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Subtle Investment – Online Estate

Investments do not have to be in the form of equities, bonds, mutual funds or real estate. In the wake of internet, many opportunities have arise to generate money through the internet tsunami. We also heard about Swisscash and other ponzy schemes that have been luring millions of dollar from our people. Internet is not all bad. There are many ethical and legal ways to earn side income from internet. In this post we will discuss about something that I call Online Estate.

As with real estate, online estate is one way generate money by having some sort of assets. If real estate deals with houses and buildings, online estate deals with blogs, websites, domains and other internet related assets.

The easiest way to earn money from your blog is through advertising. If you have enough hits per day and good ads placement, it is not hard to earn some passive income. In my case, I have two blogs with various type of advertisements. With those two, I’m earning around 100USD per month. It’s not much, but that it’s enough considering I just update it around once in 2 weeks :p.

Besides, it’s not that hard to own a blog and you set your own pace. No need to rush, no deadline and you write when you like or when ideas come.

You have to be Nujum Pak Belalang in this type of online estate business. Domain Monger is one of the best way to earn money if you know what is happening around you. Let’s say you know that Iphone will be released before anyone knows it. You then purchase several domain that related to iphone like or If there is any interested party to purchase the domain, you could earn several hundreds dollars for it. Well it’s not easy to anticipate the next big domain but you could try.

Well that concludes small part of online estate topic. If you have suggestion and comment don’t forget to write it below.


Pameran Hartanah Bumiputera

There will be a program called “Pameran Hartanah Bumiputera KL 2007” in Midvalley. The program’s objective is to help developers to advertise unsold spot reserved for Bumiputera. This is a good opportunity for those who are in search for real estate investment or a house to live in.

I’ll be there too. Maybe after Friday Prayer which is around 3 o’clock. For those who are interested to go, maybe we can meet up to have a little chat about real estate. I’m still new to real estate investment so I have tons to ask.

Date: 15 -17 Jun 2007
Time: 10.00 Pagi – 10.00 Malam

Dewan 3,
Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC),
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur


Time Value of Money

When we are talking about investment, we always try to find the best one that provide the highest percentage of return with the lowest risk. The search for this holy grail sometimes put significant delay into our investment journey. We thought the money will work harder once we found the correct investment for us. We never realize that the time lost really cause us to lose money. The graph that I take from Kakti’s blog might be the best way to explain the time value of money.

Time Value of Money

Although he save RM1,000 a year for the next 38 years, he still cannot match the amount of money that Bonnie gets for saving only 10 years at the early age of 18. The earlier you start the lesser amount you have to save and you don’t have to seek a very high interest rate.

So to me, the best time to invest is not when the market is high, low or whatnots, but the best time is now.


Update on my one year Public Mutual Fund

I invested in both Public Ittikal and Public Regional Sector Funds on 29th June 2006. So now it is around one year since then. Here are performance charts for both of them.

Public Ittikal Fund:
Public Bank Mutual Fund Ittikal Performance Chart graph

Profit: 47.33%

Public Regional Sector Fund:

Public Bank Mutual Fund Regional Sector Performance Chart graph

Profit: 35.44%

But don’t forget about the management fee and agent fee which is around 6.5% if I’m not mistaken.

I’m going to meet with my agent soon. My next step transfer my regional sector into some islamic fund. I haven’t thought about which fund yet(any idea?). Then, I’m going is to set up standing instruction to do regular saving into the funds.

That’s all for now. Will update after I’ve met with my agent.


Lowyat Bulk Buddy

It’s has been awhile since my last post. Final exams for the past week leave me no time to write something insightful for this blog (hehe excuse,malas actually). And today I’m flying back to Malaysia for Summer holiday πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ . So, the next post that you are going to see in this blog will be written from Malaysia.

OK, let’s get back to business. Being an opportunistic man, I try to (ethically) take every moment in my life as money-making opportunity. And going back to Malaysia is one of it.

Lately, I have been organizing several bulk in Lowyat.Net. My business model this time is to help Lowyatians to buy some hard-to-get or cheap stuff from the United States. You can find my bulk threads here:

USA Bulk

VX Revolution Mouse Bulk

G5 Mouse Bulk

I cannot disclose how much I make from these bulks as they ain’t over yet. But to give you a picture, I’ll describe my last year bulk as well.

