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Garmin 200W 2009 Edition GPS – RM850

Edit: price reduced to RM750, please contact me at mibrahim(at) for purchasing detail

This is the latest entry of my bulk in Here is Garmin 200W 2009 edition. In short, the main difference from older 200W is its firmware. 2009 edition is equipped with 2×5 firmware which features friendlier interface, more features and greater performance. In this mini review, I use some screenshots from 200 vs 205 to show the comparison. 200W 2009 will have bigger screen compared to 200/205.

200W 2009 Edition

Faster startup time:

The first improvement is startup time. In my test, it took 9 second for 2009 Edition to start up and come to “I Agree” screen. Old 200W took 18 second

Friendlier user interface:

Below is the new interface for 200W 2009 edition.


New high sensitive sensor:

Thanks to more sensitive sensor, gps lock up time has been considerably reduce, allowing you to get a fix faster. Here is side by side comparison, the right gps is 2009 Edition while the left one is normal 200W. In this test both were switched on at the same time and I put both against the window.

After 30 seconds


After approximately 5 minutes:5min

New map interface:

nüvi 2×5’s map screen has several important new enhancements:



  1. Upcoming turn arrow displays the distance and direction of the next turn. Tapping on this icon brings up a more detailed, 2-D view of the turn.
  2. Speed limit information is now displayed on the map
  3. Current speed is now displayed in the left data field on the information bar

Improved address confirmation page:


Improved Input layout:


Where I am feature:

Highly convenience feature.


Availability:Tuesday 27th Jan.

Delivery Method: COD in Cheras area or Poslaju(free)

Price : RM850 (volume discount available)

Warranty: 1 Year Garmin US (First 3 months is 1 to 1 local warranty)

Note: I have several units ready for COD now until Monday 25th in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. After that, COD is in Cheras.

For ordering, email is in Contact page. Here’s my lowyat thread. IMG_0747


Is it original product?

Absolutely. This is an official garmin product before Garmin marketing team renamed to 205W to differentiate its new features. I’m not sure whether this product is exactly the same with 205W but it has most functions and advantages that 205W has.

Why I should buy 200W 2009 instead of 205W.

Simple answer, the price. LYN lowest price is around RM950 for 205W. I’m offering further discount if  you are buying more than one. With 200W 2009 edition, you get the best of both world, cheap price of 200W and exciting new features of 205W.

Where do you get the product from?

I have supplier contact in the US with a lot of 2009 stock. They were just filling up their stock when Garmin decided to rebrand their GPS line. They are having difficulty selling it in the US because it has to be marketed as 200W and no one knows about its new firmware.

What about warranty?

Garmin produces reliable GPS products. We have thoroughly checked their quality before sending to Malaysia. If there is manufacturer defect, we are happy to give one to one warranty for 3 months. After that period, it will fall into Garmin US warranty for another 9 months for a total of 1 year warranty. We will help you to claim warranty from Garmin US in this period but the shipping cost is buyer’s responsibility.

Need more info?

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I wrote this around 2 years ago. I can still recall my passions back then. I was so excited earning money by blogging, learning about wordpress and investing on unit trust.

Well as you might notice, I rarely wrote posts, none of them lately is about investing and wordpress is not part of my daily readings anymore. My interests have changed but I’m still doing some of old stuffs, just not as much as it used to be.

I’m spending my winter break doing nothing. That’s why I keep thinking about myself and my future a lot(that, and a lot of sleeping).

I missed the time when I did the iphone business. It was so exciting. Imagine going to Apple store early in the morning. While people were rushing to work, I strolled loosely amid the darkness of emerging morning, along the the walkway of Plaza Hotel(where Home Run movie was shot). I missed a couple of classes but compared to experience that I had, it’s worth it. Don’t tell my mother I said that though. It’s hard to get the same excitement again.