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Be an Expert in your area

People do love the word expert, especially in business. Being an expert means that you do the things that you do in the best way. If you are an expert in fishing, people will follow you to your fishing spots, use the same kind of baits that you use and they see you are their benchmark. If you are expert in marketing, people are looking for you for marketing advices, plans and actions.

In business environment, one company can’t do everything by itself. It needs help. That’s the reason Business-to-Business(B2B) exists. So businesses are looking for expert companies that excel in a certain area of their needs.

If you are a software provider, people are expected twice as much from you. First, you are an expert programmer. Second, you are an expert of what your software do. Let’s say your software is providing Human Resource Management System(HRMS), you can’t just rely on your strength as programmers alone. You have to be an expert in HRMS too. The reason is simple, if your customers are paying for HRMS, they are looking to depend on you for their HRMS needs. This is even more important if you are providing software as a service (SaaS) as you need a single solution for every customer. That means,  your solution has to be best, a trend setter, industry standard, to manage human resource.

That’s not only it. Since your platform is web based, your websites must be user friendly, secured, fast-loading, easy to use(high usability) and comply with WC3 standards. Those are  area of expertise and you need to be among the best of each one.

That being said, building a software is not about putting all the functions together. It is about meeting your customers expectations. If you don’t know what your customers expected, ask them. Make some surveys, let them fill in all the blanks in your mind. If you don’t talk to your customers, you will be a blind in a desert. Instead, be the expert in every field that you are in.


A new website for Authentic Venture

As a software house, Authentic Venture has an outdated webpage. As a person who in charge of marketing, I felt that it’s my responsibility to make it in a very presentable state. So I’ve developed a new website which is more user friendly, easier to maintain and of course, good looking. Feel free to browse our new website at

Authentic Venture website


My Sister’s Wedding


Love at first sight is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle – Amy Bloom

The title sounds like some romantic movie title but this is my real sister’s wedding. There have been a lot of weddings lately. My friend, Afham, just got married last Saturday and Kaklong, will get married 2 weeks from now. That’s fast . I hope you guys are ready to be a father or a mother. I’ve been thinking maybe I should post some parental advices since we are entering that phase. That should be interesting, parental advice from a yet-to-be-married friend.

Back to the title, my sister’s wedding took place in Kota Bharu at our family’s Yellow House. The ceremony for bridgeroom’s family took place in Kulai, Johor. I didn’t take many pictures in Kota Bharu because my sister had a professional photographer taking care of that. On the other hand, I took almost 600 pictures from the ceremony alone. Below are some of my work (hehe, showing off): Read the rest of this entry »

15 Comments Case Study

image is a new wave of online gaming. It offers simple yet addictive gameplay. Scratch that, once you have understood how it works, you will see  it’s not even a game. One thing I can’t deny is that it’s surely addictive.

There are many things that make mybrute work. First, it’s simple interface. To start challenge your friend, just put your brute name in a box and you are done. What you have to do next is just spread your link (mine is Challenge me!) and you will see your character crushing its opponent. You have 6 opportunities to challenge opponents on the first day and later it will be reduced to 3 per day.

image One addictive feature is its equipments. Once you have gained enough experience challenging others (you don’t get experience by being challenged), you will have some random power or equipment to help you in your fight. This motivation alone will keep you coming everyday to maximize your experience. You will also gain additional experience if you initiate new brute by inviting new people in.

How MyBrute generates its income?

For the time being, MyBrute is earning its income by selling advertisement impressions. Imagine people are keep coming each day to maximize their experience. Plus, they will keep promoting their link to friends to gain additional experience and also to spread their bragging right. This will create new users and the process repeats. Right now is in the list of top 3000 websites in the world(alexa ranking) in just 1 month of release. It was released in early April 2009.

If you search for “MyBrute Hack” you will find many sneaky people trying to con others to sign up under their link by saying their link has glitches or whatsover and you have to challenge them to get the super experience.

imageNew Idea, New way of making money

MyBrute is a very powerful new concept of how you can integrate viral marketing with gaming. Without realizing it, the users are are the one who do all the work, either by words of mouth, linking, spamming or conning and they are happy doing it.

If you ready to join the madness, don’t forget to challenge me at


EPF(KWSP) withdrawal Calculator

img29Ever wonder how much you could withdraw from your EPF account for investment? Here’s is a quick and easy calculator. Just put your age, and your balance in Account 1, then you will get your figure.

Download link

Let me know if there is miscalculation or question.

For more information about the new rule in withdrawal, please visit


Dream Retirement: How Much Does It Take?

Today marks the commencement of 7 days of Retirement Week at Irwan.Biz. Without further ado, let’s tackle the basic question first. How much does it take to achieve your dream retirement?

To help us out, Azhar Khamaruzaman has came out with his useful estimating calculator. With just seven boxes to fill, this calculator will estimate how much monthly investment (or lump sum) that you need to achieve your desired annual income in your retirement years. Pretty useful and motivating stuff. (link to download after jump)


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ASB Calculator v3.3 Usage Tips

We have received a couple of inquiries from our valued readers on how to use the most recent ASB Calculator V3.3. Here are some tips of using it.

First Step:


Here you can edit the start date of your investment and the amount of your initial investment. Nothing complicated here.
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ASB Calculator V3

Thanks to M. Ridzuan’s time and neater Excel skill, he came out with some modifications to my current ASB calculator V2 and improved it here and there. Here are the new features of ASB Calculator V3:

  1. Monthly and yearly contributions are editable for every year.
  2. Users can now scroll the table without losing the headers’ sight.
  3. Mini Loan calculator to show how much you lose to the bank.
  4. Starting date and year of investment is now specifiable. Read the rest of this entry »


ASB Calculator v2

update: ASB Calculator V3 is now available  

My last ASB calculator doesn’t calculate the bonus for ASB. In this new version, I implemented an extra algorithm to include the bonus. If you find any glitch or error, please let me know 🙂

ASB Calculator v2


Editable ASB calculator

update: ASB Calculator v3 is available

I spent the whole 15 minutes to make this.Haha. Hope it will be useful for dear visitors.

This is my ASB calculator which is editable if you have MS Excel. Just change/edit the value in yellow to suit your investment. It’s perfect if you want to compare between loan method to conventional method.

Just comment here if you need help. (this calculator is under my Copyright)
ASB Calculator