughts in comment section of each post. Ask a question or share any knowledge that you might have learnt recently about having a better retirement.
  2. Make your own post in your own blog regarding any topic pertaining to retirement and then email me with the URL. If you don’t have a blog, just email me the whole article instead. I would gladly publish your article.

The first posting will start this Monday and will be continued until Sunday. I’m looking forward for this exciting week.

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