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No Scholarship, No Problem

It’s such an opportunity to study under government scholarship. Being one of the few students who were offered JPA’s scholarship really gives me some sort of motivation to strive in abroad.

If you don’t get the scholarship, that doesn’t have to mean the world’s end. You don’t even have to drop your dream to get a good education. Besides PTPN, there are lot more third party lenders who are happy to lend you money with low interest.

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Need Help Doing Business?

I did my first small business when I was in International Education Center (INTEC) in Shah Alam. At that time I don’t have much to do except to find cheap stuff and sell it high. My first item is Iriver MP3 player that was sold in for RM250. I tried to open a thread in forum and start to take orders from the forumers there. I was doing this for a couple of months and I made more than a grand just for being a middle man.

Now, my days have been busier since. I don’t sell tangible products if I was in the middle of college semester. My friend who just started to do his tangible business asked me if there is any way to reduce clutter of paperwork in doing business.

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Loan : When money is not with the one who needs it

When we talk about loan, certain people have a very different view towards it. Some who has difficult time with loan might want to get as far as possible from it. A budding entrepreneur however, would see it as the only way to build his/her business.

While I talk a lot about taking loan for investment in this blog, I never had the opportunity that requires me to take a loan for any purpose. I might take it later if I need to buy a house or a car. There’s no way that you could live debt-free in today’s society.

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A New Income Stream

In chaotic world of online business, changes are the most important things to keep us afloat. If you ever feel complacent and get stale, your business won’t stay long before your competitors take you down. Even with the best winning solution, it won’t be long before it becomes irrelevant.

Here I am again, taking the next step to take this blog to the next level. I’ve signed up for PayPerPost program. This is my first entry for it. PayPerPost carries a very interesting concept of advertisement, targeting bloggers community. Payperpost offers bloggers to write posts about things related to their blog theme. Advertisers can offers what kind of posts that bloggers should write, specifying the minimum page rank, minimum alexa rank, and the most important thing, how much they are willing to pay.
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