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Editable ASB calculator

update: ASB Calculator v3 is available

I spent the whole 15 minutes to make this.Haha. Hope it will be useful for dear visitors.

This is my ASB calculator which is editable if you have MS Excel. Just change/edit the value in yellow to suit your investment. It’s perfect if you want to compare between loan method to conventional method.

Just comment here if you need help. (this calculator is under my Copyright)
ASB Calculator


11 August – My current Journey

Well, I’m still not far from my starting point. Right now, my investment is still on Mutual fund (including ASB). Talking about ASB, I just opened my account 2 days ago at Maybank Branch. I will reduce my monthly contribution in Public Mutual’s Funds, and give a larger percentage to ASB. This is to build a larger foundation (less risky investment) in my portfolio. One more reason is, I don’t have the access to my Public Mutual when I’m in oversea. Thus Public Mutual is a bit riskier for me.

I’m trying to find some books on Real Estate investment. If you have some books that you want to recommend for me, don’t forget to leave me your comment.


ASB – Take a loan to Invest?

This is my analysis of investing using loan. As some of you might know, investing on loan is quite popular among Malaysians. Even some banks make a fully describing brochures to attract people. One of the main confusions is the monthly pay. I noticed some banks use lower monthly payment but here, I’m going to use standard BLR + 0.4% as the interest rate which is 6.9%. Some calculations are done with the help of online calculator. There are a lot of methods to invest using loan. I will just analyse the ones that I think the best.

Update: Too tired of numbers? Use my simplify ASB calculator instead.

If you would like to share your ASB investment plan, here is the place

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How to calculate ASB dividend and bonus

Many of us get confused when they received ASB yearly statement. So with some help from forumers, I have compiled the way to calculate ASB dividend and bonus. Read the rest of this entry »


Mutual Fund (Unit Trust) – Wealth Accumulation Tool

MoneyGetting rich is not about getting a well paid job, winning lotteries or putting bets on World Cup. What it takes is just a proper way to do it. Most of my knowledge in this post is obtained by reading ‘Ordinary People Extraordinary Wealth’ by the one of the most successful financial advisor, Ric Edelman. Basically , the most important thing to have a wealthy life is by saving. Yes, it is the most important thing for us, the ordinary people who wants extraordinary wealth.

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