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Software as a Service – Selling by design


In Software-as-a-service(SaaS) business, your advantages are also your disadvantages. We always hear about instant deployment, pay as you go, no contract, no initial cost and no server required. All of those seems good to customers but for software developers, it means one thing, the customers can leave as fast as they came.

One solution to this problem is to make the customers fall in love with your application. You can do this by designing your application for your users. In developers world, it’s called – usability.

There are hundreds of books on this topic. Tutorials and tips are everywhere. If you want to just read a single post about usability for your lifetime, read this:

Five More Principles Of Effective Web Design

From an 80-year old principle of AIDA to modern eye heat display, Smashing Magazine explores the way to make the web a more pleasant place to work and play. (heh, surprising good rhyme)


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