Summer Summary

It’s quite a rhyme over there. Three months of summer vacation is almost over. I’’m getting back to the US for my final year. Yeah, I’m going to be a senior, less classes, more meeting(senior design). I’ll be flying back on 23rd August, early on that morning, leaving Malaysia for the last time.

Before that, I would like to list all the things I’ve done in Malaysia, not in particular order, just as random as my thought.

First, for my social list:

  1. Nisa’s Barbeque
  2. Alan’s Birthday party – my first ever night club experience. Not much of my thing.
  3. Paintball (just after party) – I was busy that day, so I made it only for its after party.
  4. Reception
  1. Ikin’s brother
  2. Sureen’s sister
  • Desa Water Park – Mandi mandi with Jo, Faizi and Afham.
  • Ikin’s Makan makan – The biggest gathering
  • Movie
    1. Sex and the City – I like it. I’ve been missing New York, and this movie portray NY as I see it. And it’s one of the movies that I watched with friends.
    2. The Bank Job – The movie which I watched coz there was no other watchable movie.
    3. Batman – People said it’s the best superhero movies, I’d say Iron Man is better.
    4. The Mummy 3
    5. Kung Fu Panda – One of my favorite movie.
  • Kedah roadtrip – With Jo, and later joined by Afham and Ammar. It’s worth every moment of it. I don’t spending much time with friends, so this is the moment I treasure.
    1. Pekan’s Marriage in Jitra– He’s 22, he’d married. Pretty wife, handsome husband. They are perfect couple. Now I need to find a calon for myself. Met Qayyum, Firdaus, Naser, Afham and Ammar.
    2. Air Terjun – I forgot where but I’ve been there before. Nothing beats jumping off a big rock into a deep cold water.
    3. Lost world of Tambun – Hoping to see an old friend as well but she was in Gombak that day. Ipoh town is kind of a nostalgic memory for me. I’ve been living there for 13 years. It’s pretty much covered all my childhood.
  • Melaka – Johor – Singapore Road trip
    1. Melaka – Jason was my tour guide for the 2 days. We visited many of historic places. Even his house is one of the longest Baba house ever built. Talked about business and went for halal Baba’s food. My first ever.
    2. Johor – My 2nd eldest brother took me for a jalan jalan cari makan. He knows lots of makan places, from a variety buffet to a gearbox-sucking mee rebus.
    3. Singapore – Jebon’s cousin family guided us for the whole inside view of Singapore. We went to Sentosa Island.
  • Met my first nephewDSC_0025 DSC_0004

    and also first niece

    Business list:

    1. 5 units of Garmin 200w GPS
    2. 80 pieces of Eneloop Batteries
    3. 4 Travel packs of Eneloop Battery
    4. 75 units of QcK gaming mousepad

    Investment list

    1. Cleaned out ASB accounte (Riba Issue)
    2. Planning on further investment on Mutual Fund as economic is recovering
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    1. #1 by kampunginvestor on August 18, 2008 - 1:04 pm

      Lucky you got write about me. If not.. ^^

    2. #2 by Miem on September 8, 2008 - 2:11 am

      Wuuu..bestnya jalan2. Rindu Malaysia.

    3. #3 by the ipoh mali old fren on September 11, 2008 - 6:35 am

      im sooo sorry i din’t make it to see u summer aritu.but xpe.promise promise promise aku g jmpe ko next summer.tu pun if ko blk la.coz i surely will.hehe.btw,great summer.slamat kembali ke skolah.and owh.know what.diha’s getting married!!urgh.peer pressure.

    4. #4 by r0kawa on October 5, 2008 - 1:38 pm

      Ulama malaysia mengatakan ASB adalah harus, saya rasa tak perlu meragui fatwa tersebut.

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