Early last year, there was an online hype about the best mainstream earphone Koss KSC-75 in LYN ( Plus there was insufficiency of stock in local market so this added up the hype. It was priced around RM80-RM120 in local stores. What seemed to be lucky to me, Radioshack was holding 50% discount on Koss Ksc-75 rendering the price around RM35 per piece. Then I opened up a bulk thread in LYN and easily filled up 40 orders. Those Koss plus some Corelle for my mom took all space in my first luggage. At the end, skipping all the hardship doing the bulk, I earned back around one third of my flight ticket to Malaysia. Not bad I guess.

I hope this year’s bulk is going to be as well as the last bulk. I really enjoy meeting up with new people especially forumers as they have tons of knowledge and passion about the things they like. I can’t wait to meet them all.


I just Sold my First Text Link Ads

I thought nobody would buy mine but I just sold 1 link recently! The link is titled ‘Credit Card Processing’ at my sidebar under ‘Sponsored Link’. Quite irrelevant to my blog, but I don’t mind at all.

What is Text Link Ads?

It’s another way to make profit from your blog or websites, just like adsense. What makes it different from Adsense is that the payment is paid monthly and fixed. So you don’t have to hope that someone will click your ads everyday.

Unlike adsense, there is no minimum payment if you use paypal as your payment option. You will get what you earned when the incoming month starts. Cool rite.
If you are ready, sign up here:

Text Link Ads

You will find some cool calculator there to predict how much you will get paid monthly, based on your pagerank and alexa rank. You don’t have to register to use the calculator. If you want to know how much maximum profit I could make in 1 month, you can put my blog address,, in the calculator. My blog category is Finance.

You already have Text Link Ads account? Please tell me your experience with it.

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Check Who are You

Risk Tolerance

Investing world is very personal. Some could take bigger risk, while some prefer secure investment like ASB. To know which side you are belong to, you can fill this short quiz and check the result yourself. Just make sure to be as honest as possible.

Risk Tolerance Quiz

Here What I got:

Your score for risk capacity is 34:
With a score between 30 and 38 you have the wherewithal to take selective investment risks that includes both stocks – which carry higher risk – and bonds, that have much less risk. You might consider a portfolio that is anchored by large company U.S. stocks — perhaps 40 percent — maybe in an index fund. Include small company U.S. stocks, too, at about 20 percent. International stocks should play a role — perhaps another 20 to 25 percent of your portfolio. The final 20 percent could split between short to medium term bonds and some type of hedge, such as a natural resources fund. This type of portfolio could lose about 20 percent in a year.

Your score for risk tolerance is 34:
With a tolerance of 33 to 41, you have a healthy tolerance for risk with the capacity to match. You have the wherewithal to take selective investment risks that could lose as much as 20 percent of its value in any given year

Now, go there and let me know how are you doing.


IKIM Radio Forum : Online Investment Halal or Haram?

This question has created heated discussion either online or offline. If you try to search on ‘Pelaburan Internet’ at Utusan Archive Search, you’ll find a long list of news regarding investment.

This post is about a recently(13 April 2007) held Radio Forum hosted by IKIM with well-known panels such as Ustaz Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman (Asian Finance Bank), Ustaz Khairuddin Aman Razali (UKM), and En. Mohd Noor Omar (IKIM). It’s in Bahasa Malaysia. I tried to remove noise in the audio because the quality is not that good.
Here is the enhanced version of the recorded radio:

Pelaburan Internet: Halal atau Haram (bahagian 1)

Pelaburan Internet: Halal atau Haram (bahagian 2)

I haven’t have the luxury to listen to both recording yet. But let’s have discussion about points given in these recordings.


Islamic Mutual Fund list

This is a list of investments that are certified by Syariah. The list haven’t been updated for some time but I still believe it could be a good indication of what is being offered by Malaysian Banks. I don’t have the performance history for each fund but you might want to investigate yourself the fund of your interest.

Read the rest of this entry »


Additional Units for ASW 2020 and ASM


Was just informed by my dearest Lil Mom that PNB will be launching additional units for its two funds – the Amanah SahamWawasan 2020 and Amanah Saham Malaysia – on March 12. A total of 800 million units on ASM and 1 billion units on ASW 2020 will be added.

Don’t lose the opportunity to invest in one of the hottest, most wanted Unit trust in Malaysia.


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