Today I’ve Changed

I make this post, today, to commemorate that I’ve changed my perspective about life, about my family, my friends, money and love. I try to do things differently now. I hope this will turn a new leaf of my life. I was happy with my life back then, but I’m sure today and the days after, it will be even better.

2 more days to go back to the US. I haven’t packed everything yet. But it will be easier than last year because I don’t have many things to bring back. Just some clothes, food, curry powder and some gadgets that I have brought from US. Yeah, I’m bringing them back. ^^

I would like to thanks all the readers and commentators for actively participating in my blog. I couldn’t thank you enough. Here are current top commentators:

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My 3 months in Malaysia is not packed with interesting stuff. But it’s worth the comeback. Having to see my family and friends back again is totally invaluable experience.

I slept around 8 pm last night and now I’m staying up until Subuh and will be going to jog around 8am (hopefully) . That’s all for a morning post.

  1. #1 by reyna elena on August 23, 2007 - 7:28 am


    It’s congratulations always for the better, you know. It’s funny you say that because I did excactly – well, sorta the same thing. Right after graduating from my mba in the US, I went home to Manila and lived there for about 10 months to reconnect with long lost friends, enjoy life with my boyfriend… boyfriends… hehehe (sorry! can’t help it!) and just had the blast of my life. You know, you learn but I still did some dumb things. But I love home – Manila that is, that all I do in the US is focused on my coming home for good.

    It’ great to get to know you through your blog!

    I’m in Philadelphia!

  2. #2 by lukxiufung on August 23, 2007 - 9:12 am

    Gathering with old friends and family is always a good experience and memorable. Wish you all the best Irwan 🙂 Jogging in the morning…hmm…I never try this in my life i think….

  3. #3 by Irwan on August 24, 2007 - 3:13 am

    10 months in Manila must be a good time for you. PA is just so near with New Jersey. I went to PA for snowboarding last year.

    Thanks for being here,It’s a great thing to be able to share my tale to others

    kailoon, i seldom jogging, but now i’m kinda addicted to it. it’s a great thing to see how our fitness improve everyday.

    but suddently my fitness drop like 20%. I think my recent blood donation is the culprit.. or maybe because I sleep a little too much lately (well a lot much, actually)

  4. #4 by squaretan on August 26, 2007 - 3:23 am

    Glad you have changed for the better. Anyway who changed you? your Mak we changed you? just a wild guess! no hard feelings ya! haha

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