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The best GPS tracker for Malaysian

Update: Checkout Astro Awani In Gear show for the best GPS Tracking System

For those who are looking for additional security for their car, GPS tracker provide an excellent way to track your car in case of car theft. Just by installing a small, unobtrusive GPS tracker on your car, you will be able to know the whereabout of your vehicle and take necessary action to recover your stolen vehicle.

What choice do you have?

Captor is one of  the household name in gps tracker due to its being pre-installed in several Proton’s cars. But if you haven’t heard the name before, don’t blame yourself as Captor’s pricing is very prohibitive that not many of us are able to afford it.

The are other providers such as Evo GPS, but just like other devices in Lelong or Lowyat, it relies on manufacturer-supplied tracker which is very complicated to use.

Katsana: The most promising GPS tracker in Malaysia

The most promising GPS tracker service provider is As a newcomer in GPS tracking arena, is promising a simplified approach to ensure your vehicle safety.

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It’s very simple to use Katsana GPS Tracking IOS app. You just tap to open, and it will show you directly where your vehicle is. You may further check the route history, the mileage, the top speed and you may define your own date duration to pinpoint the exact location in particular time.

Use it on vehicle, and human too
With Katsana, the GPS trackers provides an excellent way to keep track of where your young kids or teens are traveling. Through the use of a small device , you can monitor their location from anywhere. These GPS locator are small and easy to set up and use, and will show you an updated, time-stamped location of your child, teen or even a pet that tends to runaway. It will also keep a history of where they’ve been, and some products can even tell you if your teen has been driving over the speed limit.

If you need to track your vehicle, either for safety reason or for your business, Katsana is the best GPS tracker that you can find in the market in Malaysia.

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