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Iphone is Unavailable online


If you are going to buy Iphone anytime soon, do note that it is not available online, nor offline. Is it a move from Apple to protect its customers in the dawn of the next gen Iphone? We’ll wait for a good news.

[Via gizmodo]


Final in An Hour

img20I have a final coming up at 1pm. Now it’s 12pm. It’s physic 3 paper. I was hoping to be exempted but I ruined my midterm paper so, fat chance. I’ve one last final on Monday and then, the summer starts.

I’m going back home on 29 May and should arrive on 1 June. Can’t wait for my first morning in Malaysia with nasi lemak.

For those who are preparing for final, here are some tips you can try. There is nothing wrong to try a new method, even it’s less productive for the first time. Trying is a process of evolution.

So all the best to those who are having finals now and wish me luck

P/S: Writing this post is my study break.

update 7/26: I got A for physic!!!


Launching a new forum

I’ve dragging the idea to create a forum for quite a while. This is because I fear that it will dilute the ’blog’ness of Irwan’s. As there are some posts that have over hundred comments, I would like to experience using the forum instead.

Here’s the link to the forum. Or you can just click the link at the top of this page.

There is no registration requirement, so leaving a post would be as easy as leaving a comment. This might be changed later as our user base increase, but in the meantime, I believe the most important thing is user-friendliness of the forum.

For those who has been faithfully helping others by giving their opinions and advices, I hope you could find the forum useful.

Don’t forget to leave any suggestion including recommended category or want to volunteer to be a moderator. Just let me know.


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