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What to look when purchasing GPS Tracker for your cars

Okay, buying a GPS tracker to protect your vehicle might be a daunting task. Unless, you know what to look for in a GPS Tracking system. Here, I’ll list down everything that you need to know about the quality in GPS tracker.

1. Build Quality

Most of available GPS tracker in the market is imported from China, it can range from 20USD to 40USD. And many resellers just import the cheapest model that they can get without going through quality assessment. two of the units that I get from China only lasts 3 months before the problem kicks in. One decided to not turning on at all, and the antenna on the other deteriorated so much that it took 1 hour to get the first location data.

So if you want a GPS tracker that last the lifetime of your vehicle, choose the one with a recognized quality certificate, like from SIRIM. One tip is that tracker from US or EU are usually have to pass stringent quality check for export. So it is a good idea to get devices made from US or EU.

2. Easy to use interface.

You want GPS system that is easy to use. There is no point having all the features if it’s difficult to access that feature. Some systems like this, which have bazillions button and links, should be avoided.

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Opt for something simpler, intuitive and beautiful like this.

Katsana GPS

Katsana Simple GPS Systems

3. Reporting Time

It’s important to get the latest information on your vehicle. If your car got stolen, reporting time like every 10 minutes or 3 minutes, will make it harder to recover your vehicle. If your vehicle is hid in a basement, 3 minutes means you have to search almost 1 square kilometer. But industry leading GPS tracker like Katsana GPS, reports the location very 10 seconds. That means you can locate which basement that the car is hidden.

4. Every day use.

For safety of your family member, it’s a good thing if you can check the location on your own. Certain gps providers ask you to call them if you want to know the location of your vehicle. Only after a 5-minute identification process, they will let you know where it is.

Instead, get a system that you can assess easily with your smartphone. You can get the latest location just within 5 seconds after clicking a button. So you ensure the safety of your family at your fingertips.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll go through more quality features later. Do check out the latest videos from the best GPS tracker in Malaysia.

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Best GPS Tracker in Malaysia Featured in Astro Awani

Yes, you read that right. Katsana GPS Tracker which is based in Malaysia has been featured in Astro Awani in its In Gear segment. In this video Katsana team did a stolen car sketch with the Dino, the host.

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