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Final in An Hour

img20I have a final coming up at 1pm. Now it’s 12pm. It’s physic 3 paper. I was hoping to be exempted but I ruined my midterm paper so, fat chance. I’ve one last final on Monday and then, the summer starts.

I’m going back home on 29 May and should arrive on 1 June. Can’t wait for my first morning in Malaysia with nasi lemak.

For those who are preparing for final, here are some tips you can try. There is nothing wrong to try a new method, even it’s less productive for the first time. Trying is a process of evolution.

So all the best to those who are having finals now and wish me luck

P/S: Writing this post is my study break.

update 7/26: I got A for physic!!!


Defining my life, as it goes on

Today I’ve changed my blog description. It used to be ’my chronological journey towards financial freedom’ and now it’s ’defining my life, as it goes on’.

I want this blog to be broader in its sense. Not only I care about my financial well being, I would also like to emphasize other aspects in my life, that will truly define who I am.