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Re:Of Eid celebrations and Bad Showmanship

This is a response to "Of Eid celebrations and Bad Showmanship" and the follow-up “Ruffled Feathers” by Shuraifa Faruqi. It’s best to read the posts first to put you in my perspective.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Hi there, Shue. Firstly I would like to say that I enjoy your style of writing, your diction, and of course, your vast resource of vocabulary. The way you express your feeling through writing, It seems as if it comes directly from your heart. I wish I could do the same.

About the showmanship thing, usually I don’t take it to heart about what people are saying. But a few of my friends do and that’s why I have to jump into this discussion for both parties’ understanding.

I wish I was the Project Director for the night, or the ones who put much effort to make it happen so I can be unbiased as possible to enlighten you how the way we see it. Unfortunately, I was just the secretary for this event, who did nothing of much importance that night even with that grande title.
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Broken Door


One of my first photos taken by Nikon D80.


Living a hangat-hangat tahi ayam life

DSC_0018I don’t know how long usually I put my interest in one field. From the beginning of this blog, my main interest is well, blogging. Honestly, the main motivation is always about money but in the end I find that it’s the small pieces that came along with materialism that satisfied me. I communicate with a lot of people, especially other bloggers, my brother for advanced wordpress scripting, and dear visitors who are always passionate reading my blog. And I’m not far from the main objective either; currently my blogging careers earn me 300+ USD per month. It’s not much but it’s okay as I know that I’m making money while enjoying blogging.

Then I move to investing. Again, the motivation is still about money. So while I was doing that, I started to write about ASB and other invesments. A lot of visitors started to come and asking questions; and I started to find the answers (I don’t know everything :p) . I think for that short while, my biggest achievement is to create a simple ASB calculator. That gave a fulfilling feeling to me.

Then the world was struck with Iphonenism. I found it a very unique phone with tons of uses. I never feel that way with any other handphone. Even with N95, I feel it’s just a handphone that will depreciate to half of its price in several months. But not with Iphone, I feel that its value is increasing each day with thousands of people working on it to bring new applications. I then saw the opportunity to send some Iphone back to Malaysia. Here I am today, being the biggest Iphone seller in Now the demand is getting slower, I’ll stop once it’s irrelevance for me to continue.

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Angkat Bakul Sendiri

img87I just found a new situation to express this peribahasa. I just put my own advertisement on my own blog. How (un)cool is that? I thought if people are paying me to put their ads, why don’t I pay(not literally) myself for such service?

So there I put my selling thread url on

Don’t forget to visit it.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


I bid Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to those who are celebrating it. Fasting month is over. I hope I’ve changed something in myself throughout the blessed month.

For those who are expecting more post about investment, mutual fund or ASB, I’m sorry I couldn’t stretch enough time in my busy schedule to do so.

Anyway, enjoy Eid on Saturday and don’t forget to give Duit Raya to children who always appreciate the spirit of it.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

[Image from ArifinShah]


September Summary

It’s a new month already. I wish I could write more in this blog but my days are getting busier. I also missed to answer several questions in comment section. By that, I would like to thanks our top commentators who contribute day and night to answer readers financial problem especially Mrs Zuraini and Mr Kkchow23.

It’s great thing to have an intellectual discussion among visitors. I’m in the process of implementing a mini forum to this blog. On second thought, it would dilute the ’blog’ness of this blog. What do you guys think? Is it okay to go through a page or two of registration process for the sake of better discussion? It’s almost finish after all, so let’s see how it goes.

My google adsense is almost double compared to last month, thanks to my second blog which is getting a healthy stream of visitors from google search.

Other revenues don’t change much.

To Jason, do continue blogging, don’t give up easily and good luck on your business. Remember that a mistake is just another way of getting you become stronger. Thanks for supporting me all the way bro.

Last but not least, for all dear visitors, I know it’s never enough to thank you all. So thanks again for subscribing to my feed, reading my posts, writing comments and asking questions. I enjoy every moment it.

Haha this post is getting more like wasiat already. I’m gonna stop now.


Maybank Increases Daily Transfer

img80It’s a good news for those who use for online purchase. I just noticed that our daily transfer has just been increase to RM5000 per day from RM3000 per day. I think it’s a very good move as now more people are using internet for buying and selling.

Also, I just did my first online wire transfer using M2U. It’s a convenience way to send money to people abroad. In this case, I sent the money from me to myself. :p

What’s more, it just take around 12 hours to get the money. Total effective rate is around RM3.45 when mid-market rate is around RM3.40. 5 cent (RM cent) per dollar is not bad with that kind of service.

Don’t forget to tell me your experience with it.

p/s:The comment form is lonely, use it. :p