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Iphone : A reply from Maxis customer service

It’s a sad thing that Iphone can’t receive call-in if it’s on Maxis. If this last problem is solved, it will greatly increase the number of Iphone users in Malaysia. And I would be glad to supply them with more Iphones :p.

I sent an email to Maxis customer service to report about this problem. I know they already knew about this problem. I just want to make it look like more of their customers concern about this problem.

Here is the reply that I received:
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GroveLawn :Another custom advertiser

img78I just received another custom advertisement spot order which is from GroveLawn Financial Service. This is my second custom advertiser. So I’m pretty excited about it.

As as complimentary I promised that I would write a mini review it.

This website comes into spotlight when you are trying to find a new mortgage provider. If you are like most people, finding the best mortgage and to be familiar with current market situation is a very dreadful experience.

With Grovelawn, you can easily bail yourself out of this predicament and have that very peace of mind that you have been searching for especially if you are buying house. Grovelawn offer over 49,000 mortgage products without charging any fee for their service. And if you have been having bad experience with online brokers who try to sell you stuff by sending their salesmen to your doorstep, don’t worry, Grovelawn don’t do that kind of stuff.

For those who are just want to learn more about mortgage, Grovelawn even offer service and tips for fresh graduate, first time buyer or those with bad credit. The site is really informative about every type of mortgage. Have a visit even if you are not going to use their service.


If you are having troubles with your internet explorer…

…just reset it. I just found out about this today. It’s like being able to solve a problem that has been lingering around my laptop for years. And the solution can’t be more simpler than this.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools > Internet Option > Advanced tab > Reset

That’s all. It will solve almost all of your problems.

Give it a try if you need it.

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First Iphone bulk to Malaysia done

Update: Interested to buy Unlocked Iphone? Visit my lowyat bulk thread for info. Contact me and say you’ve visited my blog, I’ll give RM50 discount from my latest pricing in the thread.

It was a great moment to receive that news from my brother. A couple days ago, I sent several Iphones to Malaysia. I found enough interested buyers and the markup is quite high as Iphone is still not available in Malaysia.

I sent it through one of the fastest delivery method as I can cover it back with the high markup.

One of the main problem is to deal with Custom and Sirim. Luckily the Iphones went through both parties without any problem.

My brother is now dealing with the Cash on Delivery (COD). And I’m taking orders for my shipment.

If you are interested to get one of the coolest handphone on earth, visit my thread at


Iphone Hack : Succeed

Iphone is a very magnificent little device. However, being bonded to AT&T carrier crushes many of people’s desire to own an Iphone.

Just after the release of easy unlocking method, I rushed into AT&T store to purchase one.

I spent one evening to figure out the way to unlock the phone. Even it’s easy, there is a vast area of unknowns to me. I don’t even know how to upgrade the firmware and I almost bricked my phone by stopping it while upgrading. Luckily, everything finally come to pieces. After several restoration process, I managed to unlock it.

Now I can use other carrier in my Iphone including Maxis. Nice!


Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim

It’s the month of fasting again. For those who are in Malaysia, Happy Ramadhan. I still don’t know when it will begin in the US. We don’t have penyimpan mohor besar like in Malaysia. It’s expected to be either Thursday or this Friday.

Anyway, good luck to achieve the best fasting month in your life. Make every effort to gain blessing from Allah by controlling your nafs and making good deeds.

p/s: come jason, fasting with me.


Sunday Night Rambling : Do what you wants to do

That day, I have this conversation with my friend. He said I’ve got everything that he wants. I invest, I have blogs, I got several side incomes, I play badminton and I can two-handedly (even though horribly) play keyboard. Somehow it seems that I have everything that he wants.

I told him if I do something that seems good, it doesn’t mean that he wants to do it too. Everybody wants to do good things. But is it really your passion, is it really what you really want to do? (yes, I use three reallys).

So I asked him what he like to spend time on. He said he really like to study, to spend time on books, to do mathwork, and to stall for hours on unanswerable questions. That’s it, I said. You don’t really have to do what others are doing. You invest in your education, you have homework as your journal, your side-income is the knowledge that you store in your mind, you play with words and formulae and you gracefully use both sides of your brain. Basically you do everything that I do, just in your own ways.

Satisfied with my just-in-time motivators, he left with a new feeling that day.

I was left with my own thoughts that I offered to him just now. Am I really do what I really really want? Or do I just do what cool people do and pretend it as one of my passion? I know my answer and I would like to hear yours.

Please do comment :p


Took the Crown Back

Did you remember my post about Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky button. The top spot was belong to some DJ named Irwan from Indonesia. Today, I realized that the crown has been handled to me. If you ever I’m Feeling Lucky the term ’irwan’, you will be forcefully directed to

Nice heh? Thanks for all your support. If anybody wants to donate an Ipod Touch to me, I’ll be even more grateful. 😀


New Ipod Nano and Ipod Touch Launched

img69Introducing the new Ipod from Apple. Ipod Touch features multi-touch screen just like Iphone and it looks like Iphone too. With just 8-mm thick, Ipod Touch come in 2 flavors, 8GB ($299) and 16GB($399).

Here is some of the specs:

– Built-in Wifi
Safari Browser
– Battery life: 22 hours music, 5 hours video
– Watch Youtube over Wifi

Apple Store is under heavy load now. US people will get their first Ipod Touch at the end of this week.

Besides that, Apple also launched a new Ipod Nano. Now it can play video on its 2-inch screen, still can pair with Nike + and just become a little bit fatter. It’s relatively cheaper too. 4GB is $149 and 8GB is $199.

Other announcement is the price drop of Iphone. The 4GB is now on its way out while 8GB version is having $200 price drop to $399. It’s the quickest price drop from Apple.

If you are dreaming of owning Ipod Touch, check this Guided Video Tour.

The old Ipod is called Ipod Classic now. It’s slimmer but with humongous 80GB($249)

and 160GB($349) storage.

More Pictures after jump
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Settled In

I has taken a leave for more than a week now. Thanks for those who keep visiting this blog. Everything has come back to normal and homework has started to piling up.

Being in the US, I feel far from home, thus I don’t know what to write anymore. So please bear with me until I pick up my pace again.

This semester, I just take 15 credit hours. That means I won’t be as busy as last year. However, I won’t have as much free time as it was in summer.

Talking about summer, the sun inclination has started to retreat back to the other part of the world. It’s still warm in here, around 25-28 degree. I still can have my morning jogging with t-shirt but the wind is getting colder especially at night.

The scenery here is better than ever. The grass is greener, people around me seems nicer and the dawn, it grows more melancholy each day. I think that’s because I’ve realized that I only got 21 more months in the US (if I won’t be back for another summer).

I want to post some pictures but I don’t have a camera right now. I’ll to borrow from a friend later.

Marketwise, KLCI seems back to normal, hovering in sub-1300 point and Ringgit is cheaper at RM3.50 per US dollar.

Till the next post.