A friend from kampung


This is a story about a friend from a kampung, a deeply rural kampung that nobody outside has ever heard of its name. One day, a guy reached the kampung in Ferrari Cayenne and met with my friend. He said, “Boy, you don’t deserve this way of life. Come, I’ll teach you how to be like me”. By that Cayenne, my friend went out from that village and met with his new world.

The man turned out to be a genius, financially. He might not own the largest number of stocks, but his portfolio outgrowths any top investors’ throughout the history of stocks. He owned the largest number of profitable mutual funds and thanks to his powerful analytical mind, he might be the only one who wasn’t affected in the bursting housing market. How he had done that is impossible to fathom by a mere mind but the kampung boy religiously studied any wisdom thrown to him.

20 years has passed since he went out from his kampung. He thanked the man for all his efforts and head back to his rural kampung. His intention was to educate all his villagers to be like him, to be financially prepared even for the worst economic condition. He wasn’t even sure whether his villagers know what economic stands for.

After being sleepless for many nights, he finally had an idea. He planned to build a blog based on what he’s learnt from his master. He will explain every detail that is still intact on his mind about investment, stocks, economic and every other thing about money. He called his blog, kampunginvestor.com

p/s: despite the long dramatic introduction, this post is about a new blog launched by my friend about investment. Don’t forget to visit his blog at kampunginvestor.com



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