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The danger of attaching too much to your business

  1. There is a reason that a business is called an entity.
  2. It has its own ecosystem: bring in money more than it spends.
  3. Being too attached to your business will cloud the decision making with emotion.
  4. Analogy: A car driver loves his car too much that he pedal it with his feet to assist its movement << bad analogy
  5. Negative: emotionally clouded judgment, hinder company true performance, lack of belief in staff, spend too much time on business, staff doesn’t feel a part of the company.
  6. Positive: Enthusiastic, hardworking, well focused company, usually leaner,
  7. Possible solution: Half time an owner, half time a VC.


Surface Acting: Make your bad mood worse

  1. Surface acting is often use to hide your bad mood through smile, enthusiasm and positive talks. It is not necessarily fake but it’s build upon with fatiguing effort(emotionally).
  2. Surface acting or any other feeling-undermining activity is emotionally fatiguing and may make your bad mood worse.
  3. May be seemed as hypocrite action by others.
  4. Extended practice may cause subconscious surface acting and may reduce ability to portray true feeling

Further reading: NYTimes