No Scholarship, No Problem

It’s such an opportunity to study under government scholarship. Being one of the few students who were offered JPA’s scholarship really gives me some sort of motivation to strive in abroad.

If you don’t get the scholarship, that doesn’t have to mean the world’s end. You don’t even have to drop your dream to get a good education. Besides PTPN, there are lot more third party lenders who are happy to lend you money with low interest.

I checked some website for private education loan. If you check the rate for it, the payment is just $91.57 for $10K loan (20 years),

I know paying for the education yourself is something unusual especially for us Malaysian. However, as being under scholarship gives me motivation, I reckon paying it for yourself will motivate you even more. You will see learning as an investment that not only costs time, but also your hard-earned money. You will take lectures more seriously as though skipping it waste you full meal at TGI Friday’s.

As for me, I see it as a huge responsibility to gather knowledge there and bring it back to Malaysia. I still got 2 more years to finish my study in New Jersey. Can’t wait to come back and serve my people and country.

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