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My first Cat scan


I went to see a doctor last week because i was having a week of fever. After a session of physical checkup, the young doctor still haven’t had a clue of what was going on. She thought that I might have appendicitis and suggested me to take a Cat scan at Hoboken University hospital to double-check it.

I didn’t feel that I have appendicitis as I heard people with appendicitis can’t even walk because of the pain. I did feel abdominal pain but that didn’t come close to what I expected of appendicitis.

After been visited one-after-another by three staffs from Reslife, which kinda make me feel better, I was given two bottle of thick whitey barium sulphate. It tastes like thick tangy orange juice without the orange flavor. The last drop of that stuff nearly had me throwing up.

After 3 hours of waiting, the result of the Cat scan was out. It’s negative. I wasn’t that worry but it’s a relief to hear the good news. We (one of the staff stayed) packed things up and went home in Stevens Police SUV.

After three days of nausea and diarrhea (mostly because of barium sulphate), I’m feeling good again, writing a story about this in my blog. The sun indeed shines brighter after you got healthy again.


5 reasons why Apple won’t release Iphone in Malaysia

img26People are hoping that Apple will release Iphone in Malaysian market. Here are the reasons why I think Iphone won’t be released here.

Malaysian market is too small

I know Malaysian are very quick in adopting new technology especially in handphone market. However, the numbers are quite small comparing to other eastern countries like Japan. And having to deal with Malaysia lock policy, I bet we won’t be on top of the list.

It’s illegal to lock any phone in Malaysia

Just like France and Germany, we have a law to prevent any phone to be locked to certain providers. Apple either has to release an unlocked version or not to release it at all. Considering that Apple is making much money by sharing revenue with telco providers, it’s a loss for them to release an unlocked version.

Suggested price for unlocked version would be around RM3600++

Apple released unlocked Iphone in France for 749 Euro and in Germany for 999 Euro to compensate for the revenue that Apple would get in subscribers payment. If we convert that amount into Malaysian Ringgit, it would be RM3600 to RM4790 per unit. It’s very expensive for a smartphone. Besides that, people are selling self-unlocked Iphone at RM2300 -RM2600. I don’t know about you but paying extra RM1000 for valid warranty and upgrade seems too much.

No 3G

I thought this would not be an important reason but after using Iphone for months, it feels like I would kill to have 3G. Browsing using Iphone would be so much fun if a website doesn’t need at least 30 seconds to load its page. After you have tried navigating

Self-unlocked Iphone is more fun

If you want peace of mind and stay with original firmware, you are losing big time. While there are bunches of web application which don’t require you to install anything in your Iphone, 3rd party applications offers many more functions to you. These are the lists of things that might seduce you to convert:

-Camera with digital zoom and burst mode
-Games (tetris, snake, tower of hanoi)
-Access your computer at home
-Azan software
-Voice note
-Money tracking client
-auto-lyric finder

This is just a tip of iceberg. There are a lot more applications that make original apps so mundane.

What is your prediction about it? Do you think Iphone will come to our shore?


Iphone : The Tale of the Guardian Angel


Before the introduction of 1.1.2 firmware, hackers community was having the upper hand in this cat and mouse game. The new firmware was hacked before its official release. Once the new firmware available in retail, the world realized that it also comes with a new guardian angel for the mouse, the new 4.6 bootloader.

The mouse now becomes the cat. 4.6 bootloader is capable of preventing any future modification to be done to current firmware. This guardian angel only accepts a new version of firmware, disallowing any downgrade attack on the 1.1.2 firmware. Besides that, the angel knows which one is the real update and which one is not, thanks to the 1024-bit encryptonic spell. Hackers can try to dissolve that protective spell but that would that 5 years with current force.

Fortunately, hackers already managed to capture the genuine 1.1.3 firmware that was protected by the same 1024-bit spell and they are trying discover the heart of this firmware, the ’secpack’. With this new secpack hackers would be able to disguise any firmware as a new firmware and could fool the guardian angel to update well-guarded iphone.

On the other hand, a new kind of hackers are doing another approach, they are disguising the king of the iphone, the sim card. Iphone are built only to take orders from kings that are descended from AT&T bloodline. Iphone doesn’t care about other kings even if you are a Virgin.

To the point of this timeline, this is the only method that managed to get 1.1.2 iphone to follow our command. Will the disguised kings can rule the Iphone forever? We will never know.


Here you go


My lil sister insists me on putting her picture on my blog. So, here it’s. Happy sis? 😀