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Mirror Mutual Fund Performance

If you think mutual fund is not enough for you and you want to be more in charge of your investment, guess what is the best for you? Create your own mutual fund.

Seriously, can I do that?

Not legally as you have to get license and whatnots but on personal scale, it’s as easy as buying stocks.

I know you are joking but why would I do that?

The biggest advantage of buying your own fund is that you can evade the enormous 6.5% initial fee and 1.5% annual management fee. Let’s see how the fees eat up your profit.


The diagram uses 6.00% initial fee and 1.5% annual fee. At the end of the 5-th year, you almost lose 33% of your profit to the fees. Scary huh?
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"Tokmek tadok doh… baru meninggal sat ni". I received the sms that morning and honestly I didn’t know how to react. It is my first death as an adult. There was no sadness rushing to my heart as we see in the movie, but it was just a blankness of feeling. I just felt that I need to look at her pictures again.

Opening up my brother’s album, I saw her standing beside my brother’s wedding bed, in the most elegance way of people at her age, filled with modesty in her smile and a lifetime of memories in her eyes.

The thought that I would never see her again brought up tears in my eyes.

Before I go anywhere far from her, she always said that she don’t know whether she could see me again or not . And I always said, of course you could. It has always been true for years.

But not this time.

I will always remember you in my doa. May Allah bless you forever.



My art of procrastinating


Procrastinating is not bad, if you know how do it properly. Here is a list of three tips to procrastinate better.

1. Always limit your time studying or doing homework

As a procrastinator myself, my most productive time is the last hour of the dateline. But one thing about procrastinating is that the last hour makes you suffer, disoriented and full of tension. So my solution is to set my own goal and time it’s due. I tried to emulate the anxiety of the set time as much as I do with the real due time. This way I could also have the heavenly feeling of finishing a job just before its due time.

Besides, if I managed to complete the homework, I will give myself a gift such as a venti size of White Mocha Iced Latte from Starbuck. That’s to encourage my mind and feeling towards finishing any goal next time.

What happened if I can’t finish it on time? Usually I just skip to the next homework and work together with my friend when the real due date is coming.

Apply that to studying too.

2. Multitask is another form of procrastinating

Multitasking is today’s buzz word. Unlike computers, we only have one core and even with that, we don’t have full control of memorizing things. I found that multitasking actually requiring more time than it should be, especially when doing something new i.e studying. Our mind always make an excuse out of it to stop doing the real work. So don’t fall for its trick.

I save multitasking for something that I do routinely, like unlocking 5 Iphones at a time or folding clothes while talking to my mom on the phone.

3. Find something bigger to procrastinate

Have it ever happen to you that you find there is always something else to do beside doing your final paper? Suddenly, some lesser things like washing dishes or sweeping floor seems more interesting to do. Our brain try its best to avoid doing something important, even its has to do the task that you don’t like.

Harness the motivation behind this procrastination by doing something a little bit less important like doing your homework. Force yourself to decide between doing the final paper or this little homework. You win either way.

There you go. If you find these tips useful, use them as you please, if not, or you have anything in mind, the comment section is for yours to use. :p



Makcik PC : Eee PC contender?

img3In the wake of ultra portable (and surprisingly interesting) Eee PC by Asus and ultra-affordable OLPC (one laptop per Child), Malaysian don’t take any chance to be left behind in producing our own invention. Mimos, a Malaysian-based company, released Makcik PC on 30th Nov 2007.

With a starting price of less than USD100, Makcik PC is aimed to reduce the gap between rural and urban society in Malaysia.

I don’t know which operating system it comes with but surely it’s not any sort from Microsoft.

With touchscreen as its main input device, it would be great if this PC have Iphone-like interface. You know, like multitouch and drag-to-scroll thinggy.

Let’s see some of its specs:

  • Start from RM330 ($100USD)
  • Voice-activated features
  • Built in Flash memory (at least 2GB)
  • Touch screen (no keyboard)

I congratulate Mimos for this initiative and let’s see how it goes. More pictures after jump
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