Off to Bahamas


Wow I’m pretty psyched, this is going to be the most exciting trip so far.

For this spring break, I’m going to Bahamas, the paradise island!

There are abundance of my firsts in this trip; it’s my first trip outside US, my first cruise travel, my first a week long vacation and a lot more but I’m sure you’ll be bored if I continue the list.

I’ll be taking so many pictures and upload them to my flickr account later. Check it out soon.

I just finished my midterm, and I think I did it okay except the last day.

And as always, I know I should post more articles to make it up for returning readers’ time, especially those who has commented about it.

I promise I’ll make more posts available.

That’s all. Wish me a safe journey.


  1. #1 by aishah on March 16, 2008 - 8:03 pm

    Say hello to the sun, the wave and the beach. Gosh, you’re so lucky to spend your holiday at a place like that 🙂 Have a good holiday and a safe journey. Then come back and write more good articles for us to read 🙂

  2. #2 by Anne on March 19, 2008 - 7:57 am

    Wow…Bahamas! You should tell us when you back from the vacation. Have a great holiday!

  3. #3 by skfc2o on March 20, 2008 - 12:57 pm

    hi.. have a nice trip at bahamas

  4. #4 by Kak Naan on March 21, 2008 - 10:48 am

    Wow!…Wow! ….Bahamas!
    Lucky u Irwan! Sooo Jealous……
    Usually students in US will travel all over the US during the vacation, like when I was a student there some decades ago. Or most will cross over to Mexico or Canada. But you, Bahamas?
    Well, enjoy yourself and have a blast.

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