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The danger of attaching too much to your business

  1. There is a reason that a business is called an entity.
  2. It has its own ecosystem: bring in money more than it spends.
  3. Being too attached to your business will cloud the decision making with emotion.
  4. Analogy: A car driver loves his car too much that he pedal it with his feet to assist its movement << bad analogy
  5. Negative: emotionally clouded judgment, hinder company true performance, lack of belief in staff, spend too much time on business, staff doesn’t feel a part of the company.
  6. Positive: Enthusiastic, hardworking, well focused company, usually leaner,
  7. Possible solution: Half time an owner, half time a VC.


Is it the time to sell my Public Mutual stock?

Well, isn’t that every inventor’s favorite question?

Today’s economy is much better than in late 2008 and throughout 2009 but the fear is always there. You can be at the peak or the bottom but still you would not know what is going to happen.

Here is where we are now:

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10 Comments is much faster now

If you are on some speedy broadband you might notice that this site load much faster now. Currently is now accelerated  by W3 Cache and Amazon S3. Normally it would take around 9 seconds to load a page but it’s now reduced to 4 seconds. You can use to see what’s loaded here.

If you have a wordpress blog, you might want to try these two combination out. I’m not sure whether I can come out with a tutorial or something but stay tuned.


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I’m back (again) to blogging

Hi guys, how are you doing? Recently there have been a lot of copywriting jobs that I’ve done in Slashes & Dots so I better get my lazy ass to write more. Yea yea, I know it’s like a Deja Vu all over again as I’ve been saying things like this a lot. But why not, you lose when you stop trying.

Regarding my current job, there have been some shift of job context as I’m more focus on partners management, newsletter/blog copywriting, coupon/promotion, sales and billing, new site redesigning and all other random stuff that in some way, related to marketing.

It has been fun so far, especially when there are new guys/gals coming in. I can now delegate some task over and participate in bigger projects that need a group of people to get it done. We have a new guy in marketing, Ian, who will oversee traffic acquisition, SEO, overall site improvement and so on.

You guys will see more posts on Joomla, web application, design and marketing as those are the topics related to my current job. Don’t worry I will be touching previous topics like investment and business.

I think that’s all from now. Until the next post.

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Growing big or staying small?

I have some entrepreneuring friends who have been successful with their ventures. With healthy cash flow and promising business models, they asked for my opinions on what’s next.

For some people reinvesting for growth is a clear choice but for young entrepreneur like my friends, it’s not always the best choice.

As you expand, you will become more and more CEO-ish. I mean, yes, you are a CEO before, but in a small company, you probably do a lot of the job yourself. You can afford to have finger in every pie. As you grow bigger, there is a rational bound that keeps you to more important tasks, which are usually managerial tasks. You spend less time doing the real job, which is most probably your passion.

The bigger your company is, less personal it would be. This is good or bad depends on how you see it. In a small company, keeping in touch with everyone is easy. A meeting might hold the whole work force. You see their face everyday. Decision making doesn’t take much time as there aren’t a lot of levels in command. This is not the case in big company. You will rely on senior officers to give you  inputs on different departments. You probably won’t even see other employees’ faces.

With more people in a company, you will face a lot of influence, either bad or good, especially from seniors who are probably older than you.  It will be more difficult to make decision, introduce something new, venture into a new business model or having fun in the office. You have to act serious to gain their respect. There will be politics too so you have to know when people are trying to win over you just to get you on their side, for example.

Of course, there are a lot of good reason to grow large. And some of the companies manage to keep the fun in the workplace, (i.e. Google, Facebook). What I mention above are just some points that some might overlook in the excitement of growing his/her company.

As for my friends cases, I actually advised them to grow their business, but also to be careful not to lose the reasons of why they started a company.

As for me, while I have had the opportunity to run a business cycle, make difficult and risky decision, make real profit, lose real money and some other things, I haven’t had the opportunity to run my own company yet as I feel there are still a lot to learn by working in other companies. Some might think that experiencing failures first hand is a good teacher. I think that’s true but if you don’t learn anything from it, it might be as well an excuse for such failure.



Hypocrite is a kind of lie. Who’s never lied? Do you speak your mind whenever you go, even inappropriately? That’s not un-hypocritic, that’s a lack of social skill.


What’s up with me now

Ok, so I left a lot of my passion in my life now. Not totally banished them, but put them to a kind of sleep until I found them interesting again, or at least until I have some time to spend with those passions.

Right now I totally not interested in ASB/Mutual Fund or any kind of slow investment now. The reasons? It’s slow and I’m better off using the money for something else.

Keyboard: I rarely played them lately. Erm.. last time I touched the keyboard is like 3 months ago. I’m still enjoying songs from Rob Costlow though.

Audiophile: I’ve stopped purchasing new audiophile stuff. Currently, my top of the line is Sennheiser HD650 and Zero Dac. It’s gonna cost a lot more to upgrade and I haven’t a solid reason to upgrade.

Blu-ray: Not spending much on buying/selling bluray because it’s time consuming. My friend is taking care of it. Visit for more info.

So what’s new?

Car: I’m picking up Honda City in Mid March, so I’ve spent sometime with as a member and met others in a Teh Tarik session. Fun fellas. I might be focusing my business to Automotive stuff in near future but nothing in plan at the moment.

Nexus One: Not really a passion but it’s my main business now.

IKEA: lol.. I’m moving into new rental apartment and I spent some time thinking of what to buy for the new place.

Work: I’m an internet marketer/social manager/business development in a local company now. Kinda love this job actually. The workplace is near(Midvalley!). Colleagues can’t be better, boss is generous and pay is quite okay. I’m learning a lot. Not just learning, I actually discovering a lot of cool stuff in marketing online products. This is a world class company and I’m proud to be part of it.

Health: I’m joining Celebrity Fitness and have workout 2-3 times per week. The result is quite satisfying now and it’s inside Midvalley.I play Futsal every Saturday, and sometimes alternate it with Badminton. (btw, I saw Datuk Lee Chong Wei in Midvalley today)

That’s all I guess. Getting the new job is one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Well not quite a tough decision, but I can’t imagine doing other thing that what I’m doing right now.

Alright.. till the next post


WordPress 2 Iphone Apps

I just found our about this nifty iPhone app. Now I can write draft post, publish it and approve comment on the go.


Twenty Twelve

This is too funny. [via BizzaroBlog]

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