Let’s crack Iphone 2.0


Iphone Pawnage tool was released last week. However, it’s just Mac only. Today, Winpwn is released for those Windows users in the dark. My iphone is using pre-pwned firmware, so I’ve no idea how Winpwn performs nor can I give support for this. Some users reported that they were getting error launching Itunes in the process. So do it with your own discretion:

Here are the steps followed by download link:

2.0 How to:
  1. First create a custom IPSW using the IPSW Builder.
  2. Click “Ipwner” and browse for the custom IPSW that you just created. This will pwn itunes and allow you to flash custom IPSW files via DFU mode
  3. Once you have pwned Itunes, put your phone into DFU mode. If you don’t know how to do this click here.
  4. Once you are in DFU mode Itunes will pop up and then you can hold shift and click restore and browse to your custom IPSW file.
  5. Done!

Download Link

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  1. #1 by nina on August 10, 2008 - 5:36 am

    i bought my iphone last year…1st model then upgrade to 1.1.2 (berjaya crack) tp lemau la bila nk install all application yg i nk… i wanna upgrade to d latest version wic is 2.0.1 now…. hmmm tp i kena buat 1.1.3 …… satu persatu kan? do u knw hw can i crack the 1.1.3? i takut kene block aaaaaaa

    help me !!!!!!!!!!

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