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Is it the time to sell my Public Mutual stock?

Well, isn’t that every inventor’s favorite question?

Today’s economy is much better than in late 2008 and throughout 2009 but the fear is always there. You can be at the peak or the bottom but still you would not know what is going to happen.

Here is where we are now:

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10 Comments is much faster now

If you are on some speedy broadband you might notice that this site load much faster now. Currently is now accelerated  by W3 Cache and Amazon S3. Normally it would take around 9 seconds to load a page but it’s now reduced to 4 seconds. You can use to see what’s loaded here.

If you have a wordpress blog, you might want to try these two combination out. I’m not sure whether I can come out with a tutorial or something but stay tuned.


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I’m back (again) to blogging

Hi guys, how are you doing? Recently there have been a lot of copywriting jobs that I’ve done in Slashes & Dots so I better get my lazy ass to write more. Yea yea, I know it’s like a Deja Vu all over again as I’ve been saying things like this a lot. But why not, you lose when you stop trying.

Regarding my current job, there have been some shift of job context as I’m more focus on partners management, newsletter/blog copywriting, coupon/promotion, sales and billing, new site redesigning and all other random stuff that in some way, related to marketing.

It has been fun so far, especially when there are new guys/gals coming in. I can now delegate some task over and participate in bigger projects that need a group of people to get it done. We have a new guy in marketing, Ian, who will oversee traffic acquisition, SEO, overall site improvement and so on.

You guys will see more posts on Joomla, web application, design and marketing as those are the topics related to my current job. Don’t worry I will be touching previous topics like investment and business.

I think that’s all from now. Until the next post.

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