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Summer Summary

It’s quite a rhyme over there. Three months of summer vacation is almost over. I’’m getting back to the US for my final year. Yeah, I’m going to be a senior, less classes, more meeting(senior design). I’ll be flying back on 23rd August, early on that morning, leaving Malaysia for the last time.

Before that, I would like to list all the things I’ve done in Malaysia, not in particular order, just as random as my thought.

First, for my social list:

  1. Nisa’s Barbeque
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Simplify : Grab it before it’s gone.

image For 100,000 downloads only, you better be fast to download one of the best streaming apps for Iphone. It allows you to virtually eliminates 8gb or 16gb space limitation on your Iphone by streaming your collection of music to Iphone. To download, go to Apps Store > Category > Music and search for Simplify.

Then, download and install a small program from That’s all. You are ready to stream your terabytes of music to your iphone with ease. Plus you get artist info and lyric with a push of a button.

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E. Budaya sold and used my phone number

Several months ago I signed up for a so called “obligatory” membership club for Express Budaya which requires me to surrender my details including NRIC and phone number. I’ve asked them if this is a necessity and they nodded while giving me a pen to fill it up. I reluctantly gave them my details and cashed out for a ticket to KL.

Several weeks later, I received the first sms from them containing advertising for themselves. I thought that might be just one-off kind of SMS. I received another advertising later, but this time it’s from ‘nelayan’. I don’t know what’s the heck is that but the sender number is the same. I know the fact in an instant as Iphone group sms conversation under the same sender.

That was when it came to me that E. Budaya, the only party whom I gave my detail to, sold my number to others. And the way they forcefully got my detail, is beyond me.

My advice, don’t ever give your detail to E. Budaya or others, even they said it’s required to make your purchase. That’s just bullshit.


Zero DAC first impression

image I just got my first dedicated DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) today. Its function is just like usual soundcard, but it is external and performs much better with audiophile needs in mind.

I can’t afford to give more introduction here and thus you might find my impression full of abstract words that weakly defined of what am I going to say. However you can head yourself to for more introduction. However I must warn you that I’m not responsible for any effect that the forum might impose on you.

Here it goes:

I’m not defining myself as an audiophile but hearing good quality sound give me as much joy as the music itself. Plus I don’t own a great arsenal of audio equipments so my experience and perception will be as much limited.

Earlier today, I had a small meeting after the COD session at KL Sentral with fellow Lowyat.Net audiophile members. Hearing Zero out-of-box for the first time, with RM350 Grado S80, is a total disappointment, however expected it was. I was told that Zero sounds a little bit harsh on its first boot. However the sounds came with with noise level that was way unacceptable even for a mere laptop soundcard. I didn’t show that much of disappointment at the round table because I know a lot of people won’t be praising Zero if it sounds like this.

After a round of chit-chatting. the same forumer changed S80 to RM2000++ Darth Beyer cans. I’ve heard both HD650 and K701 but still, this is gonna be exciting, I said to myself. Then came my turn to audition it, I put the comfy DB on my head and the sound started to envelope my auditory perception. Wow, it sounds so great to the point that it’s scary to my ears. Its instruments separation is nearly absolute. I can hear every sound producing equipment distinctively and everything was very controlled. I let my ears adapts to the sound for awhile and later, a female vocalist came out from the playlist and filled me in with a felling of awe. I didn’t understand a single word but her sweet voice that is paired with melodious jazz music gave me as much joy as my favourite songs.

After hijacking the head piece for a couple of songs, I realized that I need to go back.

When I started to work on this post, I had experienced the same harshness from my fledgling Zero and as of now, the sound is much better, but not to the point of my satisfaction. My Iphone sounds better but I’m sure after several hours, Zero will definitely surpass my Iphone SQ.

I’ll be back with more reviews for my new toy.