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It’s a snowing time again. It has been snowing for the past 4 days. It was very exciting to watch it on the first day. I wish I were outside on that day because now the fluffy snow had turned into hard slippery ice.

It is cold outside. I had several layers on me when I went out this morning to return my final batch of Netflix blu-ray. I wanted to go to 8th street post office but the chill forced me to find the nearest post box. I hope it will reach Netflix tomorrow, the due date.

I am alone in my room. My roommates are enjoying their winter in  DC and Florida. I don’t have any plan for the winter except for Vermont trip in early January. Until then, I have nothing to do. Well, not nothing but nothing extraordinary.

I just finished watching Alexander movie. It is a long movie, much more of a documentary but filled with enough actions and fine actors/actress that it is entertaining. It is not a bad representation of Alexander but since the history itself is more or less a myth, I can take anything out of it other than the great spirit of a great man and the certain failure of a greatness. Human are bestowed with temporariness, that every success had to be fought for with great effort. And later, once the top has been measured, a man will fall and begin to start a new journey again until his last fall, where he will sail for eternity based on which peaks that he has conquered. A far metaphor.



I need to write something to break this blogger’s block. Done