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Why I hate Slumdog Millionaire

image I don’t deny that it’s a great movie with various awards and nominations pouring around its feet but I don’t agree with the morale carried by the film.

First of all, he’s not genius, he just knew all the answers. Can anyone be that lucky? Even so, how can he remembered all the stuff. Yeah, I know most events that related to the questions are very significant to him. Maybe that makes it a great story but to remember most the stuff that happened when you were young is illogical.

The world is full of hatred and misfortune. That’s the message that is chanted every minutes in the film. His brother sold his Amitabh Bachchan autograph, his mother was killed by religious war, his millionaire game host tried to deceive him, his heedless love was stuck with mob boss and so on. The world might have all that but the movie makes it look like the world purposely done so to make him suffer, without justice nor humanity.

I hate the climax as well. He won money. Nothing more than materialistic and sordid award for his sufferings.