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Iphone is Unavailable online


If you are going to buy Iphone anytime soon, do note that it is not available online, nor offline. Is it a move from Apple to protect its customers in the dawn of the next gen Iphone? We’ll wait for a good news.

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Iphone : A reply from Maxis customer service

It’s a sad thing that Iphone can’t receive call-in if it’s on Maxis. If this last problem is solved, it will greatly increase the number of Iphone users in Malaysia. And I would be glad to supply them with more Iphones :p.

I sent an email to Maxis customer service to report about this problem. I know they already knew about this problem. I just want to make it look like more of their customers concern about this problem.

Here is the reply that I received:
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GroveLawn :Another custom advertiser

img78I just received another custom advertisement spot order which is from GroveLawn Financial Service. This is my second custom advertiser. So I’m pretty excited about it.

As as complimentary I promised that I would write a mini review it.

This website comes into spotlight when you are trying to find a new mortgage provider. If you are like most people, finding the best mortgage and to be familiar with current market situation is a very dreadful experience.

With Grovelawn, you can easily bail yourself out of this predicament and have that very peace of mind that you have been searching for especially if you are buying house. Grovelawn offer over 49,000 mortgage products without charging any fee for their service. And if you have been having bad experience with online brokers who try to sell you stuff by sending their salesmen to your doorstep, don’t worry, Grovelawn don’t do that kind of stuff.

For those who are just want to learn more about mortgage, Grovelawn even offer service and tips for fresh graduate, first time buyer or those with bad credit. The site is really informative about every type of mortgage. Have a visit even if you are not going to use their service.


If you are having troubles with your internet explorer…

…just reset it. I just found out about this today. It’s like being able to solve a problem that has been lingering around my laptop for years. And the solution can’t be more simpler than this.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools > Internet Option > Advanced tab > Reset

That’s all. It will solve almost all of your problems.

Give it a try if you need it.

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First Iphone bulk to Malaysia done

Update: Interested to buy Unlocked Iphone? Visit my lowyat bulk thread for info. Contact me and say you’ve visited my blog, I’ll give RM50 discount from my latest pricing in the thread.

It was a great moment to receive that news from my brother. A couple days ago, I sent several Iphones to Malaysia. I found enough interested buyers and the markup is quite high as Iphone is still not available in Malaysia.

I sent it through one of the fastest delivery method as I can cover it back with the high markup.

One of the main problem is to deal with Custom and Sirim. Luckily the Iphones went through both parties without any problem.

My brother is now dealing with the Cash on Delivery (COD). And I’m taking orders for my shipment.

If you are interested to get one of the coolest handphone on earth, visit my thread at


Easy Money : Bucks for nothing

img10There is an easy way to get money from your domains. BucksforBanners offers 10 Euro for just signing up and another 5 Euro per month if you put up 3 banners per domain. No minimum traffic, no minimum PR, just pure, passive money maker.

So why bucks for nothing?

I know the word banner is not very favorable form of ads for webmasters/bloggers. The trick here is that you could place your ads as deep as possible in your archive of posts. Just find 3 posts that are least read by visitors, and paste the html code from BucksforBanners. Usually it takes a week for the payment to come. I got mine in 4 days. Plus you can add as many domains as you like. Generating hundreds of Euro per month is easy if you have lots of domains.

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